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One fine morning, Ajay knocks on a door and entered into the house as a middle aged man went along with him. Ajay said, ‘I want to be clear that I am willing to hold your daughter’s hand for eternity.’

‘Do you know about my daughter’s situation?’

‘I am fully aware of it.’

‘The kid is her own, not an adopted one, in case if you don’t know that. Are you still willing for it? Don’t waste my time, son, if you are not really into it. You do have a choice.’

‘Sir, I am not backing off, now or never.’

After a while, Ajay left the house on his car. He went on his car for four hours. He reached by an individual house and knocked the door. A middle aged man welcomed him inside the house.

The middle aged man asked, ‘What is it that brought you here?’

‘Sir, I don’t know how to start this. I am thinking to marry your daughter in law, if you permit. I know that you might have many reasons to stop me, but please trust me, I will do my best. I plead you from the bottom of my heart.’

‘You remind me of him’, said the middle aged man pointing out to a photograph of a young aged man. ‘You could have backed off, why didn’t you’?

‘I was unable to think anything other than this.’

‘I want you to take care of them.’

Ajay left the house and travelled back to Hyderabad. While travelling, he glanced at his past. He worked since two years in Hyderabad. He recently shifted to lower floor of an individual house. In the house, opposite to his house, lived a woman along with her three year old son. One day, he played with the three year old boy and made him smile when the latter lost his way into the former’s house.

The woman saw her son and came to Ajay’s. He saw her and said, ‘He lost his way here and is fine now, as you can see. Please take him.’

‘My name is Vanitha; I live opposite your place.’ Ajay noticed a distinct paleness in her face.

She took her kid, Vinoth, and left.

In the new few days, Ajay developed a habit of playing with the kid every day evening. This continued for months. One day, after Vinoth slept, Vanitha said, ‘Thank you for being there with him. It means a lot me. You mean a lot to us.’

Ajay reached Hyderabad and went to Vanitha’s home. She was on the terrace seeing the dusk, while her son was watching television below. As soon as she heard footsteps behind, she turned around and saw Ajay. ‘You came as a surprise in here, he is downstairs watching TV.’

‘I want to talk to you.’

She stood and looked at him as he said, ‘I know about you and your son and your husband, Rishi, who departed two years ago, but in spite of everything, I want to be for you, no matter what. Do you think I deserve a chance?’

‘My son has been happy with you all the time. I also can’t deny the fact that I have developed a liking for you, but life is not that simple. We live in a society where stigmas exist.’

‘Forget about the society, I have already asked your dad, my dad and your father-in-law. All of them agreed. They are coming here in a while. Will you say yes after talking to them at least?’

Seven years later, after Vinoth took his five year old brother out for playing, Ajay said, ‘you are not cooking today, honey, but I will. Watch TV or accompany me while I cook.’

‘What are you doing, Ajay?’

‘This evening is a surprise. Wait until the suspense reveals itself.’

In the evening, after the dinner, the kid went to sleep an hour later. Ajay and Vanitha sat beside each other on a sofa. She asked, ‘What is so special today?’

‘You are so selfless that you even forgot your birthday, sweetheart.’

‘I must say that your cooking was really good. May be I should leave the kitchen to you from tomorrow.’

They laughed and after a while Ajay stood up and asked Vanitha to do her the same. As he pulled her close to him, she blushed and asked, ‘It has been seven years, and how do you still manage to make me blush?’

As he was about to kiss her, he said, ‘It is all about love.’


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