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Born in the Twilight

The Many Spiritual Facets

Of Human Sexuality

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The subject of this volume is so complex, it is difficult to know where to begin. The reader will not only be asked but required, to leave behind all preconceived ideas of human sexuality in order to fully understand the many spiritual facets composing the phenomenon.

Included here is the entire cycle of the sexual phenomenon from the Yin [Female] through the Yang [Male] and back again to the Yin. The completion of this cycle requires many lifetimes; so many, in fact, it defies calculation at this point in the discussion. Suffice it to say, the myriad of lifetimes suggested are essential to the spiritual growth and fulfillment of each soul on its journey to perfection … a return to the Father’s house, if you will, which is our right as offspring of the Absolute, the Cause, God, the unnamable, unknowable, the unthinkable.

However, the reason for this book springs primarily from today’s vitriolic discussion of one aspect of this cycle, namely … homosexuality.

Little understood, this phenomenon has been forced out of the shadows of ignorance and bigotry into the glaring light of everyday life. Acceptance by the young appears to come naturally, as it should; conservative views of older generations lean more toward tolerance than acceptance. Lack of understanding by the latter contains the seeds that may very well destroy this tolerance.

Without understanding, it may be generations before this facet of sexual expression is accepted without thought. Many already agree that love is just a four-letter word applicable to all, regardless of gender or combination thereof.

Being straight (heterosexual) is currently the accepted norm – no understanding required. Anything other than that orientation is considered deviant. The why of these deviations has been largely ignored outside of groundless speculation which only emphasizes the profound ignorance on this phenomenon.

True, there is a higher acceptance of these deviations than ever before but, again, acceptance without understanding is not enough. The purpose of this book is to address the why of the phenomenon on all levels of sexuality, not just the homosexual aspect.

Acceptance of the philosophy of reincarnation, the survival of the soul from one incarnation to the next, is essential if the reader expects to garner even a limited understanding of the many spiritual facets which compose everyone’s sexual orientation.

The accumulation of memories denoting the personality of the individual do not survive into the next incarnation; they are absorbed into the soul during the rest period between incarnations [600-1,000 years], thus freeing the soul for new experiences essential to furthering its spiritual growth and unfoldment.

If the reader is unable to grasp the fundamental meaning of what has been written thus far, the remainder of the book may be lost upon them, and they would do well to stop reading any further.


Every day of our lives on this plane of existence, we experience the light of daytime and the darkness of the night along with periods in between known as twilight. On the spiritual plane of existence, we experience the same variations as we pass from one life experience to the next including the twilight zone between being Yin [female] and Yang [male].

The seventy-two dots on the following illustration is a suggested number of lifetimes required to complete the cycle from the Male experience through the twilight zone, the female experience, another twilight zone, and then into the Male experience once again.

The average lifespan of an individual plus the rest-period between incarnations averages about eight hundred years … give or take several hundred years. Multiply this by the suggested seventy-two lifetimes on the illustration equals a span of approximately 58,000 years required to complete one cycle of the male and female experience.

It should be noted that time and space do not exist in reality so, the quoted 58,000-year cycle is somewhat moot other than to illustrate that the process under consideration is a slow one. Also, the number of times a soul traverses the cycle is also of no importance in this discussion.

There is only one lifetime within Yang and one in Yin when the individual soul experiences the quintessential male or female experience. The remaining lifetimes are either working their way to the ultimate experience or descending from the experience on their way to the opposite experience.

The intensity of changes or sexual deviations with each incarnation become most apparent on the physical plane during the soul’s transition through the twilight zone which will be detailed in the following chapters.

Prior to and beyond these twilight periods, the individual will probably be unaware of their spiritual/sexual status unless they begin to compare themselves with others which is unlikely.

It goes without discussion that the soul requires all of the experiences offered throughout the cycle including those in the twilight zones, in order to balance the soul on its journey to perfection.

Solo Journey

For the sake of clarity, there are two spiritual twilight zones, just as there are two physical twilight zones … the one where daylight gives way to the darkness of night time and the other where the darkness of night gives way to the coming of daylight.

On the spiritual plane, the one twilight zone embraces the soul as it sheds accumulated male attributes on its journey to taking on female attributes; the reverse is true within the other spiritual twilight zone wherein the soul moves from the female experience into the male sense of being.

The twilight zones can accommodate any number of incarnations as the soul moves from the experience of being a female to that of experiencing being a male and vice versa. The actual number depends on the individual soul and its degree of unfoldment.

Resistance by the individual soul to the changes that occur, such as the phenomenon of the present day transgender movement, can only briefly delay the soul’s passage. In this instance, they may have to return and experience that particular aspect of their physical unfoldment over again.

The excuse that nature has made a mistake is not valid. Natural law makes no mistakes. It if did, the Universe would collapse into nothingness.

That being said, let us take, as an example, a soul who has reached the apex of being a female. She is the quintessential heterosexual female.

However, the Yin pendulum continues to swing for a number of incarnations – she continues to accumulate more female attributes … becoming feminine almost to the extreme. We have all seen her at one time or another. She has become so feminine it is a detriment to her further spiritual unfoldment. The time has come for her to move out of the female realm of being and into the male realm.

This soul drops the female body in natural death and after a period of rest is born into a male body for the first time. This occurrence is never random but directed by the soul. All births and the families they are born into are by choice not by chance and are in accordance with the potential experiences offered.

The male body of this soul grows and is effeminate. It has not brought its personality forward but has brought many of the mannerisms from the previous female incarnation. It may be heterosexually oriented but most like it will be homosexual in its sexual orientation in that it continues to be attracted to males, one of the tendencies brought forward from the last incarnation.

He passes to the next incarnation having acquired some masculine attributes and is not as famine this time but may still be attracted sexually to males.

In the next few incarnations, his unfoldment will find him attracted to both males and females … having now become bisexual. This may cause even more confusion as he tries to determine who he is sexually.

In the next few incarnations, his sexual orientation will become more heterosexual with fringe attractions to males which he will probably ignore. Once he has passed out of the twilight zone he is grounded in the heterosexual orientation of a male and will remain there until he becomes so masculine, and we’ve seen these men, it is time for him to pass out of the male/YANG phase and move toward the female/YIN phase. This is the other twilight zone from the aforementioned one.

Upon entering this twilight zone he takes on a female body with a masculine appearance and heavy overtones of the masculine traits brought forward from the last male incarnation. The attraction to women is strong and the soul will in all likelihood manifest as a lesbian. As this soul migrates further into this twilight zone it will acquire more feminine characteristics and eventually find itself attracted to both male and females as it unfolds more feminine characteristics. She is bisexual. She may or may not express both inclinations depending upon the social pressures under which she lives.

As in the previous twilight zone, the bisexual tendencies will diminish until it is grounded as a female heterosexual not only in its sexual orientation but also in its appearance until it reaches the apex of femininity after which the cycle begins again as she continues to acquire more feminine characteristics until she becomes so feminine it is once again time to make the change.


Relationships come in all combinations imaginable. Though the discussion here involves only two souls passing through opposing twilight zones, the same principle is applicable to all relationships, keeping in mind that everyone is at some point in the cycle, moving forward in their unfoldment.

The two souls in this illustration are moving into opposing twilight zones; one from the male to the female experience – the other from the female to the male experience. They may both inhabit male bodies, or female bodies; one partner tending to be masculine the other feminine. In the case where this duo occupies a male and female body, either one could project masculine or feminine characteristics.

Having entered these twilight zones, they find themselves in sync with one another. They stay together through their life experience and then pass on. The question is why they hit it off so well. The answer lay in their opposite balances which have brought them together for this incarnation. If they had both been going through the same twilight zone, the attraction would have been physical and fleeting.

An astute individual will be able to determine where their associates are in this chain of change, and understand why they are the way they are … making it easier to accept them when they better understand the reasons.

Studies in the metaphysics and mysticism of many authors over the last half century have validated these conclusions. There is no longer any debate on the validity of any sexual aspect/orientation in the cycle, including homosexuality.

The complexity of this subject could generate volumes of discussion. Hopefully, the contents herein will provide enough light to form a basis of understanding and acceptance of everyone we encounter.

A Final Note

There are millions of souls manifesting in physical form on this planet at this very moment. Each one is at some point in the spiritual/sexual cycle.

Imagine walking down a crowded street in New York City and coming to the realization that everyone you pass is at a different degree in the cycle.

Their bodies, for the most part, announce where they are on the scale. The dainty woman looking in a fashion display window while the gruff looking woman hurries by on her way to a factory job; the elegant man dressed to the nines walking his dog, is taken aback by the truck driver delivery man who practically knocks him over. And all the other folks in between these extremes.

There is no chance here. Everyone is exactly where they belong, experiencing what they need to experience in order to unfold spiritually.

“Why?” Has always been the question. Now, with the understanding provided herein, we may be able at long last to love them all no matter their appearance or position because of our new found realization that we are all on the same journey … the journey to perfection. This lifetime, these experiences are just one small step in that venture.

And should we all meet once again a thousand years from now, we will have moved on to the next step or degree in our unfoldment.

The Second Coming and Consummation of the Age

These two phrases have been around for a very long time, the meanings of which are vague and usually misunderstood. The purpose here is to erase the popular misconception and apply the truth to well-intentioned but wholly misleading interpretations. To accomplish that, we must go back to the original Greek from which the current interpretations have been inaccurately derived.

Consummation of the Age – thought to mean the end of the world, when all of the visible worlds will be destroyed. Indeed, not a pleasant thought to dwell upon. However, in Greek, ή συντελεια του αίωνος, the meaning is quite different and has nothing to do with the visible world … a welcomed surprise and somewhat of a relief.

The literal translation refers to the end of a period of culture, the end of a phase of humanity. And with that ending comes a period of confusion.

The psychological meaning, which is of primary concern within these pages, refers to a meaning quite apart from the literal sense. It refers to the idea that when a nation or a people lose their fundamental and traditional values, esoteric, or inner truth fades away … it fails. And with that failure, man becomes entirely sensual, a creature of the senses, and believes nothing else but the evidence of the senses; when all meaning has been destroyed apart from physical meaning, he inevitably begins to degenerate and pass into increasing violence because he has no inner direction, no inner values, which, in the past, have been created within him in one form or another through Esoteric or inner teaching.

Esoteric teachings always give values beyond physical life; it is only through these values that any culture is able to be formed and sustained. When all inner values break up, when there is no truth to govern a man internally … so that he realizes he cannot do certain things owing to a sense of inner integrity, then the end of his inner world begins. The force of inner development begins to die, the whole idea that man is on this earth to learn, the whole possibility of inner development ceases.

When the force, brought into the world in the past, becomes exhausted, we witness what is referred to as the consummation of the age.

However, it important to note that when this phenomenon occurs, a second coming is at hand. Man, regarded psychologically from the standpoint of a higher and esoteric teaching, must be given truth to lift him from the level of violence, self-interest, and appetites. When this truth becomes completely distorted, as we see in current events, a period of confusion follows which leads to a second manifestation of the truth, represented as the second coming of the Son of Man.

Folks imagine that truth will always maintain itself but, all truth wears itself out and a new form (of the same truth) must be sown into humanity. Every nation, every race, has been given truth. It is always the same truth but given in different forms – in accordance with the conditions of the time. But when truth of this kind breaks up and loses its guiding force, there is a consummation of the age followed by a period of confusion, which heralds the coming of another form of the same truth thus, the second coming.

It is important to realize that the consummation of the age does not mean the end of the world but the end of one manifestation of truth; and also, it will inevitably be followed by a new manifestation of the same truth in another form.

Whether we are currently experiencing the consummation of the age or the second coming of the Son of Man, it is imperative that we understand the importance of the journey within to that place where the Divine spark resides in all of us, the teacher that provides the truth we require in order to grow and unfold spiritually, passing from a lower consciousness to a higher one which, after all, is the only purpose for being here in the first place.

What, then, is this truth that is sown into the world at definite intervals to lift man beyond his senses? Rather than literal commandments, esoteric truth comes forth in the form of psychological ideas.


One of those ideas is metanoia; yet another Greek word which has suffered misinterpretation as ‘repentance’. In actuality, metanoia means nothing more than changing your way of thinking. The purpose of Esoteric teaching is to make us think differently to change our way of thinking; to open the mind to its higher range of possibilities rather than closing the mind and turning us downwards through the senses.


Another Greek word, hamartia, also requires reinterpretation from the word ‘sin’ we currently live under. Its true meaning is simply … missing the mark. You add two plus two and come up with five … you’ve missed the mark, you haven’t sinned according to the erroneous interpretation. Perhaps a little too simplified considering the dark clouds of sin we have been living under. But if it means nothing more than missing the mark, what is that mark we have been missing and how do we hit the mark and avoid all the confusion, guilt, and pain in our lives? Well, that’s what this book is all about. You’ll have to change your way of thinking about a good many things before you will be capable of hitting the mark, but it is possible and essential in order to meet the potential for which we are here – spiritual unfoldment, spiritual growth.

The journey within is a solo journey, one which must be taken alone, but that does not mean loneliness – far from it. Realizing we are forever within the arms of that which created and sustains us, aloneness with the Absolute, with God, with that which cannot be named or understood but is nevertheless there, and is all-encompassing, removes forever the possibility of loneliness.

But there is a warning to those who venture forth on this journey … Silence is imperative. Whatever you discover or uncover in truth … keep it to yourself for the time being. The tendency to want to bring family and friends along on this journey of discovery will bring only a rebuke from those who do not yet understand and are not ready for such a venture. And, it may even sidetrack or end your own journey.


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