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Me and My Family


By Hiranya Borah

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This is a story of my association with my adopted son whom I brought in 2017 at the behest of my daughters. Initially I was very much against of adopting a son who is not from any of the homo-sapiens categories, as I knew beforehand that I would be emotionally attached to the new member once he would be treated as an integral part of our family.

Instead of writing a story from my perspective, I try to see our relation in his perspective and attempt to jot down his perspective towards our family.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family members for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Thanks to Smashwords for publishing this story as an ebook along with my other eBooks.


Chapter I: Fear for My Life

I was only 40 days old when my mother was told that I would be snatched away from her as I was selected by a family having two daughters and a son. The family’s only son is far away from their home and he visits home every second year only. In all practical purposes the two daughters of the family along with their parents would look after me from the age of forty days onwards. Definitely my mother was not happy to send her son to an unknown family. But she is used to the system when she is producing children just to part with them just after one or two months of their birth. It is also a known fact if any of the child is not taken away by any rich family, he/ she would be killed by her captors. Therefore, when I was selected by a family for adoption, the hapless mother has a mixed feeling.

At around five in the evening a known person came to our home and I was picked up with due care. Initially, I was not fearful at that time as I thought I was picked up like any other day by that person. But when I was taken to a nearby car, I started crying as my sixth sense told me that something unknown is going to happen with me. I saw my mother was weeping, but she did not try to obstruct the fellow from taking me away from her.

I did not know how long I was inside the car and how many KM I had covered by the car. But as soon as I was taken out of the car, I saw a family of four was waiting for me eagerly. I was welcomed by them and they took me in their arms one by one. A few people talked among themselves and then the oldest and the largest man of the family took me in his arms. I was thinking, my life might be going to be end at the hands of the huge fellow. I was trembling in fear for my life.

I saw, one fellow was writing something on a paper and asked one of the young ladies, ‘Madam, what name you have thought for him?’

The young lady asked her father, ‘What would be the best name for him? Thor?’

‘No, his name may be Tarzan.’

‘Ok. From today he becomes Tarzan, the youngest member of our family.’ I understood, from that day I had to live with that family and I would be called as Tarzan. Some what I was assured that I would not killed within a short time. But still I was trembling with an unknown fear. I was thinking, ‘if this old huge fellow hits me, I shall die instantly’.

After few minutes the family driver drove us to my new house. I was put on the floor of their room. I was still trembling with fear.

I became very sad. By the time, I was also very hungry and thirsty.

The old fellow yelled, ‘Give some water to Tarzan.’ The younger daughter gave me some water. As my thirst had gone, I became little bit relaxed.

After some time I was given cerelac. After taking cerelac, I became more relaxed. Though I was not sure about my future, my sixth sense was saying, ‘your life is not in danger, at least for the time being.’

The house of my adopted family was much bigger compared to my earlier house; but I was put into a small cage. In a sense I was imprisoned. For me a small bed was also arranged in the cage and I was put there and cage was locked and then they placed the cage near a large bed. Later on, I came to know that the large huge fellow used to sleep on that bed.

I liked the bed and when I went to deep sleep I could not remember.

Chapter II: Safest Place

Within 48 hours I realized, all the members of the family love me and I was in the safest home. The old huge man is addressed by the two young females as ‘Deuta’ and old woman is addressed by them as ‘Maa’. The old huge man call others by name with a huge voice. I understood he is the pack leader of the house.

After few days, I identified the all four members of the family and their roles in the family. I also understood everyone behaves differently with me. The elderly lady stays maximum time at home and she is the main provider of my food. However, in the early morning, my food was provided by the pack leader. The youngest family member of the family was little bit tough for me. I realized that the first daughter is bigger in size, but she has the softest corner for me. I can bulldoze her even with my small body. However, I feel safe when I am around with the old fellow. In a week’s time, even old fellow loves me but he never hesitates to punish me whenever I do something un-becoming of a polite member of our family.

Initially I used to take food like a hungry beast, as in earlier home I had to fight with my siblings for food. Here I am treated like a prince. To feed me, all the family members cajole me for taking food. Dinner time is the best time for me as all the members of the family usually present at that time and everyone does some type caricature to feed me.

I usually run from one room to another room as if I am not interested to eat. Ma and elder sister behave in the friendliest manner while cajoling me to take my lunch or dinner.

The younger sister and father play with me with some sternness. In one occasion, when I artificially showed that I was not interested to take food for my dinner, my father and my younger sister stopped pursuing me and on that night I had to sleep with an empty stomach. From that day onwards, I learnt that these two would not cajole me beyond a limit while feeding me.

Chapter III: Fall Sick

In the very second week, I fell sick due to hot weather of Delhi and due to adjustment with the new family. I was immediately taken to the same place from where my new family had brought me ten days ago. I was examined by a young man. Later on, I come to know that he is a professional who deals with patients who fall sick like me, is referred him as the family doctor by my family members. After my first visit to that place, I had to make several visits to that place in the last two years which I do not like at all.

But when I fell sick for the first time, I realized this family is my own family and how much they care for me. I understood, I would get maximum care whenever I would fall sick again. From that day onwards, I became comfortable with them and I trusted them wholly.

But I was still fearful about the old fellow as he used to scold me right and left whenever I wanted to chew something or wanted to eat something not given to me for eating by any of the family member. The old fellow used to beat me up with some objects (paper) which give big sound which really terrorise me. When I was beaten, I was not hurt but facial expression of the old fellow was really terrifying for me. I stopped doing those things before him and before the younger daughter, who also sometimes scolds me. But I used to take all the liberties with the elder daughter. I realized, the elder daughter is willing to give me unconditional love.

In the meantime, I started understand commands in three languages, English, Hindi and Assamese. But I like maximum the Assamese language because every member of the family showed their love by using that language. Even scolding by my ever protective but ferocious father, is also in Assamese language.

By the time I added some words in my vocabulary for better communication with the ever indulging family members. These are, Deuta (father), Maa (mother), Ba (elder sister), Tany (name of the younger sister), Putu (my nick name given by my father and calls by this name to show his love towards me), Doctor, Bhat (meal), Khahi( Come for eating), Baper (referring Father), Baer (referring sister), maar (referring mother), Bol (let us go), Aah (come), Fufu ( Let us go outside for a stroll), dada (elder brother) and few some other important words.

After my serious illness when I was about eight months old, another development had happened to my life. Earlier, I used to sleep alone on a cosy bed. But after, that serious illness, I was allowed to sleep with my adopted parents. Now a days, I sleep some time with my parents and some time alone on my bed as per my own choice during my eight hours of sleep at night. During day time, I like to sleep with my mother when she is patting on my body.

My brother visited us a year ago. Obviously we took time to be friendly to each other. But once we became friendly, I must confess, I liked him very much because I realized only a male can understand another male properly. Unfortunately, he was with us only for 21 days and went back to his place of working, which is many thousand KM away from our home. Now I can see him only when he is on skype with our family.

Chapter IV: Play Time

Every day is a play day for me. Someone has to play with me. My most boring time of the day is when father goes to office, younger sister is in college and elder sister goes for her work. My mother is normally does not play with me though she loves me maximum and she is attached to me more than anyone else.

Most of the evening time is gala time for me. Mostly everyone in the family is available in the evening. However, my father has lot of tours outside the city. Whenever, my father gets up early in the morning for going out, I also get up to see him off. Whenever he goes outside home before his normal office time or with a large bag, I understand my father will be away for the night. So when father comes back, even at the middle of the night, I always welcome him at the door. My father also takes me in his arms before he meets any other family member. I also sleeps only after my father goes to bed irrespective of time and normally I sleep rest of the night with him. I always like his patting on my body and squeezing my head with tenderness by his hands.

In any normal day, my father uses to go first from home, and then my younger sister. Elder sister works from home and only sometimes she goes out of home. I really dislike those days when my elder sister also goes out for some outside works.

In one occasion, my entire family, except elder sister went out of the city for six days. I became so upset, I fell ill for the entire period and had to visit the doctor twice in that period. My mother vowed not to go again leaving me with only one member of the family in future.

My favorite game at the early days was to bite my father’s fingers and any part of the body of my elder sister with my sharp teeth. When none was around, I used to bite the wooden furniture and sometimes I used to eat polythene also. But when I became little matured, I stopped all these bad habits. Now I play tug of war with my father at least for half an hour in every day. Normally father loses the tug of war. But when he resisted, I would use my legs to force him to lose his grip. Every time the father loses the game, he patted me showing his love for me. I love to push my father by my butts and my body. Every time I do it, I am patted by my father. I like the patting of my father at any time and every time.

Running around with the socks of younger sister is another play I usually like. Running around with the shoes of elder sister is another play I usually like to do. But I like most by snatching the ribbons, clips and rubber bands from the head of my elder sister.

I also like to run away with my mother’s speckles and inhaler. But I never try to take away spectacles of my father and younger sister as I know that both of them are dependent on their spectacles and if I play with them, they will be very angry. I have neither any intention to disturb them nor I have any intention to make them angry.

Chapter V: Morning and Evening Walk

Initially the old fellow used to take me for a morning walk, mostly on his arms. Slowly he stopped taking me for a walk. Except when his daughters are not in a position to take me out, my father stopped taking me for morning walk. My mother never takes me for a walk. However, I understand her problem in walking and therefore, I have no complaint about that.

I like the company of my elder sister for a walk as I am able to dictate her in my own terms. On the other hand my father and younger sister take me according to their choices, which I do not like at all. But I like the company of my parents whenever I am taken in the car for an outing.

Morning walk was very important for me as I grew older. When I was young, I used to urinate inside home and sometimes I even used to defecate inside the house. However, as I grew older, I wanted to go out for urination and defecation. For the first few months, every member of the family tried their best to teach me to urinate and defecate in the toilet. But everyone failed in their attempt and having no alternative, they use to take me outside home at least twice for urination and defecation.

When I was young, I used to eat anything found in the street. Now I know, I should not eat those stuff. But what is the harm, by putting those stuff in my mouth if I get some attention from my walking partner and some caring scolding from my father? So even now a days, whenever I go out for strolling, I put some dry branches of trees as if I want to eat those. I know, my family members also know that I am not going to eat those, but everyone will run after me to snatch away those dry branches. This is a game everyone enjoys and none has any complaint about it.

Chapter VI: Love, Nothing Else

‘I want only love from my family, nothing else. I know food is assured. But all the family members busy in their own works. I want to play all the time. But I also understand that playing all the time is not possible for them.’ I told my friend Duke one day.

‘Yes, I agree with you. My family is larger than you. I have my parents, grandparents, uncle, brother and sister in law. All love me, play with me. However, during the day except my grandparents, mom and sister in law, others are not staying at home. None of the ladies plays with me like the male members of the family use to play. I am older than you, it is my experience. You should understand that.’ Duke told me.

‘I also understand that. But one thing I cannot understand. After having so many family members in your home, why do you aspire love from my younger sister? I am not vying love from your family members.’ I complained about his behaviour towards my younger sister.

‘Even when we become adult, our maturity level is comparable with a 7-8 year old human being. Your younger sister is about 20 only. In our family everyone is more than thirty. As, many old people are in our family, though they love me, they also play like your father, who love me as their child, but not as a friend. Therefore, I like to play with your sister, who I consider as my friend.’ Duke sighed.

‘Oh, in that case, I am lucky to have my younger sister, even though she is somewhat bossy.’ I remarked.

Then Duke told me something which was not known to me till that day. ‘We should extract as much love as possible from our family, as our life expectancy is too short compared with other members of the family.’

On that day I could not sleep properly fearing for my death within a decade or so. However, I took his advice seriously and now a days, I always try to spend maximum time with my family by playing or by sleeping touching body of a family member. When none is around, I normally sleep on their cloths or even on their sleepers.

In the last two years, Duke has been treating me as his younger brother and he is over protective about me. I also love him as my elder brother. However, I do not like, Duke when he wanted to be closer to my younger sister. I am not only possessive about my younger sister, but also each member of my family. I am ready to sacrifice everything for my family. In lieu of that I only want their pure love for me.

However, I have a complaint about my father, he never allows me to lick his face which I very easily do with my sisters. But I have no grudge against my father for that. I know the old fellow loves me very much and he is also very important for his family like other members of the family. Now I cannot even think of leaving this family at any cost. I love my family probably more than anyone of the family loves me.

Chapter VII: Liking and Disliking

I have some very specific likings and dis-likings. For example, I like smelly socks of my family members for playing instead of playing with some costly dolls which my elder sister has bought for me.

I want to lick any smelly things on the street which ranges from excreta of human being to monkeys, cats to my own species. I understand, all my family members hate that habit of mine. But since they love me they never kick me on my face. For that, I always thank my luck.

I also like to sniff the butts of every one of my family. Whenever I sniff someone’s butt, rest of the others use to laugh and none tries to slap me on my face for that.

Farting on anyone’s face is a real torture for him or her. But normally, I do it on my sisters’ faces as they scold me in a nice way. So far I dare not to do it on my father’s face. But, definitely I have a plan for that. My mother has some breathing problems and therefore, I have decided of my own, I shall never do it on my mother’s face.

Licking face of anyone who is sleeping may always be a frightening experience. But my family members, except my father, are now used to it. I tried to do that with him also, but on the very first day, he scolded me in such way that, so far I have not been able to muster the courage to try it again. After all I am a small boy of two only.

After getting up, I usually shout at my elder sister who has always been empathic to my demands for cookies and other eatables which they call as junk food for me.

I like another thing to do, I want to have sex with a female from our own species. But I could not find anyone so far and that is why I have to ventilate my emotion by imitating the action with a pillow. That makes me a laughing stock within the family. But I cannot help.

After my arrival as a member of the family, I have changed the concept of hygiene for my family members. Initially, they used to wash their hands with Dettol or with other soaps after touching me. Now a days, they even eat their dry food after touching me without even washing their hands with water.

I find sleeping with my parents little difficult because of my posture which is different from my parents. However, my father always tries to make me comfortable in sleeping with them. In winters, he shares his quilt with me. In moderate climate during October- November and February-March my parent use to take blankets. But I do not want any cloth on my body and therefore, I want to sleep alone in these four months. When mosquito menace starts in Delhi during the month of April-May and August –September, I want to sleep under the mosquito net along with my parents though initially I was very fearful to go inside the net.

I like those visitors who are not fearful of me and ready to play with me. I hate a situation, when my family locked me inside one room because the visitor is fearful about me. Though my size and teeth are appeared to be extremely menacing, I am a loveable soul who likes to play at any time with anyone at any place.

I like to go out with anyone for a walk. I hate to come back early and use to sit on the side of the road. My elder sister finds it difficult to take me back home. But my father drags me when I try to throw tantrum for not going home within a reasonable time. My younger sister also scolds me for going home quickly.

I hate another thing, bathing. After every bath I lose my own body odour which I do not want to lose. Therefore after every bath, at the first opportunity I put myself in a muddy place. My action always infuriates my sisters, but who cares. After all they will not going to beat me up.

I like cleaning of my ears by my father. But I hate the time when my ears are cleaned by the assistant of the family doctor at his clinic.

Like any other young ones, I hate to take any injection from a doctor. I also hate my bathing in the clinic by the assistant. In one sentence, I hate to go the clinic and hate every activity in the clinic.

However, I also come to know that going to the clinic is not a luxury but a necessity for a longer and happier life.

At home, taking same type of food is also very boring and that is why I want to take a munch of excreta whenever my walking partner loses some concentration of keeping an eye on me.

Chapter VIII: Conclusion

In the last seven chapters, I have written what might have been thinking about us by my pet, Tarzan whom all of my family members love. We treat him as our own family member. My wife and I treat him as our second son and children also treat him as their sibling. He is extremely sentimental and slightest feeling of ignore or anger make him extremely unhappy. We all try to make him happy and try to play with him. But due to our own duties, we sometime fail to respond him, which hurts him.

We all find him as bundle of joy. Whenever, we become upset with someone of us, he without uttering a single word is able to mediate. Now we cannot think about our lives without him. Every time we think about his expected life of 14 years or so, we feel an unknown fear of losing him. On the next moment, we console ourselves, that we should enjoy our association as long as possible as we do not know who has to go earlier!

The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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