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Only Few Knows

Vignesh Rajendiran


Only few knows that many people are walking around with a smiling face, without wanting others to know about how they really feel inside. It is not only the reason that people will think they are crazy, talking about their mental health needs a lot of courage and telling about their health to the wrong person adds another reason to get more depressed.

It was a cold Saturday night in Bangalore. I was trying to get some sleep for like around two hours next to my girlfriend Sarah, who on the other hand was sleeping like a baby with her arms and legs around me.

Even though I was on a nice bed, had a nice blanket to cover and had my girlfriend to cuddle, I could not sleep in any position as it was a new place for me. That was the first time I went to her home to give company while her friend was not in the city.

Sarah was staying in a 2BHK flat with her friend Neha and her one-year-old dog Max.

After wasting another half an hour thinking about going to sleep, I gave up. I opened my eyes and decided to eat something.

With the help of the little street light which was penetrating through the gaps of the curtains I managed to slide myself out of the bed without waking my girlfriend and walked towards the door slowly and opened it.

I tried to close the door slowly without making any noise, but It was unsuccessful. I woke Max. He heard me and stood in his bed looking at me. I was so scared. Because I know, I would end up in hospital if he did not recognize me. I stood there like a statue with one arm on the door watching Max.

A few seconds later it got even worse when he started walking towards me. I was scolding myself for forgetting about him and making this idiotic move. Like every idiot, I was praying to protect me from him until he came and sat next to my legs wagging his tail.

“You made me a complete fool out of myself. Thank god you recognized me otherwise I would have ended up in the hospital”, I told and patted him for a minute.

I switched on the lights and went to the kitchen to get some snack for the both of us. Max was just sitting in front of the other bedroom door when I returned. I showed him his treats, called out his name and tried throwing some near him. He did not give me shit. He was looking at me as if he wanted me to open the door.

Everyone knows that it is not a good thing to go into another person’s room without their permission who you barely know, but this can’t be understood by or can be explained to Max. The only thing dogs know is, to be faithful for their owners. I had no other option.

Max went looking for his owner as soon as I opened the door and switched on the lights. Poor Max could not find her anywhere in the room. He looked at me for some time and then climbed on the bed and sat with lost hope. I felt so bad watching this. I went inside the room, sat on the bed next to him and started to pet him on his shoulder.

“You know I told Sarah to bring you to my apartment. If she had accepted, I would have slept by now and I would not be roaming around like a vampire. Why does she always stand for you and your owner? What have you two done to my girl?”, I asked Max looking around the room.

The entire room was well arranged, decorated and maintained properly. I was blown away. I felt like I was sitting in a nice hotel room. I kept the snacks aside and started walking around the room.

Out of all the nice things in the room the only thing I wondered most was her bookshelf. There were around 30 books arranged in collection of authors like Paulo Coelho, Jeffery Archer, J.k. Rowling, Ravinder Singh and Durjoy Datta.

“How does she had time to read these many books? That too hardcopies, who buys hardcopies these days?”, I thought.

It reminded me of my ex-girlfriend Akshaya. Only person I knew who loved reading novels. Every time she used to read a book for me, I fall asleep. Probably one of the reasons we are not together. The moment I laughed thinking about it. “Oh yeah, books! you idiot”, I tapped on my head realizing that I found the cure to get my sleep. Then I started looking at the cover of the books deciding to read.

While I was looking at the titles of each book, I found a diary hidden within that arrangement. I ignored it and took a book named ‘If it’s not forever’ which was written by Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh. It was not because of the cover. That was the first time I saw two author names written on a single book. I thought only one author will write a book till the time I saw it. I sat on the bed next to Max with a pillow to my back and started to read.

A few minutes after I started reading the book my focus got shifted from to go to sleep to what was the deal with the diary? Why did she hide it? once again I tried to ignore it and continued reading the book.

That book was so good. I last track of time reading it. It was gripping and interesting until to a point where it got weird. There was this coincidence with my current situation and the story of the book. It started with a boy who could not sleep because of the terrible thing happened to him, who then travels to places based on a diary he gets by fate.

I got freaked out. I closed the book, kept it aside and stared at the bookshelf. Did she just buy these many books to hide this diary in the plain sight? Another question arose from nowhere and it was killing me. So, I kept the book in the same place where it was and took the diary with a lot of questions running in my mind.

“Wait! what if she finds out about this and fights with Sarah?” I questioned myself.

“Nah… she won’t be here till Tuesday and how will she find if I keep this diary in the exact same place where it was”, I replied to my question, sat on the bed and started reading the diary.

I did not think of my parents. I am so sorry. I could not even think of their life without me. I was just thinking about me. I was selfish. I should not have tried to kill myself. If Sarah was not there for me, I would not be alive.

“Holy shit, what the hell have I gotten myself into?”. I shouted reading the first page of the diary. Max opened is eyes, looked at me and went back to sleep.

What’s the story?

I kept the book aside. Had some water and started walking in the room for few minutes staring at the diary which on the bed with a lot more questions running in my mind. Is that why sarah always stand for her? Is her friend suicidal? Is this real or just a story?

My state of mind went from, I could not sleep today to I won’t sleep today. So, I got my shit together, opened the diary and continued reading to know all the answers to my question.

Session 1:

Date: 18/11/2017

Like I told you before, I only agreed to do this because you have promised me that you won’t speak about it to me. I don’t know what she has told about me. Here I write everything I could, like you asked. Hope it helps.

It’s been a year. He has moved on. I, on the other hand was still wondering what is going on with my life? It is getting very hard for me day by day. Sarah constantly recommended me to see a psychiatrist, but I was not ready to talk about it. I didn’t think that she will trick me in to meeting you.

I first saw him on my first day of college. When I was introducing myself to the class, I was cut off by him. He asked permission to enter the classroom. He looked so handsome and classy. The way he walked into the classroom after apologizing to the teacher for being late on the first day itself caught everyone’s eyes. The entire classroom was focused on him ignoring my introduction until he sat.

When his turn came, he introduced himself as Nitin. His parents were rich, and his hobby was playing guitar and singing songs. Every guy became jealous of him and every girl in the class had a crush on him. But I did not like him because in mind I always had this thought that rich guys like him would give some money to college, get the seats and pass their time till they get their degree.

I first spoke to him during our lab period as we were arranged in alphabetical order to sit. He totally changed my perspective of him. He never slipped a word or bragged about him for being rich. Later when I came to know that he joined the college as a merit student I felt bad for judging him too quick.

As days passed, every guy in the class started loving him because of his character and every girl fall in love with the way he performed a song on stage. He became the Rockstar of our college.

After a year, we started going out together for movies, dinner, party and even trips. So, my friends started asking me whether I love Nitin? Every fucking time they could. For which, I always replied very clearly that I was not in love with Nitin. It became easy for me replying to the same question for around years. Until this same question was asked to me by Nitin on our third-year semester holidays party. It was hard for me, but I told him the truth that I saw him only as a friend. He got heart broken and left the place immediately.

Hearing about this my friends surrounded me and tried to convince me stating ‘You can’t get a guy like him. He is what every girl wishes for. He is handsome. He is rich. He plays guitar and more than that he loves you. Bla…Bla…Bla”. I excused myself from them and left to my home.

I locked my room and laid on my bed thinking about what my friends said, but those words did not change my mind. I just did not have same feelings for him. I tried calling him, messaging him. He did not reply. I thought of giving him some space and tried to sleep.

Completing the first session pages I got some answers to my questions. It was her real story. She was made to write this during her first psychiatrist session. She was tricked to meet a psychiatrist by Sarah. It also added some more questions to my mind like, “If she had rejected him, why did she try to die and not him? Why did she write her story like a novel? If she was instructed to write, why was it instructed like that?”, to know the answers to my questions I turned the page to know more.

Tears of pain

Session 2:

Date: 2-12-2017

I sent him some text messages the second I woke up next day. I did not get any reply. I tried calling him, but his phone was switched off. I tried calling him at ten in the morning. There was no response. His phone was still switched off. I got worried. So, I informed my parents where I was going and took a cab to his home.

I was shocked, when I reached his home. There were lot of cars. Everyone carried a garland while entering his house. It was a funeral. Many things came to my mind, but I tried ignoring all my thoughts and started walking towards his home.

As I walked inside, I saw him sitting in one corner of the hall completely devastated looking at his mother dead body. I did not know what to do. I sent messages to my friends about the situation. Then I walked towards him, sat with him and comforted him.

After that day, he was completely lost. of course, who won’t be. He loved his mother so much. He was so attached to his mother than his father. She was the one who brought his first guitar.

The talking and messaging hours totally faded out. He stopped coming to college. He even stopped going out of his home. Whenever I tried talking to him or took him out to make him little better it always ended with him crying. So, I started spending more time with him. I was trying my best to make him not getting worse.

During this time whenever I made him smile it made me happy. Slowly this happiness converted to love. I started having feelings for him. My friends and classmates also helped me a lot to bring him back. Slowly things started getting normal, he started coming to college some days. Everyone was so happy to see him in classroom.

Past a month, when I heard that he was not going to play any music for that year cultural. I got sad. I badly wanted him to sing. So, I went to his home to convince him directly. When we were in his bedroom, I asked him to play for that year cultural multiple times. He kept on refusing every time I asked.

If your mother was here, would she not wish to see you play?”, I shouted at him angrily.

At least, before I had someone who loved me the most. I don’t have any one to love me now. Why should I play?”, he asked me back angrily.

Who told you there is no one who loves you? I am right here, you fucking moron”, I shouted angrily.

On hearing this he had some tears in his eyes. He ran towards me and hugged me. We kissed each other. I spent the night at his home.

And it was official. Every one of my friends were happy for me. He played for that cultural. He started coming to college regularly.

We started going out a lot and making out a lot till he got an offer to play for a band in Delhi. Even though it would be hard for me to not see him daily, I encouraged him to go for it as it would make him feel better.

After he went to Delhi, the communication between us got reduced as he was in training classes for guitar and I was in interview training class. We both hardly had any time to talk.

As days passed, he stopped calling me and texting me. Whenever I asked him about it. He said he was busy with the class. I was so stupid. I believed everything he said.

When you are so much blindly in love with someone you will believe everything, they say. I was one of the victims to it.

Once he came back from Delhi everything seemed a little different. We stopped going out together like before. Because he used to go to Delhi to play for the band during weekends. When I requested to take me with him, he refused saying that he might get distracted.

We went out for dinner together to celebrate my placement after two months. I was so happy to spend time with him. While we were having dinner, I noticed that his phone was vibrating a lot. Every time it vibrated, his eyes rolled down to his mobile. I figured something was wrong.

As soon as he went to washroom, I took his phone and unlocked it. I was broken to pieces. I could not believe it. He was sexting with some girl in WhatsApp. There was only one thing running in my mind, how could he do this to me? The moment he saw me with his phone. He stood there without saying a word. I could not bear it.

Who the hell is she? And why are you sexting her?”, I asked him.

He didn't say anything.

Who the hell is she”, I asked again angrily and waited for him to answer.

As the tears started to slide down my cheek he said, “my lover” without looking me.

Then who the hell am I for you?”, I shouted.

Everyone at the hotel were looking at us. I couldn’t control my anger. I slapped him in his face, threw his phone on the table and walked out of the hotel crying.

By the time I finished reading second session, I got sad. There were dried tear drops mark all over the pages. I could understand how she must have felt. If Nitin had broken up with her and started seeing someone else, then that could have been forgiven. But cheating on a girl who loved and cared for you the most is one of the worst things you can do to her in the world. I got so angry at Nitin. I felt like I needed to beat him.

After clamming myself down, I continued reading.

Longing for answers

Session 3:

Date: 16/12/2017

I could not sleep that night, it bugged me a lot. I switched off my phone as I can't even see my phone wallpaper. I didn't go to college for a week. Whenever my parents asked, I used to give them some lame excuses for not going out.

My friends started visiting me at my home as I was out of reach in all communications possible. Finally, he came to see me past a week. He said that he needed to talk. Of course, everyone knows the meaning of that.

I could have said “No”, but I could not. Even I wanted to ask him few things. Then I took him to my room, locked the door and sat on my bed facing the wall.

I am sorry for what happened”, he apologized to me like it was a forgivable simple mistake.

When did it happen? why did you do this to me?”, I started crying.

I met her in Delhi. She was one of my classmates while studying guitar. We used to go out every day when I was in Delhi. Then we both kind of fall in love with each other”, said Nitin in a low voice.

How could you love someone when we were loving each other? How could you do this to me? Did you ever truly love me?”, I cried lying on my pillow.

For which, he did not say anything. He just stood there like a statue watching me cry. After few minutes of silence, I threw the pillow at him and told him to get out of my room.

I am really sorry”, He said and left.

One of the hardest parts during those seven days was hiding all this from my parents and acting normal in front of them. I could not manage to sit at home for long time. My parents started worrying about me. I went to college the next day but looking at him in college made me even worse. So, I stayed at Sarah’s room that night and informed to my parents that I won’t be coming home.

I was crying the whole night. I got affected mentally. I stayed in her room for the next few weeks. I went home for some time daily and came back to her room to sleep. I drank daily. I cried daily. I slept on the floor and I did not bathe for many days.

One day I woke up in the morning feeling dead inside. I was awake on the bed for hours. I did not know what to do. There were no one around me. I questioned my existence. I climbed to the terrace, sat on the side wall with my legs out decided to end all at once. Suddenly I felt a hand around my hip which dragged me towards the other side of the wall. It was Sarah. She gave a slap on my face and took me to her room.

Stay the fuck where you are. If you move, I swear I will kill you”, those are the words came out of her mouth when she locked me in her room. I was crying on her bed curled like a baby. I was a total piece of crap.

Few minutes later, Sarah came to her room with coffee in her hand and sat next to me. She kept the coffee cup aside, held my hand and said, “I don't know what to tell you, but once I read in internet that if you fall in love with someone while you are in love with another. You should always choose the second one, because if you had loved sincerely and truly you would not have fallen for another".

So, you are telling what he did is right?”, I asked her angrily.

You are not seeing my point here. If he had truly loved you, he would not have cheated. He would not have left you for her. He did not fall in love with you. You two were together most of the time in the last three and half years, so he might have got infatuated with you which he must have misunderstood as love. That's what it is”


I know it is very hard for you to forget this. I am not telling you to, but always keep in mind there are people out there wishing for your future. Just think about your parents. They need you. Don't let this bastard ruin their life also".

I hugged her and thankedstarted to cry more, thanking her for saving me.

If you are goingstill wanted to try to fall from the building, please don’t do that till the exams end. I don’t want to get ininto police enquiry”,.”, Joked Sarah.

I laughed a little and wiped my tears.

Hearing those word from Sarah made me think. I went home, took bath and wore a smile for my parents. I deleted his photos and phone numbers from my mobile. I tried to ignore his presence till the exams got completed.

Every place I visited kept reminding me about those days we were together. I could not delete that from my mind. So, I joined the IT company which I got selected and moved here to stay with Sarah as soon as exams got over.

It's been a year since I saw him. I could not forget what he has done to me. Still I cry at night and pretend like nothing happened. Sarah is the only person who cared for me the most. I am blessed to have her in life. I hope one day I will make her proud.

After months I slept peacefully the night of second session. I don’t know whether I am going to be fine or not, but I won’t forgot you in my life.

Thanks a lot for doing this.

I turned the page to know more but there were no more sessions in the diary. The entire diary was empty except a page named remarks. I started reading that.

  1. Always keep this diary along with your books

  2. Get that white Labrador from fifth floor Gokul.

  3. Keep going to Karthik gym. I will talk to him regularly.

  4. If there is anything you need, you can meet me at garden every day around 5 AM. Your sessions are over. You should never come to see me in my flat.

That was it. There were no other pages to read. The last session was dated a year ago. I got answers for why she kept the diary along with her books? Where did Max come from? How did Sarah save her life? But I did not know answers to whether she got any better? what were these four remarks? How does this make some one’s life better? Why she was asked to write her story like a novel?

Got Lucky

I kept the diary in the same place as it was before. It was 3.30 AM when I got out of her room. I had some water and laid down on the sofa covered with a blanket. I closed my eyes and started to think of the questions I had. Only person who could answer all those questions was the psychiatrist who treated Neha. But there was no name or any details about him in the diary. Only thing I know was that he lives in the same society.

When I was questioning myself about how to find him without any details of him. I felt a weight in my legs. I got scared and opened my eyes slowly. It was Max. I got relieved and resumed thinking again.

“You could ask Sarah”.

“Nope…She might not tell. Because till now she hasn’t told you anything about her friend. She wants to keep her friend safe”

I wasted some time thinking about a way to find the psychiatrist while the answer was lying on me. It was Max. If the psychiatrist stayed in the same society, he would have at least seen and petted him a few times. He did not sound like a guy who never checks on his patients. So, I planned to take Max to the garden and make him find that psychiatrist for me.

It was around 4 AM in the morning by the time I finally got an idea. I had an hour time. I spend the next half an hour watching some shitty videos on YouTube. Then I got freshen up, changed my clothes, connected walking rope to Max belt and finally left the flat with one hope of finding the psychiatrist.

“Now find me the psychiatrist”, I told Max after he completed shitting in the garden. I started walking in the garden with Max hoping to find the psychiatrist.

Even after fifth round Max did not get him. It seemed like everyone petted Max. None of them who petted Max were that psychiatrist. I got exhausted. I tied Max to a bench and sat on it.

“Excuse me. May I know who you are? I have not seen you around.”, I heard someone asking me while I was texting Sarah to check whether she woke up.

“Hi…I am Aryan. I live in B-213 and you are?”, I questioned that fifty-year-old man who enquired about me.

“Hi…I am Gokul. I live in A-502. I would not have questioned you if you did not have Max”, He gave me a hand shake justifying himself.

“So, you must be the one who gave Max to Neha”, I said recollecting the information from the diary.

“Yes…Yes… It was me. I could not take care more than two dogs. I am old. So, I gave him to Neha when he was 2 months old”, said Gokul petting Max.

That was the first time I saw him bark. He was so happy playing with him.

“Are you Neha’s boyfriend?”.

“No, uncle. I am friend of that another girl who stays with Neha. Since Neha went home. I came here to give company to Sarah”, I replied immediately.

“Oh… Sarah’s friend! Ok. My friend Venkat told me that he met Neha’s boyfriend few days ago. Since you had Max, I thought it was you. I am sorry”, he said and sat next to me.

“No Problem. Uncle”. I smiled at him for giving one answer to my question.

“There is no need to worry about your friend while Max is there. He won’t allow anything to happen to your friend. Neha and Sarah both takes care of him more than I could have”

“Yes, Uncle. I can see”, I replied. I thought for a few seconds and spilled the question I had in my mind. “Can I ask you something Uncle?”.

“Yes, Beta”, Uncle replied while wishing good morning to his friends.

“Is Venkat a psychiatrist?”, I asked uncle with my fingers crossed.

“Haan…Beta. Why?”, uncle wondered.

“I need to speak to him. My friend is not well. Can you please introduce me to him?”, I begged uncle.

“He is Venkat”, Uncle pointed out to a forty-year-old man who was walking away from us.

I was so happy. I could not believe that I found the psychiatrist. I was so lucky that day to say.

“Can you please look after Max. I will talk to him and come”, I asked uncle and started running towards the psychiatrist the moment he nodded his head.

“Hi…Are you Venkat?”, I asked blocking his way.

“Yes. And you are”, Venkat asked me back.

“I am Sarah’s friend. Who lives in B-213 along with Neha. Can I please talk to you for some minute?”, I replied to him panting.

“Sure… I am about to complete my third round now. I will meet you after few minutes in that coffee shop”, He pointed to a coffee shop which was right next to garden.

“Thanks a lot, Venkat. I will wait there. Please come. I really need to speak to you”, I told him and walked back to get Max from Uncle with a huge smile on my face.

I got Max and thanked uncle for his help. Then I walked towards the coffee shop and waited for Venkat to show. After five minutes I saw Venkat walking towards me. He ordered two coffee, got Max from me and sat on a table outside the shop. I got the coffees, kept it on the table and sat opposite to him.

“Who are you?”, Venkat started the conversation.

“I am Aryan. I am Sarah’s friend. She lives in B-213”, I introduced myself again.

“How do I believe you are telling me the truth? Are you stalking her? Are you? If it is anything like that, I swear I will call the police right away”, he scared the hell out of me.

“No…No… Nothing like that sir. I am really a friend of hers. See”, I got afraid and showed my phone wallpaper to him. He busted out laughing looking at my reactions. I was totally confused with his strange behavior.

“I am really sorry. I am just messing with you. I know you”, He said while laughing at me.

“Sorry? You Know me? What? How?”, I questioned him puzzled.

“Sarah told me about you. I know who you are. She told me that you handle situations cool. So, I thought of testing you. It is one my bad habits my profession makes me to do. I am very sorry”.

“You almost got me sir. I got scared of your tone. Please don’t tell this to Sarah”.

“Ha…ha… Now tell me, why you wanted to talk to me?”, Venkat started the conversation like a normal man.

A wise man’s words

I explained him how I had read Neha’s diary by accident last night, While I was trying to find a novel to read. He laughed again and told me that he could not discuss about it. Because of the physician-patient privilege.

“I don’t what to know about Neha. I know that Neha is happy now and is having a boyfriend. I just want to know why you gave those suggestion to Neha. Please help me understand that”, I begged Venkat.

“Suggestions… Ok, I guess I can talk about that.”, Venkat said and started having his coffee.

“I want to know why you gave those three suggestions to her? How does it made her feel better and come out of depression?”, I kept my coffee aside and started with my question.

“OK. What was the first one?”, He asked me.

“To always keep the diary along with her books.”

“See you can’t make anyone forget something that hurt them the most. It will always remain in your brain. So, what I did was, I made her to place that memory else were”. He told and asked whether I understood anything.

“Nope. I could not. Can you please tell me clearly?”, I requested him again.

“I became friends with Sarah one and half years ago. When she told me that her friend needed help. I offered to help her. Firstly, I heard everything about Neha from Sarah. That’s when I came to know that Neha reads a lot of books. So, I made Neha to write her story and placed it with other stories that she read. As most of the books were tragic love stories. It made her feel that she was not alone”.

“Oh ok. Now I understood. You took her memories and placed that along with other memories she had. Wow! That’s brilliant”, I was literally blown away hearing this.

“The moment you are not focusing on one thing, you will start seeing the world differently”, Venkat replied petting Max.

“Oh…Max”. He reminded of the second remark. “Why did you make her to adopt Max?”

“Whenever you are alone in your room, or you did not have anyone to talk to for a long time. Your mind will start to think unnecessary things. To fill that void I asked her to take care of Max. He will always be around her. She won’t be feeling alone and taking care of him will became her priority as she faces him every day. More than that she will always be reminded that there is someone who loves her a lot”

“And finally, why gym?”, I shot my last question.

“Going to gym means not weight lifting. It means regular exercise. There are some exercises to increase feel-good endorphins, it helps in reducing depression and anxiety. Regularly going to gym helps in gaining confidence. You will start to look after yourself”. Venkat drank the remaining coffee and asked “I guess I have answered why I gave those three suggestions. Has talking to me cleared your queries?”

“And one last request. Sir”


“Can you please not tell about this to Sarah. She looks after Neha a lot. We might end up having a fight if she finds out”, I begged with my hands.

“Ha-ha…You millennials, taking risk at everything’s.”. He got up, paused for a minute and came near me. “Ok. I won’t tell, but on one condition”.

“What is it? Sir”, I wondered.

“I need you to take care of Sarah, Neha and Max properly for me. If I heard any complaint about you, then I will make sure that you pay for it. Now you will pay for this’, Venkat said in his scary voice. Handed over Max to me and started walking away from me laughing.

I laughed hard, paid for the coffee and started walking towards the flat with all the answers to the questions I had. I was so proud of being with Sarah. The way she changed her friend’s life completely made me fall for her more.

The moment I opened the door. I searched for her. She was in kitchen making coffee. I hugged her from behind, told her I loved her and kissed her.

“What have you done now? Where is Max?”, She went looking for Max.

I laughed. Told her that I was tired and went to sleep in her bed. I did not know when I slept, it was one of the best naps I ever had. When I woke up after few hours, I felt so happy seeing Max sitting next to me.

That day I became one of the few people who knew many are suffering from mental health and it should be treated like any other health issues by seeing a psychiatrist or getting some help for their own good and for the people who cares for them.


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I would like to thank my family and friends for being there for when I needed them the most.

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