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© Heidy Rose Hardaker 2017

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This book is the work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

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Welcome to Erase

Become an eraser or be erased.

Technically you can choose not too but I would not recommend that.

Confidentiality of the utmost importance; anyone who reads past this paragraph must become an eraser. To give your permission press this button.


You must continue!

Technically you can choose not too but I would not recommend that.

The pretence which protects this world from falling into reality is fed by the Imitations; they protect us so do not speak to them. They are fragile and will disintegrate upon the slightest touch.

Under no circumstances is: anyone allowed to question Superior, and a customer allowed to escape or die.

Customer’s permission no longer required.

Disclaimer: Any injury sustain in Erase is your problem. No compensation will be given.

Warning: Prolonged exposure to Erase can lead to disintegration.

Have a nice day.

If you last that long.


Dina stared at the advertisement for Erase in disgust. Their customers were lining up to pay Erase to delete them. Aimless people in the eyes of Erase that were in the way of progress. Everyday they were bombarded with messages that their only purpose was to make the ultimate sacrifice to sustain Erase.

Pay and we will take your life away. Erase the pain, Erase the past; be the nothing you were meant to be. Dina was repulsed by such lies and deceit.

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