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Listen to Microwave “Bullets” from Cell Towers

Richard Lighthouse

Listen to Microwave “Bullets” from Cell Towers

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"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Ben Franklin

Listen to Microwave “Bullets” from Cell Towers


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To listen to the microwave pulses, this test must be done in a quiet room:

Cup your hand, as though you were holding water, and place it firmly over your ear.

Wait and listen quietly for about 30 seconds.

You will begin to hear the "pops," - it feels like something the size of a BB is hitting your hand and ear. These microwave "bullets" are directed at your head from cell towers, up to 3 miles (5 km) away. Hold it more than 1 minute, and you will notice the "pops" are getting stronger, because the reflected signal is not returning to the cell tower. Some people describe the sound as "popcorn" - random pops. You will begin to feel the "pops" in the joints of your hand, as you hold it longer.

These sounds are proof that you are being hit with microwave "bullets" 24/7. The microwaves cause high-pitched ringing in the ears, or tinnitus in many people. The satellite tracking of your precise location is accurate to 1 centimeter (0.5 inches).

Try it on each ear. The microwaves are directed from every cell tower around you. In a big city like Houston, there can be 20 or more cell towers that are directing microwaves at your head. Try tilting your head sideways, up or down, or back and forth, to increase the signal.

Please write to your Congressmen and Senators and demand that this illegal tracking program is stopped. Talk to your city council and mayor about how the cell towers are being used. The microwaves cause brain damage and are particularly harmful to children. The cell towers and directed microwaves are controlled from Schriever Air Force Base near Colorado Springs. Your precise location is tracked by NavStar satellites and relayed to a supercomputer at Air Force Space Command. General John Raymond is currently the Commanding Officer at the Air Force Space Command.

You can check these maps for cell tower locations at:

Please see my free ebooks on the satellite weapons, tracking system, and the cell towers at: and


This short ebook will provide additional proof of the horrific program that is run by the CIA and the USAF. Every person in the United States is being tracked by NavStar satellites and the cell towers are used to hit you with microwave bullets, 24/7.

Figure 1. Cup your hand, like trying to hold water, and then place firmly over your ear.

Figure 2. While sitting in a quiet room, listen for the “pops.” You will also begin to feel the pops in your finger joints from the microwave pulses. In a big city, the cell towers are all around you.

Figure 3. Flat panel antenna used for cell phone signals. This antenna is part of a complex weapon system that is operated from Schriever Air Force Base near Colorado Springs. You are being targeted by these antennas, 24/7. The antennas use what is called “digital beam forming” to produce a microwave bullet. These microwaves cause brain damage and children are particularly vulnerable to the effects.

Figure. 4. Typical Cell Tower location map (

Figure 5. NavStar Block 3 satellite built by Lockheed Martin Space Systems near Denver. Other companies involved are – Harris Geospatial Solutions (Broomfield, CO), Northrop Grumman Astro. This satellite cost more than $500 million dollars. The latest design of this NavStar satellite can track the head of everyone in North America from a single satellite - you are hit with a pulse on the top-back part of your head about once each second. This criminal activity, which is a war crime, began more than 30 years.

Figure 6. Satellite tracking diagram.

The top-back part of your head is tracked by a NavStar satellite. (See my ebook – “Satellites and Weapons of the Air Force Space Command”). The precise GPS coordinates are relayed to a supercomputer at Schriever Air Force Base, and then sent to the cell towers that are closest to you.

Many companies are involved in this illegal program. While you are sleeping, this system will hit your brain with subliminal messages.

I recommend repeating the statement, “I will only react to constructive suggestions,” especially at bedtime. This will help to block or filter much of the negative messages.

Corporate leaders

Harris Geospatial Solutions, Inc. (Broomfield, CO)

This company worked under contract to Lockheed Martin to design the tracking and software system for the NavStar GPS 3 satellites. This was extremely complex and completed 3 years behind schedule. Some of the key people:

Erik Arvesen - CEO

Jeff Hildebrandt - Senior account executive

Michael Deskevich - Chief Scientist

Tammy Owen - Director of Worldwide sales

Pamela Pajer – Director of HR

Lockheed Martin Space Systems (Littleton, CO)

This company designed and built the NavStar GPS 3 satellites that are used for tracking every person in the United States. Some of the key people:

Rick A. Facchinello - President

Rick Ambrose - Executive Vice President

Sheah Pirnack - Program Management, GPS 3

Jeff Loomis - RF Products Manager, GPS 3

Eric LaChapelle - GPS 3 Bus Manager

Northrop Grumman Astro Aerospace

This company designed and built the antenna array that is used to send and receive signals on the NavStar satellite.

Michael Cross - General Manager

Figure 7. Overview of the Targeted Individual program and the government groups that are involved.

Who owns the cell towers?

Figure 8. Largest cell tower companies

There are three main companies that own and lease cell towers. They are:

In my opinion, most if not all, of these executives know that their cell towers are being used against the entire population. They know what equipment has been installed on their property and they know who installed it. I insist that we identify them and shame them. The lawsuits are going to happen.

Figure 9. Crown Castle executives. ( The corporate headquarters are

1220 Augusta Drive in Houston, Texas.

Figure 10. In my opinion, these 3 men know that Crown Castle property is being used against Targeted Individuals and the entire population. Jay A. Brown, Robert C. Ackerman, and W. Benjamin Moreland. There are other executives as well.

Figure 11. Jay A. Brown from

Figure 12. American Tower executives (

Figure 13. In my opinion, these three men know that American Tower's cell towers are being used against Targeted Individuals and the entire population. James D. Taiclet, Jr, Edmund DiSanto, and Steven C. Marshall. There are other executives as well.

Figure 14. James D. Taiclet on

Figure 15. In my opinion, the executive of AT&T, know that their equipment is being used against Targeted Individuals and the entire population. Name them and shame them – this company is among the worst. I feel pure disgust for these AT&T executives – they have proven willing to do almost anything for the CIA or NSA, even if it is illegal. Randall L. Stephenson, John M. Donovan, and John Joseph Stephens.

Recall the lawsuit based on AT&T technician Mark Klein who provided details about the level of corruption and collusion between the NSA and AT&T.

igure 16. Randall Stephenson. In my opinion, this man is fully aware that cell towers of AT&T are being used in the Target Individuals program and against the entire population.

igure 17. Randall L. Stephenson on


This short ebook presents some of the technology that is being used the entire civilian population in the United States. The CIA runs and directs this program, which is operated by the Air Force Space Command at Schriever Air Force Base near Colorado Springs.

The information provided here, is a starting point for other researchers to continue the effort. I cannot and do not pretend that it is comprehensive, as this technology has been developed over decades. Most of the subliminal messaging comes from cell towers, in my opinion.

Any of the frequencies coming from a cell tower are good indicators that a magnetron and/or Digital Beam-forming is being used to Target people: 896 MHz, 922 MHz, 2443 MHz, 2480 MHz, 5800 MHz Note that these frequencies are slightly different that the optimal frequency for heating water molecules.

One of the best ways to stop these illegal attacks, is to inform people about them – Name them and shame them. If we can bring down the Deep State, the attacks will stop. Remove the funding from the CIA, Rockefellers and Rothschilds and it will shut down the Deep State - see my free ebook “Rockefeller & Rothschild Dirty Money on the London Stock Exchange.” In my opinion, this has already begun. It is my hope that the people involved with the targeting program will face charges for war crimes.

This document is a living document. The author reserves the right to make corrections and changes.


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About: The author holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and has previously worked for NASA.


Rlighthouse -at --


This research was generously supported with a grant from the Foundation Opposed to Academic Puffery (FOAP).


I am a proud whistleblower – see my ebooks about the criminal acts of the CIA and FBI. Readers are advised that the NSA and/or CIA may be blocking or restricting access to some of my ebooks, especially outside the United States. Readers are further advised that digital tracking tags may have been placed in my ebooks. Note how slowly the jpg's load into the ebook when viewing, or there may be transparent objects placed inside the document (This is the government criminal's latest ploy). The content of some ebooks may have been altered – still trying to monitor this. If you have tried to contact me, it is possible that emails and phone calls are being blocked.

Readers are advised to review the website which provides compelling evidence about 9-11. ..... Note Figure 63. Dr Wood spent many years researching this and filed suit against the US Government, along with Dr Morgan Reynolds. Jet fuel does not burn through concrete and steel. The cookie-cutter holes were made by a high-powered laser that rapidly ages material - and turned the concrete and steel into dust in seconds. Note Figure 38(a) here: ...Watch the steel beams turn into dust while standing vertically. This laser operates at a harmonic of the blinking frequency - which causes rapid aging. Readers are also advised to see the movie "Sirius" by Dr Steven Greer, M.D. It is available for free on Netflix, where it is the #1 documentary, and to watch the youtube videos by the Honorable Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defense. He has a book titled, “The Money Mafia.”

Also, find my brief educational videos on youtube (Some have been blocked from the search engines).

For more than 6 years, this author has been stalked, harassed, and threatened by US Government agents from the CIA, FBI, and NSA - because of the content of these ebooks. My home has been broken into, repeatedly. In May 2014, my girlfriend was drugged and kidnapped from LaGuardia airport. She was unconscious more than 4 hours. This is not a joke. My computer, phone, and alarm system have been hacked, including those of my friends and family. It is truly sad and pathetic, these agencies have become criminal organizations. If something happens to me (disappearance, false criminal charges, sudden accident, etc. - my readers can be certain that the FBI and CIA were involved. See my related ebooks identifying the murders of Gary Webb, Michael Hastings, Phil Schneider, William Colby, Dr Eugene Mallove, Stan Meyers, and others. In my opinion, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is behind these criminal acts; David Rockefeller was the CEO and Chairman for many years. The CIA is intimately involved with these criminal acts.

“The CIA and FBI are behind most, if not all terrorism.”

- Ted Gunderson, former FBI Chief

For future reference, I would never deliberately do something to harm or hurt myself. This goes against my beliefs and against the teachings of Seth. This needs to be stated because the CIA and FBI have proven many times, they are willing to use “staged suicides” to solve their “problems”. Phil Schneider went public with his information on Secret Military Construction projects, after 8 of his co-workers were murdered during staged suicides. Then he was murdered. His videos are on youtube and other websites.

Figure 18. ISBN for this ebook.

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Figure 19. Moreland on

Figure 20. John Donovan on

igure 21. Edmund DiSanto on

Figure 22. Robert C. Ackerman on

Figure 23. John T. Stankey on

igure 24. Michael J. Viola on

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