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Psalms 139: 14

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

Preface to the Previous Editions

My sincere thanks to the readers of the previous editions for the encouragement you gave us through the successful marketing of this book by word─ by your word! You have caused this book to be downloaded hundreds of thousands of times on various online stores by the very act of sharing the book with your loved ones.

By sharing your personal experiences and struggles, and through your constructive suggestions, progressive criticisms, biblical insight and wisdom that you shared after reading the book, you have touched our hearts and lives. The 1st edition was written in a hurry and out of love to help those addicted to masturbation. I was on the road to recovery and had to pen down the thoughts before I forget. In the following 2 years I have made a tremendous progress and have reclaimed the blessings that belong to me. I got back on my feet, rediscovered my passions and built my career from the scratch!

I encourage you to share this book with your friends and family as most people struggle with this habit. Never hesitate to talk about your struggles and get the help you need and deserve. Let us teach this world to fight addictions together.

At the request of the fellow Christians at Faith, Hope & Love- Christian Life Online Ministries I have given them the rights to republish this book for their Ministry.

God bless you!

-Pete Holmes





Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Very often we come across arguments about masturbation– arguments plagued with the conflicting opinions on masturbation. These kinds of arguments stem from the fact that Bible hasn’t explicitly warned against masturbation.

This short book aims at helping people to understand how masturbation is actually a sin no matter how we try to justify our actions. When we are able to understand the true nature of masturbation, we will be able to come out of it easily and permanently.

I have been counseling the youth for the past 2 decades. Now I am bringing out my book on masturbation and addictions on the request of my Church members.

When I prayed about it, I too felt that God can use me as His instrument to reach more people through books than I can ever reach people in and around my city in person. I pray to our Lord that this book helps you in getting delivered from the sin of masturbation.

You might wonder why I was requested to write a book on masturbation.

Am I a Pastor? Nope!

Am I a Minister? Nope!

Am I a Preacher? Nope! Not yet!

Then why?!

Because I, a filthy unworthy sinner (saved by His grace now), used to be someone who was so severely entangled in sins of all sorts... I was addicted to such an extent that it disrupted my life, relationships and at one point of time my job.

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