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Layla's Magic Wand by Epsilon Writer, Sr Layla's Magic Wand by June 30, 2016 1692 words Sample 20%
Layla's wand is amazing, the vibrations so intense they are almost too much for her, She cums while showing off for her boyfriend before trying out the magic on him
Poison on my Pretty Lips by Porphyro Poison on my Pretty Lips by June 30, 2016 2945 words Read a sample
A first-time thief breaks into a lonely little place. She didn’t really think things through, though, and finds out too late it’s the Witch’s house. Now trapped inside, she’s desperate to get out.
Red Denver by D. L. Denham Red Denver by June 30, 2016 13773 words Read a sample
Red Denver, one of several successful communities in Usona, post-Blast America, has thrived because of OldWorld machinery and a strong community government. With his past behind him, Reho has made a new life for himself in Red Denver. Until Soapy, a local crime boss, starts a chain of events that leads to a climatic final face-off between Reho and one of the genetically-modified warbeasts . . .
Fire Quackers by Frankie Lassut Fire Quackers by June 30, 2016 8813 words Read a sample
Town Thorns is a mansion house in 25 acres of beautiful Warwickshire countryside. It also has a care centre built behind it. The nearby landfill site, nuclear plant, oil refinery and dog food factory don’t really bother the residents if they look the other way and don’t use their sense of smell.
Masters, Where Jack Climbed The Greenstalk And Snuck Off With More Green Jackets Than Any Of The Other Golfing Giants by Andrew Jardine Masters, Where Jack Climbed The Greenstalk And Snuck Off With More Green Jackets Than Any Of The Other Golfing Giants by June 30, 2016 2805 words Sample 20%
Jack Nicklaus slipped into so many Green Jackets in the Masters over the years that fans believed he could even walk on water at Augusta National. I finally reached the golfing heaven after writing about sports for decades. It was the highlight of my career. Jack was there. So were Gary Player and Arnold Palmer. This is my story about life among golf's glitterati.
So I've Heard 2 by Gina Candy So I've Heard 2 by June 30, 2016 1092 words Read a sample
In this series, a college girl can't help but act on what she hears.
The Angels Talk About John the Baptist by Kim Jensen The Angels Talk About John the Baptist by June 30, 2016 702 words Read a sample
John the Baptist might have an important role to play in end times. This book discusses this in a telepathic conversation with angels.
A Gift From A Ghost by Mario V. Farina A Gift From A Ghost by June 30, 2016 955 words Read a sample
I'm a psychiatrist. On Halloween night I had a discussion with the ghost of a famous king. He didn't like being a spook. I made a recommendation. This story tells how my suggestion worked out.
5 False Beliefs about Duality and How They Steal Your Power by Marsha Hankins 5 False Beliefs about Duality and How They Steal Your Power by June 30, 2016 12206 words Read a sample
The steps to achieving Oneness can be confusing. The misperception that duality, separation, and polarity are the same has kept many people stuck on their spiritual journey. Discover 5 beliefs that might be blocking you from standing in your power as a creator. Marsha Hankins shares from her 18 years of experience as a spiritual teacher and facilitator to help you remember who you are as God.
Hit and Run by David Halliday Hit and Run by June 30, 2016 57947 words Sample 20%
Detective Sam Kelly was investigating a murder. And then there were all the other crimes that no one knew were happening. Drug dealers, pedophiles, marital abuse. Don't turn over that rock. There are things underneath crawling.
A Jade's Trick by Lilly Black A Jade's Trick by June 30, 2016 138159 words Sample 10%
Former runaway left frigid by years of sexual abuse meets handsome billionaire who is accustomed to getting everything he wants all the time. Seducing her into his world of sensual bondage, he breaks through where all others have failed, then she turns his sex life upside down, all while a killer hunts among his ex-submissives.
To Kill Again: Episode Two by Darren Howell To Kill Again: Episode Two by June 30, 2016 13447 words Read a sample
EPISODE TWO - 'POCHEMU' As Dyson adapts to life in 1888, following Jack the Ripper's whereabouts and unwittingly falling in love with his last victim, he must make a drastic decision that could jeopardise his whole mission. Meanwhile back in the future, Dyson's partner begins to make some startling discoveries.
Tournament of the Dead by C. Mahood Tournament of the Dead by June 30, 2016 9508 words Read a sample
A base book for anyone interested in the "Tournament of the Dead" project. http://ch6280.wix.com/tournamentofthedead
Gondell's Quest - Book 1 - Destiny - Free Sampler Edition by Andy Lang Gondell's Quest - Book 1 - Destiny - Free Sampler Edition by June 30, 2016 73449 words Read a sample
Read the first 20 chapters for free. An epic adventure into the world as it was before the rise of man. A story that races from deep and inhospitable deserts to the frozen lands of the north, from the high seas to the highest mountain peaks. A titanic struggle between the forces of good and evil. A story of friendships forged and loyalty won, strategies revealed, deception, fear and doom.
Trekking in Nepal: Introduction and Packing List by Kirsty Bennetts Trekking in Nepal: Introduction and Packing List by June 30, 2016 8768 words Read a sample
This booklet is one of a series of downloadable giveaways from Kathmandu & Beyond. The series deals with trekking in Nepal and is based on the author’s own trekking experiences and covers the following routes: Annapurna Foothills, Annapurna Base Camp , Around Annapurna, Upper Mustang, Everest Base Camp, and Gokyo Lake.
Diaries From The Field - Chapter 3 - Holy Shit Dude by Kennie Kayoz Diaries From The Field - Chapter 3 - Holy Shit Dude by June 30, 2016 915 words Read a sample
Follow my journey into a third chapter that your not going to believe... HOLY SHIT DUDE
Hooked by Ashley V. Hooked by June 30, 2016 63810 words Read a sample
It's a love/hate thing now, the two of them. They get strung out on each other, just like they get strung out on the drugs. Sometimes they don't see each other for days or weeks, but she always comes back. And he's always waiting. He loves her because she needs it, and she loves him because he has it. But he hates her for keeping him tied to the business, and she hates him for getting her hooked
The Stargate Source Code X1 by V Bertolaccini The Stargate Source Code X1 by June 30, 2016 51405 words Read a sample
An action-packed thriller of mind-bending alien encounters in Antarctic regions! A voyager/entity of colossal magnitude/origins crashes in the Antarctic and Russian intelligence agencies uncover it near an American ice station, and astronauts crash at Mars's Antarctica when they encounter an unidentified force/voyager that has been waiting on their arrival since the beginning of the universe!
Los Malos Están Aquí by Elmer Ruddenskjrik Los Malos Están Aquí by June 30, 2016 22568 words Sample 20%
Dos relatos ambientados en el mundo de la novela Elangel Pulois.
In Need of Repair by Lizzie Ashworth In Need of Repair by June 30, 2016 12059 words Read a sample
Samantha Hunt only has three weeks left before her deadline. Then the noise starts--air compressor, hammering, table saw. She marches out of her garage apartment and confronts Mr. Biceps, lord over the chaos wrecking her concentration. She should know better when he offers her use of his house so she can pursue her project in quiet.
Co-Ed Spa Pool Sex by Sophie Sin Co-Ed Spa Pool Sex by June 29, 2016 7263 words Read a sample
In Co-Ed Spa Pool Sex brings the unexpected into one young woman's life as her crush makes a move leading to one of the hottest and most public experiences of her entire 23 years of life.
Can I Get Internet by Kennie Kayoz Can I Get Internet by June 29, 2016 337 words Read a sample
While on vacation it turned out we were promised "slow" internet, but slow and non-existent are two different things.. After we got home I decided to write about it
The Beauty Inside: A Teenage Story by Ni'Kay R. The Beauty Inside: A Teenage Story by June 29, 2016 4961 words Read a sample
Kiah is a fifteen-year-old girl who is dealing with what seems like the pending divorce of her parents. Although her parents are in an abusive relationship, she doesn't want her family to be torn apart. All she wants is for her mother, who seems to blame her for all of their misfortune, and father to love her--to love each other.
The Joker by Scott Leopold The Joker by June 29, 2016 56317 words Sample 20%
When a man has nothing, he has nothing left to lose. It is a simple concept, but many people miss it. When he has lost everything, he is afraid of nothing. There is no risk he won’t take. There is no extent to which he won’t go to take back some tiny remnant of all that is lost. You cannot buy, bully, reason, or negotiate with him.
the ugly is you by James Maffei the ugly is you by June 29, 2016 244 words Read a sample
Here's a piece while I'm working on my next one
The Amazing Predictions of Claudidamus by Mario V. Farina The Amazing Predictions of Claudidamus by June 29, 2016 836 words Read a sample
Though it had been thought that it was Nostradamus who originated the amazing predictions, it was really a parrot named Claudidamus who had been the author. When the parrot could not longer do this, Nostradamus continued with clumsy imitations. All predictions have been, the authentic and the fake have been intermingled. This book discusses some of the confusion this this has caused.
Tragedies + Tortured Butterflies by Israel Roland Tragedies + Tortured Butterflies by June 29, 2016 262 words Sample 10%
Being grateful for time spent with you; learning from life, and gaining the courage to continue after the sun has set.
Begin Anew by Richard Brant Begin Anew by June 29, 2016 87978 words Sample 20%
In the aftermath of war that sees mankind cast from paradise, a force awakes deep in the planet with the ability to redress the balance of power. The prize? Nothing less than Earth herself.
Scorched by Mary Nova Scorched by June 29, 2016 109673 words Read a sample
This is the first book in the Scorched Trilogy, The Nicoletta Clark novels. Up-and-coming photographer, Nicoletta Clark, meets billionaire Zavier Soto igniting a fiery hot romance that will leave you...Scorched.
Peace, Love, & Liberty by SFLove Peace, Love, & Liberty by June 29, 2016 57664 words Read a sample
War Is Not Inevitable There is no such thing as being 'undecided' about war. It is a binary choice. If you re not for it, you have to be against it. The essays in this book offer evidence and arguments for peace.
The Greylands: Volume VII by Susan Skylark The Greylands: Volume VII by June 29, 2016 112333 words Read a sample
“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Hamlet, William Shakespeare A land of shadows, of mystery, of obfuscated Truth. Welcome to the Greylands, that strange world, within the bounds of Time, peopled by mortal men. We cannot see truly, only as through a glass, darkly. Discover a collection of stories inspired by such imaginings.
Global Warming: An Essay by Edward E. Rochon Global Warming: An Essay by June 29, 2016 1833 words Read a sample
Summary of potential causes of global warming: CO2, build up of heat in the earth core. Some counteracting forces at play suggested that might resolve the problem in the short term. Exhortation to tame the earth to resolve the problem.
All You Need To Know About SEO: The Ultimate Guide For Small Business Owners by The Wordpress Genie All You Need To Know About SEO: The Ultimate Guide For Small Business Owners by June 29, 2016 57143 words Read a sample
SEO is CRITICAL for your business as it boosts your website ranking and places it in the top of the search engine results. We show you how to get traffic directed to your website, and the conversion rate of traffic to sales. The ultimate goal of search engine optimisation
America in Iraq 1991-2016: An Oral History by Kevin Bush America in Iraq 1991-2016: An Oral History by June 29, 2016 14463 words Read a sample
In a special transmittal made in 2004 by Charles Duelfer, who was the Special Advisor to the Director of Central Intelligence, he states that “The progress Baghdad had made toward escaping sanctions changed following 11 September 2001. Saddam did not immediately understand this.”
Reinventing the Wheel: The Future of America's Nuclear Triad by Kevin Bush Reinventing the Wheel: The Future of America's Nuclear Triad by June 29, 2016 10269 words Read a sample
What is required in this new and threatening security paradigm is something that I’m calling Deployed Nuclear Assets or DNA. This new way of perceiving the security paradigm incorporates a relatively new battle space, namely outer space itself, an order to provide a credible and offensively capable nuclear deterrent.
Heartfulness Magazine Issue 9 by Heartfulness eMagazine Heartfulness Magazine Issue 9 by June 29, 2016 0 words Read a sample
We sometimes underestimate the ripples we create in the world around us. In Issue 9, our contributors share changes that have resonated in big ways – a high school educator finds connection with his students, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee encourages unity in the face of terrorism, and a daughter is inspired by her father’s generous nature.
The Reach Between Worlds by C.M. Hayden The Reach Between Worlds by June 29, 2016 79679 words Sample 40%
Sixteen-year-old Taro does his best to support his family despite the loss of his right leg. With the promise of a big pay-day that will end his family's encroaching poverty, Taro agrees to break a powerful sorceress out of her prison.
Princess of Friendship by Bad Dragon Princess of Friendship by June 29, 2016 5441 words Read a sample
After Twilight’s stream of successes, she’s confident that nothing can go wrong. Is she due for a lesson?
Realty Riches for Cowards by Ryan Scott Realty Riches for Cowards by June 29, 2016 7501 words Read a sample
Realty Riches for Cowards presents a proven and concise step-by-step approach to making money in real-estate. The information is based on the distillation of fifty years experience, owning and managing property. Essential topics include location, type of house, purchase price, financing, do's and don'ts in preparation for rent, labor, advertising, tenant selection and management.
Poems From The Boreen by Tom O'Brien Poems From The Boreen by June 29, 2016 2350 words Sample 25%
Ballyhussa boreen was potholed in winter and overgrown in summer, but it was home - and it possessed my young soul and my growing body.. I grew up there - and bits of me stayed there. In the hedges and furze bushes, in the groves and ploughed fields, in the streams and ponds. This chapbook is a tribute to that happy place of my youth.
The Moon Master's Ball by Clara Diane Thompson The Moon Master's Ball by June 29, 2016 27317 words Read a sample
After her terrifying experience there several years ago, the one place young housemaid Tilly longs to avoid is Bromley's Circus. But when kindly Lord Hollingberry begs her to deliver a message to the mysterious Moon Master hidden away among the circus dwellers, Tilly can't refuse . . . and finds herself ensnared in a web of enchantment cast by the loathsome Mrs. Carlisle and her goddaughter.
House of Khepru: Volume Three by Calvin Travostin House of Khepru: Volume Three by June 29, 2016 6671 words Read a sample
In the final act of the first arc, Cayne learns the identity of his kidnapper. Angela and the girls look for him, and make a discovery that they never expected.
SPIRITUAL HOPSCOTCH- DIARY OF A SKEPTIC by Kristin Callahan SPIRITUAL HOPSCOTCH- DIARY OF A SKEPTIC by June 29, 2016 19415 words Read a sample
SPIRITUAL HOPSCOTCH, DIARY OF A SKEPTIC explores the development of a spiritual mindset regarding things unseen and unknown, despite an innate desire for facts and proof. Explore the afterlife, near death experiences, psychics, mediums, reincarnation & past life regression, the power of your thoughts, synchronicities, creation, having faith.
Le Visiteur by Boris Tzaprenko Le Visiteur by June 29, 2016 66018 words Read a sample
Quelque part dans l’espace et dans le temps, nous rencontrerons les Umas, espèce dominante, et les Bovs, une des espèces dominées. Quelques Umas véganes luttent pour abolir l’exploitation des autres espèces, mais leurs ennemis sont puissants. Cependant, quelque chose dont on ne peut rien dire ici…
The Well by Mike Bozart The Well by June 29, 2016 1616 words Read a sample
In 1588, the Roanoke Colony (later known as the Lost Colony, as not a single colonist was found when revisited in 1590), an English settlement in present-day North Carolina, USA, is overrun by a Native American tribe. A male settler flees the onslaught. He avoids capture, yet gets trapped. A slow, agonizing death awaits, but then a sign of hope appears. Approx. 1600 words. Historical fiction.
The Power of a Hot Spring by Michael Hudson The Power of a Hot Spring by June 29, 2016 1736 words Sample 20%
A girl, on the brink of becoming a real adult, comes to the hot springs near her town in order to do something she has been meaning to for a long time, and gets more than she could have ever hoped.
Confined by Bernard Wilkerson Confined by June 29, 2016 12158 words Read a sample
The epic Hrwang Incursion saga continues in Book Two: Hrwang. In episode 1, Confined, Eva accompanies the Lord Admiral to his home planet but doesn’t receive the reception she expects. Trapped in her worst nightmare, any hope of saving the Earth is lost. She also loses hope of saving herself...
Spanking My Neighbor by Dick Powers Spanking My Neighbor by June 29, 2016 7910 words Read a sample
In Spanking My Neighbor a hot blooded, very angry man finally meets the neighbor who he has been at war with for years over his night time noise levels and finds him to be – quite surprisingly – a very handsome hunk with a nasty fetish that proves just the right match for the angry man. Very naughty neighbor-on-neighbor play.
Winter Heat: Six sizzling fun-size chick lit stories by Carla Caruso, Sarah Belle, Samantha Bond, Laura Greaves, Vanessa Stubbs, & Belinda Williams Winter Heat: Six sizzling fun-size chick lit stories by ,
& June 29, 2016
36896 words Read a sample
Six of Australia’s leading chick lit authors present a touching and humorous collection of short stories that show winter may bring the chill factor but romance can turn up the heat. Settle back by the fire with a hot chocolate, dotted with marshmallows, and a cosy rug, and let the warmth of these tales suffuse you from head to toe.
Killer By Day And Lover By Night by Andrew Jardine Killer By Day And Lover By Night by June 29, 2016 1793 words Sample 10%
An inscription on a Zippo lighter I bought from a badly deformed Vietnamese boy reveals the horrors of the Vietnam War. The inscription read: "Killer by day and lover by night." I wondered how he felt having to sell this item to buy food.