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The Fitness Playbook by Tim Steenberg The Fitness Playbook by Feb. 12, 2016 7008 words Read a sample
Is your life hectic and crazy, with no time to workout or cook healthy? This playbook will help you find the mindset to ignite your fire, and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Be the best version of you, for you and your family!
The Non-Fat Mindset by Stephanie calzada The Non-Fat Mindset by Feb. 12, 2016 3906 words Read a sample
If you've struggled with traditional weight loss methods than this book is for you. By reading this easy to follow guide you will: Learn 5 common reasons behind weight loss failure, know how hypnosis can work as a mind hack for weight loss, be able to set precise goals, discover 5 powerful resources, and *BONUS: 3 printable tools including a weekly meal planner, workout planner, and grocery list.
The 234 Spiritual Quotes of the Power Elite: Empowering Truths about Life, Abundance and Success by Daniel Marques The 234 Spiritual Quotes of the Power Elite: Empowering Truths about Life, Abundance and Success by Feb. 12, 2016 6285 words Read a sample
This book resumes the most empowering and important quotes from the book “The Secret Codes of the Power Elite” written by the same author. Read one every day and change your thinking patterns! These quotes will inspire you into seeing life in a different way and with a more uplifting attitude.
Early Earth by Den Warren Early Earth by Feb. 12, 2016 1186 words Read a sample
This is what I believe about the Earth's origin. Whether you believe it or not, you will find it entertaining.
My Kinky Valentine by Liz Gavin My Kinky Valentine by Feb. 12, 2016 23612 words Read a sample
Happy Valentine’s Day even for the wicked. This collection of naughty short-stories was put together to melt more than hearts and warm more than feet. It's a selection of scorching action sure to leave you breathless and wanting more. Volume 1 - In the Pink - brings you well-written lesbian fantasies that will make you drool.
WHITE LIGHT (SNEAK PEAK) by baileygiannini WHITE LIGHT (SNEAK PEAK) by Feb. 12, 2016 13971 words Read a sample
A man named Dale Anderson is suspected of muder after he's off parole as a series of murders continue. (This is the sneak peak of the book)
Before I Black Pt. 3-Caged Bird A Singin' by Brandon D. Fuller Before I Black Pt. 3-Caged Bird A Singin' by Feb. 12, 2016 2702 words Read a sample
This is definitely a story from the other side of the gun. When people think of injustice, the disenfranchised, and often trivialized voices of minority victims, it is usually from behind a protective glass so to speak, so as to not step too close to the dangers. Here I've attempted to weave together a vivid picture of social injustice for any and all that dare to get close. Thank you for reading!
The Re-Creator: Being by Phillip Falcone The Re-Creator: Being by Feb. 12, 2016 8043 words Read a sample
Want to change the way you think? First, you need to know who you are and why you do the things you do and determine if you want to continue. Shift from having problems with one solution to challenges with many solutions. The solutions are often simple. They are shared in an easy to read format based on real experiences.
Lustful Games by Jessica Hunt Lustful Games by Feb. 12, 2016 3317 words Read a sample
When her husband Chris comes home with a porno it gives his wife an Idea. She wants to know what it feels like to be with two men at once. It is a lustful idea that has been dormant for years. But when her husband is open for a sexual adventure her dream come true and the sexual flood gates open. Read about this couples first experience with another and how there lives change in every way.
Dominant Ladies - 4 Tales Of Femdom by AE Publications Dominant Ladies - 4 Tales Of Femdom by Feb. 12, 2016 18081 words Read a sample
From AE Publications comes a new collection of four tales of femdom, featuring hardcore, graphic sex, bdsm, lesbians, anal, rough sex, femdom, romance and more. Includes: My Barely Legal Neighbor Takes Control by JT Holland, Owning My Roommate by Misty Rose, Punished By The Girlfriend by Brock Landers & Deflowering His Ass by Hunter Monroe. Adults only. 18+
Dominating The Debraved Babe by Alex Hunter Dominating The Debraved Babe by Feb. 12, 2016 6802 words Read a sample
After surviving a night with Bonnie doing whatever she wanted to me, it was my turn for revenge. I spent the entire next night returning the favor, dominating and destroying her just as mercilessly as she'd done to me. Needless to say, it was an absolutely incredible night for the both of us. Adults only. 18+
Getting Filthy With A Stranger by Alex Hunter Getting Filthy With A Stranger by Feb. 12, 2016 3218 words Read a sample
I was just chilling out in a bar with some friend when out of nowhere, Emily approached me and convinced me to come back to her place. I'd never met her before but that didn't stop us from getting all kinds of filthy back at her place. And when she told me she wanted me to stick it in her backdoor, I knew I was in love. Adults only. 18+
Blogging For Self-Publishers by Ryan Stevens Blogging For Self-Publishers by Feb. 12, 2016 4833 words Read a sample
Once upon time, traditional publishers had to spend a lot of time writing their books, doing research, editing drafts (without having the modern tools we have today), and of course, they weren't able to make too much money. Yes, it's sad and unfair for popular writers like Jules Verne or William Shakespeare to barely make a living out of their writing. Like most of the writers, they've become po
Getting Filthy With My Sexy Neighbor by Alex Hunter Getting Filthy With My Sexy Neighbor by Feb. 12, 2016 3561 words Read a sample
Ever since I was a kid I was in love with my sexy neighbor, Tory. But she was a couple years older than me, so nothing ever materialized. We were friends but no more. Then, shortly after I graduated high school, she came back from college and decided to help me out by showing me the ropes before I made my way off to college too. And boy was I grateful! Adults only. 18+
Getting Filthy In The Shower by Alex Hunter Getting Filthy In The Shower by Feb. 12, 2016 3555 words Read a sample
Immediately after my first date with Carla she invited me in for a nightcap. We had a couple more drinks and then she said she was feeling filthy and needed to get in the shower. And when she asked me to join her I jumped at the opportunity. Adults only. 18+
До Сорока и Старше by Julia G Fox До Сорока и Старше by Feb. 12, 2016 4068 words Read a sample
Сборник Стихов. Автор - Юлия Галкина. Избранные стихи.
British Airliners 1952 – 1981: 7 Adult Coloring and Dot-to-Dot Drawings by Lami Kamikaze British Airliners 1952 – 1981: 7 Adult Coloring and Dot-to-Dot Drawings by Feb. 12, 2016 517 words Read a sample
Settle down, relax and draw! Adult coloring books are the best way to relax. From the Airspeed Ambassador in 1952 to the Vickers VC10's last days of service in 1981, this line-up illustrates the golden age of British airliners. You will be able to color in external views of the collection, based at Duxford, as well as views of the cockpits. There is also a surprize bonus picture to color in.
Death Is a Cabaret: A Parody by Edward E. Rochon Death Is a Cabaret: A Parody by Feb. 12, 2016 2138 words Sample 100%
A lyrical parody of five songs from the movie/play Cabaret with a preface. Vanity of life as a cabaret is noted. Darkness and light in the matter of hedonism and healthy living contrasted for pondering and wonder.
The Irregulars - Chapter 12: A Farewell to Reason by Mike Win The Irregulars - Chapter 12: A Farewell to Reason by Feb. 12, 2016 5020 words Read a sample
Ryan McGriffin’s first mission in Iraq starts poorly when she’s tasked to watch over disgraced journalist Clara Ganol, but her own views become conflicted when Ganol’s meddlesome nature flips a situation in her favor. While debating over whether to use the journalist’s help in investigating her theory, she bears witness to events that will rock the world and may mark a farewell to all reason.
Pitong Susing Turo ng Bibliya by Dallas James Pitong Susing Turo ng Bibliya by Feb. 12, 2016 13327 words Read a sample
Ang mga pitong mga pangunahing doktrina sa Bibliya ay ibinibigay upang tulungan ang mananampalataya sa pag-unawa sa The Holy Bible.
Dead Sexy by Samantha McCabe Dead Sexy by Feb. 12, 2016 22251 words Read a sample
Rick never understood why his gorgeous wife Marilyn agreed to marry him. She’s a 10 to his generous 5.25. Now she’s caught up in a racket with a shady dermatologist and his non-FDA approved skin care treatments, and Rick's life is beginning to resemble the plot of a zombie movie. Drool? Yes. Shambling bodies? Sure thing. Hungry for Brains? Ur, unfortunately. Beautiful skin? Wait, what?
Caribbean Romance Teaser 1 by Caribbean Books Foundation Caribbean Romance Teaser 1 by Feb. 12, 2016 49484 words Read a sample
Two wonderful authors gave us the opportunity to give you an excerpt of their work. Please read their labor of love and consider purchasing the full version of the books to see how the remarkable romances end. Download now to read Jewel Amethyst’s Hurricane of the Heart and J.L. Campbell’s Grudge.
Combustible Part 1 by Karen Hobbes Combustible Part 1 by Feb. 12, 2016 5654 words Read a sample
From their first blind date, Drew and Charlotte cannot seem to get on the same page. Even though they both seem wildly attracted to each other, the first date comes to an abrupt end before they even order dinner. Will they ever get themselves coordinated enough?
The House Exhaled by Julie G. Fox The House Exhaled by Feb. 12, 2016 6661 words Read a sample
'The House Exhaled' is a collection of poetry by Julie G. Fox.
Цветные крыши by Vladimir Ledovsky Цветные крыши by Feb. 12, 2016 20612 words Sample 20%
Ночевать днём, пить кофе с президентом и видеть скрытый смысл даже в облаках...
Feng Shui - Styrk dit liv med feng shui by Herbert Brandt Feng Shui - Styrk dit liv med feng shui by Feb. 12, 2016 27494 words Read a sample
Grundbog i Feng Shui. Hvis du begynder at følge Feng Shui forskrifterne vil du komme til at opleve stor fremgang i alle livets forhold. Din karriere vil tage fart, dit kærlighedsliv vil blomstre, succes vil være med dig i alle livets forhold. - Lyder det ikke storartet. Prøv det og se hvad der sker!
Tomorrow's Shadow - Part III - Full Circle by Marcus Kruger Tomorrow's Shadow - Part III - Full Circle by Feb. 12, 2016 26725 words Read a sample
The ebb and flow of love is as sure as the tide. Whether rising or waning, its movement is sure and reliable. And sometimes, sometimes, it sticks around.
Mind Games for Anarchists: Spreading Rumour, Alarm & Despondency by Whorror House Publishing Mind Games for Anarchists: Spreading Rumour, Alarm & Despondency by Feb. 12, 2016 3927 words Read a sample
Hot off the press from the College of Pragmatic Anarchism! This latest book shows how the College’s Psychological Anarchists can spread alarm and despondency amongst those who persist in defecating on the less fortunate.
For All Our Dreams And Unborn Children by Barbara M Schwarz For All Our Dreams And Unborn Children by Feb. 12, 2016 724 words Read a sample
The energy that show what fills our hearts and moves us so to see a deeper part be free.
BULWARK : TREATMENT USING HUMAN VOICE by Mahdy Metwally BULWARK : TREATMENT USING HUMAN VOICE by Feb. 12, 2016 13212 words Sample 45%
BULWARK TREATMENT USING HUMAN VOICE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHES AND PRACTICAL EXPERIMENTS. This book contains the simplest and most effect method of wonderful therapy of all diseases, not only the organic, but the psychological, chronic.
Love Should Be Free by Breukelen Girl Love Should Be Free by Feb. 12, 2016 4924 words Read a sample
What if Romeo and Juliet wasn't exactly a simple tragic love story? What if Romeo had ulterior motives for wanting Juliet and she was too naive to know the implications their romance could have? A short story that presents this question.
La comtesse chapitre 2 by Helrond La comtesse chapitre 2 by Feb. 12, 2016 2231 words Read a sample
La question suivante bien qu’elle soit difficile Ace se résolut quand même à la poser. Chaque fois que La comtesse apparaissait dans une ville la mort n’était pas loin. — Combien ? — Douze…pour le moment, si on ne compte pas Donald Weiss. Tout devint subitement clair pour Ace. C’était pour cette raison que Sonia lui avait parlé de Donald Weiss.
Live of Alexander Novogorski by Михаил Live of Alexander Novogorski by Feb. 12, 2016 68109 words Sample 30%
Who has already read through quickly through it, admire with it. You will pass all emotions which are tested with the main character of history. The history will send you in provincial American 70-s' years. It the romanticism, a comedy Includes in itself such genres as the Melodrama, Love, adventures.
Be Yourself: The philosophy of 'ME' by Eros Winter Be Yourself: The philosophy of 'ME' by Feb. 11, 2016 5053 words Read a sample
"Be yourself!" It's something people love to say, and what's more, they often say it like it's a positive thing. Well, I'm not here to tell you that it's not, but it may be a little bit more dangerous than you think. Watch as morality is dismantled, simply by assuming 'yourself' is something you truly ought to be. Enjoy.
The Seeding Games 2: Act 1 by Chelsea Chaynes The Seeding Games 2: Act 1 by Feb. 11, 2016 8939 words Read a sample
It had been three years since the Great Gleon Revolution freed Gleon society from the bonds of servitude to the Reptilian King and Queen. But like all revolutions there were unintended consequences. The Great Gleon Revolution spawned the Great Gleon Civil War, and while the reptilians had long ago been vanquished from society a new dark threat emerged: self-destruction.
The Ovum Horror by Wesley McCraw The Ovum Horror by Feb. 11, 2016 4217 words Read a sample
My bedroom door doesn't have a lock. I watch the doorknob from my bed, imagining the handle’s slow turn. I hug my knees and rock in sweat-drenched anxiety. On the other side of the door is a foul mist, and in that mist waits a yellow thing, a Grimm fairytale come to life.
Chocolate Thunder by David Manoa Chocolate Thunder by Feb. 11, 2016 26502 words Read a sample
The thick smoke infused the stage, obscuring the screaming crowd around us. The woman sitting on the chair, looked up as I held my Navy hat to the side after my salute to her. My jacket open, gloves on. My chest and abdominal muscles tense. They glisten. This is a night for her to remember... My stage name is Chocolate Thunder and this is my story. Contains content suitable for mature audiences
Useful Resources And Tools You Need To Effectively Study English by Chen Lim Useful Resources And Tools You Need To Effectively Study English by Feb. 11, 2016 2172 words Read a sample
Today, we have lots of resources, tools, apps, software and other information on the internet at our disposal. So, it is quite confusing on which kind of resources, tools, apps, etc. to go for. In this book, I'll list down Useful Resources And Tools You Need To Effectively Study English.
Promising Practices in Long Term Care: Ideas Worth Sharing by Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Promising Practices in Long Term Care: Ideas Worth Sharing by Feb. 11, 2016 16682 words Sample 15%
This book reports on the findings of an international team of 26 researchers and more than 50 graduate students who went to six countries in a search for promising practices in long term residential care for the elderly. It presents concrete examples of how long term care might be organized and undertaken in more promising ways that respect the needs of residents, families, workers and managers.
Goodnight James by B. Fowler Goodnight James by Feb. 11, 2016 776 words Read a sample
A short story. A search for his father ends with a twist.
The New Guy by Jessica Hunt The New Guy by Feb. 11, 2016 5586 words Read a sample
Shelby recently broke up and her world is collapsing around her. But when her friends invite her over to practice for a test and thing become interesting. She meets a knew guy and things begin to change. Something inside over her wakes up and lusts for this beautiful stranger. Well he is a stranger at first but their shared lust opens each others doors and they become strangers no more.
Be The Church – Discipleship and Mission Made Simple by Caesar Kalinowski Be The Church – Discipleship and Mission Made Simple by Feb. 11, 2016 8202 words Read a sample
As the conversation around being “missional” has come front and center within certain church circles in recent years, it seems that many of us struggle to grasp and/or explain the basics to others. What is a missional church? How does discipleship fit into everyday life? In Be The Church, author Caesar Kalinowski explains, in the simplest of ways, key concepts of discipleship and mission.
The Lost Star Episode One by Odette C. Bell The Lost Star Episode One by Feb. 11, 2016 61454 words Read a sample
Some are born into responsibility. Some seek it out. And some turn from it. Ava is a priestess of Avixa, a powerful being with a powerful destiny to keep her people on the true and righteous path. Yet it is a destiny she does not want. To flee it, she joins the Coalition Academy. But her past cannot so easily be left behind....
Loyal Soldier by Jack Stornoway Loyal Soldier by Feb. 11, 2016 4982 words Read a sample
He saw the shapes of the mercenaries moving around near the pub's airlock, and ran ran out into the sandstorm at a right angle to the vehicle so the mercenaries wouldn't see him, and when he couldn't see them anymore curved back towards the lights. It was bus, a long range transport, the type usually used to connect smaller settlements to major hubs.
2 by Cem Kartal 2 by Feb. 11, 2016 26733 words Read a sample
İki farklı hikaye, iki farklı kahraman.
Il detective che amava le donne - da Abigail a Zoe by Guido Sperandio Il detective che amava le donne - da Abigail a Zoe by Feb. 11, 2016 2654 words Read a sample
Frank Sisti, fotografo di vocazione e investigatore per puro caso ha un filo che unisce i suoi variegati giorni: il filo dell'amore. Qui trovate soltanto la prima e ultima storia, di Abigail e di Zoe, perchè, avere la pretesa di raccontarle tutte... non basterebbe un'enciclopedia.
Universe and Beyond by K. P. Walker Universe and Beyond by Feb. 11, 2016 2221 words Read a sample
The universe is an enigma. Why is it here? Why is it so dangerous? Is there anything beyond it? How can we find out when we can't even see the edge of our universe? Many sources have proposed solutions to this interesting question. The explanation has actually been around for a long time, but it has been generally misunderstood, overlooked, suppressed and denigrated, although never disproved.
Hymnal I by Vanessa Gravenstein Hymnal I by Feb. 11, 2016 14816 words Read a sample
When magi encroaching upon the vampire stronghold of Thunder Bay, Luca cel Rau must protect the young vampires who rely on his ancient strength. But when he finds a bruised but defiant human woman outside their lair, it is more than duty driving him to protect her — and she might very well be a liability and distraction he can’t afford. Book one. Themes of domestic violence and self-harm.
Valentine Delights by RJ Scott Valentine Delights by Feb. 11, 2016 47248 words Read a sample
A collection of short stories specially for Valentine's Day.
Whoa! by Dinkleberry Whoa! by Feb. 11, 2016 8447 words Sample 20%
“Whoa!” her son says when Nathan comes early, arriving home unexpected. He stands transfixed when he sees what Mom is doing. She’s doing the unspeakable, the unthinkable, the unimaginable. Watching his mother, the unbelievable becomes believable. Nathan sees his mom and the impossible becomes possible. At the climax, he can’t take it anymore. For her son, the unreal has become Nathan’s reality.