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Deathskull Bombshell by Bethany Ebert Deathskull Bombshell by Nov. 29, 2015 36719 words
A realistic fiction novel written out of chronological order. The O'Doole parents are always out of town for work, leaving their kids Nick and Brooke to raise themselves. Nick is a gay asexual workaholic with a distaste for the vices of society. Brooke, however, embraces chaos with her punk band Deathskull Bombshell. When things get out of hand, she takes a train to the East Coast, gone forever.
Advanced Quantum Entanglement for Beginners by Dean Moriarty Advanced Quantum Entanglement for Beginners by Nov. 28, 2015 29730 words Sample 10%
This is tongue in cheek reading and explains quantum entanglement for beginners.
The Invisible Horror by Drac Von Stoller The Invisible Horror by Nov. 28, 2015 1031 words Read a sample
Dr. Raven Cane was the lead scientist at the Atomic Space Lab. Even though his colleagues had high regard for his work he always had one dream in the back of his mind and that was to develop an invisibility cloak and become the envy of every scientist abroad. Well after years and years of blood sweat and tears his dream came true but at a heavy cost because the fame and fortune went to his head...
Till Death Do Us Part by Drac Von Stoller Till Death Do Us Part by Nov. 28, 2015 686 words Read a sample
Tom and Brenda had been married for over forty-five years and all the love they once knew was gone. They fought constantly, but neither one of them had the guts to leave fearing if they divorced they would lose their beautiful mansion, and expensive cars so they both just stayed together only for the material side of the marriage.
Peek-A-Boo, You're Dead! by Drac Von Stoller Peek-A-Boo, You're Dead! by Nov. 28, 2015 1410 words Read a sample
Darren and his friends Stacy, Tom and Julie liked to hang out at the old abandoned plantation home just a mile from the town’s cemetery on Halloween night. They liked to party and tell ghost stories until dawn. Darren decided the next time they went back to the plantation to do what they've done for years is surprise his friends and bring a Ouija board in hopes of summoning up a ghost or two ...
The Hands of Blood by Drac Von Stoller The Hands of Blood by Nov. 28, 2015 857 words Read a sample
Martin Davis played piano and Claire Jackson sang at the Starlight Night Club every Saturday night. They were so in love so thought Martin until the night Martin seen Claire kissing another man outside the nightclub.
The Nazi Ghost Train by Drac Von Stoller The Nazi Ghost Train by Nov. 28, 2015 227 words Read a sample
It was 1944 and it wouldn’t be long before World War II was over and the Germans would be defeated but when the war was long forgotten some ghosts would still be hanging around not able to pass through to the other side.
Spooked by Drac Von Stoller Spooked by Nov. 28, 2015 1306 words Read a sample
Carrie Anne and her two friends Jasmine and Nicole were asked to stay at Carrie Anne’s Aunt Claire’s mansion for the week while she was out of the country on business. Carrie Anne and her two friends said they’d love to. Carrie Anne asked her two friends in advance about bringing along some ghost hunting equipment since the first night was going to be a stormy night so they wouldn’t be bored.
The Ghost of Lady Annabelle by Drac Von Stoller The Ghost of Lady Annabelle by Nov. 28, 2015 1243 words Read a sample
During the 14th Century a young beautiful blonde woman by the name of Lady Annabelle was married to the most ruthless King of England King Geston I. The king threw elaborate parties in his castle that Lady Annabelle being timid and shy didn’t approve of but the king told her to shut up and mind her own business. The king always had a woman at his side and didn’t care about having a monogamous ...
The Organ Collector by Drac Von Stoller The Organ Collector by Nov. 28, 2015 671 words Read a sample
Luther Gray was what you’d call an odd ball because of his fascination with the dead. Luther always wanted to be a doctor, but never got the opportunity because his father wanted him to inherit the family business and carry on the tradition like he did for his father when the business was passed on to him after his father died.
Stay Dead! by Drac Von Stoller Stay Dead! by Nov. 28, 2015 578 words Read a sample
Every time the month of October came around in the small town of Hellon the townspeople knew it was going to be a hell of a month and when I mean hell I mean hell for them all.
The Deadly Encounter by Drac Von Stoller The Deadly Encounter by Nov. 28, 2015 794 words Read a sample
Finally, man went a little too far in the cosmos in the year 2027 with his technological advances and our ancestors the Grey Aliens stepped in to put a stop to all of the death and destruction that man caused to a planet that was intended for beauty, love and the pursuit of happiness, but too much powers were bestowed upon man which led to downward spiral to self-destruction of the human race.
Interim by P. K. Lentz Interim by Nov. 28, 2015 86154 words Read a sample
Winner, Cinescape Genre Literary Competition. A civilian spacer crew and humanity's most wanted fugitive go on the run from a near-omnipotent, self-appointed galactic police force while a cosmic mystery unfolds concerning the nature of FTL travel.
The Mysterious Disappearance of The Sara Ann by Drac Von Stoller The Mysterious Disappearance of The Sara Ann by Nov. 28, 2015 885 words Read a sample
It was one of the happiest days of Sara Ann’s life, it was spring break and her father bought a new boat. He wanted to surprise his daughter and take her on her first trip on a boat in the ocean. Sara lost her mother a few years ago to cancer, and her father took it hard, and knew in his heart no other woman could ever fill that hole in his heart so he just focused on his only daughter
The Ghost of Old Sheb by Drac Von Stoller The Ghost of Old Sheb by Nov. 28, 2015 711 words Read a sample
Do you ever get the feeling sometimes when you’re all alone in your house or cabin in the woods especially when you’re watching a scary movie with the lights out and it’s storming outside that any moment someone or something is going to open the door and scare the hell out of you.
Baha'i Spy - The Mormons by Dean Liddell Baha'i Spy - The Mormons by Nov. 28, 2015 5784 words Read a sample
A Baha'i view of Mormonism, Take a look at what he has to say about the church
Hell Hath No Fury by Drac Von Stoller Hell Hath No Fury by Nov. 28, 2015 780 words Read a sample
Penny thought she met the man of her dreams until she came home earlier than usual on a stormy night just days before their first anniversary together. She opened the door to the bedroom they shared together with her fiancé Jack. She dropped her purse and said “What in the hell is going on here?” Her fiancé Jack said “It’s not what you think!” “Then what the hell is it?” said Penny in an angry...
Cindy's Christmas Gift by Heidi Nel Cindy's Christmas Gift by Nov. 28, 2015 1785 words Read a sample
Cindy's Christmas Gift and Snow White Christmas Pantomime are a box set of two children's stories. Cindy's Christmas Gift is about a little girl who is a born dancer. Snow White Christmas Pantomime is about Angela and her brother Julian who love to go ice -skating with their friends Leon and Gina on the lake. Their parents take them to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on ice.
Zombie War by Drac Von Stoller Zombie War by Nov. 28, 2015 188 words Read a sample
Infection was spreading rapidly throughout the entire world that all the scientists could not stop with any vaccine.
Mommy, I'm Scared by Drac Von Stoller Mommy, I'm Scared by Nov. 28, 2015 517 words Read a sample
Carol Anne would always fear the night because she knew when she laid her head down on her pillow her nightmares would suffocate her as she squeezed her doll with all her might as though it would be her last. Every night just shortly after midnight she would scream out for her mommy, but the screams would soon go unnoticed because when her mother would come in and check on her she would find no..
Off With Their Heads! by Drac Von Stoller Off With Their Heads! by Nov. 28, 2015 780 words Read a sample
Queen Victoria took being a queen to the head literally. Anyone she didn’t like would be sent to the chopping block where she became famous “Off with their heads,” and off they went, but one day that would all change when she yelled out “Off with his head.”
Town of the Dead by Drac Von Stoller Town of the Dead by Nov. 28, 2015 704 words Read a sample
Life in the small town of Castile Springs was pretty boring. The only excitement this little town ever saw was bingo day only because it was one hundred percent retirement population, but that was all about to change when Sarah being younger than the rest in the town thought this quiet little town would be a good place to work on her first novel for the summer.
Pirate Ghost Ships by Drac Von Stoller Pirate Ghost Ships by Nov. 28, 2015 248 words Read a sample
During the year 1629 a pirate ship called the Salty Dog sailed the seven seas killing and looting every ship in its path.
Winter Poems by Richard George Winter Poems by Nov. 28, 2015 3299 words Read a sample
Thirty lyric verses celebrating winter memories and happenings.
Time Travel (One Way Ticket) by Drac Von Stoller Time Travel (One Way Ticket) by Nov. 28, 2015 967 words Read a sample
Dr. Terry Stevens just lost his job because he was working on one of his own experiments on company time and was told to focus on what he was getting paid for but Dr. Stevens far fetch dream was more important to him being at home in his own laboratory working on his own experiment than his boring job teaching physics at a university. It was no surprise to him that his days at the university were
Screams in the Night by Drac Von Stoller Screams in the Night by Nov. 28, 2015 1126 words Read a sample
Every night just a little after midnight screams echoed all through Castle Webly that were unbearable for any of the guests to get a good night’s rest. The owners of the castle forewarned any guests that stayed the night blood curdling screams would go on through the night until morning.
There's Something in the Basement by Drac Von Stoller There's Something in the Basement by Nov. 28, 2015 958 words Read a sample
Beth and Michael Bridges loved restoring old Victorian homes, and decided since they both always wanted to live in one the next Victorian home they restored would be theirs, but their dream would soon be shattered because the home that just took their breath away had a horrid past. The owners of the home that sold this fixer upper to the Bridges were acting very nervous and very anxious to sell.
The Family Secret - Sara & the Sarcastic Creatures Book 1 by Tucker Bowen The Family Secret - Sara & the Sarcastic Creatures Book 1 by Nov. 28, 2015 34023 words Read a sample
Sara has seen strange creatures ever since she can remember. But now, she's about to discover why. sarcasticcreatures.com
Dogpound Manifesto by Len Diamond Dogpound Manifesto by Nov. 28, 2015 45773 words Sample 20%
In this humorous novel, an undistinguished young man inadvertently becomes a crusader when he impulsively hijacks an Animal Regulation Department truck and frees the animals it’s carrying. Actions of others lead to his arrest, and a trial where, with the help of a dirty, rotten, but gratifying trick the hero is acquitted, and the case for Animal Rights is made.
Como montar uma distribuidora de medicamentos by Jander Mello, Sr Como montar uma distribuidora de medicamentos by Nov. 28, 2015 7742 words Read a sample
As distribuidoras atuam no atacado, na representação de medicamentos junto à rede médica e na logística de entrega de produtos.
The Write Story Manifesto by Alexis Donkin The Write Story Manifesto by Nov. 28, 2015 2941 words Read a sample
I believe in the power of words and ideas. I believe that ideas cannot die, and so influence reality. I believe that if we focus on ideas that increase empathy, compassion, and empowerment, the world will become a better place. This is my purpose in my writing and speaking. Find out more about my purpose, and how even the smallest acts of compassion make a difference.
Stakes, Chapter 1: Vessel by Alexis Donkin Stakes, Chapter 1: Vessel by Nov. 28, 2015 2319 words Read a sample
As her true nature reveals itself, Gwen finds out one secret after another, placing her at odds with her family, friends, and the entire community. Follow Gwen as she must choose whether to ignore dark secrets or embrace the truth.
Meaning in Motion: A contemplative handbook for runners, dancers, parkour athletes, martial artists, yoga students and fitness buffs by Vincent Thibault Meaning in Motion: A contemplative handbook for runners, dancers, parkour athletes, martial artists, yoga students and fitness buffs by Nov. 28, 2015 8570 words Read a sample
Ever wondered how meditation could help you deepen your movement practice? Whether you are into parkour, dance, CrossFit, kettlebell, calisthenics, body weight conditioning, gymnastics, yoga, qigong, martial arts… or any other art, give this book a try. It contains fourteen simple, practical exercises that tackle the relationship between athletics and ethics, and between strength and mindfulness.
James Ward Kirk Fiction Horror Sampler by James Ward Kirk James Ward Kirk Fiction Horror Sampler by Nov. 28, 2015 39479 words Read a sample
From gothic and dark to gory and depraved, from traumatic and psychological to deeply disturbing and truly mind numbing, from weird and absurd to visceral and hard hitting. This is horror, this addresses your darkest fears, this will put you in a dark place, kick you down and abandon you.
Blood In by JasonMurphy Blood In by Nov. 28, 2015 2001 words Read a sample
A short tale of a mysterious gang initiation in the canals of the Los Angeles River.
A Festive Falling Out and other Christmas short stories by Ian Ashley A Festive Falling Out and other Christmas short stories by Nov. 28, 2015 12593 words Read a sample
Christmas in Biddermouth On Sea never runs smoothly no matter how much the inhabitants plan otherwise. This year its' a burst pipe, a pantomime dilemma and a breast feeding riot.,
An Introduction to Sleep by Christine Laymon An Introduction to Sleep by Nov. 28, 2015 9504 words Read a sample
The purpose of this text is to raise awareness about the importance of sleep. Please share this book with as many social networks, friends, and family as possible. My academic sources are listed at the beginning of each chapter. Topics covered include how to identify sleep in different organisms, sleep deprivation, lucid dreams, sleep's effect on immune function and metabolism, and more.
Brighter Futures by Wendell Blue Brighter Futures by Nov. 28, 2015 8564 words Sample 100%
Having an education is not a guarantee of success, especially in a country with an unemployment rate of around 90%. Not having an education, on the other hand, is almost a guarantee of a bleak future in such a country. This is an introduction to some very special AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe and the people who who are helping them turn their lives around.
Hotel Horror Story by Eduard Joseph Hotel Horror Story by Nov. 28, 2015 5460 words Read a sample
Decades after the neighboring town of Ashley was plagued by inexplicable disappearances, the town of Haysville experienced their own supernatural occurrences in the form of the Odendale Hotel... Your home away from home from which you may never check out.
Shared Skies Books 1&2 by Josephine O Brien Shared Skies Books 1&2 by Nov. 28, 2015 108890 words Sample 10%
What if? What if your hair grew to your waist every night? What if you could make people do what you wanted simply by thinking about it? What if your grandparents disappeared so completely even their house was gone? What if they turn up after eleven years, want you to live with them, and you're the only person in the world who remembers they were ever gone? What if the first time you fall in
Rumination by Andrew Cupar Rumination by Nov. 28, 2015 1986 words Read a sample
A young man feels trapped by expectations he can't fulfill. He longs to leave the crush of the city and find freedom in the farming life of his youth.
Leslie's Admission - A New Adult Romance (Book 1) by Benita Bing Leslie's Admission - A New Adult Romance (Book 1) by Nov. 28, 2015 20330 words Read a sample
The beautiful Leslie Ford has just started her freshman year at Millard Valley State. Not only is she beautiful, she’s also smart and has entered into the pre-med program. She’s totally devoted to her studies. However, the gorgeous bad boy Bobby Black, has just caught her eye. Love has always eluded Leslie, but could Bobby be the one that changes her luck?
Tripping to Utopia by Gianni Mitchell Tripping to Utopia by Nov. 28, 2015 50824 words Sample 1%
Tripping to Utopia is a work of art that explores many themes and subjects. It's main category is political fiction but running through the narrative of twenty six sections is the desire and purpose of Geo Tripping who's intention is to save the world and so becomes what he has to be to able to express his dream of creating utopia. Political and inspirational literature.
Ethos by Kevin Rhodes Ethos by Nov. 28, 2015 20074 words Read a sample
This book is a stand-alone version of Book Three of the author’s book Running For My Life, about his quest for a new inner game to support his extreme exercise and diet regime for dealing with primary progressive MS. His new inner game is based on the notion of “personal ethos” and this volume is its Credo. Inviting, challenging, provocative, and written in an easy, conversational style.
Delicious Football Recipes: The Perfect Recipes for Tailgating or Your Football Party by Hannie P. Scott Delicious Football Recipes: The Perfect Recipes for Tailgating or Your Football Party by Nov. 28, 2015 3136 words Read a sample
Simple and Easy Game Day Recipes! Are you looking for quick, how-to recipes that anyone can quickly and easily make? This simple cook book has 20 step-by-step football appetizer recipes for anyone looking to save time, eat better, and enjoy delicious foods!
Fantastic organic foods facts by Federico Calafati Fantastic organic foods facts by Nov. 28, 2015 5454 words Read a sample
The ultimate way to learn all about ORGANIC FOOD FACTS! Read this to improve your life and appearance, and feel better in days! Here you will find a list of organic foods, a way to look for organic foods near you, and many healthy food recipes. How to know what are the right, healthy foods to eat? Read this ebook How you can find new ideas on healthy foods? On this book, of course!
Απόλυτος Προορισμός by Yiannis Panagiotakis Απόλυτος Προορισμός by Nov. 28, 2015 2392 words Read a sample
Ένα μεσημέρι θυμάμαι, πριν καιρό την ρώτησα αν πράγματι πιστεύει πως η πίστη μετακινεί βουνά, και μου απάντησε με έναν απόλυτα φυσικό τρόπο…μα και Βέβαια, οπωσδήποτε μετακινεί βουνά, τότε της είπα γιατί λοιπόν δεν το δοκιμάζεις και εσύ? και η Λ:. απάντησε….θα μπορούσα, όμως ο Γιαχβέ τοποθέτησε τα πάντα τόσο όμορφα που εγώ δεν χρειάζεται να μετακινήσω ούτε βότσαλο! Την Θαύμασα, το εννοούσε!
Outside In by Giovanna Agna Outside In by Nov. 28, 2015 2019 words Read a sample
They change, they grow, they leave you - the better for your meeting them.
The Edge by Dafney Lawrence The Edge by Nov. 28, 2015 60343 words Read a sample
A mother and daughter are murdered nearly a decade apart and under extremely similar circumstances. The rural town of Edgewater, Mississippi is rife with speculation. Tongues wag. Fingers point. Suspicion falls on Luke Wilder, town outcast and purported Satanist. Acquitted of the earlier crime, he's now faces the rap for the killing. Kip Sullivan, Edgewater's newest resident, isn't so convinced.
Be Lonely, Be Your Best by Santosh Jha Be Lonely, Be Your Best by Nov. 28, 2015 44136 words Read a sample
This book challenges the populist idea that loneliness is a bad and sad thing. Loneliness is rather very facilitative mechanism of body-mind for wellness and personal excellence. It is innate call of instincts for self-actualization of potentials within, to attain excellence. It answers core question as ‘What’s Wrong’ with things around and within us, listing ways to use loneliness for happiness.