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Home of the Dead: Book 1 by SM Adams Home of the Dead: Book 1 by July 02, 2015 28169 words Read a sample
All Grace Deacon wants is to put the past behind her -- to sell her family home and escape with the cash. But a secret is buried in the bowels of the house, a secret the Deacons have protected for generations. If Grace doesn’t embrace her legacy and commit to life in Hemlock Hollow, she not only risks her own soul and the souls of her family members, but the collective soul of the human race.
Love Deeply by Valentina Belle Love Deeply by July 02, 2015 80571 words Read a sample
A story about second chances with your one true love.
Yiannis Panagiotakis - Η Σκοτεινή Νύχτα της Ψυχής by Yiannis Panagiotakis Yiannis Panagiotakis - Η Σκοτεινή Νύχτα της Ψυχής by July 02, 2015 3324 words Read a sample
Κοιμόμουν στον παράδεισο κάθε βράδυ 22 λεπτά μετά τις 10 και κάθε πρωί ξυπνούσα στην κόλαση, σε αυτή την τυπολογική λίμνη του πυρός. Πέρασαν αιώνες μέσα μου και ξέρω καλά πως τίποτα δεν έχει αλλάξει, ίσως μόνο το ότι έχω πεθάνει και αναστηθεί περί τις 20 και πλέον φορές άχρι του Νυν
The Grand Pretext of Bhagavad Gita by Sudhir Mittal The Grand Pretext of Bhagavad Gita by July 02, 2015 22334 words Read a sample
Generally lesser attention is paid to the first chapter of Bhagavad Gita, whereas the psychological analysis of all characters involved in this episode is phenomenal. This book has particularly been written to meditate upon the varying mental settings of 'Dhritraashtra', 'Sanjay', 'Drona', 'Bhishma', 'Karna', 'Duryodhana', others and of course 'Arjuna' and Lord Krishna. It's an enlightening read.
Of Which I'm Fond - The Golden Pond by Barbara M Schwarz Of Which I'm Fond - The Golden Pond by July 02, 2015 5311 words Read a sample
Golden pond by its nature bond all of which we are fond.
Rangeela Finds a Home -Story 1 in the Rangeela Tales Series by Gita V.Reddy Rangeela Finds a Home -Story 1 in the Rangeela Tales Series by July 02, 2015 2950 words Read a sample
When Navjyot rescues a parrot from the jaws of certain death, he does not know it is a talking parrot who has escaped from its cruel master. He is delighted when the parrot, Rangeela, decides to stay with him. Rangeela Tales is a series of short stories about the duo, Navjyot’s nosy cousin Nimi and her cat Robber who is always looking for ways to make Rangeela his meal. For ages 8 and above.
Inheritance by Thomas Wymark Inheritance by July 02, 2015 162052 words Read a sample
A head injury leaves Christine with a broken mind that is giving her nightmares and visions of murdered girls. And now she has urges to hurt her own children. Before she sinks deeper into insanity she embarks on a terrifying fight to halt the fracture of her mind before it's too late and, in doing so, uncovers the hidden truth behind the dark horrors she is experiencing.
Faerietorches by Pier Virgilio Vassalli Faerietorches by July 02, 2015 13044 words Read a sample
I governi di tutto il mondo stanno conducendo degli esperimenti: un videogioco diventa un test per la simulazione che dovrà accompagnare la criostasi degli astronauti durante i lunghi viaggi spaziali. Questa è la storia di uno dei giocatori.
The Good, The Bad & The Murky -- Brew Britannia: One Year On by Boak & Bailey The Good, The Bad & The Murky -- Brew Britannia: One Year On by July 02, 2015 11437 words Read a sample
Our book, Brew Britannia: the strange rebirth of British beer, was published in the summer of 2014. This essay picks up on major developments since then -- the rise of canned craft beer, crowd-funding, and growing tensions in an ever-more crowded UK beer market -- and is an essential companion piece to Brew Britannia.
HOW I SOLD 80,000 BOOKS: Book Marketing for Authors (Self Publishing through Amazon and Other Retailers) by Alinka Rutkowska HOW I SOLD 80,000 BOOKS: Book Marketing for Authors (Self Publishing through Amazon and Other Retailers) by July 02, 2015 14201 words Read a sample
If you are looking for book marketing tips for your self-published book, "How I Sold 80,000 Books" is for you. It will show you all the steps needed to get readers, the type of book marketing for authors that works, kindle publishing guidelines and best practices. Author marketing is something that can be learnt. In this guide you will find my "4Ps" system, which allowed me to sell 80,000 books.
When Twins War: Book I by Ryan Peter When Twins War: Book I by July 02, 2015 63968 words Read a sample
For over a thousand years the twin cities of Iza-Kiêrre and Ben-Kiêrre have upheld a covenant of peace, protecting the South of Lexedore from the Moncoin, an ancient evil of the past. But when the cities go to war, all of Lexedore is thrown into turmoil.
OpenCart Tips and Tricks by iSenseLabs OpenCart Tips and Tricks by July 02, 2015 15263 words Sample 20%
OpenCart Tips and Tricks is a series of books that help you get started with the OpenCart e-commerce platform. The book features basic set up tutorials, tweaks with samples of code, security and developer oriented guides. Here is what the book contains
Bought by a Billionaire by Lexi Jordan Bought by a Billionaire by July 02, 2015 5868 words Read a sample
A country girl finds herself thrust into a world of wealth, power and lust, where innocence has no place. And she must learn to navigate it all to get the life she wants. This is a sexy short story with adult situations, intense BDSM scenes and the first step on a journey into total depravity. Readers discretion is advised.
Two Angry Women Threesome (Girls-on-Guy: A Jealous Girlfriend & Ex) by Sophie Sin Two Angry Women Threesome (Girls-on-Guy: A Jealous Girlfriend & Ex) by July 02, 2015 2926 words Read a sample
I shouldn't have done it. Molly's angry – enraged – and the Ex isn't much better. There's a thump on the door. Something terrifying is about to happen. Glancing through the peep hole, heart beating like wild fire, sweat pouring down my back, I find that 'trouble' has come for a visit. My first thought is to delay, but my girlfriend isn't having it. This is how my threesome begins.
The Stuff of Legend, Part 28 of the Unconventional Affairs Romance Series by Jay Gaudette The Stuff of Legend, Part 28 of the Unconventional Affairs Romance Series by July 02, 2015 5901 words Sample 20%
Rated PG13/R So much change in such a short time. Rodney and Kylie got together. Mark confessed his love for Marie. Gabe told Monica the truth. Marie refocused her life. We learned what really happened on that beach in Key West. Also Mack McGee enters Marie's life as an important friend and mentor. Read The Stuff of Legend, part 28 of the Unconventional Affairs Romance Series.
She by George Kavsekhornak She by July 02, 2015 1470 words Read a sample
He shone with ingenuity: mixing an incompatible, salting a sweet, peppering a dairy. But he never smiled, was always concentrated and serious, and because of that fact among schoolfellows he has received an impartial nickname – the Gloomy Cook.
Island by James Noguera Island by July 02, 2015 888 words Read a sample
In the old universe, there will be a small red star, separated from the light of all other stars, invisible to almost everything else that will have existed. It will harbor life, intelligent life, which will struggle to comprehend this persistent thing around it. The beings will look out at the surrounding nothing and search for something beyond.
Compositional Blue The God I Knew by Barbara M Schwarz Compositional Blue The God I Knew by July 02, 2015 3242 words Read a sample
Serendipity arose in fresh and generous gentle pose and all I lay aside to brand new freshness glide.
A Place Lost Now by JaMa Literary Agency A Place Lost Now by July 01, 2015 2502 words Read a sample
One way what we Wanted to be Might not come true We might not see We might not be free From pain of regret We might not yet have What we should get We might be stuck In a place dammed up A place broken down A place lost now
Baby Powder: 17 Impressive Uses for Baby Powder You've Never Considered by Jessica David Baby Powder: 17 Impressive Uses for Baby Powder You've Never Considered by July 01, 2015 7995 words Read a sample
An everyday item with multiple uses Baby powder. It has a smell we link to content infants napping in their bassinets. However, babies are not the only use of baby powder.
I Knew It by JaMa Literary Agency I Knew It by July 01, 2015 2581 words Read a sample
Every time you've been hurting I've found myself So sad and yearning Wishing and waiting Hoping and hating That I have to wait longer Because every minute I can't have you I feel I need to be stronger And can't quite do it Do it But from the moment you said I love you I knew it Knew it
Let You In by JaMa Literary Agency Let You In by July 01, 2015 2016 words Read a sample
Sometimes, I.... Can't let myself trust No one's ever been true So I know that I must Believe in it all Believing in you Or nothing makes any sense So can I let go And let you in
Brain Hacks to Boost Creativity and Productivity by Cheryl Moses Brain Hacks to Boost Creativity and Productivity by July 01, 2015 10643 words Read a sample
Every one of us has the potential to tap into this hidden power, and use it to enrich our lives and our livelihood. This book walks you through the different ways that you can increase your brain power and use it to become more productive on a daily basis and expand your creativity beyond any limitations.
Fantasy Girls by Brianna Summers Fantasy Girls by July 01, 2015 3223 words Read a sample
Rebecca finds herself in a strange new world where not all as it seems and no one is who they seem either.
Terminator of AIs: Fury Road by Brilliant Building Terminator of AIs: Fury Road by July 01, 2015 902 words Read a sample
Can a ragtag band of freedom fighters defeat the forces of CaeSaR, a powerful artificial intelligence, and reclaim the Earth for humanity? Witness the origin of this struggle in this short episode introducing the savior of mankind, Connor Jans, a juvenile delinquent destined for greatness. His destiny: to become the Terminator of AIs.
Sangria by Maria Christine Sangria by July 01, 2015 1056 words Read a sample
Sangria is a flash-fiction story of two short chapters and is also a second-person narrative, female. After a hard night at work, you drink a bit of sangria and find yourself in a strange place with a vampire willing to soothe away your troubles.
Letum Nex Unclean by Geral N. Scott Letum Nex Unclean by July 01, 2015 38868 words Read a sample
It's not easy growing up as an only child in the only funeral home in town, especially when your parents suck every dime out of everyone who comes through the door. Kids at school think I'm creepy, unclean - okay, that's kind of my fault. But hey, it was an accident - lesson learned: never give a girl a tour of the crematory and prep-room when Mom and Dad are gone, not matter what she promises!
State My Name by Nadd Wellgreen State My Name by July 01, 2015 2259 words Read a sample
US state guessing game. Identify each of the states based on their nicknames.
The Miserable Planet #2 by Jacob Lindaman The Miserable Planet #2 by July 01, 2015 7288 words Read a sample
Tuck and Avers accept a request to take a message to a far away nation. On the way they encounter a steampunk filled world that sends them in another direction.
Material Mind Vs Spiritual Mind by Arlene Nassey Material Mind Vs Spiritual Mind by July 01, 2015 5765 words Read a sample
Are you familiar with the battle going on inside of you? The battle between your spiritual mind and your material mind. Your actions show which one is winning the battle.Your life can run much more smoothly when you get the right balanced of the two.When you start to make the necessary changes in your thinking you will discover the love, joy, and peace in your life that just wasn't there before.
Sid Stills' Blues (Three-Quarters in the Bag in Alphabet City) by Whitney Bishop Sid Stills' Blues (Three-Quarters in the Bag in Alphabet City) by July 01, 2015 86379 words Sample 20%
Sid Stills is a musician who's convinced himself that his time has come and gone, and that the world doesn't need him or his music anymore. It takes a young upstart rocker in the process of defining himself and his own career to convince Sid that he's got plenty of music, love, and life left in him.
Written in the Ashes by K. Hollan Van Zandt Written in the Ashes by July 01, 2015 150475 words Sample 20%
Be transported through time to the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria, Egypt, through the eyes of the powerful women who shaped the future of knowledge itself.
Wulf, Tales of the Chosen by Kayelle Allen Wulf, Tales of the Chosen by July 01, 2015 65830 words Read a sample
Superstar Wulf Gabriel must depend on the one man he swore he would never trust again. The most powerful and feared man in the empire - the Harbinger. Lust. Power. Forgiveness. A Chosen loves forever.
Touch Me (Me Series Book 1) by Katie Steel Touch Me (Me Series Book 1) by July 01, 2015 15916 words Read a sample
Sometimes all we want is to be touched. Touched in a way that changes us, moves us, and makes us feel alive again. For TJ that is a luxury he knows he'll never see until the day an elevator opens and his eyes find the perfect stranger. A stranger that fills him with both fear and fantasy. Will he be strong enough to stay and face his demons or will the fear drive him away for good?
Room 103 by Aaron R Roberts Room 103 by July 01, 2015 18049 words Sample 2%
A young Aaron reflects on his childhood as he brings you with he hopes you laugh, smile and maybe even cry just a little. The locations,people, and events are similar to what he experienced growing up. The journey he would like to take you on is a short one but there are many to follow
The Little Goblin by J Scaddon The Little Goblin by July 01, 2015 11836 words Read a sample
Jess is disturbed in her bed by a strange visitor. A young goblin named Bumble Slodsbottom, who has lost his way and needs help getting home. This should be easy enough, but the little goblin is soon spotted by two greedy villains who aim to capture him to make themselves rich and famous. Jess is the only one who can save Bumble and see him safely home. But will she succeed?
Vol. 6 - The Gish Chronicles: A New Normal by Jennifer Lynn Vol. 6 - The Gish Chronicles: A New Normal by July 01, 2015 793 words Read a sample
In volume six of The Gish Chronicles, Gish's life has taken a dramatic turn - and not necessarily for the better.
Rome in a day by Laurene Bobb-Semple Rome in a day by July 01, 2015 5764 words Read a sample
Meet Romeo, or Rome, as he likes to be known, one of the main characters of ‘Chasing Happy’. Not featured all the way through the book, he plays a big part in the main protagonist [Kieran’s] life and story. ‘Rome in a Day’ re-tells the story of the two meeting, but his version of events. It gives you further insight into his situation and you’ll learn first-hand how he really feels about Kieran.
The Execution Game - Prologue (a novel in four parts) by Peter Ackers The Execution Game - Prologue (a novel in four parts) by July 01, 2015 9113 words Read a sample
James Marsh is a normal kind of guy, and not the sort of man you'd think could outwit a professional killer - which is bad news, because there's a contract on his head. But James Marsh isn't quite what you expect. In his spare time he does a spot of the old hitman stuff himself, and that gives him half a chance at staying alive, and maybe finding out who sent a killer after him.
The Virgin and the Incubus: An impossible Love story by Candice Raquel Lee The Virgin and the Incubus: An impossible Love story by July 01, 2015 105648 words Sample 20%
Book nerd and New York City college student Alexa Wyndham is a hopeless romantic--she loves books like "Jane Eyre", "Pride and Prejudice," and "Beauty and the Beast". She wants a perfect old-fashioned love story or nothing. For her eighteenth birthday, she makes a careless wish to have what all those literary heroines have and an incubus answers her prayers...
Committed by Maria Morisot Committed by July 01, 2015 951 words Read a sample
A short book of love poetry by the author Maria Morisot.
The Ruins by Jaime Peters The Ruins by July 01, 2015 24111 words Sample 20%
Fleeing the horrors of his violent actions, a rock guitarist drives to a ruined abbey. But he suddenly finds that he is trapped there and cannot leave the grounds. And what is worse, he begins to see and hear entities that evoke his worst fears.'The Ruins' is a novella of brutal redemption and how we must all face the demons and horrors of our actions to gain release.
Sanctuary's Assassin (The Complete Part 1) by Loren Elias Sanctuary's Assassin (The Complete Part 1) by July 01, 2015 48140 words Read a sample
A healer’s duty is to sustain life, not take it. It seems a fact irrefutable. But when a mark is upon his head the healer must choose; hide in the safety of the fortress he has built around himself or venture out to aid his embattled people while sacrificing the lives of those who seek to deter him and---even more troubling---those who would protect him with their lives.
Dragonfly- A Kitty James Mystery by Kitty James Dragonfly- A Kitty James Mystery by July 01, 2015 80206 words Sample 40%
Kitty James is a modern day recluse and mystery author with a knack for spotting the potential to kill someone in everyday situations. When Kitty renovates the old tobacco barn on her new property, two dead bodies are unearthed, a killer will do anything to keep her from learning the truth, possibly silencing Kitty permanently.
Inverno Nato by Mike Donati Inverno Nato by July 01, 2015 92 words Read a sample
Scopri una storia d'amore a fumetti . Originale, unico vivere questa storia d'amore universale!
The Message in Dad's Bottle by Sandy Appleyard The Message in Dad's Bottle by July 01, 2015 15851 words Read a sample
Growing up with an alcoholic father was difficult. Dealing with losing him was even harder. I was once interviewed for this book and the headline was very poignant in describing the book's context: "Writing book 'better than therapy' says author." Honestly, if I help one person who has suffered or is suffering with the disease, whether they have it or someone they love has it, I'll be fulfilled.
The Driving Lesson by Charles Harvey The Driving Lesson by July 01, 2015 3855 words Read a sample
Elliot Cross is the Butterfly Killer. He targets anyone with dreams and aspirations. In this short story we see his cunning ways. He stops at nothing to gain his victims confidence. If you have a dream,he's ready to make sure you don't live to achieve it.
Jakin's War: Devoted by Patrinia Johnson Jakin's War: Devoted by July 01, 2015 2251 words Read a sample
Jakin remembers back to one of his best and worst days of his life. Jakin knows Rangdrone has nothing but villainous intentions towards Aislyn and feels he must warn her best friend before the situation is gets worse.
College Threesome by Lexie Lane College Threesome by July 01, 2015 3708 words Read a sample
Ross Palmer is just your regular college guy. He loves piercings, tattoos, his girlfriend Lauren and,,,his boyfriend Cody. Having no idea about Lauren's reaction, he casually suggests a threesome. And, when she tells him she's cool with it, he thinks all his Hanukkah's have come at once. So, when the sexy Cody pops in, two become...three. A MMF menage short story, with explicit, adult content. 18+
A Cowboy Worth Loving by Charlene Bright A Cowboy Worth Loving by July 01, 2015 51376 words Read a sample
Lucy Lancaster arrives at Rock Creek Ranch to help brother-sister ranchers, Gavin and Kayla Walker save their ranch. But is Gavin too stubborn to allow her to save him?