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The Furnace by Damien Lutz The Furnace by Aug. 28, 2015 2406 words Read a sample
Buddy, a military android on an assassination mission, parachutes down into enemy territory with his four-legged robotic companion, Spot. When he suffers a near-death experience mid-mission, Buddy struggles to reconcile his new sense of mortality with his killer directive.
The Mind Dump by Jake Lasprogato The Mind Dump by Aug. 28, 2015 3888 words Read a sample
A thoughtful and curious young man becomes an unwitting traveler through the layers of the human mind.
Potato Surprise: A Brimstone Prequel by Angel Martinez Potato Surprise: A Brimstone Prequel by Aug. 28, 2015 26551 words Read a sample
Before Ness, before Corny, before Leopold and Heckle and Mac, there was just Shax and Verin and a newly stolen, er, acquired cargo ship. Join Shax on his first adventure in space in which a pampered demon prince has a lot to learn. When a steel trap of celestial and infernal politics threatens to close around them, Shax and Verin flee Earth’s system in a stolen ship, leaving everything behind.
No Hero by Zach Neal No Hero by Aug. 28, 2015 1396 words Read a sample
It was the Second Battle of Ypres. They gave him the Military medal and called him a hero. He was just one of the ones that survived the first gas attack in history. A short story of the Great War.
Нетрадиционный психоанализ. Избранные научные статьи и выступления на конференциях by Andrey Davydov Нетрадиционный психоанализ. Избранные научные статьи и выступления на конференциях by Aug. 28, 2015 48806 words Read a sample
Данная книга посвящена теме «Системное исследование в области психофизиологии человека». Исследователей изначально интересовал вопрос: «Почему при принципиальной психофизиологической одинаковости человека качества свойств разные?». Ответы на этот и другие вопросы были найдены в результате 40-летних фундаментальных исследований специалиста в области китайской культуры А.Н. Давыдова и его коллег.
Catch God's Train of Blessing by Tony Egar Catch God's Train of Blessing by Aug. 28, 2015 12146 words Read a sample
My name is Tony and I am going to take you on what could be the: ”RIDE OF YOUR LIFE.” I coach people into believing they are special. This is a new way of thinking for most people. I love to see your personal value increase. My job is to provide a ladder with steps that will assist you into your best self-image. Your new level of self-esteem is imminent. Why don’t you get excited? ALL ABOARD!
Locked In by Ashlynn Elliott Locked In by Aug. 28, 2015 1212 words Read a sample
As the sixth addition to the Cat and Dog short stories series, Locked In follows foolish Carmella the collie, as she finds herself stuck in a locker. Now she must try to get out, even though Henry the bulldog tries to make it impossible.
Non-Traditional Psychoanalysis. Selected Scientific Articles And Presentations At Conferences by Andrey Davydov Non-Traditional Psychoanalysis. Selected Scientific Articles And Presentations At Conferences by Aug. 28, 2015 51752 words Read a sample
This book is devoted to the topic of Systemic Research In The Field Of Human Psychophysiology. The following question was interesting to researchers: "Why with principled psychophysiological sameness of humans, qualities differ?" Answers to this & many other questions were found as a result of 40 years of fundamental research carried out by an expert in Chinese culture A. Davydov & his colleagues.
Overheard & Overhead by Mike Bozart Overheard & Overhead by Aug. 28, 2015 1826 words Read a sample
Agents 32 and 33 of psecret psociety take a harrowing bike ride through east Charlotte to a Taco Bell. They recognize the uber-courteous African American employee (from previous visits) behind the counter and exchange pleasantries. Their food arrives and all seems quite ho-hum normal. The 5-star employee then returns to their table. They both share some startling revelations. Approx. 1800 words.
The Order of the Acolyte Sins of Generations Past by Joshua Pinon The Order of the Acolyte Sins of Generations Past by Aug. 28, 2015 71977 words Read a sample
This is the second installment of the Acolyte, Dawn of a New Hero. The Acolyte returns from his trip with his extra ordinary allies, only to return home to chaos. However, he wasn’t alone with additions to his cause against the newest enemy and the real enemy, the Faceless Foe.
What Are Friends For? by JC Dixon What Are Friends For? by Aug. 28, 2015 69053 words Read a sample
Nick and Chris had been friends since they met at college, ten years ago. While Chris was gay and Nick was straight, that was irrelevant to their friendship. They had been there for each other through thick and thin. So, what would it take to break that friendship?
Confessionale Obscura by A.H. Scott Confessionale Obscura by Aug. 28, 2015 748 words Sample 55%
Confession comes with every touch. From amusement to irk, two lovers revel in sordid fancy. Step inside of A.H. Scott’s “Confessionale Obscura” and experience that rush.
Cultural Exchange by John Smith Cultural Exchange by Aug. 28, 2015 7668 words Read a sample
Sabrina is an exchange student who has found herself in unique situation. Due to a separation she is now living alone with half her host family, the handsome Daddy who she found herself desiring ever since she arrived. Now that her time is almost done she see's her chance to escape her dysfunctional family back in Spain and start a new life here with a man who excites her to no end.
Inside The Cage by Kennie Kayoz Inside The Cage by Aug. 28, 2015 349 words Read a sample
Short length poetry, kinda morbid and dark...
The Elijah Calling by Ken Mentell The Elijah Calling by Aug. 28, 2015 220527 words Read a sample
Have you wondered why Jesus has been absent for 2,000 years? Do you want a better explanation for your friends that you can show them from the scriptures and nature? It has everything to do with hiding a seed in the ground until it is ready to manifest its fruit. Just as a seed fulfills the imagery of death, so must the Messiah…then after being hidden it bursts forth in resurrection.
Jenno's Greenhouse by Jenno Bryce Jenno's Greenhouse by Aug. 28, 2015 2090 words Read a sample
Jenno's idiosyncratic look at the climate change debate with a picture on every page.
Silence on Second Street by Andrew Knighton Silence on Second Street by Aug. 28, 2015 5371 words Read a sample
Foul mouthed Holden Flynn is a policeman on the rocks. His marriage has fallen apart, and now he's the only detective in occupied Greykirk, a city scarred by interplanetary war. Trusted by no-one, supported by no-one, Flynn faces the tangled loyalties of an occupied planet and the broken technology of a shattered city. Everyone knows who killed Annie Talbot, but can Flynn find out why?
Áine by Tricia Murphy Áine by Aug. 28, 2015 94813 words Sample 20%
The story of human conflict when loving the wrong person is coupled with the struggle to survive in Victorian Ireland; being the outcome of the potato blight and the devastation it wreaks upon the close-knit farming communities.
FREE! Chinese Sentence Patterns For Beginners! Lesson 1 by Kevin Peter Lee FREE! Chinese Sentence Patterns For Beginners! Lesson 1 by Aug. 28, 2015 419 words Read a sample
This is the FREE Chinese Sentence Structure For Beginners! Lesson 1 ebook. The process used in this book is the absolute best way to learn how to read and speak Mandarin Chinese. I will be giving out one free lesson every Sunday until the release of my complete book: Chinese Sentence Structure For Beginners! 101 Lessons
One Last Sarabande by John Linwood Grant One Last Sarabande by Aug. 28, 2015 8066 words Read a sample
A series of inexplicable disappearances in West Sussex draw the psychic Abigail Jessop to the Admiral Collingwood inn. With the police unable to do more, Abigail and her companion Henry must unlock the secrets of Carter's Lane before others are lost and two villages are overwhelmed by fear. An Edwardian ghost story, from Tales of the Last Edwardian.
Bercinta by Nasi Lemak Ayam Press Bercinta by Aug. 28, 2015 7787 words Sample 100%
Menarik tertarik kau memang kebabom. sesuai untuk bacaan umum
A Matter of Balance by Margaret Gregory A Matter of Balance by Aug. 28, 2015 1494 words Read a sample
John loved to skate, and he wasn't a coward. He just needed a board to prove it.
Ink Fat by Maria Morisot Ink Fat by Aug. 28, 2015 844 words Read a sample
A short book of experimental poetry by Maria Morisot
Cuckolding the King by Hannah L. Wing Cuckolding the King by Aug. 28, 2015 6499 words Sample 20%
On her wedding night to King Philip, Maria is shocked to discover that her husband is to small to even truly consummate their marriage. Completely unsatisfied by her cruel husband, she finds herself lusting after the man sworn to protect him. She satisfies her desires at the risk of defiling her family name and losing her own head, especially once the king's jealous would have been fiance, Lady Ch
Cheating On A Cheating Wife (Cheating Wives Series) by Sophie Sin Cheating On A Cheating Wife (Cheating Wives Series) by Aug. 28, 2015 6837 words Read a sample
She drove him insane – took him to the edge – and there is nowhere else to go but down. Two gorgeous women, a watching cheating wife and a husband that could not take a second more without having his own revenge. This story ends with a twist that you'll never expect. A book you won't be able to put down to the end.
6 Sexy Three Can Play Stories by Sophie Sin 6 Sexy Three Can Play Stories by Aug. 28, 2015 21983 words Read a sample
Anger, crazy deeds, jealousy and sex, this collection has it all. From the window cleaner 10 floors up and his dancing sexy tease to the Miami Beach girls that have nothing more in mind than to drive a certain man crazy with lust, this is a series of stories that take public play to extremes and beyond. Another exciting read from Sophie Sin.
Flash Fiction and Other Stories by Jason Wallace Flash Fiction and Other Stories by Aug. 27, 2015 12916 words Read a sample
Get 7 stories for the price of none! 5 of these are flash fiction (stories written on the spot, based on a picture), while the last 2 are merely additional stories offered, just for you! Get 7 very short stories that are sure to give you something to think about and maybe even a few laughs or sighs. From humor to whimsically ridiculous to romance to strange non-fiction, get it all for nothing!
Shadow of the Torturer by Intoxcy8me Shadow of the Torturer by Aug. 27, 2015 97280 words Sample 10%
Shadow of the Torturer is the first book in an epic fantasy series that features fast-paced action, compelling characters, and a breathtaking world that will make you want to snatch up the whole series. This is not your traditional fantasy novel. Grab the first book in your next fantasy series today!
Morning Patrol by Zach Neal Morning Patrol by Aug. 27, 2015 5759 words Read a sample
A German pilot accidentally lands on Rick’s aerodrome, and there are only two ways he can play it. He can stick a gun in the idiot’s face and take him prisoner—earning a mention in dispatches for his trouble. Or, he can go hog-wild and pull the prank of a lifetime on good old Fritzie.
A Mother's Love by Marian Unn A Mother's Love by Aug. 27, 2015 62576 words Read a sample
A Mother’s Love is about a woman who watches her son become a terrible, yet powerful person. Living in the faithless world her son creates, Rosetta struggles to love her son as only a mother can with the principles of love, patience, and above all else, faith.
A New Beginning by Amelia C. Adams A New Beginning by Aug. 27, 2015 41854 words Read a sample
Handsome young heir Adam Brody sees nothing but possibilities in the sprawling old building he's just purchased. With a little hard work, he will transform it into a hotel to meet the needs of those traveling by railroad. Elizabeth Caldwell needs to find work. She must hide her former marital status, and her child, if she wishes to get the job. Will they find their new beginning together?
Idoya Valdez by J Bennington Idoya Valdez by Aug. 27, 2015 40906 words Sample 20%
Romance, murder, theft, and International Tension and intrigue. Past sins refuse to remain buried in closets and when the bones shake loose with hurricane force, pain is just a breath away.
Autograph Penis: An Adventure Through Competitive Performance Art by H. O. Tanager Autograph Penis: An Adventure Through Competitive Performance Art by Aug. 27, 2015 89982 words Read a sample
Performance artist H. O. Tanager holds high hopes for her cross-country trip to Boston: to see great art, to eat delicious food... and to incite mayhem. But once the journey actually begins, it’s all she can do to hold on for the ride. "Funny, vehement, self-deprecating and gorgeous... A beguiling play-by-play about a vibrant literary happening." - Kirkus Reviews.
Mystic Legends - Kragonok by Eric Magliozzi Mystic Legends - Kragonok by Aug. 27, 2015 5270 words Read a sample
Kryshara Moonblood tracks her missing brother to a cursed town called, Kragonok. The people there are emaciated and scared, abused by the ruler who would use them for his devious purposes. If the malicious ruler not enough to bring terror to the people, his beastly servant awaits in his shadow to crush the bones of those who oppose him.
Relationships: A Collection of Questions and Answers by Camélia Kessaci Relationships: A Collection of Questions and Answers by Aug. 27, 2015 2551 words Read a sample
Hi! My name is Camélia Kessaci and I’m an intuitive consultant. I connect to my clients on a soul-level and serve as a bridge to bring them back useful information from a higher consciousness. In this minibook I answer 9 relationship questions inspired by consulting sessions with my clients. I hope you enjoy it!
Dead Alive by Lora Covrett Dead Alive by Aug. 27, 2015 1357 words Read a sample
A stream of consciousness story about a person whose body dies on the operating table, but whose brain is still very much alive.
Demon Lord Drahux  - The Crymson Guard Storysode #03 by Jeffrey Alan Henning Demon Lord Drahux - The Crymson Guard Storysode #03 by Aug. 27, 2015 4116 words Sample 10%
The Wizard and the Knight must find out who is posing as the new Demon Lord Drahux and find out what he wants with the other half of the Wizard’s staff.
The Death of an Immortal by Adriel Vigo The Death of an Immortal by Aug. 27, 2015 2364 words Read a sample
Have you ever wondered what it takes to kill a god? Read this poetry collection to find out.
Bookings Made Easy by Moehr and Associates Bookings Made Easy by Aug. 27, 2015 5152 words Read a sample
Bookings Made Easy Mini Guide is for home party plan, MLM and network marketers who are out of ideas on securing their next booking. This easy-to-follow guide is full of proven techniques that will keep leads for booking flowing in steadily, even for the most newbie of sellers. The Bookings Made Easy program is an easy system to follow that costs nothing, works quickly and will bring in the leads!
Ethereal Pixie Rings Of Mercy: OpenDyslexic Edition by Rob J Meijer Ethereal Pixie Rings Of Mercy: OpenDyslexic Edition by Aug. 27, 2015 8371 words Read a sample
This is a special version of "Ethereal Pixie Rings Of Mercy" aimed specifically at cognitive impaired readers. If you don't suffer from any form of dyslexia, please purchase the regular edition instead.
Getting Your Email Delivered by Julia Anghel Getting Your Email Delivered by Aug. 27, 2015 5414 words Read a sample
A sustainable solution to your email headache isn't complicated. Making sure that your customers and leads actually receive the email messages you're sending them is really a simple matter of keeping your complaint rate low by setting accurate expectations and letting opt-ins know what they're signing up for, making it easy for them to unsubscribe and only sending valuable content.
Terrance the Shy Hedgehog by Rowan Blair Colver Terrance the Shy Hedgehog by Aug. 27, 2015 794 words Sample 50%
Terrance the Shy Hedgehog A short children's story by Rowan Blair Colver
2084 (A Short Story) by Richie Cooley 2084 (A Short Story) by Aug. 27, 2015 5285 words Read a sample
Our changing world is on course to become very warped and contradictory when it comes to issues like the sanctity of life and the influence of Biblical morality. Written by a Christian fundamentalist, this half satirical/half speculative fiction story is intended to make people think about the issues currently facing Western Culture, especially the subtle genocide against minorities.
False Memory Syndrome by Benjamin Bash False Memory Syndrome by Aug. 27, 2015 33966 words Read a sample
False Memory Syndrome is about a young prodigy named Lin, about space, about a grand cosmic mystery, and about inevitable destruction.
A Search for Sidle on N by Mike Bozart A Search for Sidle on N by Aug. 27, 2015 2228 words Read a sample
Agents 32 and 33 search the outer Sunset district of San Francisco for signs of the fabled knowhere [sic] pub known as Sidle on N. They walk down Judah Street through the fog towards the imperceptible Pacific Ocean. Without any success, they take a break at a coffee shop at Ocean Beach. Here they meet the legendary Mr. Malloy (who has appeared in other works). Malloy tells them the tragic truth.
Меченая by Kim Richardson Меченая by Aug. 27, 2015 59029 words Read a sample
Шестнадцатилетняя Кара Найтингейл — не пользующаяся особой популярностью, нескладная и довольно заурядная особа, — но все меняется, когда однажды она погибает под колесами автобуса... В один миг ее жизнь превращается из обычной в совершенно невероятную, когда она пробуждается в таинственном мире и получает новое назначение — новобранец Легиона Ангелов-Хранителей.
My Gigolo by R.Z. Kohls My Gigolo by Aug. 27, 2015 6798 words Read a sample
Meg struggles with her growing attraction to a man her own age she is sharing with several other women. After frank discussion with Bert about his "vocational" choice", she searches into her past to find that, after all, she does know who Bert is. Their past brings them closer.
Cougar Romance: The Talisman: Secret Shades of the Alpha Blood Series (Paranormal BBW Menage Romance) by Lucile Wild Cougar Romance: The Talisman: Secret Shades of the Alpha Blood Series (Paranormal BBW Menage Romance) by Aug. 27, 2015 9573 words Read a sample
★★★★★ "POWERFUL! Lucile Wild creates an intensely romantic world for young and old alike. A place where there is darkness and light, love and hope, and if you dare to go there you will never want to leave."
Spaghetti-Leg Spike's Birthday by Tula Jack Spaghetti-Leg Spike's Birthday by Aug. 27, 2015 1363 words Read a sample
A short story aimed at 5-10 year-olds but any age group will enjoy it. Written part in rhyme and part in prose, it is illustrated with simple fun drawings. It's Spaghetti-Leg Spike's birthday and he is desperate for a silver and red bicycle. He visits everyone he can think of, from his granny to Bob the baker, and tells them what he wants. Will Spike get a silver and red bike for his birthday?
The Appointment by Richards Hall The Appointment by Aug. 27, 2015 12035 words Read a sample
Have you ever felt your life might be better if only for better timing? It seems some kids have hit on a cure for some very bad timing, but it's got them jumping through hoops and more, and it has nothing to do with time. Maybe a little. From poker games to alchemists gold to severed hands to Egyptian cemeteries, they're on the move.