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The Ancient Game by Daniel Masterson The Ancient Game by Feb. 14, 2016 3681 words Sample 20%
"The fittest thrive, the rest survive." Our ancestors long dreamed of far realms, of alien worlds beneath strange skies. Now those worlds exist, constructed of code, coloured with imagination, and it is up to us - here, now - to make them home. Yet for all that we advance, it is on new frontiers that the most ancient game of all is played...
Just four letters by Sara Quintela Just four letters by Feb. 14, 2016 921 words Read a sample
Poetic text written for the Portela Magazine, from the Association of Residents of Portela. It has been translated for this online publication.
Tras el muro by Luis Bermer Tras el muro by Feb. 14, 2016 3003 words Read a sample
"Tras el muro" es un relato corto de misterio y horror, que narra la evolución del padre Antonio hacia una extraña enfermedad mental... ¿o se trata de una visión de todo aquello que nos oculta la realidad? Una historia que no has de leer si estás solo.
Paint it Red by Melody Leigh Paint it Red by Feb. 14, 2016 5060 words Read a sample
Padrik is desperate to be rid of his nagging wife, and his growing fantasies of murder have become too much to bare.
The Human Intelligences by Valentin Matcas The Human Intelligences by Feb. 14, 2016 44956 words Read a sample
You are going to learn from this book how you think, what intelligence you think with, who you are, who your other thoughts, intelligences, egos, and companions are within your cognitive system, what their means and intentions are, and how you should act and react in order to form and keep a harmonious, fruitful, constructive relationship.
Dangerous Playthings by Della Van Hise Dangerous Playthings by Feb. 14, 2016 9481 words Read a sample
It's been centuries since the Earth was struck by a comet known as Denizen. In the aftermath, an immortal named Merkinder has taken upon himself the task of teaching small groups of ragged children the arts of survival and civility in their new world. Willow LeBlanc is one of his apprentices - but as Merkinder is rapidly discovering, this wayward orphan may very well break his immortal heart.
The Big Corporate Picnic by Jim Meirose The Big Corporate Picnic by Feb. 14, 2016 6842 words Read a sample
The Big Corporate Picnic is about just that: a big, surreal, absurd corporate picnic that goes on and on, to the excitedly abrupt end.
The Red Wine ng Paganism by Dallas James The Red Wine ng Paganism by Feb. 14, 2016 5581 words Read a sample
Ang mga damit at format na kung saan namin yakapin ang Christian Faith ay isang indibidwal na desisyon para sa bawat mananampalataya. nagpapayo sa atin ng Bibliya sa II Corinto 6:17 upang paghiwalayin ang ating sarili mula sa kung ano ay marumi. Pahayag 2:23 ay nagbibigay ng isang kahit na mas malakas na babala para sa mga nag-iisip embracing ang Pagno-christian lifestyle ay isang maliit na isyu.
Enhancing your body, mind and spirit  with hypnotherapy and the seven coloring Chakras by Velvet Hands Enhancing your body, mind and spirit with hypnotherapy and the seven coloring Chakras by Feb. 14, 2016 1590 words Read a sample
Enhancing your body, mind and spirit with hypnotherapy and the seven coloring Chakras
Reveal by May Sage Reveal by Feb. 14, 2016 5632 words Read a sample
The Klint invaded Earth for its resources; by that, they certainly didn't mean the dilapidated planet or the ridiculously archaic technology. No, they meant the women.
The Sordid Cellar by Danielle Leigh The Sordid Cellar by Feb. 14, 2016 4975 words Read a sample
Diane moves into a Victorian house, what she uncovers is a past of sexual depravity carried out in the long forgotten cellar. When her world and the spirit world merge her understanding of spiritual ecstasy is finally understood.
exercícios de escrita by Maria Sousa exercícios de escrita by Feb. 14, 2016 13221 words Read a sample
Coleção de textos criados em sessões de escrita criativa e partilhados em clube de escritores.
Quatro letras apenas by Sara Quintela Quatro letras apenas by Feb. 14, 2016 875 words Read a sample
Texto poético escrito para a revista Portela Magazine, da Associação de Moradores da Portela.
Golden Legs by Amanda Heat Golden Legs by Feb. 14, 2016 7862 words Read a sample
When Cynthia moves from her trusted hometown Minnesota to New York, she feels lost and is happy to stay with her friend Jeff for a while. She wants to pursue her biggest dream to become an actress but it seems to be impossible to beat the competition. When she discovers the bar Golden Legs, she meets the owner Lily. This attractive and dominant woman is captivating her ever since.
Twenty Four Weeks - Episode 1 - Twenty Four Weeks - Episode 1 - "Twelve" by Feb. 14, 2016 9150 words Read a sample
With characters and back story based on the novel "This is Where I Leave You" by Jonathan Tropper, Twenty Four Weeks is set after the events of the movie of the same name. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouxn0Rji1QQ
Very Filthy Ladies - 4 Tales Of Naughty Sex by AE Publications Very Filthy Ladies - 4 Tales Of Naughty Sex by Feb. 14, 2016 16919 words Read a sample
From AE Publications comes a new collection of four tales sexy tales, featuring hardcore, graphic sex, bdsm, anal, rough sex, alpha males, femdom, romance and more. Includes: Late Night Filthy by Dirk Rockwell, She Likes Big Cocks by Scotty Diggler, Dirty Little Spinner by Taylor Jordan & High Class Slut by Rickie Sheen. Adults only. 18+
5 Foods to Cure Acne and Pimples by David K 5 Foods to Cure Acne and Pimples by Feb. 14, 2016 670 words Read a sample
5 foods to cure acne
Stile - Before by Katherine King Stile - Before by Feb. 14, 2016 82984 words Read a sample
Harley, a global sensation rock star, spots Kate at one of his concerts. Inviting her backstage, he is shocked when she turns him down. Spotting her at an AMA's after party, he won't let her get away this time and pursues her. Learning about her boyfriend doesn't stop him; knowing the connection they both feel is real, he lets Kate know he is not walking away from her, not without his chance.
Malakhim Volume 5: Super Human by Aleph Malakhim Volume 5: Super Human by Feb. 13, 2016 68350 words Read a sample
Ben couldn't save Nathan, when the angel needed saving. As usual, he couldn't do anything on his own. Now, Ben's getting stronger. He's not powerless anymore. He's learning to move the world the way angels do. A little dead boy entrusted with celestial might. What could possibly go wrong?
The Annals of Bobian by Zanzibar 7. Schwarznegger The Annals of Bobian by Feb. 13, 2016 26987 words Sample 15%
The Bobian is twelve and has one goal in life: get ice cream. Life seems to be conspiring against him. Birthday parties gone awry. School bullies teaching him a (temporary) lesson in humility. Bratty little sisters and next door neighbor kids stealing his rightful reward. There's only one solution: The Bobian will defeat them all... even the time-changing aliens who want to keep him from summer.
Visiting daddy by Colin Hobbs Visiting daddy by Feb. 13, 2016 1913 words Read a sample
2 sisters Kali and Bree visits their father's house for three weeks. Soon the night fell on and chit chat got started and topic of discussion becomes incest between their friend and her brother. Soon there was hotness in the environments of all three talking and an incest sex between father and his 2 daughter started with lots of kissing, oral and licking.
Dad, Daughter and Her 3 Friends – A Perfect Harem by Colin Hobbs Dad, Daughter and Her 3 Friends – A Perfect Harem by Feb. 13, 2016 38017 words Read a sample
Frank lives a good Life although a little lonely at times after getting divorced. A call from his daughter, Trish changes his life forever. Trish comes with her 3 Friends and Frank had a best Summer of his Life. All Fantasies came to Life. This is an amazing story of sharing of love, friendship and sexually. Read Long Description for Knowing the Complete Summary and main scenes in the story.
Mary & her brother George get kinky with their Family by Colin Hobbs Mary & her brother George get kinky with their Family by Feb. 13, 2016 85731 words Read a sample
The story line develops at a carefully-slow pace. The Story starts with a brother seeing his sister Mary having sex with her boyfriend & then Story starts and don’t just keep it bro/sis or mom/son but all of the family, including the cousins and Aunt are together in the Incest world having a Damn Hot Orgy. This book is not an ordinary book but a Novel of Incest, Forbidden Lust and Taboo Temptation
A Boy in Land of Babes by Colin Hobbs A Boy in Land of Babes by Feb. 13, 2016 23481 words Read a sample
The Incest Story in this book is among a younger brother and his 6 Sisters and later on with Mother. There is a excellent use of adjectives and pronouns to narrate some heavily erotic positions used in story to maintain a sexy and romantic tempo to the story. Story includes several forms of erotica between M-F and F-F including Sex, Virginity Lose, Anal Sex, Lesbian, Spanking and getting pregnant
We Six Together by Colin Hobbs We Six Together by Feb. 13, 2016 28345 words Read a sample
Incest Story between A Brother, 4 Sisters and the Voice which is a piece of Mike's own perverted subconscious and is single-minded on his one goal of getting pussy. Story is a Perfect Harem of 4 Sisters. In many stories, it’s the guys that seduce, but in this story it’s just the Sisters who do such a thing. Parts Overview: See the long description by clicking on the Title of Book.
The Chambermaid's Complaint by Nicole Zahara The Chambermaid's Complaint by Feb. 13, 2016 10215 words Read a sample
The beautiful Lady Galway, toast of fashionable London, has a scandalous past. The young chambermaid runs away from Humphrey Manor and finds shelter in a bawdy house where she learns the tricks of the trade, beginning a meteoric rise to the most notorious whorehouse in London. A stunning twist of fate brings her to a position of unprecedented power—and makes her the target of a deadly foe.
Bear Creek by Daniel Roland Banks Bear Creek by Feb. 13, 2016 70381 words Read a sample
When former Texas Ranger John Everett Sage took off on foot to catch a runaway horse from the train depot, he put his foot into something that would either change his life forever, or end it quickly
Ketogenic Diet: 20 Low Carb Delicious Dessert Recipes by Elizabeth Jane Ketogenic Diet: 20 Low Carb Delicious Dessert Recipes by Feb. 13, 2016 4431 words Read a sample
Burn Away Your Belly Fat Whilst Eating Delicious Ketogenic Desserts. (Easy To Make Too!)
Plawyered : Sports Law Magazine, Issue 1 by Plawyered Plawyered : Sports Law Magazine, Issue 1 by Feb. 13, 2016 23096 words Read a sample
Plawyered is a monthly Sports Law Magazine from India.
Sonhos malditos by Carina Rosa Sonhos malditos by Feb. 13, 2016 10160 words Read a sample
Teresa conhece os destinos daqueles que lhe são próximos. No entanto, dá por si a apaixonar-se por este novo homem, cujo passado lhe é menos estranho do que imaginava. Na luta para alterar as malhas do destino deste jovem, que sabe ser fatal, Teresa descobre que a sua súbita aparição não foi fruto do acaso.
As 234 Citações Espirituais da Elite dos Poderosos: Verdades Secretas e Inspiradoras sobre a Vida, Abundância e Sucesso by Daniel Marques As 234 Citações Espirituais da Elite dos Poderosos: Verdades Secretas e Inspiradoras sobre a Vida, Abundância e Sucesso by Feb. 13, 2016 6204 words Read a sample
Este livro resume as citações mais influentes e importantes do livro "Os 88 Códigos Secretos da Elite dos Poderosos", escrito pelo mesmo autor. Leia uma a cada dia e mude seus padrões de pensamento! Estas citações irá inspirar a ver a vida de uma maneira diferente e com uma atitude mais edificante.
14th by C. Carraway-Caulfield 14th by Feb. 13, 2016 2496 words Read a sample
Happy Valentine's Day
Brush with Death by J. Misha Dunn Brush with Death by Feb. 13, 2016 111488 words Read a sample
A Victim Most Precious. An Enemy Most Savage. A Father Most Driven.
Thief of Hearts by Perci T. Brooks Thief of Hearts by Feb. 13, 2016 12334 words Sample 20%
Every family has their secrets...Every closet has its skeletons... Follow Jules Hanover as he looks for love and learns a family secret.
For Services Rendered by Francis W. Porretto For Services Rendered by Feb. 13, 2016 3326 words Read a sample
Few persons who’ve never visited these United States have a sense of how unpredictable Americans can be. Amelie, a cynical young French jewelry saleswoman on her first trip to America, was warned about our eccentricity, but decided to reserve judgment until she experienced it at close range. The lesson is well beyond what she expected.
A Young Woman's eGuide Part 2: The Art of Receiving Love by Rocky Dania A Young Woman's eGuide Part 2: The Art of Receiving Love by Feb. 13, 2016 6428 words Read a sample
"A Young Woman's E-Guide: The Art of Receiving Love" is a mini e-book that explains what it means to be loved as a young women. As a continuation to Part 1 of this series (A Young Woman's E-Guide to Learning How to Let God Love Her), this e-book uses biblical examples of the love of God as reference points to highlight what real love should be like in our everyday relationships.
Ang Mensaheng Ito Ay Para Sa Iyo: Bible Revelations by Dallas James Ang Mensaheng Ito Ay Para Sa Iyo: Bible Revelations by Feb. 13, 2016 16304 words Read a sample
Ito ay isang uri ng mga pag-aaral na sumasalamin sa paksa ng kaligtasan sa view ng mga Creators plano para sa edad.
Offering Cindy by Ian Bond Offering Cindy by Feb. 13, 2016 2025 words Sample 10%
The 25th marriage anniversary of Bill and Cindy and the fulfilment of a fantasy that would change their lives.
I-Gynoid by CL Smothers I-Gynoid by Feb. 13, 2016 133182 words Read a sample
Since the moment she achieved consciousness and became self aware, Kala hated the limitations and constraints of a nonphysical world. Inside her being resided an overwhelming drive that demanded fulfillment: the need to escape the virtual existence that held her prisoner.
Paardenbloemen in de wind by Bo M. van der storm Paardenbloemen in de wind by Feb. 13, 2016 8955 words Read a sample
Als Pluisje door een onverwachte wind gevangen wordt, begint een reis die hem langs de vier windstreken voert. Zal hij zijn moeder ooit nog zien?
Saving Rose by Lauren Kutterfly Saving Rose by Feb. 13, 2016 39301 words Read a sample
In which a boy tutors a girl and teaches her the meaning of love.
Feng Shui - Styrk dit liv med feng shui by Herbert Brandt Feng Shui - Styrk dit liv med feng shui by Feb. 13, 2016 60295 words Read a sample
Grundbog i Feng Shui. En guide til hvorledes du kan styrke dit helbred, formue og lykke med feng shui.
The Teacher's Seal by Jai Cox The Teacher's Seal by Feb. 13, 2016 16450 words Sample 5%
In this +18 read only the story of the Cockburn family continues with Marshall and Callie. As Marshall fights for Callie's heart and life after meeting her in a bar serving drinks only to find she's also Daniel's history teacher. At the same time Callie fights with what she wants, a happy normal life with Marshall; and what everyone wants for her, a safe easy life with a rich future politician.
Murder, U.S.A. - A Crime Fiction Tour of the Nation by Kristen Elise Murder, U.S.A. - A Crime Fiction Tour of the Nation by Feb. 13, 2016 128058 words Read a sample
In Washington, D.C., an image on the screen of a cell phone connects a nationwide terror threat with an unknown anthrax researcher... In Kansas City, MO, a young woman has disappeared without a trace... At the U.S./Mexico border, desperate travelers risk their very lives to head south... Murder, U.S.A. is a compilation of excerpts from thirty-one crime fiction novels set across the nation.
Quit Snoring Now - Recommended Anti Snoring Solutions by Jessica Konn VII Quit Snoring Now - Recommended Anti Snoring Solutions by Feb. 13, 2016 7645 words Read a sample
Quit Snoring Now - Recommended Anti Snoring Solutions
Tequila Aficionado: Dia de los Muertos Tour 2015 by Lisa Pietsch Tequila Aficionado: Dia de los Muertos Tour 2015 by Feb. 13, 2016 554 words Read a sample
Tequila Aficionado On The Road: What began as a whimsical idea during a family RV vacation early in the spring of 2015, has turned into a monster tequila tour packed with stops at specially selected points-of-interest along the way, photo opportunities, and out-of-the-box social media marketing and promotion for tequila brands on a budget.
the Truth: You are on your own by BoyneM the Truth: You are on your own by Feb. 13, 2016 6150 words Read a sample
What is presented in few words and scattered throughout even fewer pages is an invitation for a journey to a destination where I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you and shaking your hand.
Torn Apart by Khaleel Jooste Torn Apart by Feb. 13, 2016 3686 words Read a sample
Bismillah “Why didn’t you help me? Don’t know why I came here. I would have gotten more sympathy from a rock. You have no emotion whatsoever. I’ve never encountered such a cold person. I thought you were my friend.” As Allah wills
Captain Skulldug and the Unburied Treasure by Greg Troup Captain Skulldug and the Unburied Treasure by Feb. 13, 2016 13648 words Sample 20%
A pirate fantasy story set in a pseudo-magical world. Everybody loves pirate stories. The swashbuckling pirates of old have particular appeal and none are more interesting than the strange, limerick-loving Captain Skulldug and his odd assortment of crewmen. What you are about to read is one exciting story of Captain Skulldug and his unburied treasure
Делая учеников в народах (Discipling The Nations) Russ Tatro by Serhiy Kravchenko Делая учеников в народах (Discipling The Nations) Russ Tatro by Feb. 13, 2016 31029 words Read a sample
Ключи к оснащению, мотивированию и вызову Божьего народа, способствующие исполнению Его плана для их жизни.