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The Crooked Shaft The Crooked Shaft "Who Is Driving Who" by May 03, 2016 20636 words Read a sample
Third and Final in a series involving three misfit Golf Pros at a Snooty Star-Studded Golf Club in Palm Springs, California during the early 60's who have their lives turned upside down when a crazy Italian Mob family purchase the struggling and wild partying club. Which Mobster will end up controlling the Club? Will they live long enough to enjoy it?
Bad at Math by David Stookey Bad at Math by May 03, 2016 1623 words Read a sample
An overworked engineer struggles to "do more with less," as his company competes for a coveted military contract. He and his coworkers already work long, tough hours. How could things possibly get any worse?
They Sat Outside Eating Cake by Adam Hughes They Sat Outside Eating Cake by May 03, 2016 1262 words Read a sample
Settling a dispute in any group setting can be darn near impossible ... unless you have an objective measure for resolution that everyone can agree on. For the Dames of Dwale, a local ladies group that might well have stepped out of YOUR town, peace was elusive until they figured out how to use their husbands' survival instincts as the ultimate arbiter. What will the next Reconciliation bring?
Yeni Yaşamınız (Your New Life) by Küresel Üniversite Yeni Yaşamınız (Your New Life) by May 03, 2016 15421 words Read a sample
İsa Mesih’ten Kurtarıcınız olmasını istediğinizde, olağanüstü bir olay gerçekleşti. Karanlıktan ışığa çıkarıldınız. Günahlarınız bağışlandı ve Tanrı’nın ailesine doğdunuz. Yeni bir yaşam aldınız. Bu kitap, İsa’nın sizin için yapmış olduğu işten ötürü bugün sahip olduğunuz yeni yaşam hakkındadır.
Jaguar (Guessing Tales #1) by Kate Krake Jaguar (Guessing Tales #1) by May 03, 2016 23422 words Read a sample
How do you embrace a side of yourself that you know nothing about? What does it mean to be human when your animal self is so much a part of who you are?
Mad for Love by Elizabeth Essex Mad for Love by May 03, 2016 52377 words Sample 20%
Rory Cathcart’s appreciation of the exquisite makes him the perfect man to expose forgeries and root out fraud in London’s tempestuous art world. But when his latest investigation into forged paintings puts him squarely in Mignon du Blois’ shaky sights, it's going to take pretending to be a thief and stealing back her father's forgery to win her heart. Love is the most priceless treasure of all.
Cristian by jairoapjr Cristian by May 03, 2016 31517 words Read a sample
1-Night Stands in London: Alina by James Shaft 1-Night Stands in London: Alina by May 03, 2016 2839 words Read a sample
After the end of a 6 year relationship, James moves to London and begins his erotic Odyssey in search of true love. An erotic Odyssey in search of true love. This books contains the story ''Alina'', one of the 10 real stories contained in the book ''1-Night Stands in London''-an erotic Odyssey in search of true love. Available on Smashwords.
A Filthy Surprise: Volume Two - 4 More Dirty Tales by JT Holland A Filthy Surprise: Volume Two - 4 More Dirty Tales by May 03, 2016 22016 words Read a sample
From bestselling author JT Holland comes a new collection of 4 dirty tales, featuring hardcore, graphic sex, alpha males, femdom, bdsm, rough sex, romance, anal, lesbians, threesomes and more. Includes: Not As Innocent As She Looks, Punishing The Trash Talking Slut, My Barely Legal Neighbor Takes Control & Depraved Threesome. Adults only. 18+
The Contract by George Mikhailov The Contract by May 03, 2016 3908 words Read a sample
Jimmy thought he was finished with contract killings. He had a wife, a little daughter—he knew he couldn't keep it up. But then, a contract with a huge payout landed on his doorstep. His life starts to collapse with each decision, for it's true what they say: there is no honor among thieves.
A First Date On A Windy Day by Mario V. Farina A First Date On A Windy Day by May 03, 2016 2558 words Read a sample
Matthew was in love with the lovely Glenda Robinson. He wanted to make a good impression on their first date. But he wore a hairpiece that had a penchant for blowing away when he was driving a sports car. He feared this would happen at the time when he least wanted this. Alas, it did blow off on his first date with Glenda. Her reaction was priceless.
Dominating A Younger Man by Hannah Fox Dominating A Younger Man by May 03, 2016 6001 words Read a sample
As a seriously kinky cougar, I'm into younger men. But usually not ones as young as my 19-year old neighbor, Scott. But I've been watching him for a while now and I just can't help myself any longer. And I know from the way he looks at me that he feels the same way. So I invite him over for a session of depraved, perverted sex that will take him to places he's never been before. 18+
Submissive Little Slave by Brock Diggler Submissive Little Slave by May 03, 2016 4147 words Read a sample
Adriana and Jake had been eyeing each other all night, so when they finally had a chance to get away from the party and head upstairs to an empty room, they didn't waste any time getting freaky. As it turns out, Adriana likes it rough and she wants Jake to give it to her as hard as he can, no matter how perverted it gets. Adults only. 18+
A Very Filthy Threesome by Nikki Taylor A Very Filthy Threesome by May 03, 2016 5057 words Read a sample
Tommy is just chilling at a bar when he notices the two bartenders are spitting images of each other. And things get even better when they tell him to stick around until their shift is over. As it turns out, Wendy and Marsha are looking to have a good time and they want Tommy to be a part of it. Little does he know he's in for the filthiest threesome of his life. Adults only. 18+
Hell Awaits You: The Hystericals Series Three by Wolfen Saunderson Hell Awaits You: The Hystericals Series Three by May 03, 2016 482 words Read a sample
The triads have appeared to be one of the biggest thorns in all of the Hystericals' side ever since the all famous Uzis first stepped foot into town way back. But, it appears this time the last of them have all finally met their match. Or have they?
Caminho para o mar... by Fernando Viegas Marinho Caminho para o mar... by May 03, 2016 16905 words Read a sample
Ao longo de nossas vidas, deparamo-nos constantemente com diversas oportunidades de aprendizado e de crescimento. Na maior parte das vezes estas oportunidades nos passam desapercebidas. Outras só são assimiladas muito tempo depois, quando adquirimos maturidade suficiente para compreendê-las. E poucas, muito poucas conseguem imediatamente atingir nossas almas.
The Power of Prayer by Ruben Barreto The Power of Prayer by May 03, 2016 2449 words
The power there is in prayer has little to do with the person who is praying. However, it has everything to do with the person that is being prayed to – God. Simply put, only God has the power to answer our prayers. Only He has the power to turn the impossible into a possibility. This is, of course, when our prayers and our desires line up with His perfect will for our lives.
Off Stage at the Starlight Diner by Helen Cox Off Stage at the Starlight Diner by May 03, 2016 5251 words Read a sample
Set in New York in 1977, this is the story of how waitress Mona Montgomery first came to work at the Starlight Diner, and the dreams she left behind when she did.
United by Desperation by Ed Bar United by Desperation by May 03, 2016 2760 words Sample 20%
Sarah and James have a complicated relationship, that blurs the line between love and hate. Dissatisfied with the dynamic of their relationship, they seek out their neighbor Steve, and offer him a depraved proposition they hope he can’t refuse.
A Fallen King by Ed Bar A Fallen King by May 03, 2016 3141 words Read a sample
Sandy recounts his experience as master of his domain. He tells how he treats his servant, Chris and Janine, with respect. The story follows the day that Janine betrayed her fellow servant, Chris, and how Chris finally turns on his master, Sandy.
Love and Lust by Ed Bar Love and Lust by May 03, 2016 6929 words Read a sample
A man waits impatiently for his girlfriend Sabrina to return from active duty. They planned to meet at a specific time, but he cannot wait. He goes to her house early, only to discover her in bed with another man. Anger, shame and desire fill him, causing him to watch with fascination as the man treats her like a whore.
Intimate Camping by Bakerman Intimate Camping by May 03, 2016 7589 words Read a sample
Lane and his mother are on a roadtrip. He, to find himself and to visit places of his childhood. She, we don't know, maybe out of boredom. What they find is a bit off the road, very nice, but highly illegal. Dare to take the journey with them, but don't blame us if you get caught.
The Round Loaf by David Hockey The Round Loaf by May 03, 2016 21314 words Read a sample
A short novel about three boys seeking a spy in Britain in 1940.
The Power of Lust: Story 9 by Arla Coopa The Power of Lust: Story 9 by May 03, 2016 1259 words Read a sample
Bob has a new magical ability. He can't wait to test it on the next hot woman he finds.
A Train For Under The Christmas Tree by Chas Johnson A Train For Under The Christmas Tree by May 03, 2016 18494 words Read a sample
You find a wallet full of cash, what do you do? Sometimes doing the right thing is the right thing to do, even if you get a black eye.
Global Warming Fun 5: It’s a Dry Heat by Gary J. Davies Global Warming Fun 5: It’s a Dry Heat by May 03, 2016 115926 words Read a sample
In fifty years California suffers from ongoing climate change. Though it’s not the perfect time to vacation there, Ed’s aging wife Mary insists on visiting the big trees and the Pacific coastline. Given Ed’s telepathic abilities and his alliances with rock creatures and with intelligent ants that may be set on taking over the Earth, what could possibly go wrong? Full length novel!
The Empty Eyes Of The Scarecrow by David Eveleigh The Empty Eyes Of The Scarecrow by May 03, 2016 1112 words Read a sample
A sorority hazing takes a deadly turn as the pledges are stalked by a sinister supernatural force.
Wonderlijk maar Waar - De mysterieuze vluchten MH370 en OA582 by JackLance RonPuyn Wonderlijk maar Waar - De mysterieuze vluchten MH370 en OA582 by May 03, 2016 1142 words Read a sample
Om 6:30 uur in de ochtend had vlucht MH370 moeten landen in Beijing. Dat is niet gebeurd.
Wonderlijk maar Waar - Mysterieuze Grafrovers by JackLance RonPuyn Wonderlijk maar Waar - Mysterieuze Grafrovers by May 03, 2016 3308 words Read a sample
Waargebeurd: - over hoe vroeger ten behoefte voor de medische wetenschap overledenen uit hun graf werden geroofd... en hoe in de jaren tachtig een stel studenten erachter komt wat 'noddies' zijn...
A Mask to Move My Own Way by A.K. Finn A Mask to Move My Own Way by May 03, 2016 9498 words Read a sample
Finding yourself today means hoping to connect as you shuffle through a vast array of external cultures and identities to choose from. I’d like to share a source of identity that works the other way—from the inside out. Rediscover a recognizable sense of freedom from your childhood. Find motivation to prepare your body to move the way it’s always wanted to for the rest of your life.
An Introduction to Cyberpunk Driven Sciencology by Mike Knowles An Introduction to Cyberpunk Driven Sciencology by May 03, 2016 12057 words Read a sample
Like Scientology only more scientific.
What Now? by Darrel Miller What Now? by May 03, 2016 3576 words Read a sample
A book about how I take the techniques of Improv and apply them in living my life, now.
Cartes commentées by Claude Trudel Cartes commentées by May 03, 2016 71029 words Read a sample
Destiné aux personnes désirant explorer le monde fascinant des cartes géographiques, ce livre contient trois grandes parties: 1° les descriptions de documents cartographiques; 2° les recensions de livres reliés au monde de la cartographie, parfois à l’histoire; 3° la liste par ordre chronologique de toutes les cartes reproduites dans le livre. Une notice sur l’auteur complète l’ouvrage.
Law of Attraction for Realists by Jolly Sage Law of Attraction for Realists by May 03, 2016 6091 words Read a sample
Most law of attraction advice includes what could be interpreted as grandiose claims that sound like wish fulfillment and magic. While some are true, the underpinnings of this powerful method of living is often left unexplained. In this work, we try to explore why this law is actually true.
The Awakening by Kenneth Chisholm The Awakening by May 03, 2016 46887 words Read a sample
The Awakening is a series about a group of teens who discover they have psychic abilities. They try to adapt to their new lifestyles as many dangers face them.
Getting Flight by Eric Hodges Getting Flight by May 03, 2016 63242 words Sample 20%
Try as he would to go off and hide, Wheeler is whisked away to the unimaginable task of protecting nothing less than the American way of life. He becomes entwined in the manufacture of airplanes to be used to serve an evil purpose for which only he can intervene. He has only his own resources and the desire to do the right thing on his side. And he hasn't said no yet in this second book.
Sea Shattered by Michelle Lore Sea Shattered by May 03, 2016 1425 words Sample 20%
These poems are from an experience of confronting Ocean Mother for the first time in what seemed an age, and I'm still trying to discover if I myself shattered on those shores, or if I ended up taking other pieces home with me.
Leaves from My Notebook by William Haslam Leaves from My Notebook by May 03, 2016 58271 words Read a sample
You may have heard of the clergyman who was converted while preaching his own sermon! Well, this is man -- William Haslam. It happened in Cornwall one Sunday in 1851. This book makes fascinating and challenging reading as we watch him sharing his faith one to one or in small groups, with dramatic results. This book has been lightly edited to make reading easier today -- the message is unchanged.
TRADE break poverty chains by joe nardo, Sr TRADE break poverty chains by May 03, 2016 238 words
Make your first million shortly in comparison with your long boring life isn't a joke or an impossible mission it's more easier than you think just believe.
Financial Analyst's Professional Manual by gcuofano Financial Analyst's Professional Manual by May 03, 2016 39200 words Sample 10%
This Professional Manual comprises four manuals that tackle the following topic areas: - Financial Accounting ($2.99) - Fundamental Analysis ($2.99) - Corporate Finance ($2.99) - Financial Options ($2.99) Each of these topics has been tackled in detail but also with a simple language.
Ishq Janay Toor Amad by Hassan Ali Ishq Janay Toor Amad by May 03, 2016 74564 words Read a sample
Ishq Janay Toor Amad is a Social Romantic Urdu Novel by Writer & Novelist Amaya Sardar Khan. The novel is all about beautiful relations of a family and friends and when we talk about relations, love and affection is the foundation of almost all relations. We expect love, care and sacrifice in all relations. This novel is based on love story of Arib Waqar Khan and Ana Ahad Khan.
Susan the Succubus by Zack Wilson Susan the Succubus by May 03, 2016 4329 words Read a sample
This story is one part of a series of short stories about a young Oklahoman by the name of Bernard Ridgeway. In Susan the Succubus, Bernard is currently in college in DC. He heads to a local clinic to see a new primary care physician, not knowing this where his life will change forever.
Strength of Materials Lab Manual by keerthikumar92 Strength of Materials Lab Manual by May 03, 2016 6566 words Read a sample
This book includes the experiment listed by Anna University, Chennai with detailed data and procedures for easy handling of equipment and doing it in safe and proper manner
Beautiful Tears: A Contemporary Fiction Short Story by David Duane Kummer Beautiful Tears: A Contemporary Fiction Short Story by May 03, 2016 5398 words Read a sample
"Please get down." It's a dark, stormy, windy night in the city. The bridge holds many secrets. Two women that want to die, yet can't. They survive. This passionate, emotional story about the power of forgiveness takes you far away, to a city you'll always remember and never forget. Follow me to the place where mercy and grace mingle, where love and pain go hand-in-hand. Follow me to the bridge
The Man Who Rules The World by Shawn James The Man Who Rules The World by May 03, 2016 20588 words Read a sample
Time Magazine has named Morris Phillips CEO John Haynes “The Man Who Rules The World”. But that world is put in jeopardy when Lucifer resurrects God Katious, a malevolent despot out to conquer the planet. With the nations’ leaders in fear of his all-powerful Gem of Omnipotence, and gods falling before his feet, John must have mountain moving faith in God to help him overcome the threat of Katious.
Angel: Private Eye Book One by Odette C. Bell Angel: Private Eye Book One by May 02, 2016 81478 words Read a sample
Right and wrong will cost you.... Lizzie Luck is magical. Apparently. The DNA test came back proving she's from the otherworld. She's unemployed, has 24 dollars in her account, and is so out of luck it's killing her. Things couldn't get worse, right? Wrong.
On the Interstellar Travel by Sergio Michelson On the Interstellar Travel by May 02, 2016 19732 words Read a sample
There is a physical possibility of faster-than-light motion in deep space, under conditions that cannot be achieved near large mass such as Earth or the Sun. Artificial gravity, which can make it possible, isn't out of the question with the technology we have today. All we have to do is turn Einstein's theory on its head. And it's much simpler than anyone suspects.
Русалки by Dobryni Русалки by May 02, 2016 42635 words Sample 20%
Река Песчанка протекала мимо маленькой деревни с красивым названием Малиновка, приютившейся на краю большого тёмного леса. Речка была довольно глубокая и чистая. Её правый берег, на котором стояли деревня и лес, был обрывистый, а левый— весь зарос камышом. И вот, между лесом и камышом в реке...
Muddy Sunset by Pierre Manchot Muddy Sunset by May 02, 2016 36158 words Sample 20%
Roy DeLon is going to regret that flight to St. Louis. He just doesn't know it yet.
HAZ COSAS INCREIBLES CON TU SMARTPHONE by fabio a zuluaga g HAZ COSAS INCREIBLES CON TU SMARTPHONE by May 02, 2016 19953 words Sample 20%
En la actualidad todos vivimos pegados a un smartphone. Un dispositivo que años atrás solo servía para realizar llamadas ahora ha pasado a ser una parte fundamental de nuestras vidas.