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High Voltage Christianity by Tony Egar High Voltage Christianity by Aug. 29, 2015 14771 words Read a sample
This book is about reconnecting you to the power source. The message of the Gospel is not just about getting saved. It will always be the most powerful thing that ever happens to you. I am trying to refresh your memory. I want us to look at the wonder and power of our salvation. I want you to reconnect to the power source. God's electricity is ready to download. The power is in the gospel.
JAY NOSEWORTHY'S GOLD FAMILY NO.02 by Jason Noseworthy JAY NOSEWORTHY'S GOLD FAMILY NO.02 by Aug. 29, 2015 802 words Read a sample
Lorna and Tony by Tony Egar Lorna and Tony by Aug. 29, 2015 17768 words Read a sample
When Lorna enters a room the love of God comes with her. Her early life explains some of this. Something about her is special beyond normal understanding. I have been married to her for over 32 years. I have watched her interact with people and it does not change. This invisible feeling moves some to tears of joy, others just want to hug her and others start confiding their deepest secrets.
His Truth Your Nightmare by Mesha Mesh His Truth Your Nightmare by Aug. 29, 2015 46017 words Read a sample
His Truth Your Nightmare is a tale of love, murder, sex, and craziness, all wrapped into one. Two heartbroken people, who were just living life the best way they could, get together and make things happen. Crazy ex's try to get in the way, striking revenge, doing any and everything, to make things harder for the two of them to live in peace. Meet Truth and Legend and see just how deep love can be.
The Survivalistas: Book 3.5- Ava by Shandy Jo The Survivalistas: Book 3.5- Ava by Aug. 29, 2015 3985 words Read a sample
Ava stayed behind to help her father keep the nuclear power plant running when her mother and brothers fled to the Adirondack community set up by The Rev. Now the plant is melting down and Ava is charged with getting important documents to The Rev. But even the best laid plans can have hiccups. Ava lands miles from the designated point and must find a way to get to her destination.
The Towers Of Jerhico by Peter Sargent The Towers Of Jerhico by Aug. 29, 2015 3859 words Read a sample
Inspired by the horror stories of Poe, this is a tale of man dogged by the curse of a perished lighthouse keeper.
Open Eyes by J Scaddon Open Eyes by Aug. 29, 2015 15271 words Read a sample
Gabe works as a Crime Scene Investigator. As he is working a late shift on his own he gets a call out to a sudden death. Whilst at the scene he has a strange encounter with the deceased that takes him on a journey to find the truth out about her death. Plagued with dreams of the moment of her death, it doesn't take long before Gabe stumbles on a secret.
The Storm Within by A. I. Nasser The Storm Within by Aug. 29, 2015 8349 words Read a sample
It is hard to hide the fact that you have powers, but Eric tries hard as he balances academic life with his family’s new “hobby”. When Patrick and Leah walk into his world, he realizes that he is actually part of a much bigger existence than the one he has grown accustomed to.
Desire: Big Bear Outlaw MC Romance Book 1 by Charlotte Byrd Desire: Big Bear Outlaw MC Romance Book 1 by Aug. 29, 2015 10383 words Read a sample
HE SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN AN OUTLAW, I SHOULDN’T HAVE FALLEN FOR HIM Jack Hart was all wrong for me. He was in an Outlaw Motorcycle Club. I was studying pre-med. He was a criminal, and I’ve never even jaywalked. After my mom had left, the last thing I wanted was a relationship. But then I started falling for Jack. Why did he have to have a girlfriend? Why did I have to go out with his brother?
Maneuvers by Bernard Wilkerson Maneuvers by Aug. 29, 2015 33759 words Read a sample
The Hrwang devastate Earth’s leadership and, orbiting in gargantuan ships, prepare for a ground assault. Stanley Russell believes he can turn around the conflict by accepting an ambassadorship. Eva Gilliam also has a plan in mind. She won't go down without a fight, even if it's only a symbolic one.  Bernard Wilkerson's third installment of the Hrwang series hints at darker days ahead for humanity.
APTAVANI 2 - Gnani Purush Dadashri by Shuddha Anami APTAVANI 2 - Gnani Purush Dadashri by Aug. 29, 2015 188609 words Read a sample
Aptavani 2 encompasses the entire science of liberation called Akram Vignan of Gnani Purush Dadashri. Initially published in Gujarati in 1974, this book was the first compilation of satsangs of Gnani Purush Dadashri from actual tape recordings. Akram means without any steps of effort. Vignan means science. This is the comprehensive book of this easy science of liberation from all suffering.
Good Milk by Arla Coopa Good Milk by Aug. 29, 2015 6402 words Read a sample
The guy at the gym has caught her stare. Boy is life about to get weird and fun for this pregnant chick.
Another Saturday Night by James Hold Another Saturday Night by Aug. 29, 2015 1395 words Read a sample
Love is where you find it.
Zero Hour Shifting Power by davidberko Zero Hour Shifting Power by Aug. 29, 2015 65547 words Read a sample
You reap what you sow. If America continues on a path of socialism and progressivism the same thing that's happening in Europe will happen here in the not-too-distant future. Enter: Zero Hour, Shfting Power, the speculative sci-fi thriller about a scary potential reality that isn't too implausible.
Bodies at War: a two-voice performance piece for male and female by James Deagle Bodies at War: a two-voice performance piece for male and female by Aug. 29, 2015 755 words Read a sample
Bodies at War addresses issues of media literacy and self-image in two parts by juxtaposing the outer mileu of media messaging aimed at young women (First Movement) with the inner (gender-neutral) nightmare of self-harm (Second Movement).
The Accident ( The President Series Book 1) by Rose Carter The Accident ( The President Series Book 1) by Aug. 29, 2015 14766 words Read a sample
What begins as a simple accident quickly evolves into a complex web of deception, subterfuge, and murder
Fried Cannabis Day by Frederick T. Dubois Fried Cannabis Day by Aug. 29, 2015 3583 words Read a sample
This short story is a chapter extrapolation and expansion from the forthcoming novel by Frederick T. Dubois called "Fried: Confessions of a Drug Smuggling DJ".
The Wild by Nathan Anton The Wild by Aug. 29, 2015 3398 words Read a sample
Nekona is a feared and respected hunter... but she is also quite the airhead. Being the energetic and silly humanoid cat that she is, she often causes her tribe much trouble and misunderstands the deeper meanings of things. Upon hearing of a tournament, Nekona sets out to find exciting battle but is sidetracked upon smelling something really tasty!
Freelance web developer: 99,99% of the things you need to know by recurvoice Freelance web developer: 99,99% of the things you need to know by Aug. 29, 2015 3821 words Read a sample
A BS free introduction to freelancing for web developers. This guide is also useful for freelancers that want to improve their game. Presented by http://recurvoice.com : Save time and automate your recurring invoices
The Prometheus Incident, A Martian Murder Mystery by Joseph Liaigh The Prometheus Incident, A Martian Murder Mystery by Aug. 29, 2015 19343 words Sample 20%
It was the ultimate cold case. The murders occurred on Mars twenty years ago, so how can Detective Inspector Richardson, a local policeman from Melbourne, Australia, track down the murderer – and why is he being asked to?
Sick Ape : an everyday tale of terrorist folk by Sam Smith Sick Ape : an everyday tale of terrorist folk by Aug. 29, 2015 49418 words Sample 20%
Two divorced men, embittered fathers, cook meals for one another two evenings a week. What ensues is a marriage of disgruntled minds, one wanting to rectify society’s ills, leading to the pair getting labelled terrorists. All within a book dedicated to non-terrorists and ending in one death and this book.
Tania's Slumber Party by Kanika G Tania's Slumber Party by Aug. 29, 2015 2721 words Read a sample
Mama arranges a slumber party to celebrate Tania's 6th birthday. The activities mama has planned are great fun, the food is delicious and the kids get to stay up an hour past their usual bedtime chatting and playing games. But the real drama does not start till everyone is fast asleep. The silence of the night is shattered by a blood curdling scream. Who is screaming and why? Read on to find out.
Break Door : the hacking skill by NIck Blacks Break Door : the hacking skill by Aug. 29, 2015 668 words Sample 30%
the simple skill to break the password.
Money By FIat Preview 08 2015 by Dean Bonkovich Money By FIat Preview 08 2015 by Aug. 29, 2015 3934 words Read a sample
Using the British, U.S. and New Zealand monetary systems, to describe the operations of every central bank throughout the world, Money by Fiat attempts to highlight the dangers of fiat money not only in terms of these same three countries, but also in terms of every central bank that has ever existed.
Diary of a Noob, Book 1: Steve and the Legend of Herobrine by Mark Mulle Diary of a Noob, Book 1: Steve and the Legend of Herobrine by Aug. 29, 2015 5790 words Read a sample
Steve has just woken up in a strange new world made of blocks and needs to learn how to survive fast in this tricky, and sometimes dangerous, universe. It’s trial and error, at first, but luckily, he has help and makes friends along the way. Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons, and Endermen keep Steve on his toes. But can a mysterious legend succeed in turning him into a paranoid mess?
Joy to the World by Zach Neal Joy to the World by Aug. 28, 2015 2696 words Read a sample
It’s Christmas, 1915 and it’s very cold in the trenches. A soldier on guard duty has nothing to do but watch, to listen, and to think. Anyone can calculate the odds—and it doesn’t look good for any of them, no matter what side you’re on. A short story of the Great War.
The Furnace by Damien Lutz The Furnace by Aug. 28, 2015 2406 words Read a sample
Buddy, a military android on an assassination mission, parachutes down into enemy territory with Spot, his four-legged robotic companion. When he suffers a near-death experience mid-mission, Buddy struggles to reconcile his new sense of mortality with his killer directive. The Furnace is a free sample story from the Ten Past Now Anthology, coming December 2015.
The Mind Dump by Jake Lasprogato The Mind Dump by Aug. 28, 2015 3888 words Read a sample
A thoughtful and curious young man becomes an unwitting traveler through the layers of the human mind.
Potato Surprise: A Brimstone Prequel by Angel Martinez Potato Surprise: A Brimstone Prequel by Aug. 28, 2015 26551 words Read a sample
Before Ness, before Corny, before Leopold and Heckle and Mac, there was just Shax and Verin and a newly stolen, er, acquired cargo ship. Join Shax on his first adventure in space in which a pampered demon prince has a lot to learn. When a steel trap of celestial and infernal politics threatens to close around them, Shax and Verin flee Earth’s system in a stolen ship, leaving everything behind.
No Hero by Zach Neal No Hero by Aug. 28, 2015 1396 words Read a sample
It was the Second Battle of Ypres. They gave him the Military medal and called him a hero. He was just one of the ones that survived the first gas attack in history. A short story of the Great War.
Нетрадиционный психоанализ. Избранные научные статьи и выступления на конференциях by Andrey Davydov Нетрадиционный психоанализ. Избранные научные статьи и выступления на конференциях by Aug. 28, 2015 48806 words Read a sample
Данная книга посвящена теме «Системное исследование в области психофизиологии человека». Исследователей изначально интересовал вопрос: «Почему при принципиальной психофизиологической одинаковости человека качества свойств разные?». Ответы на этот и другие вопросы были найдены в результате 40-летних фундаментальных исследований специалиста в области китайской культуры А.Н. Давыдова и его коллег.
Catch God's Train of Blessing by Tony Egar Catch God's Train of Blessing by Aug. 28, 2015 12146 words Read a sample
My name is Tony and I am going to take you on what could be the: ”RIDE OF YOUR LIFE.” I coach people into believing they are special. This is a new way of thinking for most people. I love to see your personal value increase. My job is to provide a ladder with steps that will assist you into your best self-image. Your new level of self-esteem is imminent. Why don’t you get excited? ALL ABOARD!
Locked In by Ashlynn Elliott Locked In by Aug. 28, 2015 1212 words Read a sample
As the sixth addition to the Cat and Dog short stories series, Locked In follows foolish Carmella the collie, as she finds herself stuck in a locker. Now she must try to get out, even though Henry the bulldog tries to make it impossible.
Non-Traditional Psychoanalysis. Selected Scientific Articles And Presentations At Conferences by Andrey Davydov Non-Traditional Psychoanalysis. Selected Scientific Articles And Presentations At Conferences by Aug. 28, 2015 51755 words Read a sample
This book is devoted to the topic of Systemic Research In The Field Of Human Psychophysiology. The following question was interesting to researchers: "Why with principled psychophysiological sameness of humans, qualities differ?" Answers to this & many other questions were found as a result of 40 years of fundamental research carried out by an expert in Chinese culture A. Davydov & his colleagues.
Overheard & Overhead by Mike Bozart Overheard & Overhead by Aug. 28, 2015 1826 words Read a sample
Agents 32 and 33 of psecret psociety take a harrowing bike ride through east Charlotte to a Taco Bell. They recognize the uber-courteous African American employee (from previous visits) behind the counter and exchange pleasantries. Their food arrives and all seems quite ho-hum normal. The 5-star employee then returns to their table. They both share some startling revelations. Approx. 1800 words.
Into The Hole by Ian Thompson Into The Hole by Aug. 28, 2015 9104 words Read a sample
A dark, ancient family secret. Misery, deception and murder... In the prelude to the forthcoming horror novel God Of War. What are the Ramine family hiding? What are they feeding? And could something ever cause their sacred oath to be broken? Special reader bonus: the first two chapters from God Of War.
The Order of the Acolyte Sins of Generations Past by Joshua Pinon The Order of the Acolyte Sins of Generations Past by Aug. 28, 2015 71977 words Read a sample
This is the second installment of the Acolyte, Dawn of a New Hero. The Acolyte returns from his trip with his extra ordinary allies, only to return home to chaos. However, he wasn’t alone with additions to his cause against the newest enemy and the real enemy, the Faceless Foe.
What Are Friends For? by JC Dixon What Are Friends For? by Aug. 28, 2015 69053 words Read a sample
Nick and Chris had been friends since they met at college, ten years ago. While Chris was gay and Nick was straight, that was irrelevant to their friendship. They had been there for each other through thick and thin. So, what would it take to break that friendship?
Confessionale Obscura by A.H. Scott Confessionale Obscura by Aug. 28, 2015 748 words Sample 55%
Confession comes with every touch. From amusement to irk, two lovers revel in sordid fancy. Step inside of A.H. Scott’s “Confessionale Obscura” and experience that rush.
Cultural Exchange by John Smith Cultural Exchange by Aug. 28, 2015 7668 words Read a sample
Sabrina is an exchange student who has found herself in unique situation. Due to a separation she is now living alone with half her host family, the handsome Daddy who she found herself desiring ever since she arrived. Now that her time is almost done she see's her chance to escape her dysfunctional family back in Spain and start a new life here with a man who excites her to no end.
Inside The Cage by Kennie Kayoz Inside The Cage by Aug. 28, 2015 349 words Read a sample
Short length poetry, kinda morbid and dark...
The Elijah Calling by Ken Mentell The Elijah Calling by Aug. 28, 2015 220527 words Read a sample
Have you wondered why Jesus has been absent for 2,000 years? Do you want a better explanation for your friends that you can show them from the scriptures and nature? It has everything to do with hiding a seed in the ground until it is ready to manifest its fruit. Just as a seed fulfills the imagery of death, so must the Messiah…then after being hidden it bursts forth in resurrection.
Jenno's Greenhouse by Jenno Bryce Jenno's Greenhouse by Aug. 28, 2015 2090 words Read a sample
Jenno's idiosyncratic look at the climate change debate with a picture on every page.
Silence on Second Street by Andrew Knighton Silence on Second Street by Aug. 28, 2015 5371 words Read a sample
Foul mouthed Holden Flynn is a policeman on the rocks. His marriage has fallen apart, and now he's the only detective in occupied Greykirk, a city scarred by interplanetary war. Trusted by no-one, supported by no-one, Flynn faces the tangled loyalties of an occupied planet and the broken technology of a shattered city. Everyone knows who killed Annie Talbot, but can Flynn find out why?
Áine by Tricia Murphy Áine by Aug. 28, 2015 94813 words Sample 20%
The story of human conflict when loving the wrong person is coupled with the struggle to survive in Victorian Ireland; being the outcome of the potato blight and the devastation it wreaks upon the close-knit farming communities.
FREE! Chinese Sentence Patterns For Beginners! Lesson 1 by Kevin Peter Lee FREE! Chinese Sentence Patterns For Beginners! Lesson 1 by Aug. 28, 2015 419 words Read a sample
This is the FREE Chinese Sentence Structure For Beginners! Lesson 1 ebook. The process used in this book is the absolute best way to learn how to read and speak Mandarin Chinese. I will be giving out one free lesson every Sunday until the release of my complete book: Chinese Sentence Structure For Beginners! 101 Lessons
One Last Sarabande by John Linwood Grant One Last Sarabande by Aug. 28, 2015 8066 words Read a sample
A series of inexplicable disappearances in West Sussex draw the psychic Abigail Jessop to the Admiral Collingwood inn. With the police unable to do more, Abigail and her companion Henry must unlock the secrets of Carter's Lane before others are lost and two villages are overwhelmed by fear. An Edwardian ghost story, from Tales of the Last Edwardian.
Bercinta by Nasi Lemak Ayam Press Bercinta by Aug. 28, 2015 7787 words Sample 100%
Menarik tertarik kau memang kebabom. sesuai untuk bacaan umum
A Matter of Balance by Margaret Gregory A Matter of Balance by Aug. 28, 2015 1494 words Read a sample
John loved to skate, and he wasn't a coward. He just needed a board to prove it.
Ink Fat by Maria Morisot Ink Fat by Aug. 28, 2015 844 words Read a sample
A short book of experimental poetry by Maria Morisot