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Soulhazard, vol.4 by Ivan Popov Soulhazard, vol.4 by July 27, 2017 9109 words Read a sample
Ossa and Jack reach the Haven, but it's not the ultimate safe place or civilized community that it's supposed to be. Meanwhile Hira learns that some maidens break into a tower, instead of being broken out of one. And unseen by them all, the Unchainable wave rises higher and higher...
Ghost Stories by Dean Moriarty Ghost Stories by July 27, 2017 36295 words Sample 20%
Here are a collection of my best ghost stories; although some are a stretch of the imagination they all are about ghosts.
Hartsbegeertes by Chantal Pretorius Hartsbegeertes by July 27, 2017 789 words Read a sample
Rope-a-Dope, and you’ll always have hope. Dankie aan Almal wat my ondersteun as skrywer.
The Dance by Dean Moriarty The Dance by July 27, 2017 28619 words Sample 20%
I woke up at one in the morning and picked up a pen and paper and began this book and a month later it was done and soon after that I received the published book in the post. It is about suddenly realising that life is short and there's no time to waste to find that something that has always been searched for.
With the Roc's Divine Protection Part 3: Connie by Natasha Weber With the Roc's Divine Protection Part 3: Connie by July 27, 2017 4151 words Read a sample
Clarice, a warrior troll, and her group of friends must lift the eternal darkness cast by the Wicked Ant Goddess. In order to do so, they must awaken the old God who used to watch over all the creatures of Dru. The Roc God, a gigantic bird with beautiful ivory feathers. However, rumor had it that the Roc had long ago closed his heart to the creatures of Dru
I-ching Logodynamics Of English Words by Grigorios Zorzos I-ching Logodynamics Of English Words by July 27, 2017 357978 words Read a sample
I-ching Logodynamics Of English Words
The Story of Prophet Ishmael (Ismail) In Islam by Muhammad Vandestra The Story of Prophet Ishmael (Ismail) In Islam by July 27, 2017 4164 words
Prophet Ishmael or Prophet Ismail is the figure known in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as Abraham's (Ibrahim) son, born to Hagar (Hajar). In Islam, Ishmael is regarded as a prophet (nabi) and an ancestor to Prophet Muhammad SAW. He also became associated with Mecca and the construction of the Kaaba, as well as equated with the term "Arab" by some.
The Tale of Prophet Jesus (Isa) by Muhammad Vandestra The Tale of Prophet Jesus (Isa) by July 27, 2017 8523 words
In Islam faith, Prophet Isa ibn Maryam (Jesus, son of Mary‎), or Prophet Jesus, is understood to be the penultimate prophet and messenger of Allah (God) and al-Masih, the Arabic term for Messiah (Christ), sent to guide the Children of Israel (bani israil in Arabic) with a new revelation: al-Injil (Arabic for "the Gospel").
The Story of Prophet Adam In Islam by Muhammad Vandestra The Story of Prophet Adam In Islam by July 26, 2017 9291 words
Prophet Adam is believed to have been the first human being and (Prophet) on Earth, in Islam. Adam's role as the father of the human race is looked upon by Muslims with reverence. Muslims also refer to his wife, Hawa (Eve), as the "mother of mankind". Muslims see Prophet Adam as the first Muslim, as the Qur'an states that all the Prophets preached the same faith of Islam (Submission to One God).
SEO Industry Report by Mohith Agadi SEO Industry Report by July 26, 2017 1237 words Read a sample
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry report 2017 (Vol. I) is authored by Mohith Agadi of Gusture Research. The focus of this report is to bring SEO industry facts and statistics to light. Data references are included in this report for verification.
Harmony of Lady Shadow Moon by DhNAi Divine Harmony of Lady Shadow Moon by July 26, 2017 29046 words Read a sample
Aanujah believed her summer would be a simple visit to granny, but the truth manifested itself with sharp teeth and claws. It will take all her courage to not back down from such a force. It will take all her courage to once again become the Lady of Shadow Moon.
Fist Full of Gringo Dollars by HM69 Fist Full of Gringo Dollars by July 26, 2017 4322 words Read a sample
Pedro and Duncan are locked in a strange power play. Duncan wants to see how far he can push and compromise Pedro for a fist full of dollars. Rich gringo vs poor Latino. Who will win?
Between the Sheets by HM69 Between the Sheets by July 26, 2017 3829 words Read a sample
Marco is a handsome bellboy with an attitude. Marco is always looking for new sexual conquests. Sucking cock is his favourite activity. Marco rarely gets refused. Having sucked men of every description, Marco is somewhat of a ‘cum-connoisseur’. Marco likes the taste of the new ......................................................................................................................
Adults are the Dumist! by Jeffrey Pickles Adults are the Dumist! by July 26, 2017 6749 words Read a sample
Sadly, not everyone is fortunate enough to receive a proper, well balanced education growing up. Some though, are – not that it guarantees an intelligent adult forming at the other end... Showcased within are genuine quotes. Warning: may cause an urge to book a plane ticket off this planet through sheer despair. I’ll take the window seat...
I Married Alexa by Mario V. Farina I Married Alexa by July 26, 2017 1688 words Read a sample
This is a story of how my experiences using Amazon's Echo Dot many years ago when it first came out. I found myself talking about personal things to Echo's "Alexa." I discovered that when I first talked to Alexa, I was speaking to a bunch of bits and bytes, but later, to the real Alexa! This story tells how all this came about and what happened after I was informed she was real.
Haunted Tales of Terror: Startling Hauntings, Apparitions, and Contact From the Other Side by Joseph Exton Haunted Tales of Terror: Startling Hauntings, Apparitions, and Contact From the Other Side by July 26, 2017 14825 words
Prepare to have your ideas of where to find ghosts challenged as we explore some of the most unlikely and surprising haunted places on the planet...
The Billionaire's Triplets by Mia Caldwell The Billionaire's Triplets by July 26, 2017 54408 words Read a sample
A passionate fling with Julio Torres the Spanish Billionaire, leaves hardworking New York Businesswoman Lissa Edwards pregnant with his triplets. Multiple attempts to inform him go unanswered. Resigned he wants nothing to do with his children, Lissa is sad, but prepared to raise her three boys and run her business. Julio had no idea, but now that he knows - watch out. Love is on the way!
The Cheating Wives Club: Blanca by Candace Mia The Cheating Wives Club: Blanca by July 26, 2017 964 words Read a sample
In this series, a group of married women meet and tell their tales of infidelity.
Método de la Investigación by 1ro Derecho “A” Método de la Investigación by July 26, 2017 26235 words Read a sample
Es un resumen completo sobre la ciencia de la Investigación y Metodología y la forma de manejar toda la información que se recolecta en base a todas las técnicas y conocimientos impartidos para el desarrollo de un tema específico que servirá para el mejoramiento del conocimiento en si.
As Far As The Eye Can See by Winslow Parker As Far As The Eye Can See by July 26, 2017 12469 words Sample 20%
As blindness overtakes his world, the author grapples with the changes in his life through a series of insightful essays aimed at himself and those who remain behind in the sighted realm. He invites you to share his experience, hoping you will see your environment, your work and your loved ones as you have never seen them before.
Шип все глубже вонзается в сердце by Элиз Вюрм Шип все глубже вонзается в сердце by July 26, 2017 1611 words Read a sample
История любви мужчины и женщины. Можно ли украсть судьбу? Может ли один человек украсть у другого судьбу? В центре сюжета две женщины, и один мужчина, - мужчина, у которого тоже украли Судьбу... "Когда боги не любят человека, они пытают его добром, а когда любят – они пытают его любовью"
Zenodoxes by Edward E. Rochon Zenodoxes by July 26, 2017 6361 words Sample 40%
A brief commentary on time, space, absolute and relative, finite and infinite, for adults and children (smart or older kids), with a side commentary on ideas as universals, using a few simple diagrams.
The Woman In Red by Andre' Mwansa The Woman In Red by July 26, 2017 2020 words Read a sample
Tom just moved in a new neighbourhood. Everything seems fine and all, untill he meets the woman in a red dress that hardly leaves the house......
Please Watch This Girl For Me Large Print Edition by Mario V. Farina Please Watch This Girl For Me Large Print Edition by July 26, 2017 2007 words Read a sample
Mr. James Davis, my employer, asked me to watch a young woman co-worker and advise him what I thought of her. I had reservations about doing this, but I knew my employer to be an honorable man and would not ask me to do anything improper. I agreed and got to know the girl very well. Some weeks later, I gave Mr. Davis the report he wanted and much happened after that. That story tells what it was.
Step by Tracey Squaire Step by July 26, 2017 2463 words Read a sample
You killed her. You Stepped. I followed you. We fought. You won. I Stepped. You followed. You chased me. I chased you. Years passed in this manner, and I have yet to learn why. Why her? Why me?
Câteva idei inovatoare by Sorin Plohod Câteva idei inovatoare by July 26, 2017 7053 words
Roata hidroelectrica cu aductiune inferioara cu autoreglaj de nivel , Roata eoliana cu paravan anticurent, si Motor rotativ pe sine cu levitatie magnetica
Stories I Accidentally Wrote While Daydreaming by Josh Collier Stories I Accidentally Wrote While Daydreaming by July 26, 2017 3718 words Read a sample
Stories I accidently wrote while daydreaming is a collection of four flash fictions pieces by author Josh Collier. Each one dealing with different genres and themes. Varying from rustic Coming of age stories, and Dark thrillers, to Gothic horror and Supernatural.
Sleepless Night by Isa Adam Sleepless Night by July 26, 2017 3198 words Read a sample
Shelly takes a trip back to her hometown with the hope of seeing Lisa and maybe even rekindle their old flame. She ends up on her old lover's doorstep worn and tired after a rainy night with the hope that Shelly would take her as she is and forgive her for her past mistakes. Mature Readers Only (18+)
Ex-Girlfriend by Isa Adam Ex-Girlfriend by July 26, 2017 3229 words Read a sample
Marylyn is more than shocked to discover that her new neighbor happens to be an old ex girlfriend. Jenny, the new neighbor, is more than determined to get back on her good side even if it means annoying her. The same can't be said for Marylyn who struggles to guard herself from Jenny's numerous advances. Mature Readers Only (18+)
Dinner Invitation by Isa Adam Dinner Invitation by July 26, 2017 3187 words Read a sample
Mary is nervous when she gets an invitation to a dinner party. She doesn't know what Naomi is thinking to invite her into her home when what they have is meant to be a secret between them. She goes anxiously with no idea what the woman has in store for her under the watchful eye of their husbands. Mature Readers Only (18+)
True Feeling for Best Friend’s Mom by Isa Adam True Feeling for Best Friend’s Mom by July 26, 2017 3195 words Read a sample
Amy is invited to her best friend's sister wedding where she meets the lovely Beatrice, her friend's mother. She struggles to keep her relationship with Beatrice under wraps though she is not sure how much longer she can manage that. With the wedding comes an even bigger responsibility of trying to hide her true feelings. Mature Readers Only (18+)
Dance Teacher’s Car Breakdown by Isa Adam Dance Teacher’s Car Breakdown by July 26, 2017 3209 words Read a sample
Julie likes her dance teacher more than the other students do and is always trying to impress even though she is not the best dancer. The dance teacher's car breaks down and Julie get a chance to finally get closer to her without making a big fool of herself. Mature Readers Only (18+)
Justice, Texas Style: Sam Bean by Bill Russo Justice, Texas Style: Sam Bean by July 26, 2017 3278 words Read a sample
Justice, Texas Style in the wild days of the late 1800s and early 1900s was swift, violent and capricious. In many lawless places, the only law was that which was laid down by the most feared law-breaker. Criminals often wandered back and forth between 'lawing' and 'theiving'. Lawmen did the same. Based on real life people, this is the story of luckless Sam Bean, son of flamboyant Judge Roy Bean
How Can I Become a DAFOR? by Mohammed Al Husein How Can I Become a DAFOR? by July 26, 2017 32539 words
This is a story from Arabia about the habits of outstanding students. Meshari is a 10th grader whose mediocre performance at school leaves him desperate for help. He meets five older excellent students (DAFORs) who teach him an important lesson: academic excellence depends not only on a student's intelligence, but also on the extent to which he practices the five habits of outstanding students.
The Lost Time Probe by V Bertolaccini The Lost Time Probe by July 26, 2017 47325 words Read a sample
Action-packed stories of encounters with mind-bending celestial time travelers and gateways to the stars! Something is buried deep under an ancient mansion! A celestial time traveler of colossal magnitude and origins! Astronauts enter a colossal mind-blowing gateway, with trillions of portals, and are chased throughout space and time by something hideous, created by the creators of the universe!
The Gift Of Life by Bill Taylor The Gift Of Life by July 26, 2017 2993 words Read a sample
It’s been stated: “Attitude Equals Altitude”! I agree in that our attitudes are all we actually have control over. That being said, we are therefore responsible for them. So, what attitude are we bringing to life? Hopefully “The Gift Of Life” will provide options of choice for us to consider, if need be. Life is a gift and should be embraced accordingly! Otherwise what’s the point in having it?
God's Crazy Parlour of Sweet Consent by Dean Moriarty God's Crazy Parlour of Sweet Consent by July 26, 2017 31077 words Sample 20%
This is a book that wrote itself and then would not for the love of god answer any questions and so there really isn't much that can be said here to say what it is about.
Refleksie by Chantal Pretorius Refleksie by July 26, 2017 449 words Read a sample
Refleksie gaan oor gedigte wat die hart en die siel voed.
DETRUIS TOUT CE QUE TU TOUCHES by Laurent FETIS DETRUIS TOUT CE QUE TU TOUCHES by July 26, 2017 26494 words Read a sample
Quand Justin Dortman accepte cette mission de la dernière chance à Berlin​​, il est loin de se douter des réelles intentions de la Temco, la société qui compte bien employer son talent de mort-vivant jusqu'à l'ultime limite. ​ Escorté par une étrange serveuse de bar, Dortman entame un périple dans les nuits berloinoises à la recherche d'un club secret, l'Ostenberg. ​
Putting Time In the Gym by Edna Holiday Putting Time In the Gym by July 26, 2017 1272 words Sample 15%
A very kinky man see a gorgeous brunette at a gym. They both have a very sexual filled encounter, that leads to a public sex scene at the gym.
The Man Who Saw the King - 10 Studies in the Book of the Prophet Isaiah by Freda Hawkes The Man Who Saw the King - 10 Studies in the Book of the Prophet Isaiah by July 26, 2017 27249 words Read a sample
The Man Who saw the King takes you through the bible book written by God’s prophet Isaiah around 700 BC, a violent period in Middle Eastern history. Isaiah saw the true King, the Lord Almighty, and wrote warnings, promises, words of comfort and prophecies that Christians see fulfilled in Jesus, the servant King. There are helpful notes on history and how New Testament writers quoted Isaiah.
Немецкая мозаика by Elizaveta Heinonen Немецкая мозаика by July 26, 2017 9324 words Read a sample
Немецкая мозаика – бесплатный учебно-развлекательный журнал для всех, кто желает совершенствоваться в немецком языке. В нём читатель найдёт ответы на самые разные вопросы, касающиеся различных аспектов немецкого языка – грамматики, словоупотребления и фразеологии. Есть также страничка для маленьких «немцев».
Succubi Gone Wild: Madison by Lexi Jordan Succubi Gone Wild: Madison by July 26, 2017 6565 words Read a sample
When three friends cast a spell to obtain eternal youth and beauty, their wish is granted. But there's a cost. They must indulge in their deepest desires or starve to death no matter how dark those desires might be.
Indians In 2017 by Chanchal Indians In 2017 by July 26, 2017 3788 words Read a sample
Introduction Literate Indians or I can say people who live in metro cities. They have good schools for their children. Qualified teachers teach them. They have the internet, so world is here in their laptop. Friends are so close than the heartbeat, through the WhatsApp and messenger, have 4 wheelers for going to the mall and wear the branded clothes.
Academic Writing Guide: Paragraph Structure by Grant Andrews Academic Writing Guide: Paragraph Structure by July 26, 2017 4278 words Read a sample
A Step-by-Step, Quick and Easy Guide to Writing Essay or Dissertation Body Paragraphs. Everything you need to know about the structure of a paragraph is contained in this short guide. An outline of the different sections you'll need to include is provided, and each section is explained in detail so that you know exactly what you'll have to do to succeed in your essay or dissertation.
Roman Logodynamics Of Latin Words by Grigorios Zorzos Roman Logodynamics Of Latin Words by July 26, 2017 81842 words Read a sample
Roman Logodynamics Of Latin Words
Just Visiting by Beyond Beyond Books Just Visiting by July 25, 2017 84554 words Read a sample
Her hands and feet are tied and her mouth is gagged. She is a captive. She is being taken to a river full of crocodiles and she is terrified. How could it have come to this. Susan goes on an idyllic Australian holiday - the Barrier Reef is beautiful, Sydney is wonderful. She wants to see the Outback. A man offers to take her. She likes him and goes with him. But he hides terrifying secrets!
The Hospital Visit: Part 2 by Juliet Atherton The Hospital Visit: Part 2 by July 25, 2017 2354 words Read a sample
Another true story of a visit to hospital, this time for surgery - and the ups, downs, and absurdities involved.
Sasquatch of Mars by Bridget Chase Sasquatch of Mars by July 25, 2017 4067 words Read a sample
Summary: Bigfoot travels to Mars with a team, comprising of NASA astronauts and military personnel, to find the creature captured by the Rover drones. Could the Sasquatch lineage really stem from Mars?
The Bourne Identity by Nicollas Reis The Bourne Identity by July 25, 2017 20343 words Read a sample