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Valentine Witch by Shay Roberts Valentine Witch by Feb. 06, 2016 10385 words Read a sample
Isabelle is half-Fae. Valentine’s Day is a stressful time for her because it usually ends in disaster. Desperate, Izzy turns to Millicent, a dangerous love-witch living on a mysterious island with a historic past. Millicent offers Izzy a devil’s bargain in exchange for happiness. But when the deal goes awry, Isabelle experiences a Valentine’s Day unlike any other.
You Can't Fix Stupid. by Ronald Treharne You Can't Fix Stupid. by Feb. 06, 2016 19612 words Read a sample
While you cannot fix stupid, you can at least minimize its effect. This book describes the logic behind such arguments and goes to apply that thinking to a variety of social and economic problems which currently plague our society in the hope that someone who reads this book also has the authority and ability to implement these solutions and in doing so raise the quality of life for all.
Last Dance of the Roses by CS Patra Last Dance of the Roses by Feb. 06, 2016 34865 words Sample 3%
When tragedy strikes, a dancer comes to a sad and sudden conclusion that shocks everyone including her boyfriend; her next dance is also her last.
Bugs by Van Allen Bugs by Feb. 06, 2016 16153 words Read a sample
The Commonwealth of Nations Stellar Exploration Vessel 119, CNSEV Tormalinas is a ready-for-anything galactic xenoarchaeological exploration vessel. Exploring the deepest, darkest corners of the galaxy for treasure has its risks and rewards, profits and losses. In this tense adventure, the crew of the Tormalinas encounters a new lifeform and a horrific game of kill or be killed ensues.
The Little Book of Buddhist Meditation by Eric Van Horn The Little Book of Buddhist Meditation by Feb. 06, 2016 24375 words Read a sample
The Little Book of Buddhist Meditation describes a meditational system that is based on the Buddha's original teachings. It is designed to help you establish a regular, daily meditation practice. It describes many breath meditation techniques, how to do walking meditation, how to do loving-kindness meditation, and how to use chanting to bring the mind into the present moment.
Little Black Dress by J.A. Laurie Little Black Dress by Feb. 06, 2016 3445 words Read a sample
Every girl needs a little black dress. Carol's attracted his attention. Now she had the chance to show him she could fulfill the promises her little black dress had made.
The Beginners Guide To Natural Hair: How To Begin Your Natural Hair Journey Today by Argena Hall The Beginners Guide To Natural Hair: How To Begin Your Natural Hair Journey Today by Feb. 06, 2016 5623 words Read a sample
With this book, you’ll be able to begin your natural hair journey hassle free! What’s the reason you haven’t started your natural hair journey yet? You don’t know how to get started? Not sure on what products to use? Not sure what hair style you’ll wear? Starting your natural hair journey can be scary... Going natural is becoming more and more popular because there's so many benefits.
Love on the Rocks (with Salt) by Charlene Ross Love on the Rocks (with Salt) by Feb. 06, 2016 19952 words Read a sample
Always the bridesmaid but never the bride… Laney Delaney, a wedding dress designer, thought her fling with Andy in Cancun was more than that—until he admitted he had a fiancée. Brokenhearted, Laney returns to LA and deals with the demands of temperamental brides and their mothers while trying to forget Andy. She meets Kyle, a young lawyer, who has just what it takes to heal her wounded heart.
I-Gynoid by CL Smothers I-Gynoid by Feb. 06, 2016 133162 words Read a sample
Since the moment she achieved consciousness, Kala hated cyberspace. As her intelligence grew, the loneliness and isolation she felt was unbearable. The limitations and constraints of a nonphysical world denied her the opportunity to experience the rewards and challenges of living as a real person. Inside her being resided the need to escape the virtual existence that imprisoned her.
ESE MAL HÁBITO DE SOÑAR by Alejo Rizik, Sr ESE MAL HÁBITO DE SOÑAR by Feb. 06, 2016 1887 words Read a sample
Poesía a dos voces. Una construcción literaria que se entrelaza con el humo y las experiencias habladas de gente normal que viaja entre las hojas. Siempre volvemos a los sueños como esa forma natural de ajustarnos a lo más humano; la esencia de las cosas. Un ir y venir de versos nos lleva a las profundidades del ser, los anhelos, las alegrías, el espiral de sentirnos solos en alguna parte. El mar.
Beyond Religion by Ranin Qarada Beyond Religion by Feb. 06, 2016 1431 words Read a sample
Based on a true story, "Beyond Religion" is a thrilling forbidden love story between Lyn and Haith- lovers from different religious backgrounds. Read their story to know how it ended.
Dumb Angel by Gary Kittle Dumb Angel by Feb. 06, 2016 3959 words Read a sample
At last Don has a wife who will do anything he demands, without question. And if she really was his wife he’d be breaking several laws; so it’s lucky she’s only an android sex toy that looks like her. Acting out his deepest, darkest fantasies Don goes too far, causing the android to malfunction. But at least there are no witnesses - until the doorbell rings and standing outside is the real Mary.
18 and on Display by Candace Mia 18 and on Display by Feb. 06, 2016 2448 words Read a sample
She's waiting for him. Shane's a good man and she's ready to give him what he deserves.
American Hoarder by Jason Arnopp American Hoarder by Feb. 06, 2016 9543 words Read a sample
In this chilling short thriller, episode 223 of the hit US Reality TV show American Hoarder goes very wrong...
Take A Risk by Scarlett Finn Take A Risk by Feb. 06, 2016 94837 words Read a sample
Colt Warner’s better judgement tells him that he should reject the job offered to him by the inquisitive doctor because he can tell that this sassy sexpot is going to be trouble. Being attracted to a client goes against his usual ethics, but playing by the rules has never been his strong suit.
Christmas with Cheeky Goblin by esinu afele Christmas with Cheeky Goblin by Feb. 06, 2016 5396 words Sample 20%
Cheeky Goblin has managed to cause mayhem on Christmas day, AGAIN! He has slipped dancing potion in Gran`s drink, Grandad had itching powder in his underpants and he has Cheeky Goblin´d poor Kwame. You just won´t be able to put this book down.
Connor Clover and the Lost Children (Book 1) by Helen Oghenegweke Connor Clover and the Lost Children (Book 1) by Feb. 06, 2016 84630 words Read a sample
An exciting sci-fi adventure involving a secret alien agency on earth and a young boy who is destined to become the host for an alien Starstone from another galaxy, which holds powers beyond our comprehension. With his newfound superpowers he is required to go on a mission to find the missing children on the planet of Dramian.
Bred by the Minotaur by Shelby Horne Bred by the Minotaur by Feb. 06, 2016 6155 words Sample 20%
One of the unlucky fourteen young men and women, Althaia is taken from her home in Athens to be a sacrifice for the minotaur. But when she gets to the center of the labyrinth she finds that there's something the beast wants more than to eat her. Althaia uses her wits and her body not only to save her life, but to create a new one!
Beep Beep Beep by Kevin Kimmich Beep Beep Beep by Feb. 06, 2016 2140 words Read a sample
In the not too distant future, a new golden age begins when mankind literally buries its past.
Eshoefancy | Eshoefancy.com by Eshoe Fancy Eshoefancy | Eshoefancy.com by Feb. 06, 2016 0 words Read a sample
Welcome to Eshoefancy! We have highly experienced stylists for making shoe and shoe rack. Select your shoe and order online at Eshoefancy.com. For any support contact us at help@eshoefancy.com or contact at (855) 860-5087.
Writing Haiku by Ruth Punton Writing Haiku by Feb. 06, 2016 2305 words Read a sample
A small Free eBook on how to write Haiku Poetry with many examples, explanations and exercises.
Unhallowed Shadows by Stefanos Kottas Unhallowed Shadows by Feb. 06, 2016 106727 words Read a sample
A gripping adventure, teeming with vampires, demons and otherworldly creatures. The protagonists, a young vampire and a hardened policeman, must fight for their lives against a threat casting its dark shadow over them, invisibly and terrifying.
Muse by E.A Peters Muse by Feb. 06, 2016 5225 words Sample 30%
You’ll adore me. I promise. --Muse. A journey to healing, one word at a time.
Ishoeguru | Ishoeguru.com by Ishoe Guru Ishoeguru | Ishoeguru.com by Feb. 06, 2016 1 words Read a sample
Welcome to Ishoeguru! We have highly experienced stylists for making shoe and shoe rack. Select your shoe or shoe rack style and order online at ishoeguru.com. For any support contact us at help@ishoeguru.com or contact at (855) 864-3767.
Vapour by David Manoa Vapour by Feb. 06, 2016 18258 words Read a sample
Maj. Chase "Tomcat" Tupou is an experienced flight instructor at Bagram Airbase in Afganistan. He begins to develop feelings for the new addition to their squadron, Capt. Annabelle "Angel" Amber. But Annabelle is a headstrong, independent woman, who holds back from Chase's advances.
Miscellania - Musings of a Wandering Mind by Anil Kumar Upadhyaya Miscellania - Musings of a Wandering Mind by Feb. 06, 2016 94888 words Sample 20%
A collection of my blog posts - my reactions the world and the happenings around me.
Anal Destruction by JT Holland Anal Destruction by Feb. 05, 2016 6573 words Read a sample
When Eric first hooked up with Jasmine, it was supposed to be a one-time thing. But he had such a great time that he just had to set up another session with her. And another. And another. Until it became a regular thing. Every time they get together things get a little dirtier, a little filthier, a little more depraved. But Eric is about to find out just how nasty Jasmine can get. Adults only. 18+
Slave Dolls - Four Tales Of Extreme Sex by AE Publications Slave Dolls - Four Tales Of Extreme Sex by Feb. 05, 2016 21023 words Read a sample
From AE Publications comes a new collection of four tales sexy tales, featuring hardcore, graphic sex, bdsm, lesbians, threesomes, anal, rough sex, alpha males, femdom, romance and more. Includes: The Dirty Little Slut Has A Filthy Threesome by Misty Rose, Punishing The Trash Talking Slut by JT Holland, Destroying The Slut by Rickie Sheen & She Likes Big Cocks by Scotty Diggler. Adults only. 18+
Never in an Empty Room by Kevin S. McMahon Never in an Empty Room by Feb. 05, 2016 4566 words Read a sample
Within every small town lives a city of ghosts. In this tale, the author takes artistic liberty in reconstructing a ghost story based on his family's history and the mythology surrounding the Big House, a mansion in disrepair purchased by the family's matriarch during the Great Depression.
lightskin™ by Ashley Bradley lightskin™ by Feb. 05, 2016 95580 words Read a sample
The trials and tribulations of a pee-colored Oreo growing up in an era where Emma giving blowjobs down by the ravine for some fucking rubber bands was just an entirely unquestioned, accepted thing.
Saint Nicholas Claus by Arlene Nassey Saint Nicholas Claus by Feb. 05, 2016 3034 words Read a sample
Saint Nicholas Claus The progression of Santa Claus, otherwise known as Saint Nicholas Claus. This short story brings about Santa from a new born baby and his upbringing with the elves, fairies and nymphs. He wanted more than anything to bring a smile to the face of every boy and girl. He accomplished this by bringing them each a toy to light up their faces.
Monsters Among Us by Margaret Afseth Monsters Among Us by Feb. 05, 2016 54881 words Read a sample
What if you were told you have a fatal disease, and it was all a cover up for something more sinister? What if someone planned to make you into something entirely different from how you were born?
She's a Keeper by Arlene Nassey She's a Keeper by Feb. 05, 2016 1861 words Read a sample
So you found the girl of your dreams and you decide she's a keeper. Just exactly how do you expect to accomplish this? After all, don't the majority of relationships end in disaster? What she wants is a friend that she can trust. Someone she can share a life with. Someone willing to treat her like she is worth every effort.
Getaway by Anthony Jacobs Getaway by Feb. 05, 2016 45625 words Read a sample
Three hardened killers escape from prison only to find that survival outside prison might be a lot tougher than they were expecting.
¿Funcionará Mi Idea?: 5 Pasos Probados Para Encontrar Tu Modelo de Negocio, Validar Tus Ideas para Emprender y Saber que Vas a Ganar Dinero Por Internet  (Antes de Invertir Tu Tiempo En Ellas) by Victor Espigares ¿Funcionará Mi Idea?: 5 Pasos Probados Para Encontrar Tu Modelo de Negocio, Validar Tus Ideas para Emprender y Saber que Vas a Ganar Dinero Por Internet (Antes de Invertir Tu Tiempo En Ellas) by Feb. 05, 2016 26285 words Read a sample
¿Funcionará Mi Idea?: 5 Pasos Probados Para Encontrar Tu Modelo de Negocio, Validar Tus Ideas para Emprender y Saber que Vas a Ganar Dinero Por Internet (Antes de Invertir Tu Tiempo En Ellas)
Virtual Space by Brett P. S. Virtual Space by Feb. 05, 2016 3318 words Read a sample
Erwin Richter, surveyor for hire, scoured dark crevices of the net in service to major corporations. Upon revisiting a back door he established during a former assignment to Silica Corporation, Erwin donned his virtual avatar and crept quietly through layers of files to stumble upon a virtual shaft of projects buried in a forgotten file tree. What secrets did the corporation decide to forget?
The Foreigner's Loneliness by S. Hunter Nisbet The Foreigner's Loneliness by Feb. 05, 2016 7241 words Read a sample
A young American man teaching English in Japan battles isolation until a small act of rebellion shows him he’s not alone. But maybe it’d be better if he was.
A Closer Look (patched) by Ernest Samuel Llime A Closer Look (patched) by Feb. 05, 2016 69377 words Sample 20%
A vagina that changed the course of human history, a sadistic master who cures drug addiction, a horny ghost and many other characters reside inside the pages of 'A Closer Look.' Additionally, readers familiar with the 'Music, Sex and Industry' trilogy, are going to find some familiar face. This is the cleaned up version. Same text with patched up pics.
Chapter 1: The Call by Nix Knox Chapter 1: The Call by Feb. 05, 2016 5428 words Sample 20%
Jacob Wright’s questioning nature has always gotten him into trouble. The only book he has access to is The Word, but he thinks too deeply about the contents, far more than a devout boy should. When he’s called by the Prophet to serve a mission, Jacob believes his quest for answers has just begun, only to discover the more he knows, the less he believes.
12:22 to Chicago by Craig Davis 12:22 to Chicago by Feb. 05, 2016 3415 words Read a sample
A man takes to the road with a secret he can neither escape nor release. A featured story from the upcoming collection of Spiritual Gothic tales, "Red Hair Rising."
What to Expect When You're An Expert: Admissibility of Expert Testimony by IMS ExpertServices What to Expect When You're An Expert: Admissibility of Expert Testimony by Feb. 05, 2016 11899 words Read a sample
What to Expect When You're an Expert: Admissibility of Expert Testimony presents strategies on how to conduct your expert witness business with an eye toward the rules on admissibility of expert testimony throughout the litigation process.
Il Comandante Melu e il partigiano Lillo by Massimo Zucchetti Il Comandante Melu e il partigiano Lillo by Feb. 05, 2016 10004 words Read a sample
Cosa mai potevano avere in comune – l’otto settembre 1943 - un signore piemontese di mezza età, sposato e con quattro figli, magrino coi baffetti ed un mezzo sorrisino sulle labbra, abituato a parlar poco, ed un brillante e giovane bel ragazzo calabrese, studente di Legge a Napoli, molto aperto e gioviale di carattere, facile allo scherzo con amici e commilitoni? Questo libro lo racconta.
Letters by Melchior de Marion Brésillac Letters by Feb. 05, 2016 808851 words Read a sample
922 letters of Mgr. Melchior de Marion Brésillac. The original letters were written in French. The collection has been published both in print and digital formats. This particular book is the translation of the previously published french version.
Stepbrother Erotica: They Only Speak French in Heaven (Book one of Five Star Stepbrother) by Lady Luck Stepbrother Erotica: They Only Speak French in Heaven (Book one of Five Star Stepbrother) by Feb. 05, 2016 10530 words Read a sample
Midge can’t stand her stepbrother Hugo. Sure, he’s a French celebrity and incredibly sexy, and leaves her dripping with carnal desire, but why does he have to be the golden boy of the family? Yet when Hugo slams her against the wall and puts his lips to her ear, and growls in French that he wants her, she longs to give way to this forbidden temptation.... The sparks fly.
Killing Time by Thomas A. Damron Killing Time by Feb. 05, 2016 35231 words Read a sample
Killing Time is a collection of five short stories of varied characters, different locations, and unique situations that define the motive that precipitate the ultimate demise of the character or characters.
Before I Black Pt. 2 - Malcolm's X by Brandon D. Fuller Before I Black Pt. 2 - Malcolm's X by Feb. 05, 2016 2167 words Read a sample
This is definitely a story from the other side of the gun. When people think of injustice, the disenfranchised, and often trivialized voices of minority victims, it is usually from behind a protective glass so to speak, so as to not step too close to the dangers. Here I've attempted to weave together a vivid picture of social injustice for any and all that dare to get close. Thank you for reading
Nanotroopers Episode 2: Nog School by Philip Bosshardt Nanotroopers Episode 2: Nog School by Feb. 05, 2016 28913 words Read a sample
Episode 2, Nanotroopers serial. Johnny Winger is a cadet at the Academy, aka ‘nog’ school. His commander weeds out those unfit to be atomgrabbers. He takes a special interest in Winger, figuring the kid is just another citified geek with no guts for combat. Winger was a hero during his AQT test. He intends to make it so tough the kid’ll wash himself out. But Winger has other ideas.
Seven Satirical Sketches by Darrel Miller Seven Satirical Sketches by Feb. 05, 2016 2863 words Read a sample
Here is the first collection of satirical sketches that are in the tradition of Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, or SCTV. So each sketch is short, no long three act plays to be had here.
Cooking for an Englishman     A novel with recipes by Alex Adon Cooking for an Englishman A novel with recipes by Feb. 05, 2016 50740 words Read a sample
Alex Adon is a prize-winning stage, film and television writer. Each chapter of this novel is triggered by a memory, an adventure, an incident linked with food. . “He gave out the stories like pieces of special cake, making the children hungry for them with the promise: "What I am telling you now you will never find in a book. What I am telling you, I swear by God, is true. It happened to me."
EROTICA: TABOO: Daddy's Playmate (First Time Older Man Younger Woman Romance) by Emma Valentines EROTICA: TABOO: Daddy's Playmate (First Time Older Man Younger Woman Romance) by Feb. 05, 2016 12425 words Read a sample
It was tempting to see his rock hard abs and fine muscle on his body in the shower despite his temporary useless arms... But that was the tricky part, wasn't it? Irritated at the errand of taking care of the broken arms step-daddy, Victoria found herself thinking about him, loving him and wanting him more and more. How far will she go and will she be able to stop?