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Death and Life and Death by Michael Allender Death and Life and Death by Aug. 25, 2016 4006 words Read a sample
Abbie Joules and her older brother, Bendigo, have to face the reality of mortality as their favorite aunt--Sherry--succumbs to a deadly disease. Fighting despair, Bendigo volunteers at the hospital, trying to drown his sorrow in good deeds for the less fortunate, a tribute to his beloved aunt. But in an act of devilish irony, he encounters evil incarnate.
Knocked Up For Christmas by Sophie Sin Knocked Up For Christmas by Aug. 25, 2016 5338 words Read a sample
The illicit world of one young woman's employment has a wicked present in store for her at the office Christmas party. What she has never done before will be done. A story about more than just getting knocked up: This one is as freaky as it gets.
Stellarsexual by Caroline Beneš Stellarsexual by Aug. 25, 2016 10729 words Read a sample
The universe is full of pleasures... You just need to know where to find them. Stella is an exceedingly sexual being looking for her place in this chaotic world. And in many, many other worlds, too. "Stellarsexual" is best described as comedic sci-fi erotica and is the first instalment in the series. Further volumes to be released soon.
Latinismos, Latinajos y Aforismos by Dr. Manuel Gonzalez Rivera Latinismos, Latinajos y Aforismos by Aug. 25, 2016 33116 words Read a sample
Extensa recopilación del Dr. González Rivera, de frases comunes, aforismos de derecho y aforismos de Hipócrates, en latín, con su traducción al español y una guía de la pronunciación correcta en latín.
Snapchat 39 by Mitchell Jespersen Snapchat 39 by Aug. 25, 2016 1383 words Read a sample
Reading about a couple's love life, a stranger online becomes part of it. Midori's friend helps with translation. "Looking at those photos you sent, I can’t help thinking it may be a shame you didn’t meet Akemi before her husband did. I think you’d be good for her. I picture you two together." Chapters added almost daily.
Christianity Revealed: A Road Map to Sacred Design by Dallas James Christianity Revealed: A Road Map to Sacred Design by Aug. 25, 2016 63887 words Read a sample
My book, Christianity Revealed: A Road Map to Sacred Design, was published in July, 2000. This is a digital reprint of that work that represents my understanding at that time.
The King 50 by Mitchell Jespersen The King 50 by Aug. 25, 2016 1073 words Read a sample
Mitchell looked at another work Akemi did with her theater group. He found it on video. This one took the form of a drama. She and a man interacted in an apartment- not their home, it appeared, A love story in short chapters added almost daily.
The God Lab by Ulf Wolf The God Lab by Aug. 25, 2016 4260 words Read a sample
A not universally known fact is that the Creation of a Good Universe is mostly a matter of trial and, yes, a lot of error, as Student God soon (or not so soon) found out. But Gods are nothing if not patient and are wont to persevere until they get things (like Universes) right.
Reparations by T. A. Hernandez Reparations by Aug. 25, 2016 5690 words Read a sample
The scars of war can never be erased... Amaya is an enchantress in a world where magic is heavily restricted. After a brutal civil war tears her country apart, she must come to terms with everything that has happened and find a way to face her past.
NY Literary Magazine August 2016 Poetry Anthology by NY Literary Magazine NY Literary Magazine August 2016 Poetry Anthology by Aug. 25, 2016 44 words Read a sample
The NY Literary Magazine’s August 2016 Anthology (Poetry Magazine) includes a distinguished selection of heartfelt, love poems; sad love poems; passionate erotic poems; poems about life, living, and death; poems about different kinds of unique beloved ones; poems with a deep meaning; modern poems; a religious, inspiring poem; a Gay love poem; as well as beautiful visual art.
Luther 1912 - Neues Testament und Psalmen by Volker Schunck Luther 1912 - Neues Testament und Psalmen by Aug. 25, 2016 238537 words Read a sample
Alles ist bei der Luther 1912 irgendwie kantiger, weniger gefällig, als bei einer Übersetzung aus der Gegenwart. Vergleichbar mit einem Felsen, der noch nicht durch die Jahrtausende anstürmenden Gezeiten glatt und gefällig, mürbe und trivial geschliffen worden ist. Sie bietet mit ihrer alten, schönen und tiefen Sprache zeitlose Antworten für die Gegenwart.
Zincirsiz by Erhan D, Sr Zincirsiz by Aug. 25, 2016 1352 words Read a sample
Dünyayı ve sistemi sorgulayan iki genç..
The Pleasure of Time by Faith Cosentino The Pleasure of Time by Aug. 25, 2016 2616 words Sample 20%
THE PLEASURE OF TIME is a collection of short stories filled with suspense, mystery, and humor. The collection includes: 'Writer's Block,' 'Time is Precious,' and 'The Squatter's Son.' Each story is unique and different from one another in the sense that they each have their own take on time.
Hidden Demons by Cole Huerter Hidden Demons by Aug. 25, 2016 5710 words Read a sample
HIDDEN DEMONS is a three story horror suspense. The first two stories tie together as the first of a series. The last story gives us more adventure into their horrendous nightmare.
Mr Awesome and The Cheese Vs GLOBEX by MD O'FLYNN Mr Awesome and The Cheese Vs GLOBEX by Aug. 25, 2016 2008 words Sample 25%
This is a 2000 word short story. Mr. Awesome is a super strong, super fast, and super uptight superhero. The Cheese is a quirky teenage computer genius who loves hacking. Together the battle the most cunning villain on the planet, Sully Cransky, the evil CEO of GlobeX. Packed with action and adventure! Don’t miss this first installment of Mr. Awesome and The Cheese!
Downtown Hattiesburg, Mississippi -- 1968-1969 by Harry Calvin Ward Downtown Hattiesburg, Mississippi -- 1968-1969 by Aug. 25, 2016 484 words Read a sample
In this monograph I have selected some of my photographs of downtown Hattiesburg, Mississippi. They are primarily from 1968 -- 1969; I was 25/26 years old at the time. This was the Hattiesburg business district still concentrated in the location where it was originally formed. It was pedestrian friendly, populated by many wonderful small businesses, and had a unique local flavor.
The Story of Us by AuthorStephanieHenry The Story of Us by Aug. 25, 2016 62187 words Sample 20%
The Story of Us isn’t your typical love story. Craig and Val don’t fall instantly in love with one another. In fact, Val pretty much despises Craig. But everyone knows there’s a fine line between love and hate. Immerse yourself in The Story of Us and experience a one-of-a-kind emotional roller-coaster.
One Bad Apple (A Novella) by Jeffrey A. Cooper One Bad Apple (A Novella) by Aug. 25, 2016 18475 words Read a sample
A thief named Jack Apple finds an abandoned satchel containing $150,000 then promptly loses it to a lonely old man living in a ramshackle fortress guarded by Butch, his dedicated English bulldog. To get the money back, Jack must battle the man, his house, and the craftiest watchdog on the planet while avoiding law enforcement, who are closing in on Jack and the missing money. First in a series.
Uncle Ezra's Cat by Darryl Matter Uncle Ezra's Cat by Aug. 25, 2016 2380 words Read a sample
"Uncle Ezra," as he was known, the 90-year-old semi-retired cemetery caretaker, has one real friend--the cat called Blackie. When Halloween came around, Uncle Ezra would do his best to keep the vandals out of the cemetery. At his age, however, Ezra is too old to chase them away as he once did, but Blackie is there to help him--as only Blackie can.
Daughter of Sparta: Chapter Ten by Kristen LePine Daughter of Sparta: Chapter Ten by Aug. 25, 2016 2271 words Read a sample
Set in ancient Greece, DAUGHTER OF SPARTA: CHAPTER TEN follows Gorgo, the real daughter of King Cleomenes I of Sparta, and the events leading up to the Ionian Revolt. In Chapter Ten, Gorgo meets up with Leonidas and her father to discuss joining the Ionian Revolt.
What Doesn't Kill Us by AuthorStephanieHenry What Doesn't Kill Us by Aug. 25, 2016 64295 words Sample 20%
Drew has suffered the unimaginable and thinks he's worthless thanks to his uncompassionate father. Hailey doesn't understand why Drew is so hot and cold until she uncovers his secrets. Subsequently, she helps him realize that he deserves much more than he ever thought possible. But more secrets threaten to unravel the bond they've created. Will the aftermath of their discoveries tear them apart?
A Winter Hike by Mike Bozart A Winter Hike by Aug. 25, 2016 2229 words Read a sample
Four guys (agents 2, 33, 107, and xxx) go on a smoky hike to three waterfalls near Brevard, NC, USA on a winter day in 2000. Dialogue proves to be a challenging adventure, just as much as the climbs. When some multicolored round objects are seen, a fate is cast. Approx. 2200 words. No sex. No violence. Some foul language. Drug usage: marijuana only. No Mr. Malloy. Movie rating: PG-13.
MY FIRST ROUND TABLE by Ian Temple MY FIRST ROUND TABLE by Aug. 25, 2016 1449 words Read a sample
A five course meal created around the five senses.specially created by myself for 5 handpicked guests at KMD aalborg.
ASKoption Binary Trading Guide by EvanAndrus ASKoption Binary Trading Guide by Aug. 25, 2016 8432 words Read a sample
Successful trading is an art form. Successful traders focus on the art of trading. They invest wisely, because they understand the laws of trading. They know when to invest, where to invest and how to protect their investments. https://askoption.com/news/50-non-deposit-binary-option/
New Beginnings Advance by Limey Lady New Beginnings Advance by Aug. 25, 2016 10705 words Read a sample
Mikki's new relationship is better than anything she'd ever dreamed of. And at first, although everyday commitments keep interfering, the course of true love couldn't possibly run more smoothly. She is eager to learn from her more experienced lover, who is just as eager to share. They are soulmates. destined to be together forever. Aren't they?
A Trio of Tales by Marcelle Lehoux A Trio of Tales by Aug. 25, 2016 2456 words Read a sample
A Trio of Tales is a collection of fiction short stories in which various characters must make life-changing decisions regarding the people around them.
Preschool Activity Books For Kids: Little Cats Eww And Yuck by Ekaterina Chernova Preschool Activity Books For Kids: Little Cats Eww And Yuck by Aug. 25, 2016 751 words Read a sample
Preschool Activity Book For Kids. Read, Learn, Cook As requested by parents, the "Little Cats Eww and Yuck, Book 1" story book for kids (ages 3-5) has been made into an activity book . Funny and educational, this children's book teaches kids to appreciate mom's cooking. Three easy-to-make-with-mom recipes are included at the end of the book. Enjoy this activity book for kids (ages 3-5).
The Dragon's Dream by Lacey St. Sin The Dragon's Dream by Aug. 25, 2016 29861 words Read a sample
The daughter of a city councilor has been kidnapped. But who is behind it? Surely it is the Dragon Lords, the race that, above all, has reason to hate her father. But the truth isn't that easy.
How to watch NFl 2016 live by masud rana, Jr How to watch NFl 2016 live by Aug. 25, 2016 1131 words Read a sample
Watch NFL Games 2016 live stream Game
Butterfly Dreams: Episode One by Lauren L Carpenter Butterfly Dreams: Episode One by Aug. 25, 2016 594 words Read a sample
Poetry of love and dreams. The heart carries love in every step and every breath we breathe. And even when we give up on love, love doesn't give up on us. For even those who have given up on love, it can find you in the most unexpected way. To fly, sometimes we must trust ourselves to fall first.
Rotta 61 Cygni by Pier Virgilio Vassalli Rotta 61 Cygni by Aug. 25, 2016 5758 words Read a sample
Nell'anno 2529, quattrocento anni prima degli avvenimenti narrati in “Capitano de la Viña”, avvenne il primo contatto tra la razza umana e gli Shjatardyr, alieni bipedi dalle sembianze di cervo. Quest’opera è la riproduzione fedele del diario di bordo del tenente di vascello Ortega de la Viña e delle registrazioni delle telecamere che hanno ripreso la vicenda.
Personal Branding for Everyone: An Expert's Toolbox for Unleashing Your Inner Leader, a Successful Career, a Thriving Business and a Fulfilling Life by VD Personal Branding for Everyone: An Expert's Toolbox for Unleashing Your Inner Leader, a Successful Career, a Thriving Business and a Fulfilling Life by Aug. 25, 2016 16700 words Read a sample
Careers are like perfumes – you are not assigned one for your entire life. Sometimes it is necessary and a good idea to make a change and buy a new fragrance that suits better to your character and personality.
Mr Westacott's Christmas. (Revised Edition with bonus preview of Mr Westacott's Holiday.) by Michael J Elliott Mr Westacott's Christmas. (Revised Edition with bonus preview of Mr Westacott's Holiday.) by Aug. 25, 2016 5975 words Read a sample
After being a widower for six years, Mr Westacott receives a Christmas card from his dead wife. How can that be possible? Christmas has always been a lonely time of year, so Mr Westacott devises a plan-a dark plan to put that right.Slowly he starts preparations, one chilling step at a time.
Return to Warlock's Cove by Jade Astor Return to Warlock's Cove by Aug. 25, 2016 9044 words Read a sample
Part One : Chapters 1 - 2 On his way to a college party for vampires and human students, young warlock Milo Hawthorn is shocked when a bike swerves out of the darkness and crashes headlong into his car. Thankfully, the rider, a cute guy named Thomas, isn’t hurt, but just to be safe Milo takes him home for some magical healing that soon turns into something more...
Die Entführung (MBF 5) by Jens F. Simon Die Entführung (MBF 5) by Aug. 25, 2016 8797 words Read a sample
Sigurd Westall erreicht den Saturnmond Jepetus. An der Grenze zwischen der hellen und dunklen Hemisphäre des Mondes findet er eine riesige Station.
The Khamsin Curse by Anna Lord The Khamsin Curse by Aug. 25, 2016 85144 words Read a sample
April 1900, Egypt. Watson and the Countess are recruited by Mycroft Holmes and enter a world of espionage, intrigue, and a race against time. The British Foreign Office is scrutinising every move as Major Nash goes undercover, Colonel Moriarty is en route to the Boer War, and Sebastian Moran is a gun-for-hire... Can our duo uncover all the schemes surrounded by mystical temples and ancient gods.
Most Popular Mandarin Chinese Words by eChineseLearning Most Popular Mandarin Chinese Words by Aug. 25, 2016 11718 words Read a sample
This e-book is a collection of the most popular Mandarin Chinese words nowadays, which keeps you in-the-know and up-to-speed with modern China.It is a great supplement to your Chinese studies.
Facing Addiction by A.K. Finn Facing Addiction by Aug. 24, 2016 65575 words Read a sample
Don’t run from addiction or anything else that holds you back; learn to truly face every aspect of yourself, and you gain enough perspective to naturally make better choices—choices that align with your values and transform you into the person you want to be.
Scammer by Mario V. Farina Scammer by Aug. 24, 2016 1354 words Read a sample
Reginald noted that a wealthy woman's husband had died and felt he could use this event to his advantage. He wrote several letters to her using different names making certain offers. At first, there was no response. Then he received a response. She asked him to come see her for an interview, which he did. This story tells what happened during that interview.
Reejecttion by Daniel Clausen Reejecttion by Aug. 24, 2016 14731 words Read a sample
An eclectic collection of short stories and essays revolving around the theme of rejection.
A Biblical Survey of the Rapture (Predicting the Vanishing of Millions) by Richie Cooley A Biblical Survey of the Rapture (Predicting the Vanishing of Millions) by Aug. 24, 2016 12656 words Read a sample
This booklet goes from Genesis to Revelation, pointing out the Biblical proof for a pre-tribulation Rapture.
Fixed (Dirty Secrets) by J.K Lewis Fixed (Dirty Secrets) by Aug. 24, 2016 37639 words Read a sample
Fixed is the second book of Aaliyah's and Drake's story, They both have dark secretes, one could be more fatal than the other.
My Hope by Sabrina Zbasnik My Hope by Aug. 24, 2016 186601 words Read a sample
Cullen thought he lost Lana Amell when she sacrificed herself to remain in the fade, but now the king of Ferelden has her phylactery and insists she's alive somewhere on the other side of thedas. Can he trust this man he barely knows or can stand as they travel through treacherous waters and lands while searching to find the woman he loves? All he has to cling to is his faith and hope.
My Templar by Sabrina Zbasnik My Templar by Aug. 24, 2016 113023 words Read a sample
When the Hero of Ferelden agreed to help Hawke solve the mystery of the red lyrium she never thought it'd draw her into the grasp of the Inquisition and back into Cullen's life. When the world's falling down around her and her own blood is trying to kill her, she knows she has no right to rekindle what they began in the deep roads. Then why can't she stop thinking about him?
My Warden by Sabrina Zbasnik My Warden by Aug. 24, 2016 45287 words Read a sample
After six years in Kirkwall, Cullen never thought he'd see the mighty Hero of Ferelden ever again until one night when she appeared unannounced in his room requesting him to help her track down a dangerous blood mage. Can he come to terms with his unrequited love while traveling across thedas and into the Deep Roads? Or could she be the start of thawing his hatred of mages?
Settling the Score -- Part 1: The Favor by Josh Hunter Settling the Score -- Part 1: The Favor by Aug. 24, 2016 6601 words Read a sample
What’s worse than a bully? --A bully who’s the hottest jock in school. Wade Johnson thinks that he can get away with anything, just because he’s the quarterback of our football team. He caught me staring at him during gym class Freshman year, and branded me a “queer”. He and his teammates have been making my life hell ever since. But golden boy Wade is about to learn his lesson. The hard way.
Binarius by Kendra McMahan Binarius by Aug. 24, 2016 61977 words Read a sample
Binarius, a tale of victim and perpetrator, and those who inevitably -- are both. Somewhere beneath, within, outside the timelines of the cosmos, a planet has been tactically infected with poison. The end of The Blacken might be near, but sometimes endings are disguised as new beginnings -- and some endings last forever.
Paying for College - The Novel by Kenneth Szulczyk Paying for College - The Novel by Aug. 24, 2016 66952 words Read a sample
Brothers, all I wanted to do was attend a university and escape a small town with no job prospects or future. But it seems every time I opened my mailbox at the dorm, I pulled out another tuition bill with a looming due date. So I had to do the unthinkable. Break a few rules. Do some insane things. Then everything just became crazy.
The Hawk: Part Nine by Anna Scott Graham The Hawk: Part Nine by Aug. 24, 2016 67974 words Read a sample
The death of President Kennedy casts a pall over those concerned about Eric. Meanwhile in Texas, Luke Richardson wonders about the identity of John Doe. Uncertain about his future with Stanford, Laurie assures Lynne that Eric will return, while Marek and Klaudia make plans for a 1964 reunion.
Dinner For Two by Michael J Elliott Dinner For Two by Aug. 24, 2016 2260 words Read a sample
Imagine a world of the future where slugs and snails are considered gourmet food. A world where road kill can mean the difference between starvation or survival. This is the world of Dinner For Two.