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Pure Love (Gujarati) by Dada Bhagwan Pure Love (Gujarati) by July 23, 2016 18176 words Read a sample
Pure love is an essential value for one who wants to lead a spiritual life. In the book “Pure Love”, Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan offers a profound definition, and explanation of unconditional love, and describes how pure love grows naturally with spiritual development. Dadashri explains that the knowledge of the Self, and the blossoming of pure love is one of the signs of spiritual awakening.
Le vol de la Poussière de Fée by Beth Carlington Le vol de la Poussière de Fée by July 23, 2016 7812 words Read a sample
Le 1er épisode, « Le vol de la poussière de fée » vous emmène dans le monde féerique afin de résoudre le meurtre d'une pauvre petite fée, témoin gênant dans un vol de poussière de fée ! Le commandant Silas est demandé d'urgence dans le monde féerique: un vol et un meurtre ont été commis. Son homologue féerique a besoin d'un coup de main pour résoudre l'affaire.
Pratikraman (Abr.) (Gujarati) by Dada Bhagwan Pratikraman (Abr.) (Gujarati) by July 23, 2016 26223 words Read a sample
Those seeking to lead a spiritual life inevitably face challenges. As one progresses, many unintentional mistakes become disconcerting. To overcome these mistakes the most powerful tool in spiritual healing is repentance. In the book “Pratikraman: Freedom Through Apology & Repentance,” Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan describes the power of forgiveness and shows one how to repent and ask for forgiveness
The Herald Waheed: An Epic Poem by Saleh Radaideh The Herald Waheed: An Epic Poem by July 23, 2016 30877 words Read a sample
The story line of The Herald Waheed is about Waheed, who worked as a cop in Dubai. He witnessed misery after misery committed in the name of violence and anger. The narrator, Hatim, and his other two friends tried helping him through his depression. Waheed always wanted to change the region he was in, which was filled with turbulence due to militant groups springing throughout the city. Eventually
How to Gain Muscle Mass From Beginner to Fitness Model by Jonathan Sumner How to Gain Muscle Mass From Beginner to Fitness Model by July 23, 2016 3994 words Sample 20%
Written by UK's Level 3 and 4 AFN Certified Diet Specialist Jonathan Sumner, he teaches and guides you on your journey to get that body you want. He gives the basics of muscle building, diet and what exercises are best to stimulate growth. Everyone does not know where to start because the mainstream media is confusing everybody and monetising that confusion from the people.
Never Cheat a Cheetah by Penny Tawret Never Cheat a Cheetah by July 23, 2016 361 words Read a sample
What can a brother do for me? He can help you up when you are down.
Money: Science of Money (Full Version) (Gujarati) by Dada Bhagwan Money: Science of Money (Full Version) (Gujarati) by July 23, 2016 26479 words Read a sample
The world considers money and wealth to be one of the most important things in life because it is needed in everything. Mostly conflicts around the world are about how to get more money, by ethical or unethical means. In the book “The Science of Money,” Gnani Purush Dadashri has shared His view on money, charity and how to use money. He says that wealth comes to those who have the desire to share.
The Flawless Vision (Gujarati) by Dada Bhagwan The Flawless Vision (Gujarati) by July 22, 2016 39174 words Read a sample
The foundation of a spiritual life is to have a flawless view of the world and to achieve such vision, Self Realization is required. The knowledge of Self is the beginning of true spirituality. In the book “The Flawless Vision”, Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan states that an automatic outcome and one of the most prominent signs of spiritual awakening, is to have flawless vision of the entire world.
Manav Dharma (Gujarati) by Dada Bhagwan Manav Dharma (Gujarati) by July 22, 2016 9358 words Read a sample
Since we have obtained a human body we should do the duty of being human. There should be humanity within us. When someone hurts us we do not like it, therefore we should not hurt anyone. According to Dada Bhagwan, this is the definition of humanity. In the book ‘Manav Dharma’, He explains humanity with the humble intention that when people understand humanity, their human life will be fruitful.
Black Eyed Susan Vixen by Penny Tawret Black Eyed Susan Vixen by July 22, 2016 430 words Read a sample
I awoke once again to the good old beeping of my little fifteen year old alarm clock; which I was deeply surprised and overall shocked that it unbelievably still worked like a charm after the passage of all these years, and in damn near perfect condition along with all the rest of my little trinkets in my wonderful little jail cell sized bedroom.
Who am I ?(Gujarati) by Dada Bhagwan Who am I ?(Gujarati) by July 22, 2016 12133 words Read a sample
What is our true purpose in life? Who am I? Gnani Purush (embodiment of Self knowledge) Dada Bhagwan addresses these age-old questions and many more here. Ultimately, attaining the knowledge of the Self is the primary purpose of life, and the beginning of true spirituality. Having gained Self knowledge, spiritual development begins, after which one may attain ultimate liberation.
A Walk Into The Future by Mario V. Farina A Walk Into The Future by July 22, 2016 1246 words Read a sample
Roger Brockhurst started a walk from Scotia in 1946 and ended it in Troy in 2016. Something on the road had taken him to the future. What was the explanation and the purpose. Roger sat with Ed Brockhurst, Editor of the Trojan in an effort to discover the answers. This story discusses the questions and answers. It also asks what you what you think was the explanation to what had happened.
Chamatkar (Gujarati) by Dada Bhagwan Chamatkar (Gujarati) by July 22, 2016 18015 words Read a sample
In today’s age of technology and modernization, people are still looking for miracles to happen. Dadashri, the Gnani Purush explains the difference between miracles and siddhi (capability) and whether practically miracles do any good or is it just a myth? This book ‘Chamatkar’, will help unveil the true meaning behind miracles and spirituality.
Brahmacharya (Abr.) (Gujarati) by Dada Bhagwan Brahmacharya (Abr.) (Gujarati) by July 22, 2016 25579 words Read a sample
In the book “Brahmacharya: Celibacy With Right Understanding”, Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan offers unique insight into the definition of celibacy and the benefits of brahmacharya. He clarifies common misunderstandings about celibacy. This book is an invaluable resource for those wanting to learn how to become more spiritual through the practice of brahmacharya.
Written In Blood by Drac Von Stoller Written In Blood by July 22, 2016 1254 words Read a sample
Bubba Thomas was suffering from serious writers block. Not only was his choice of a pen name bad but his lack of creativity and the ability to come up with catchy clever titles were all a setup for a destructive path in his new found profession. This whole writing experience was all new to Bubba and didn’t realize how much his readers would pick his work apart from grammatical errors,etc.
A Father by Hiranya Borah A Father by July 22, 2016 3751 words Read a sample
Perhaps, you are surprised to hear when I asked you to promise me that you will not cheat her or leave her once you marry her. You are surprised because by the time you may know many things about my relations with some ladies out of my wedlock. Yes, I am a bad father or husband in your eyes. But why I am bad only your mother knows. Some day you ask your mother she will tell you.
First Time Gay Sex by Dick Powers First Time Gay Sex by July 22, 2016 4215 words Read a sample
In First Time Gay Sex a straight man goes in search of first time gay sex on a special beach located among the islands of Hawaii and ends up finding an experience way out of his league. A hot first time for one curious man.
H2 Mathematics Textbook by Yan Min Choo H2 Mathematics Textbook by July 22, 2016 13 words Read a sample
This textbook is for Singapore H2 Mathematics students (Singapore-Cambridge A-levels). Covers both 9740 (old) and 9758 (revised) syllabuses. Includes ~300 exercises and all 2006-2015 A-level exam questions -- all worked solutions included. (Brief contents: I. Functions and Graphs. II. Sequences and Series. III. Vectors IV. Complex Numbers. V. Calculus. VI. Probability and Statistics.)
Der Kompost by Lisa E. Jobe Der Kompost by July 22, 2016 110 words Read a sample
Erfahren Sie mehr über das Konzept der Kompostierung durch die Foto Fantasie Kunstwerk von Lisa E. Jobe. Die Kinder werden ein neues Element in den Komposthaufen mit der Wende jeder Seite hinzufügen. nur Vokabeln enthalten, ist dieses Buch ideal für das Kind in Ihrem Zuhause. Perfekt für Tag der Erde!
What Should I Write? 101 Get Well Wishes for Greeting Cards by Madeleine Mayfair What Should I Write? 101 Get Well Wishes for Greeting Cards by July 22, 2016 2590 words Read a sample
Do you freeze up every time a greeting card gets passed around the office? Consult this book! It contains 101 unique sentiments you can write in get well cards for friends, family members, or co-workers. You’ll find everything from tender reassurances and heartfelt well-wishes to cheerful rhymes, as well as realistic expressions of hope, care and concern. Now you can conquer any get well card!
The Testament Standing On Your Soapbox by Kenny Roberts The Testament Standing On Your Soapbox by July 22, 2016 272 words Read a sample
While struggling through life and after years finally landing a job interview... I seen the fear when you seen who was going to be your biggest rival.. ME... I see you standing on your soapbox, this is my story of ones life on your soapbox
Dirty Diamonds Of Boko Haram Part 1 by Eze Eke Dirty Diamonds Of Boko Haram Part 1 by July 22, 2016 51486 words Read a sample
A heiress is kidnapped by the dreaded Boko Haram terrorists and a beefy ransom is demanded of her billionaire uncle who then engages the services of of a military team, lead by a tough ex-special forces lieutenant to get her back. Everything goes from the beginning because everyone has a hidden agenda against the heiress, the terrorists and the billionaires. No one counted on her one man army.
The King 18 by Mitchell Jespersen The King 18 by July 22, 2016 654 words Read a sample
When Mitchell first slept with Akemi he couldn't believe it had really happened, much less ever would again. Next time they met he felt like a king on a very unsteady throne. Short chapters. New episode added almost daily.
Snapchat 14 by Mitchell Jespersen Snapchat 14 by July 22, 2016 949 words Read a sample
Mitchell learned before the film crew took off that they were planning to go buy marijuana. He decided he wanted some too. It might be another kick to sex with Akemi, make things even more dreamlike. New episode added almost daily.
Life Does Get Better Peace Within is Found Again by Sara Khan Life Does Get Better Peace Within is Found Again by July 22, 2016 17593 words Read a sample
Sara Khan arrived at a time in her life when hiding was no longer possible. After many attempts to reconcile with her family and her past, she realized that the family of her birth would never provide peace or honour for her. Through a heart-wrenching process, Sara found her own voice.
Los Nios Kidzter Conocen Motown by Eva Emily Ellis Los Nios Kidzter Conocen Motown by July 22, 2016 8910 words Read a sample
"Un viaje en el tiempo hacia los días de gloria de Motown, donde todo estaba tenso (bien) para un trío de la juventud de hoy ed dia. Qué maravillosa forma de ensenale a los niños el amor hacia la historia de la música." Joel Selvin
Schrodinger's Cookies by AmyBeth Inverness Schrodinger's Cookies by July 22, 2016 2760 words Read a sample
Pico is not happy about the changes in her life. First, a new baby brother appears out of nowhere, then her grandmother from Earth comes to live with them. At least Gramma-dinger comes with cookies. Unless that’s not what’s in the blue tin…
Dungeon Crawlers #2: Triangle Choke by Mackenzie Snow Dungeon Crawlers #2: Triangle Choke by July 22, 2016 14255 words Sample 20%
Jane stumbles upon another outlet for her primal desires. Meanwhile, her relationships with Ian and Garrett are further complicated by two fellow mistresses, each of whom harbors a pivotal secret.
Then There Were Three by Adam Dorey Then There Were Three by July 22, 2016 5380 words Read a sample
This book is a collection of three short stories, gripping, engaging and unforgettable.
Nachtmahr by Rachel Israel Nachtmahr by July 22, 2016 2909 words Read a sample
A short collect of flash fiction pieces, that were done by a student at Full Sail University. In the Lion's Den, When I wake, and The Static are all pieces that delve into people's everyday fears but in unique settings. Fear of dying, being found out, or never waking from a nightmare.
What You Need To Know When You're Expecting - The Complete Pregnancy Guide For Moms And Dads by Dr. Jyothi Shenoy What You Need To Know When You're Expecting - The Complete Pregnancy Guide For Moms And Dads by July 22, 2016 17474 words Sample 20%
Do You Want To Know What To Do To Prepare For A New Child? Dr. Jyothi Shenoy explains EXACTLY what you need to do, why you need to do it, and when you need to do it...all in an easy to understand, step-by-step fashion.
When it was Dark by Guy Thorne When it was Dark by July 22, 2016 78737 words Read a sample
A tomb is discovered outside Jerusalem with the body of Jesus apparently still there! A young curate, a journalist, and a music hall singer who is the mistress of a famous man, put their lives in danger as they set out to discredit the discovery, believing that a wealthy, militant atheist could be responsible for the hoax -- if indeed it is a hoax.
Absolute Beginner (Part 1) Selenium WebDriver for Functional Automation Testing: Your Beginners Guide by Rex Jones II Absolute Beginner (Part 1) Selenium WebDriver for Functional Automation Testing: Your Beginners Guide by July 22, 2016 27071 words Read a sample
Learn How To Perform Test Automation Using Selenium WebDriver A New Automation Engineer Should Not Pass Up This Book! You Will Like Part 1 – Selenium WebDriver for Functional Automation Testing Because The Concepts Are Explained In A Step-By-Step Manner 3 Tips To Master Selenium Within 30 Days Copy and paste this URL http://tinyurl.com/3-Tips-For-Selenium into your browser to receive your tips
Bireyin Toplumu Eleştirisi by Mert Kızılca Bireyin Toplumu Eleştirisi by July 22, 2016 12936 words Read a sample
Toplumun parçası olan bireyin,toplumu eleştirisi
Mandala Animals - Volume 1 by Jade Summer Mandala Animals - Volume 1 by July 22, 2016 197 words Read a sample
Enjoy 25 highly-detailed "Mandala Animals" designed to relieve stress and aid relaxation. This book is non-interactive and can be enjoyed as a stand-alone product. If you enjoy adult coloring books, please consider purchasing the print version. Buy Now and Discover the Benefits of "Mandala Animals"
Quit Smoking in 9 Steps by Jeff Mac Quit Smoking in 9 Steps by July 22, 2016 2170 words Sample 40%
"Quit Smoking in 9 Steps" - will give you a short and useful, nine-step action plan, that will help you quit smoking today. You'll learn easy and effective methods that will help you quit smoking cigarettes. Extra Bonus: When you download my book today, you'll get free access to my video which will show and explain, to you, an easy-to-follow trick that will help you quit smoking.
L'éducation de Lilly by Louison Signac L'éducation de Lilly by July 22, 2016 44023 words Read a sample
Lilly est aveugle, elle a grandi dans un couvent, elle ne connaît rien au sexe. A 24 ans, elle est encore vierge et elle est kidnappée par un couple de pervers, propriétaires d'une maison de passe. Ils ont un terrible projet prévu pour elle : la réduire à l’état d’esclave à sexuel. Lilly va être soumise à un apprentissage SM d’une rare violence.
The Geopolitics of Energy & Terrorism Part 9 by Iakovos Alhadeff The Geopolitics of Energy & Terrorism Part 9 by July 22, 2016 23568 words Read a sample
Τhe connection between the energy policies of various countries with the wars that break out at various parts of the world, i.e. at the Middle East and North Africa etc
The Carbspiracy by Jonathan Sumner The Carbspiracy by July 22, 2016 4668 words Sample 30%
The Carbspiracy is a book written by UK's Level 3 & 4 AFN (Association for Nutrition) Certified Diet Specialist Jonathan Sumner concerning about all the questions about carbohydrates answering a multitude of unknown questions. It is a must read as it will clear your mind about what the media is trying to monetise from the everyday Joe and Jane's confusion.
Do Us Part by Liz Meldon Do Us Part by July 22, 2016 12930 words Read a sample
Where there are beginnings, so too are there endings. Once, for the great gods of the old world, the end lurked in a very, very distant future. Unfortunately, things change—and not always for the better. As humanity turns to a new god, the deities of old fall to war and chaos in an effort to survive. In the years before and the ones that follow the great Immortal Wars, two marriages disintegrate.
Nanotroopers Episode 10: The Big Bang by Philip Bosshardt Nanotroopers Episode 10: The Big Bang by July 22, 2016 18095 words Read a sample
Episode 10, Nanotroopers.1st Nano rescues Doc Frost and finds Red Hammer in contact with an alien race. The cartel is one step ahead of Quantum Corps. When the nanotroopers try to block this contact, they find themselves transported back in time where an even stranger menace from beyond Earth is re-writing the history of Life itself. Follow Winger and ANAD as they try to stop this latest threat.
Paap-Punya (Gujarati) by Dada Bhagwan Paap-Punya (Gujarati) by July 22, 2016 21074 words Read a sample
Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan has described the concept of ‘Paap (demerit karma) - Punya (merit karma)’ in simple words in this book. He says that when one gives happiness to others they bind punya and when one hurts others they bind paap. However, if one does pratikraman (whole hearted repentance) one can wash away paap karma and bind punya.
Generation Gap: Parenting Tips for Positive Parenting (Full Version) (Gujarati) by Dada Bhagwan Generation Gap: Parenting Tips for Positive Parenting (Full Version) (Gujarati) by July 22, 2016 29211 words Read a sample
Parenting is the most important role in life, but for which one is the least prepared! It is natural to seek help with child rearing, especially when it comes to child behavioral problems, how to parent teenagers, or simply help with positive parenting. In the book “Generation Gap,” Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan offers spiritual behavior modification techniques in support of good parenting.
Harmony In Marriage: Happy Married Life (Full Version) (Gujarati) by Dada Bhagwan Harmony In Marriage: Happy Married Life (Full Version) (Gujarati) by July 22, 2016 32201 words Read a sample
Over the course of life, even in happy homes, it is natural to encounter marriage problems. But, for some, the husband and wife relationship can be said to be the definition of conflict! In the book “Harmony in Marriage,” Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan provides tips related to maintaining a harmonious marriage, conflict resolution skills and strategies to resolve everyday marriage challenges.
Anger (Gujarati) by Dada Bhagwan Anger (Gujarati) by July 22, 2016 9285 words Read a sample
Anger management helps us when we don’t know how to manage our anger! We become angry because we lack conflict resolution skills. In the book “Anger”, Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan offers the ultimate anger management techniques in the form of spiritual conflict resolution strategies. He gives numerous solutions for dealing both with our own anger, and the anger of others.
The Science Of Karma(Gujarati) by Dada Bhagwan The Science Of Karma(Gujarati) by July 22, 2016 22097 words Read a sample
Many people become puzzled by the principle of karma and are left asking, “What is the law of karma?”, “What is destiny, or does destiny relate to karma?” In the book “The Science of Karma”, Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan defines karma and how exactly it works according to spiritual science. Dadashri explains with the knowledge of Self and understanding of karma one can experience inner peace.
Guru and  Disciple (Gujarati) by Dada Bhagwan Guru and Disciple (Gujarati) by July 22, 2016 41051 words Read a sample
Among the myriad of relationships in life, the one between a Guru and disciple is most sacred and unique. In the book “Guru and Disciple”, Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan provides in-depth answers to all questions about the Guru-disciple relationship. For those on a spiritual quest, seeking spiritual growth, or simply desirous of spiritual guidance, this book is an invaluable resource.
Can You Mend It? Part 1 - Reunion (Chapters 1 - 5) by Billy Wood-Smith Can You Mend It? Part 1 - Reunion (Chapters 1 - 5) by July 22, 2016 22208 words Read a sample
The first 5 chapters of this refrshingly realstic European romance. About two People in their late twenties who really thought they were done with each other. And then they're not... Full version of this book will be available again on August 1st.
Autobiograpy Of Gnani Purush A. M. Patel(Gujarati) by Dada Bhagwan Autobiograpy Of Gnani Purush A. M. Patel(Gujarati) by July 22, 2016 19447 words Read a sample
A Gnani Purush is one who has achieved the highest levels of spiritual development. But meeting a Gnani Purush, and achieving spiritual enlightenment, is extremely rare. The book “Autobiography of Gnani Purush A.M.Patel,” is a compilation of transcribed spiritual discourses of Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan, within which there is a description of His own process of instant enlightenment.
Noble Use Of Money(Gujarati) by Dada Bhagwan Noble Use Of Money(Gujarati) by July 22, 2016 15276 words Read a sample
In the book “Noble Use of Money,” Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan explains that the best charity is to offer happiness to others; He says “when you give happiness to others, you get happiness in return.” The simplest way to “buy happiness” is to donate money, especially if done anonymously. This book offers spiritual advice on how to make a donation, and why one should make anonymous donations.