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List of Top 10 Rauch Furniture Ranges by andrewsimmons List of Top 10 Rauch Furniture Ranges by Oct. 24, 2016 1377 words Read a sample
Are you looking for the perfect furniture for your home? Then, you can end up your choice with the wide range of Rauch furniture. The Rauch furniture range allows purchasing high-quality furniture at the most affordable prices.
One Tree by Marie Tabler One Tree by Oct. 24, 2016 13 words Read a sample
Instead of storing acorns for winter, a carefree squirrel, named Stick, enjoys eating junk food all summer. In winter, however, Stick depends on his family to feed him. The following year, when a crazy owl moves into the squirrel’s only acorn tree, will Stick risk everything to help save his starving family? Delightful illustrations bring giggles and compliment this fun book for kids! Great for
Academy of the Anomaly by Emma Lilian TAYLOR Academy of the Anomaly by Oct. 23, 2016 1953 words Read a sample
in a world where possessing magic can take you from your own life, Tilly must decide what she will hang on for, or who.
Six Buttons and Other Poems of Everyday Life by Darcie Morris Six Buttons and Other Poems of Everyday Life by Oct. 23, 2016 1079 words Read a sample
Six Buttons and Other Poems of Everyday Life is a short collection of poetry taking apart routine life events and looking more closely at the ordinary. This book of eight poems opens up some of the smallest everyday occurrences, like watching an old lady walk by, and forces them down into artistically worded poems for you to enjoy. They offer a new perspective on the monotony in an ordinary life.
The Queen's Alchemist and More Tales of Atharron by Poppy Reid The Queen's Alchemist and More Tales of Atharron by Oct. 23, 2016 3812 words Read a sample
A prequel to the Blood Scrolls Trilogy, The Queen's Alchemist tells seven tales of those who lived before, in the land of Atharron, where Giants roam and magic is forbidden.
So a Blind Guy Walked into a Maze by James Bruce So a Blind Guy Walked into a Maze by Oct. 23, 2016 56537 words Sample 20%
Manipulated and betrayed by everyone he meets, a blind and inexperienced kennelboy must find his own strength in order to survive.
Clash of Heirs - Zotikas: Episode 1 by Tom Bruno Clash of Heirs - Zotikas: Episode 1 by Oct. 23, 2016 35787 words Sample 20%
Avertori was once a wonder of the industrial age. Filled with mechanical marvels and extravagant art, it was here humanity harnessed the elements of power. After centuries of corruption only echoes of that time remain. Most people are little more than serfs, bought and sold by the great trade houses. Others have it even worse. Zotikas is a world in need of a savior. Unfortunately, it has three.
Straight Expectations by Rose Blackman Straight Expectations by Oct. 23, 2016 1830 words Read a sample
Having heard rumors of a commune of polyamorous people living in her small town and finding the prospect personally intriguing, Agatha decides to interview the owner of the house for a school project to try and sate her curiosity. If she was expecting one man with many wives however, she's definitely in for a surprise.
Not so squeaky clean by Chantal Hansen Not so squeaky clean by Oct. 23, 2016 1803 words Read a sample
An aspiring journalist is hoping to leave a lasting impression when she lands an internship at a large news firm, but things don’t go as planned when a fellow journalist squashes any opportunity of that happening. A cat and mouse game ensues, but who will end up victorious?
A Succubus for Halloween by Zayna Noble A Succubus for Halloween by Oct. 23, 2016 4882 words Read a sample
In order to get his scrawny, video-game-addicted girlfriend to participate in a fun Halloween get-together, Neil goes to a magic shop to acquire a very special 'costume'. Bianca doesn't show any interest in the pendant he presents, instead focusing on her game where she can live a fantasy life as a gorgeous demon until she finds out the necklace can give her the succubus body of her dreams!
Life at the Rectory by David Halliday Life at the Rectory by Oct. 23, 2016 7510 words Sample 20%
A parish priest is dealing with several lives at crisis, the young boy becoming a hoodlum, another young boy who feels he is fated to die, the Parish pastor who wonders if he is suited for the Church, a woman who has fallen in love with him, and his own soul.
Gotcha by Melissa Flores Gotcha by Oct. 23, 2016 3204 words Read a sample
GOTCHA is a collection of mixed Genre stories compiled for your enjoyment. GOTCHA readers will find a mix of characters from young, naive teenagers being followed by masked serial killers , to a family living in fear and hiding their true identities, and then a young boy who sets out to find a job to help his struggling mom that has a life changing encounter.
Better Than a Mocha Frappuccino by Shilah Ridge Better Than a Mocha Frappuccino by Oct. 23, 2016 6173 words Read a sample
BETTER THAN A MOCHA FRAPPUCCINO is a collection of flash fiction stories that touch the heart and make readers think beyond what is normal.
Fallen Legacy by Daniel Slack Fallen Legacy by Oct. 23, 2016 27374 words Read a sample
Preserved through a plague she inadvertently created, Dr. Clara Andrews wakes millions of years in the future to a hostile and evolved world she must now survive in.
The Ku Klux Klown by David Eveleigh The Ku Klux Klown by Oct. 23, 2016 717 words Read a sample
On Halloween night, a young party goer gets more than he bargained for when he crosses paths with a mysterious girl... and accepts a strange dare!
Mating Season by Ulf Wolf Mating Season by Oct. 23, 2016 270047 words Read a sample
What if? What if the human race were in heat, and procreated, only for a month in the spring—just like, say dogs. What would the world look like? No really, what would such a world be like? What would constitute religion? What would constitute ethics? What would be a crime? What would television be all about before, during, after this storm? How would you survive this storm intact?
A Hallowed Gathering by AJ Kingsley A Hallowed Gathering by Oct. 23, 2016 2519 words Read a sample
A Hallowed Gathering is a short collection of flash fiction pieces. Each story depicts a dark part of human life and existence. Fans of the thriller and suspense dramas will love the pieces provided.
The Screams Nobody Ever Heard by Claire Metzger The Screams Nobody Ever Heard by Oct. 23, 2016 2045 words Read a sample
THE SCREAMS NOBODY EVER HEARD is a collection of flash stories that explore the dark taboo situations of everyday life with everyday people.
The Distraught Protagonist Anthology by Edward Burchette The Distraught Protagonist Anthology by Oct. 23, 2016 2905 words Read a sample
The Distraught Protagonist Anthology is a collection of short stories that shows our protagonists operating under mental, physical, and emotional duress.
Dryver part 3 of 6 by Emmanuel Obi, Jr Dryver part 3 of 6 by Oct. 23, 2016 2550 words Read a sample
Part 1 and 2 Available for free. Read them first!!! WARNING: Violence and strong language Be careful who you ride with...
Affliction and Crumbling Punishment by Charlotte Deanna Harper Affliction and Crumbling Punishment by Oct. 23, 2016 1425 words Read a sample
AFFLICTION AND CRUMBLING PUNISHMENT is a collection of three flash fiction pieces. Focusing on family and great odds, you'll be pulled into the adventures these character take in order to survive one day at a time.
Various Pieces by Kovanuvius Various Pieces by Oct. 23, 2016 2728 words Read a sample
VARIOUS PIECES is a small collection of flash fiction written by Nicholas Kovacevich. The three stories are about a gay couple having an adventure getting their daughter to take a bath, an executive fending off a deadly attack from a rival corporation, and two students working out the puzzle of their chemical lab.
A Family Reunion: a different kind of ghost story by Joe C Combs 2nd A Family Reunion: a different kind of ghost story by Oct. 23, 2016 1840 words Read a sample
We are used to ghost stories that scare us. But here is one that makes you feel good.
He Knows You Are Alone by Tony Wards He Knows You Are Alone by Oct. 23, 2016 1886 words Read a sample
It’s Halloween night and Roxanne is all alone at home. The neighborhood children are done knocking on doors, asking for candy, and she is now left in an uncomfortably quiet house, wishing Eric was with her. Unfortunately, he is working late on this Halloween, as Roxanne slowly becomes unnerved. Soon a stranger comes to the house, frightening her, because they both know she is all alone.
Metal Beast by Chris Paton Metal Beast by Oct. 23, 2016 11785 words Sample 30%
Through the Khyber Pass of Afghanistan, a demon drives a metal beast on a hellish mission to destroy the desert city of Gushtia. Tasked with stopping the beast, Hari Singh must ask himself who is the greater demon? The demon in control of the beast, or the beast that hunts the demon?
Why Did I Write This? by Michael Blood Why Did I Write This? by Oct. 23, 2016 2563 words Read a sample
WHY DID I WRITE THIS is a collection of three short stories about mystery, time, and fantasy. The first story is MOUNTAIN TRIP and it brings Jack and Lucy to an exotic mountain in Brazil where they find out that it isn't an ordinary mountain. They learn that they aren't the only ones who thought so. Following up is THE FORTUNE, a day in the ordinary life of Michael turns catastrophic from the news
Returnin Home by Bledar Tola Returnin Home by Oct. 23, 2016 33747 words Read a sample
"Come back tonight after you take Jane home. My parents are gone for the weekend and we can spend the night together," Karen offered almost begging him to come back and fuck her some more. Then John surprised by her request said, "I don't know. I'll think about it." Then he left the room
Feng Shui: The Basics of Feng Shui for Health, Wealth and Happiness by Sergio Maceda, Sr Feng Shui: The Basics of Feng Shui for Health, Wealth and Happiness by Oct. 23, 2016 5363 words Read a sample
This Feng Shui book is a basic guide of an ancient knowledge and it will allows you to dive into this world so that you will be able to discover a lot of positive energies living in the simplicity, and getting wellness, wealth and good health.
The Fringe Poetry White Book by The Fringe The Fringe Poetry White Book by Oct. 23, 2016 12674 words Read a sample
'The Fringe Poetry White Book' is an anthology of work from poets based, predominantly, in the North West of England. It follows on from the success of the anthology 'The Fringe Poetry Cafe' and from a series of six poetry pamphlets under the titles 'Poetry on the Move' and 'Poetry Festival' all published by SeaQuake Books.
Lady with a Black Car by Hiranya Borah Lady with a Black Car by Oct. 23, 2016 2485 words Read a sample
A lady with a black car vanished from my radar after regularly zipping past my car for a year in 2009-10 while returning home from my office in the evening.To know about her one has to read up to the last chapter of this story.
The Forest Has Ears- Edited Edition by Darrel Day The Forest Has Ears- Edited Edition by Oct. 23, 2016 9941 words Read a sample
This is the edited edition of The Forest Has Ears. The same story with better editing.
Rashad's Quick Course On Taxes by Rashad Phillips Rashad's Quick Course On Taxes by Oct. 23, 2016 6425 words Read a sample
Rashad’s Quick Course on Taxes has answers to 55 common questions asked by personal taxpayers, business owners, investors, and nonprofit organizations. Downland this book for clear and concise answers to your tax questions written in language that the average person can understand.
सुलगती आहें by Jigyasa Singh सुलगती आहें by Oct. 23, 2016 172 words Read a sample
क्या है ?सुलगती आहें! एक ऐसी आवाज जिसे न वक़्त मिला कि अपनी चुभते दर्द ,भरी आँखों के जज्बात को,टीसते, टभकते ,खीजते ,एहसास को बयां कर सके
Poetry Intention by Carlton D Kennedy Poetry Intention by Oct. 23, 2016 803 words Read a sample
Poetry intention is a collective selection of 6 new poems that has been shared from this creative writer. City life, family life and just life in general is a focus point for this book. Thought provoking and interesting with open interpretation.
OPPRESSION (Children of the Gods #1) by Jessica Therrien OPPRESSION (Children of the Gods #1) by Oct. 23, 2016 89113 words Read a sample
Elyse knows what it means to keep a secret. She's been keeping secrets her whole life. Two, actually. First, that she ages five times slower than average people, so that while she looks eighteen years old, she's closer to eighty. Second, that her blood has a mysterious power to heal. Now, only one other person in the world knows about her age and ability. Or so she thinks.
Spilled Ink by A.B. Morrison Spilled Ink by Oct. 23, 2016 4636 words Read a sample
SPILLED INK is a collection of two poems and five short stories written in a variety of genres. Horror, fantasy, and comedy are all found inside.
The Great Debt Deception: How You've Been Swindled By the Banks and Credit Card Companies, Why You Don't Owe Them a Penny and the Proven Process to Get Free From Your Debt by Jack McCaig The Great Debt Deception: How You've Been Swindled By the Banks and Credit Card Companies, Why You Don't Owe Them a Penny and the Proven Process to Get Free From Your Debt by Oct. 23, 2016 3115 words Read a sample
What if everything you were taught to believe about the money system and debt turned out to be a lie? The reality of the banking system is that everything you were taught about debt is not true.
Roses & Haunts by Selena Page Roses & Haunts by Oct. 23, 2016 36672 words Read a sample
Alynia and Iowin Caprice-Tintreach, witches within their respective families, travel back in time to discover the truth behind the Headless Horseman myth.
Tuesdays by Amy Doherty Tuesdays by Oct. 23, 2016 1558 words Read a sample
Tuesdays, a short story written by Amy Doherty, was inspired by the many road accidents that occur on the main road in front of the author's home. A tale with a twist, Tuesdays is sure to intrigue readers and have them asking for more.
SKIDANJA by Viktorija Bauer SKIDANJA by Oct. 23, 2016 1830 words Read a sample
"Skidanja" su intiman presjek zrelih emocija, pisanje bez zadrške, ali i skrivenih poruka čitaocu. "Skidanja" su u potpunosti - autorica.
Captain Super Turkey - The beginning by A F Zia Captain Super Turkey - The beginning by Oct. 23, 2016 528 words Sample 20%
Tales of Captain Super Turkey - an unlikely superhero who is transformed from a humble Turkey in Captain Super Turkey after eating a special corn made by a mad inventor
Pozorište života by Marat M'saev Daan Pozorište života by Oct. 23, 2016 5065 words Sample 10%
Šta je pozorište života? To vi meni recite jer svako od nas je glavni glumac neke svoje predstave i drugačije sagledava ovo pitanje. Nekada su to monolozi, nekada je pozornica prepuna glumaca. Uvek ima varijacija na scenario i to je nešto što isti čini veoma zanimljivim. Na nama je da odglumimo najbolje što možemo zarad aplauza i poklona na samom kraju predstave pred spuštanje zavesa i odlazak sa
Scared by Natasha Reece Scared by Oct. 23, 2016 1818 words Read a sample
Maggie assumed her stalker would be harmless if she just complied with his requests to text message. But when he unexpectedly takes his obsession to the next level, Maggie realises she was wrong. Now that her stalker has become more physical, what she does next could save her life, or endanger it…
Empty by Nicola Bradbury Empty by Oct. 23, 2016 1677 words Read a sample
Empty is an emotional tale of one woman’s (and her dog’s) attempt to stay optimistic as drought ravages the farm and the lives around them.
Eden End Time: The Watchman Prophecies by Dallas James Eden End Time: The Watchman Prophecies by Oct. 23, 2016 5255 words Read a sample
The Watchman Prophecies is a collection of selected Bible prophecies brought together by the watchman [called as a priest with Urim Thummim, (one of the "men of type") found in Zechariah 3:8.] This series will bring selected Bible sections together, with some commentary, showing how these prophecies are coming alive in world news.
Coloriage : Apprendre les animaux by Alina Dumitrescu Coloriage : Apprendre les animaux by Oct. 23, 2016 1 words Read a sample
Ce livre facilite l’apprentissage des noms d’animaux (en regardant les dessins et les photos), l’apprentissage de l’écriture (en offrant la possibilité de mémoriser les lettres) et la détente en faisant de beaux coloriages (art thérapie).
Plots by Jay Dubya Plots by Oct. 23, 2016 199509 words Sample 20%
Plots is a Jay Dubya anagram that represents a compilation of certain famous works by authors Poe, London, O. Henry, Twain and Shakespeare.
Suburban Tales - Scarlett by Hayden Baxter Suburban Tales - Scarlett by Oct. 23, 2016 21519 words Sample 20%
Suburbia, a dull place. But you never know what is happening behind the closed curtains, unless you have a peek. Jacen and Samanther are a normal married couple with kids, their lives have been drifting apart for sometime. This may all change now as a mysterious message appears with instructions. What happens may have long lasting effects on their lives and their marriage, for better or worse
Hotline Hocus-Pocus by Choker Guy Hotline Hocus-Pocus by Oct. 23, 2016 6445 words Sample 30%
Hotline Hocus-Pocus is a story of male-to-female fetishised transformation. Adam is in his thirties and feeling a bit lonely, so he decides to call a sex hotline. Who's going to know, right? Well, he certainly doesn't get what he expected. His fantasies of a sexy "ebony dominatrix" become a little too real for Adam.
Dominatrix Bait by Berkley Stone Dominatrix Bait by Oct. 22, 2016 6494 words Read a sample
Brian was a goner the minute he saw the fiery redhead in black leather. But she's no ordinary hottie. She's the owner of a very exclusive femdom club and he's been recruited.