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The Leper's Blood by Atlas The Leper's Blood by Aug. 31, 2015 3078 words Read a sample
After fighting as a red commissar in the Russian Civil War, he wanted nothing but his peaceful home. Instead, he received a strange instruction that brought him to a leper colony lost in the endless steppes. What awaits for the brave commander there?
Royal Sins Eight: The Ruler by Tereska Lynne Royal Sins Eight: The Ruler by Aug. 31, 2015 1418 words Read a sample
The Ruler: Since the king is incapable, the queen must rule until her children are of age, buying allies among the commons for the crown using all her wiles, her intelligence, and in the last resort, her body. Mature Content Warning.
The Orphans Revolt 1: Hard Life Between the Sheets by Paul Smith The Orphans Revolt 1: Hard Life Between the Sheets by Aug. 31, 2015 9292 words Read a sample
Rivan and Caitlin are career prostitutes. Each night they entertain the merchants and sailors who step ashore at the infamous port of Kharpal. But all that is about to change, as a figure from the Arc Sea's bloody past prepares to step out into the light of their world's murdered moon once more. Watch as the dance unfolds...
Lost Inside A Legend by Elsa Graus Lost Inside A Legend by Aug. 31, 2015 4013 words Read a sample
A group of four friends go to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras. Too many people. Too much fun. Too much noise. It’s easy to get lost amongst the crowd and one of them, Matt, does. His feet take him to the emptiest streets of the city where he finds a peculiar man where he’s going to tell him a story that’s going to take Matt two hundred years behind in time.
Sniffing Out a Crime - Dog Fosterer Museum Mysteries by Lisa Shea Sniffing Out a Crime - Dog Fosterer Museum Mysteries by Aug. 31, 2015 5289 words Read a sample
Cindy Lange's heart lay in shattered pieces. A fluke Google search revealed that her partner of seven years, Diana, had traded her in for a newer, younger model. Seeking to retreat from her grief, Cindy had signed up to be a dog foster mommy. Duke, an elderly basset hound, was just the salve she needed to soothe her jagged wounds. His big, soulful eyes reminded her that life offered much ...
Beyond the Strandline by Toby Clark Beyond the Strandline by Aug. 31, 2015 17944 words Read a sample
This novel is an accompaniment to my ebook 'Tipping Point' (also available free on Smashwords) which charts our current situation and the impending peril of climate change. It is intended to put a human face on the potentially cataclysmic events which are already starting to unfold before us that we might understand what the future holds for us all as members of the human race.
A Dark and Bloody Business - Charley Cat's Carnival: Book 0 by Dora Badger A Dark and Bloody Business - Charley Cat's Carnival: Book 0 by Aug. 31, 2015 10654 words Read a sample
Joseph Albers attempts to save the coal-mining town he’s founded by making a deal at the crossroads - but instead of the devil he'd hoped to meet, he encounters the ancient, ageless god Charley Cat. By the time the parley has ended, the fates of both Joseph and of tiny Piquette, Kentucky will have changed forever.
திருக்குறள் (Thirukkural): குறள், தமிழ் உரைகள், மொழிபெயர்ப்பு மற்றும் ஒலிபெயர்ப்பு (with translation & transliteration) by Vasudevan M திருக்குறள் (Thirukkural): குறள், தமிழ் உரைகள், மொழிபெயர்ப்பு மற்றும் ஒலிபெயர்ப்பு (with translation & transliteration) by Aug. 31, 2015 203674 words Read a sample
திருக்குறள் உலகப்புகழ் பெற்ற தமிழ் இலக்கியமாகும். இதனை இயற்றியவர் திருவள்ளுவர் என்று அறியப்படுபவர். இதில் 1330 குறள்கள் பத்து பத்தாக 133 அதிகாரங்களின் கீழ் தொகுக்கப் பெற்றுள்ளன. திருக்குறள் சங்க இலக்கிய வகைப்பாட்டில் பதினெண்கீழ்க்கணக்கு எனப்படும் பதினெட்டு நூல்களின் திரட்டில் இருக்கிறது. இது அடிப்படையில் ஒரு வாழ்வியல் நூல். இந்நூ லை இயற்றியவர் திருவள்ளுவர்.
What a waste! by Joy Li What a waste! by Aug. 31, 2015 505 words Read a sample
John didn't know how to put things in the recycling bin but at the end he knows how to put it in the recycling bin.
Minny's Big Day Off: Filthy In The Park (Sophie Sin's Classics #8) by Sophie Sin Minny's Big Day Off: Filthy In The Park (Sophie Sin's Classics #8) by Aug. 31, 2015 6307 words Read a sample
Love: Minny has her opinions on the topic, but this man, rough and gorgeous as he might be, is not one who knows the innermost nature of love's true expression. If only he'd been stronger – more direct – then she'd have left him to his miserable life of lovelessness. But, no, Minny can't do that now. He's gone too far, reached too high. It's time he learned what love is really all about.
The Older Woman I Couldn't Forget (More MILF Series) by Sophie Sin The Older Woman I Couldn't Forget (More MILF Series) by Aug. 31, 2015 6255 words Read a sample
Obsession and denial. I played games with my heart: Russian Roulette with me running as the prize. Now I'm back. 25 going on 26. Her 45 going on perfect. What we shouldn't do is sometimes what we truly must. Sophie Sin brings two generations together in a passionate game of inner push and pull that is nothing less than incredibly sexy from start to climax.
Going Down Swinging: Essays, Letters, Reflections by Going Down Swinging Going Down Swinging: Essays, Letters, Reflections by Aug. 30, 2015 33551 words Read a sample
The best essays, travel stories and musings from the online history of Going Down Swinging, one of Australia’s longest-running and most respected literary journals. Featuring online favourites from Oliver Mol, Jenny Sinclair, Scott Wings, Sian Campbell and Z. P. Heller, as well as stories surrounding Going Down Swinging’s thirty-year history by founders Kevin Brophy and Myron Lysenko.
Off Your Face by Julie Ihle Off Your Face by Aug. 30, 2015 3517 words Read a sample
Enjoy this snappy guide to the fun art of face reading. This easy-to-read guide helps you to have fun looking at the faces of your friends and family and, of course, your very own gorgeous mug and perhaps confirming what you already suspected, or learning something new. It’s all part of getting off your face ...
Fabric Information Guide by Ylia Callan, Sr Fabric Information Guide by Aug. 30, 2015 1235 words Read a sample
Fabric Information Guide to help choose the right fabric for comfort and durability when selecting your favourite clothing.
How To Make Your Own Fashion Clothes by Ylia Callan, Sr How To Make Your Own Fashion Clothes by Aug. 30, 2015 6258 words Read a sample
DCO Fashion Brings you - Make your own Fashion Clothes eBook including learn how to make your own clothing patterns Patterns Dresses Skirts Pants Kimonos and Jumpsuits with this Free eBook.
Embracing Destiny - Episode 8 by J.D. Selmser Embracing Destiny - Episode 8 by Aug. 30, 2015 2579 words Read a sample
Before Damien could defy Death for love he had to find love worth dying for. See how it all started
Desire: Big Bear Outlaw MC Romance Book 1 by Charlotte Byrd Desire: Big Bear Outlaw MC Romance Book 1 by Aug. 30, 2015 10383 words Read a sample
HE SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN AN OUTLAW, I SHOULDN’T HAVE FALLEN FOR HIM... Jack Hart was all wrong for me. He was in a motorcycle club. I was studying pre-med. He was a criminal, and I’ve never even jaywalked. After my mom had left, the last thing I wanted was a relationship. But then I started falling for Jack. Why did he have to have a girlfriend? Why did I have to go out with his brother?
For Love & Enchantment by All Authors Publishing House For Love & Enchantment by Aug. 30, 2015 3648 words Read a sample
The Amazon Rainforest holds more secrets than meets the eye. When folklore meets reality the only outcome can be devastating and confusion. Or can it? Edeli & Zavier want to discover if their union if meant to be For Love & Enchantment.
Il mondo Oltre i Confini by Noemi Gastaldi Il mondo Oltre i Confini by Aug. 30, 2015 12856 words Read a sample
Questo ebook contiene racconti, immagini e pensieri sulla realtà oltre i confini.
Harvest Of The Virgin Sacrifice, Filled With Hot Seed by Gracie Lacewood Harvest Of The Virgin Sacrifice, Filled With Hot Seed by Aug. 30, 2015 9542 words Sample 20%
In the nation of Aucrates, a gift is given to the Potentate and his vassals. A beautiful, fertile virgin is raised by silent priestesses until her nineteenth birthday, when she is given to the three powerful men to be used as they please. It is her solemn duty to let them fill her up, hard and unprotected. She must remain silent and do as they say, no matter what they have in store for her...
Slutshame by Dick Grimm Slutshame by Aug. 30, 2015 50119 words Sample 20%
SLUTSHAME A missing girl with a reputation. A shallow grave beside a creek. And two preteen kids in over their heads. Autumn Faust sees ghosts. Paul Reagan loves adventure. But when they uncover clues about a murder, will anyone pay attention to them? Or will they attract no one's attention but the killer's? SLUTSHAME is the harrowing tale of two kids confronted with adult crimes.
Beneath the Floorboards by Diana Strenka Beneath the Floorboards by Aug. 30, 2015 4797 words Read a sample
Locked in a basement, Miles is trapped in a real-life horror story. His world deteriorates as he struggles to stay alive. Will Miles escape his doomed circumstances, or will he become another victim in the dog fighting ring?
The King of Nothing by Ross Ray The King of Nothing by Aug. 30, 2015 5478 words Read a sample
Long before the magic of modern medicines there was the kingdom of Nuroan, the monsters outside of its walls, and nothing else.
Groundhog Year by Jonina Thorvaldsdottir Groundhog Year by Aug. 30, 2015 105 words
Earthquakes follow a similar pattern on the same day as previously years based on longitude of the earthquakes
Der Anruf - Teil 1 by Anna Sici Der Anruf - Teil 1 by Aug. 30, 2015 4697 words Read a sample
"Hi," sagte eine weibliche Stimme vom anderen Ende der Leitung. "Also, wo war'n wir?" "Hi," antwortete ich und hielt einen Moment inne, um nachzudenken, wer das wohl sein könnte. Hatte ich einen Termin versäumt? War irgendein Gespräch unterbrochen worden? Bevor ich irgendetwas sagen konnte, fuhr die Stimme fort: "Ah, genau. Du wolltest mir sagen, wie feucht du bist."
Late Night Delivery by Rik Hunik Late Night Delivery by Aug. 30, 2015 4716 words Read a sample
(4230 words) A librarian, working night shift in a library, gets an unexpected shipment of unusual books. Because she signed for the order she feels responsible, so when the crates of books are stolen right in front of her she tries to intervene. She is kidnapped and taken for a wild ride in a horse-drawn coach in an alternate world. (Author's note: This is mostly my wife's story.)
The Lost Sunshine by Preeti Bhatt The Lost Sunshine by Aug. 30, 2015 63617 words
True love has the power to find what's lost and revive what's gone- this awe inspiring novel is a love plunge that puts forth the hidden power of love. This enticing novel brings to picture the life of a young girl Naila who falls in love with a man named Taruj who happens to be from IIT. This heart melting love story becomes a lifetime journey for Naila where she finds no exit.
Poke Her Prize by Candace Mia Poke Her Prize by Aug. 30, 2015 1488 words Read a sample
She's waited so long to turn eighteen so the guys would let her participate in poker night. She'd doesn't want to play, though. No, she wants to be the prize.
She Don't Get Tired by Coco Marie She Don't Get Tired by Aug. 30, 2015 48454 words Read a sample
Twenty-two-year-old Aleesha realizes she deserves better in life, especially when it comes down to her relationships. For too long she’s endured hurt and betrayal from the men in her world, and instead of getting tired of love, she gets even.
Ashtrays to Jawbreakers: Volume 7 by June Project Ashtrays to Jawbreakers: Volume 7 by Aug. 30, 2015 18081 words Read a sample
Once again, we come before you to stand behind you, the reader, to invite you into our worlds that we have built or in some cases destroy. We hope you enjoy this edition as much as the others. Not read the others? They are available free as well.
Bombaž by Sandra Pavlic Bombaž by Aug. 30, 2015 10107 words Read a sample
Zgodba govori o Afriški deklici ki so jo prodali v Ameriko, da bi bila sužnja na kmetiji kjer pridelujejo bombaž. Sprva se zdijo stvari čisto v redu, potem pa deklica doživlja veliko slabega ker je njen gospodar Jake ne mara. Ali bo deklica kljub temu našla prave prijatelje in uspela pobegniti z Jakovih rok?
Canis Lupus by Aurora Felis Canis Lupus by Aug. 30, 2015 1601 words Sample 20%
A short novella about the misfortune of a group of wolves who just happen to be the targets of a pair of sadistic hunting brothers...
Will You Sing Fredric? by Jacob Mossberg Will You Sing Fredric? by Aug. 30, 2015 5427 words Read a sample
An absurd tale of a young man who is haunted by a voice who wants him to sing. Fredric refuses, but the voice does not seem to want to go away until he does....
Beer, Aidsbabies & Enlightenment by beeraidsbabiesenlightenment Beer, Aidsbabies & Enlightenment by Aug. 30, 2015 31807 words Read a sample
Beer, aidsbabies & enlightenment is about the mental, economic and spiritual swamp and some of the major delusions, traps and tricks which prevent us from even beginning an honest process of self-enquiry.
Necronauta by Giuseppe Chiodi Necronauta by Aug. 30, 2015 14668 words Sample 20%
Il viaggio 'al termine della notte' di uno romanziere fallito. Una vendetta spietata, una misteriosa setta, una vecchia fiamma e una motosega. Quentin Tarantino incontra Cristopher Nolan, in un racconto che scorre come un film.
The House by J Scaddon The House by Aug. 30, 2015 6095 words Read a sample
Marie has been left alone to mind her master's estate overnight. She has been given one order to follow. Stay away from the upper floors of the house. Nobody is allowed up there except for the master and his closest aide. As she does her best to follow the rules, she notices strange things happening that seem to draw her up to where she doesn't belong. Something is waiting for her.
Gothic Blood 1 by Brenda Williamson Gothic Blood 1 by Aug. 30, 2015 4206 words Sample 20%
Valentina Wells doesn’t know a life beyond her estate. When her mother dies, leaving her without family, alone with servants, her instincts of survival take over—thrusting her toward the perilous needs of her once bridled nature.
Milf Fun by Candace Mia Milf Fun by Aug. 30, 2015 1495 words Read a sample
A woman can only be ogled by younger men for so long before she does something about it.
Probe care,repair and replacements solutions by netcoo Probe care,repair and replacements solutions by Aug. 30, 2015 571 words Read a sample
Probe care,repair and replacements solutions
Glassman by J L Blenkinsop Glassman by Aug. 30, 2015 2262 words Read a sample
It must be fun, being a Superhero. Meet Denis, who might just change your mind...
Kings (Chaos #5.5) by Claire Farrell Kings (Chaos #5.5) by Aug. 30, 2015 29636 words Read a sample
Set between books five and six in the Chaos series, Kings is a brief look into the lives of Drake and Brendan.
Kitty time travel by Horia Hulea Kitty time travel by Aug. 30, 2015 20700 words Read a sample
A time travelling kitty finds itself at the heart of the darkest power plots, devious intrigues and sinister global conspiracies spanning across time and civilisations. Can a clueless adorable fur ball be a match against countless enemies and prevent the impending human extinctions and the inevitable planetary disaster? Can a helpless kitty be a match for all that? Unless...
Nurse's Night  (Book 1, Fantasy Fridays) by Sophie Knight Nurse's Night (Book 1, Fantasy Fridays) by Aug. 30, 2015 10667 words Read a sample
Arlo may be a grown man, but he has a college fantasy that remains unfulfilled -- nurses. During examinations, he longed for their touch to be unprofessional, for them to teach him about women, make him do things he wasn't sure he wanted to do. Now, his sweet, funny Amy is ready to don her stethoscope and push Arlo's limits.
The Artist Within by James Hegarty The Artist Within by Aug. 29, 2015 44066 words Read a sample
This book is filled with inspiration and insight that can help you shape your own creative identity.
Heartbreak Reminisce by M. Demetrice Heartbreak Reminisce by Aug. 29, 2015 1998 words Sample 20%
Cynthia reminisces about a married lover that knocked at her door bringing with him rain, sex, and heartbreak.
Dragon (S)Layers: The Paladin Gambit by Tammy Silverwolf Dragon (S)Layers: The Paladin Gambit by Aug. 29, 2015 35231 words Read a sample
A once-blind seamstress is granted her vision once more for a pact of service to a goddess with ulterior motives. When this civilian turned paladin's first quest goes horribly wrong, she'll contend with a sphinx in his own casino and play a game of wits and chance with her life and the future of her faith on the line.
Slice of the South Stories by L.T. Garvin Slice of the South Stories by Aug. 29, 2015 8910 words Read a sample
A collection of short stories depicting characters growing up in a small southern town. A neat collection humorous fiction.
FREE! Chinese Sentence Patterns For Beginners! Lesson 2 by Kevin Peter Lee FREE! Chinese Sentence Patterns For Beginners! Lesson 2 by Aug. 29, 2015 419 words Read a sample
This is the FREE Chinese Sentence Structure For Beginners! Lesson 2 ebook. The process used in this book is the absolute best way to learn how to read and speak Mandarin Chinese. I will be giving out one free lesson every Sunday until the release of my complete book: Chinese Sentence Structure For Beginners! 101 Lessons.
One Look: Deployment to Iraq 100 Days Captured in 100 Cartoons by Robert T. Belie One Look: Deployment to Iraq 100 Days Captured in 100 Cartoons by Aug. 29, 2015 4606 words Read a sample
Capturing the essence of the war in Iraq has been done through words and photography, so I thought I’d set about cornering the market on lighthearted cartoons. I can’t draw to save my life, but that didn’t stop me, and thankfully no such demand has yet presented itself. During my deployment with the Army in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom I sketched out 100 cartoons, and well, here they are.
Vengeance by Rob Marley Vengeance by Aug. 29, 2015 11027 words Read a sample
Safety is too often temporary. With the townspeople protected behind tall walls and trained soldiers, Isaac and his new companions can turn their attention to other matters. But their world is pierced most harshly- when Jemain is present for a brutal ambush that leaves almost as many questions, as it does dead warriors.