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Tales Of Grimea by Andrew Mowere Tales Of Grimea by Sep. 25, 2016 63919 words Read a sample
This is a chronological collection of stories, legends, myths, and half-whispers salvaged from forgotten journals across the four continents. These seven records have been collected and archived in Indellekt's Greenstar Library, left there in case an outsider ever wishes to learn of our realm, Grimea. You are that outsider.
Lover Dear, I'm Pregnant! by Mario V. Farina Lover Dear, I'm Pregnant! by Sep. 24, 2016 2131 words Read a sample
Cynthia Watson and I had become embroiled in an affair. I was married. She informed me she was pregnant. This presented multiple problems for me. This book tells the whole sordid story.
Tân Bộ Ba Phép Thuật (The Completed Edition) by Mai Nguyên Thiệu Tân Bộ Ba Phép Thuật (The Completed Edition) by Sep. 24, 2016 11400 words Sample 10%
Tân Bộ Ba Phép Thuật (tựa tiếng Anh: Charmed - The Next Generation) là một Fanfiction được sáng tác bởi Mai Nguyên Thiệu dựa trên cơ sở các phần từ Season 1 đến Season 10 của tác phẩm gốc là Charmed.
Connected: Sanger Road by W. W. Watson Connected: Sanger Road by Sep. 24, 2016 41026 words Read a sample
Sanger Road: An explosive morning on a dead end road is about to change Carl Ever's life forever. Ami Anderson is a young woman living a dead end life, the same as Carl. They are thrown together and find themselves in a set of circumstances neither could ever have predicted. Murder, hired killers, cash and drugs are all in the mix. Soon Ami and Carl find themselves on the run for their lives...
The Shadow of Felfire Tower by Alex Davis The Shadow of Felfire Tower by Sep. 24, 2016 2434 words Read a sample
THE SHADOW OF FELFIRE TOWER is a fantasy short story about a disgraced adventurer, seeking redemption in a false cause.
The Explanation of Life by Mysterio448 The Explanation of Life by Sep. 24, 2016 99350 words Read a sample
Why does life exist? Why does the universe exist? What is it all about? These age-old, seemingly indomitable questions finally have an answer. This answer is not religious and, although harmonious with science, not scientific. It is likely different from anything you have heard before. "The Explanation of Life" will forever change the way you look at the world.
Summer's Song: A Celebration of Life by Catherine Carlson Summer's Song: A Celebration of Life by Sep. 24, 2016 4514 words Read a sample
We adopted Summer from the Gulf Coast Humane Society in Corpus Christi. This is the story of her journey from a near feral cat to a lovable house cat that brought joy and happiness to everyone in the family. I invite you to join me in telling Summer's tale in hopes that her story will help not only other animals, but their owners too.
Storm by Joana Hill Storm by Sep. 24, 2016 1677 words Read a sample
A storm hits Bella's town and might take a loved one with it.
We Have To Move by Jennifer Palmer We Have To Move by Sep. 24, 2016 0 words Read a sample
I hate moving!!!
The Feels by Jamaak Morris The Feels by Sep. 24, 2016 3668 words Read a sample
Three of Jamaak Morris’s many short stories that involve love, determination, strength, and forgiveness. The different protagonist in the different stories found the courage to do what is needed of them.
The Depths and other tales of Intrigue by Christian Bianchi The Depths and other tales of Intrigue by Sep. 24, 2016 2704 words Read a sample
This E-book is a collection of short stories following the darkness within and without basic human nature, showing us how big and how small our worlds truly are. Grim tales of the unknown and a magnifying glass on the people we may be standing right next to. Chillers, Thrillers and adventures abound, but are you ready?
The Scare-It Book 2, Thirst: Chapter 6 by Kae Bell The Scare-It Book 2, Thirst: Chapter 6 by Sep. 24, 2016 2534 words Read a sample
...Continued from Book 1: The Scare-It terrorizes FBI Agents laying in wait for an escaped convict.
Go Directly To Your Sweetheart by Mario V. Farina Go Directly To Your Sweetheart by Sep. 24, 2016 457 words Read a sample
Robert Stanton and Angela Fuller married. Had enjoyed only one night of bliss before Robert's leaving to serve in the U.S. Army on the following morning. Angela never remarried. During their courtship, the couple had loved a favorite tune in common, "I'll Be Seeing You." This is the story of this couple, the song they loved, and what happened after Angela died.
Sexo por deporte Del bar a mi piso by Iñaki Echeverry Sexo por deporte Del bar a mi piso by Sep. 24, 2016 3816 words Read a sample
¿Es mejor el sexo con amor o con placer? No lo sé, pero lo que es seguro es que hay más placer en el sexo que en el amor. Y nuestro protagonista buscará esa pasión en el cuerpo hermoso de una bella chica en su bar preferido.
Psycho Killer by James Hold Psycho Killer by Sep. 24, 2016 643 words Read a sample
Does David burn...with anger? His reasons are justified. Besides she brought it on herself. And he planned it perfectly. So what could go wrong?
The Horny Teen Serialization: Part One by BB Ellioto The Horny Teen Serialization: Part One by Sep. 24, 2016 19644 words Read a sample
First, a randy cougar plays with our deeply sleeping and very innocent jetlagged exchange student. Later, a beautiful teen sadist takes sexual charge. As he strives to prove himself, his painful initiation at her hands under the hot sun on a trampoline will make you sweat as much as he does. Once she teaches him how she likes it, she steers him into an erotic, oiled-up, hours long marathon tryst.
Rise of the Hystericals by Jenni Gisselbrecht Hyena Rise of the Hystericals by Sep. 24, 2016 5490 words Read a sample
My gang and I are back and better than ever in the oncoming civil war against the deadly Middle Eastern formed terror group, ISIL and the one tyrannical bastard now overseeing it all on his hefty big ass throne, Mr. mental inbred species racist, Johnny Rebel.
The Lewd Phoenix: Melancholy Joe by Mae B. Fay The Lewd Phoenix: Melancholy Joe by Sep. 24, 2016 4054 words Read a sample
Living in catty-suburbia, she finally snaps. Unfortunately for her neighbor Beverly, her lust-ridden husband is the first casualty in her sensual retaliation...
Personal Injury (Volume 3) by Word Chapter Personal Injury (Volume 3) by Sep. 24, 2016 7292 words Read a sample
When someone is injured, they want to get more information on this and hire a lawyer to get injury claims. The main themes are (1) personal injury claims and (2) personal injury lawyers. This book will give you some insights about managing situation after a personal injury case. Download and read this easy to read and understand book.
You Can't Push A String Up A HIll by Ian C. Dawkins Moore You Can't Push A String Up A HIll by Sep. 24, 2016 98038 words Sample 10%
SHORT STORIES AND COMPLAINTS ABOUT PEOPLE I CARE ABOUT BUT WHO CAN’T RESIST SCREWING ME. The characters in this book come alive and seem to be telling us to focus on which end of the string the influence lies. In other words, in any given situation, who needs to change, me or the other guy? You are in for a treat. Sue Stoney, The Editor
eCommerce (Volume 2) by Word Chapter eCommerce (Volume 2) by Sep. 24, 2016 7439 words Read a sample
From small to corporate businesses are already selling products and services via eCommerce. Are you planning to sell via eCommerce? Is your company already selling goods and/or services via eCommerce? Whatever it is, this book can help you. This book will give you some insights about eCommerce marketing, sales, and growth. Download and read this easy to read and understand book.
Matters of Life or Death (A Collection of Short Stories) by Mel Alexander Matters of Life or Death (A Collection of Short Stories) by Sep. 24, 2016 5713 words Read a sample
Have you ever been tempted to do something you knew was a bad idea? You ever go somewhere you weren't supposed to or see something you wish you didn’t? Ever trust the wrong people? Matter of Life or Death is a collection of three drama filled flash fiction stories that explore how selfish decisions no matter the scale can potentially lead to our ruin.
Twisted Tales by Kerry Valkyrie Baldock Kelly Twisted Tales by Sep. 24, 2016 16939 words Read a sample
Enter into the surreal world of the twisted tale!
The Clovel Destroyer by Gordon Brewer The Clovel Destroyer by Sep. 24, 2016 17205 words Read a sample
This novella focuses on a warrior, Urith of Esterblud, who is not yet aware of the prophecy or his destiny within the realms. In this back-story to the Clovel Sword Chronicles, the young tribal hero suffers great loss and heartbreak that shape the man he is to become. His youthful ambitions fall apart, and he must survive as his personal world collapses in disaster and heartbreak.
Bhagavad Gita for Dummies in Tamil by Vishnuvarthanan Moorthy Bhagavad Gita for Dummies in Tamil by Sep. 24, 2016 15311 words Read a sample
This Book explains Bhagavad Gita the Sacred Text given by Supreme God as Summary in Tamil.
Futa fighters profile Nikita by Jessica Kat Futa fighters profile Nikita by Sep. 24, 2016 203 words Read a sample
This is a free futa fighters profile for Nikita. Nikita is a strong Asian mixed martial artist. That enjoys competition and futa fighting.
The Recycling Universe by Toby Clark The Recycling Universe by Sep. 24, 2016 2532 words Read a sample
The Recycling Universe hypothesis proposes that Einstein’s famous equation e = mc2 is reversible under conditions of extreme gravity in that whilst mass may be converted into energy (as in nuclear reactions), energy may be converted into mass within deep gravity wells (within Black Holes) and consequently a viable mechanism for a steady state universe can be defined.
The King 76 by Mitchell Jespersen The King 76 by Sep. 24, 2016 2609 words Read a sample
He felt Akemi’s control over her own pleasure. He breathed the smell of her hair, felt its smoothness, crackle of electricity. She wore natural fabrics, with a dun colored sleeveless top had on brown- dark tobacco colored- linen pants, coarse contrast to her smooth skin. Story of a man torn between two women. Short chapters, New episode added almost daily.
The Caged Beast by Lauren Essix The Caged Beast by Sep. 24, 2016 5838 words Read a sample
This is a cautionary tale! It seems I had been living in a self centered bubble. I was having experiences and living out my fantasies, and for some odd reason forgetting the other individual involved. I don't mean I was stuck up or only cared for myself. What I'm trying to get at is that I was assuming a lot about the other person, and assuming that I had far more control than I did. I was unaware
The Catholic Digital News 2016-09-24 by The Catholic Digital News The Catholic Digital News 2016-09-24 by Sep. 24, 2016 42700 words Read a sample
The Catholic Digital News gathers the week's most important news stories involving the Catholic Church and publishes them within a single digital volume. Each edition is beautifully formatted with full-color images and features world, national, and Vatican news, plus opinion pieces, entertainment reviews, and daily Mass readings. This issue covers the events of the week ending September 24, 2016.
The Deadliest Scottish Tales of Terror 2016 by V Bertolaccini The Deadliest Scottish Tales of Terror 2016 by Sep. 24, 2016 172385 words Read a sample
An action-packed thriller with three Scottish horror novels with explorers uncovering deadly mind-bending discoveries! A colossal lost Scottish castle, over centuries, has evil mind-bending magical hauntings and legends! Something hideous rests deep below a Scottish street, waiting to be revived! A military weapon system shoots down a UFO over Scotland and a strange entity formation appears!
Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab by Naima Sohaib Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab by Sep. 24, 2016 10564 words Read a sample
Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab was one of the greatest reformers in Islamic history. He appeared in Arabia in the 18th century, and called people back to the right path in the light of Quran and Sunnah at a time when superstitions, grave worship, & other forms of polytheism were widespread. There is much misinformation about his movement, but he was without doubt a highly influential person in history.
Judgement Day by Michael Spears Judgement Day by Sep. 24, 2016 60401 words Read a sample
We're putting on a play, it's called "The Book Of Revelations." After two thousand years in the making, this is the greatest play ever written! So come inside, take a seat, the show's about to start! Happy Judgement Day!
Ross Rosalynn by Rita Saladano Ross Rosalynn by Sep. 24, 2016 23665 words Read a sample
Liz played with her straw, gripping on it like a man's junk, she waiting for the man across to make a move. He dressed in his two-piece suit; he was handsome and dangerous. She played her part right, and she was flirty and seductive, her stare was deadly. The man approached her, "Bartender, another one of whatever she is drinking. Make it two."
Newcomer: Chapter 1- A Serial Flash Fiction Novel by Mike White Newcomer: Chapter 1- A Serial Flash Fiction Novel by Sep. 24, 2016 1450 words Read a sample
Cali wakes up in a strange glass pod with no memory of how she got there. But questions about where she is and how she arrived aren’t nearly as strange as another radical difference. This is a startling, impossible change Cali detects in herself.
The Flight of the Dove: The Trinity Paradigm by Dallas James The Flight of the Dove: The Trinity Paradigm by Sep. 24, 2016 3743 words Read a sample
“And it came about when all the people were being baptized, Jesus also being baptized and praying, the skies were opened and the Sacred Spirit descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him, and a Voice came from the cosmos that said, You are my esteemed Son; in you I am well pleased.” Luke 3:21,22 (UTV)
Pages - Book 2 by EA Harwik Pages - Book 2 by Sep. 24, 2016 210246 words Read a sample
Pages, by EA Harwik - A modern family saga. - One story published in two volumes. Pages will question and define the boundaries of normal in modern society. Where secrets challenge the fabric of friendship and family.
The Emperior's Secret by Dick Powers The Emperior's Secret by Sep. 24, 2016 2739 words Read a sample
Unbeknownst to the world, the emperor of a great nation had a dirty little secret that everyone knew about, but never reached the history books. This tale tells of a naughty encounter with a member of his staff in the darkness and secrecy of a hidden enclosure. What goes on behind closed doors...
Hacking: Basic Computer Security and Penentration Testing by supershake Hacking: Basic Computer Security and Penentration Testing by Sep. 24, 2016 10157 words Sample 20%
It seems like everyone is being hacked. Celebrities, politicians, large organizations, banks, schools, universities etc. Well, how does this happen? What are the different kinds of attacks? Is there any way you can improve your safety? This book answers all.
Hacked by Giles J. M. Blackley Hacked by Sep. 24, 2016 875 words Read a sample
Alice is working well into the evening. In fact, she’s been at it for the last fourteen hours. An exceptionally skilled hacker, Alice is close to breaking into the encrypted systems of a country’s military headquarters, and she is doing this for her dad. After months of preparation, one night will change her life forever. Read this free flash fiction story and see how...
Sultan Mohammad Fateh by Naima Sohaib Sultan Mohammad Fateh by Sep. 24, 2016 7516 words Read a sample
Sultan Muhammad Fateh was a remarkable ruler of the Ottoman Empire. At the age of 21, he conquered Constantinople which was thought to be almost impossible. His great conquests, his love of literature & education, his services to his people, his dynamic personality, and his respect & tolerance for people of all religions make him an extraordinary figure & one of the great heroes of Muslim history.
Çar II. Aleksandr ve Minik Prenses by Burak Eker Çar II. Aleksandr ve Minik Prenses by Sep. 24, 2016 3406 words Read a sample
Rus Çarı II. Aleksandr'ın resimli kısa hayat öyküsü
No Difference Used or New by Akhadya No Difference Used or New by Sep. 24, 2016 5521 words Read a sample
I am not supposed to tell young people like you about my first exposure to sex. But since you may be interested to know about first sexual encounter of a seventy-five-year-old person, I am going to tell you.’
Romantic Scene 3 by Sean Eddings Romantic Scene 3 by Sep. 24, 2016 697 words Read a sample
A little romantic scene from the point of view of a person towards a man.
Wheelchair Moccasins by David J. Wighton Wheelchair Moccasins by Sep. 23, 2016 102208 words Read a sample
A 13 year old girl turns to prostitution to gain her freedom from her crime boss father. In Wilizy family news, Winnie agrees not to meddle in Mathias' love life. No, the world isn't ending, so long as you don't have a green vegetable for your name. Best advice ever? If somebody wearing moccasins and sitting in a wheelchair offers to sing you to sleep... run!
Transform Your Life Through Necessity by Donnell Harris Transform Your Life Through Necessity by Sep. 23, 2016 2080 words Read a sample
“How can I guarantee a transformation?” The answer is simple. Turn that goal or transformation into a necessity. Once something becomes a necessity, it will get done. You see, there are certain patterns of human psychology and behavior that are universal.  All humans follow similar patterns regardless of where they come from, their race, background or personal beliefs.
The Secret: Complicated Love, Part 1 by Sephiri J. The Secret: Complicated Love, Part 1 by Sep. 23, 2016 10771 words Read a sample
Everyone has secrets; some are just bigger than others. Kristina Velez and Luke Carter share a raw emotional connection and passionate physical attraction. But a shocking revelation turns Kristina’s world upside down and forces her to question everything she thought she knew about Luke. Will she be able to trust his words or will the dreadful secret destroy everything they know and love?
Dads In Short Shorts by Bklein155 Dads In Short Shorts by Sep. 23, 2016 1805 words Read a sample
This collection of three flash fiction pieces will bring a smile to your face, and maybe even have you laughing out loud. Just like your dad's plaid shorts that skimp on length, these breezy reads will be perfect for your train ride or next bathroom break.
Art Immortality Collection by Brian Secret Blue Fly Brian Secret Blue Fly, Sr Art Immortality Collection by Sep. 23, 2016 27189 words Sample 80%
Collection of my best works of art from 2012 to 2016. Poems of different topics, autobiographical stories, of strong emotional impact ... that is when reality exceeds imagination. freestyle, depending creative flair, made with wise awareness and maturity! -
Top Pick - Best New Board Game: Watch Ya' Mouth the Authentic Mouth Guard Party Game by Andy Lit Top Pick - Best New Board Game: Watch Ya' Mouth the Authentic Mouth Guard Party Game by Sep. 23, 2016 451 words Read a sample
Andy talks about his Top Pick and Review for the Best New Board Game.