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Don't Forget Me by Sarah Warman Don't Forget Me by Aug. 24, 2016 12099 words Read a sample
'Don't Forget Me - Essays of Reflection' is the sequel to Sarah's first book of essays, 'Don't Forget to Write'. Sarah shares more of her essays as she weaves and winds her way through adulthood. She examines the complexity of her relationships, the losses she's endured and why life may not be taking the path she expected as she enters her thirties.
Pissed Off Crazy Bitch by Gina Candy Pissed Off Crazy Bitch by Aug. 24, 2016 1056 words Read a sample
He's been warned not to come around when she's angry. But he didn't listen.
The King 49 by Mitchell Jespersen The King 49 by Aug. 24, 2016 1830 words Read a sample
He went to a party where Akemi was. Seeing her occupied with others, Mitchell got upset and drank too much, to the point where he had to go of to the bathroom and vomit. Afterward he felt stone sober, no more nausea, just dizziness and an empty sensation. He thought he should go home but couldn’t bring himself to leave while Akemi was still there. A love story in short chapters added almost daily.
Under Her Feet by Brogan Wells Under Her Feet by Aug. 24, 2016 7472 words Sample 20%
Alfie and Stevie are young, brilliant and madly in love. But when Stevie returns home to discover Alfie has spent the weekend in a haze of drug smoke she decides against a potentially relationship destroying argument and instead persuades Alfie to submit to a very long and very hard spanking followed by an intense session of lovemaking during which she ties, dominates and completely enslaves him.
Gundown by Ray Rhamey Gundown by Aug. 24, 2016 89243 words Read a sample
Oregon gun owners fear losing rights to gun reform, and Oath Keeper Hank Soldado is out to stop the reform leader. But, just when Hank sees how the man's freedom-killing vision actually leads to life-saving safety and self-defense, treachery strikes. The vision is in death throes and only Hank-good-guy-with-a-gun Hank-can save it.
Little C and the Pink Umbrella by Jacqueline Wynter Walker Little C and the Pink Umbrella by Aug. 24, 2016 918 words Read a sample
Little C and the Pink Umbrella is the first illustrated book from the Little C & Company series. In this colorful illustrated story about Little C facing a storm, readers will learn of her discovery that magic exists beneath the stars.
Kobe (Excerpt) by Christopher S. McLoughlin Kobe (Excerpt) by Aug. 24, 2016 10221 words Read a sample
Kobe is a horror story set in a southern Ohio city with the same name. Several overlapping story lines unfold through a short period of time. The reader follows a sheriff, a maniac junkie, and several other characters in a third person narrative.
The Great Deception by davidberko The Great Deception by Aug. 24, 2016 47354 words Read a sample
King Rehan Kahlil learns his place in the global pecking order. The prophesied Mahdi to rule the United Islamic Caliphate and the world sends his messenger Jabour to forewarn the king of things to come and how to prepare for the triumphant entry of the long awaited messiah to the Muslim people. Operation Switchblade unfolds over LA the same time Scorpion holds its summit where Howard tells all.
Zero Hour Shifting Power by davidberko Zero Hour Shifting Power by Aug. 24, 2016 65547 words Sample 20%
Damion Westover is a self-centered billionaire genius. And the Free Republic of North America desperately needs him. In this republic's fight against a shadow government that brought down the last great empire, the U.S. in 2041, the good guys need a new nuclear deterrent against the rising tide of evil intent on annihilation of all that is good in the world.
Insights: A Collection of 13 Short Articles by Bisi O. Oladipupo Insights: A Collection of 13 Short Articles by Aug. 24, 2016 6151 words Read a sample
This is a collection of 13 inspirational articles that l have written. My prayer is that you will be encouraged as you read them.
Heartland Junk Part I: The End: A ZOMBIE Apocalypse Serial by Eli Nixon Heartland Junk Part I: The End: A ZOMBIE Apocalypse Serial by Aug. 24, 2016 32020 words Read a sample
In a quiet midwestern town, a terrifying plague gives three junkies a chance to live again. But they aren't the only ones given a second chance at life...
Woman on Top:  An Erotic Anthology by RG Kerr Woman on Top: An Erotic Anthology by Aug. 24, 2016 23379 words Read a sample
A Hot Collection of Free Erotica from Brand-New Authors Dr. J, Paige Fieldsted, Scarlett Stone, RG Kerr, and Dane Luxembre. 5 dirty stories about women taking charge. Featuring unusual sexual events, a dirty quest, a bossy woman, workplace escapades, and an intriguing gift. Download this free collection to discover your new favorite author.
Dealing With Smoke: Confession of a Military Drug Dealer (Own and Dominate Book 2) by Archie Kennedy Dealing With Smoke: Confession of a Military Drug Dealer (Own and Dominate Book 2) by Aug. 24, 2016 4991 words Read a sample
"Dealing With Smoke Part 2" is the second installment to the intriguing short story about Drug Dealer Michael and his military empire. The story leaves off from the deal Michael made with another party to expand his business. Also, his affair with Tina, his best friends wife, takes a turn for the worst. He soon learns becoming a king is easy but to maintain the position comes with sacrifice.
The Alabama Futa Teacher by Neil Sinclair The Alabama Futa Teacher by Aug. 24, 2016 8798 words Read a sample
Jessie Callahan is the newest teacher in town, and she's having some trouble at school. Jessie's assistant teacher, Miss Flora, is supposed to help. But instead of helping, the blond and beautiful Flora flounces around in skimpy outfits and flirts with Jessie. And when Flora teaches Jessie the meaning of "futanari," things only get more confusing.
Thoughts to Reach Fullness. 301 Selection of Quotes by Luz Boscani Thoughts to Reach Fullness. 301 Selection of Quotes by Aug. 24, 2016 11036 words Read a sample
In this luminous book we find a great selection of quotes on self-improvement, love, work, faith, relationships, wellness, and spirituality that will guide us on the short journey that makes up our existence. These will be valuable self-help tools; inspiring, amazing, and full of wisdom. Discover the magic that hides behind each word. www.luzboscaniygaelrodríguez.com
Stepbrother Romance:  Protect (First Time MM Experience) by CWGPublishers Stepbrother Romance: Protect (First Time MM Experience) by Aug. 24, 2016 20678 words Read a sample
Chet and Kris will come to realize what’s important in life together and Kris will teach Chet a lesson that Chet helped him learn when they were still just kids: Be true to who you are.
The Same Old Story by Hiranya Borah The Same Old Story by Aug. 24, 2016 2258 words Read a sample
An old man married a young beautiful girl of his grand- daughter’s age. To lure the girl, all the properties were transferred to her. However, within three months' of marriage, the old man was able to garner respect and true love from the young girl! This is the same old story of eternal love with a twist at the end. At his death, why the young wife cried inconsolably?
Crazy Tails by Margaret Gregory Crazy Tails by Aug. 24, 2016 5671 words Read a sample
Three of these stories are based on real creatures I have known, but their names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. The incidents are real, the events happened, but the telling is tempered by nostalgia and the POV – that’s where the fantasy comes in. Spend some moments as a mouse, a possum, a cat and a rabbit.
Cornucopia by John Kinsella Cornucopia by Aug. 24, 2016 171089 words Read a sample
The pursuit of wealth by bankers and their friends in London, Moscow and hong Kong.
The Time Probe 2016 by V Bertolaccini The Time Probe 2016 by Aug. 24, 2016 108304 words Read a sample
A high quality classic mind-boggling action-packed science fiction horror thriller! Voyager time probes of inconceivable magnitude and origins explore time and universes and detect something of unknown origins in this universe and emerge into this world, and after being trapped and buried away, warped and haunting vast regions, explorers uncover the deadly mind-bending supernatural voyagers!
Eternally Musicality - The Last Settles Endless Petals by Barbara M Schwarz Eternally Musicality - The Last Settles Endless Petals by Aug. 24, 2016 1237 words Read a sample
A scent of time well spent on a wing and a prayer opened to the music that we all can share - hidden in the atmosphere: the coppice conundrum - the beat to heart and null-sum doing becomes an endless spewing of musicality rested out to sea of grand proclivity.
A Secret World by SuZanne Ahlin A Secret World by Aug. 24, 2016 47162 words Read a sample
A prequel to ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ the first novel in the ‘A Secret World’ series. Quietly, secretly moving amongst us, here, today, in this modern world with all its high technology, there live people that aren’t at all like you and I. They look like us, act like we do, or no... wait…. That’s the big difference...
COSMIC JOKE Cartoons, Stories, Poetry by South Jersey Baba COSMIC JOKE Cartoons, Stories, Poetry by Aug. 24, 2016 1715 words Read a sample
Cosmic joke material for the whole family
The Tragedy of Socrates in Pictures by Yasmine Black The Tragedy of Socrates in Pictures by Aug. 24, 2016 0 words Read a sample
This is a visual book whereby the fate of Socrates is revealed in a series of evolving pictures...
Учебное пособие by Professional Science Учебное пособие by Aug. 24, 2016 33472 words Read a sample
Предлагаемое учебное пособие рассчитано на бакалавров, магистров по направлению подготовки 38.04.02. «Менеджмент» , аспирантов ВУЗов экономических специальностей, научных работников, а также руководителей и менеджеров сельскохозяйственных предприятий.
say YES to SUCCESS, start dreaming rich life now by Sanjay Gupta say YES to SUCCESS, start dreaming rich life now by Aug. 23, 2016 24604 words Read a sample
I am sharing my life experience & lessons that life has taught from time to time, through my book and self publishing is best way to reach great readers, like you fast and quickly. (I will be highly surprised, if you implemented the concepts I shared, not able to bring any changes in your destiny, develop patience, your destiny will change in NEXT 4-5 years, as mine... Thank You!)
Indie Bard Short Stories by Indie Bard Indie Bard Short Stories by Aug. 23, 2016 18049 words Read a sample
Indie Bard Short Stories is a collection of 23 short stories, poems, and scripts written between 2014 and 2016. They cover a range of genres: high concept, high fantasy, science fiction, thriller, comedy, tragedy, introspective, and more.
I Married A Ghost by Mario V. Farina I Married A Ghost by Aug. 23, 2016 1615 words Read a sample
Frank Baxter had been a victim of an IED in Iraq. He had been engaged to Mildred Allen before he died. He had recently appeared to Mildred as a ghost wanting to be married She talked it over with Pastor Cooper and he was at a loss as to what to do. After talking to his Congressman, he found that there was hope. This story tells how it became possible for Mildred to marry a ghost.
Bathory Lives & Other Bizarre Tales by Colton D. Epperson Bathory Lives & Other Bizarre Tales by Aug. 23, 2016 2813 words Read a sample
Bathory Lives, and other Short Stories holds three short flash fictions that explore the darker genres of Romance, Realism, and Horror. Each story delves into the mind of three protagonists, facing the obstacles their lives have landed them in.
The Chambermaid 1 by The SexSkits Project The Chambermaid 1 by Aug. 23, 2016 5036 words Read a sample
This is the classic adult role-play scenario of all time, with a little twist, exploiting the sexual freedom and anonymity that comes with being a businessman alone on the road in a strange town staying in a luxurious five-star hotel room when he is visited by an anonymous, sexy, and sinful foreign seductress dressed in a skimpy French Maid’s outfit complete with fishnet stockings and high heels.
Puta (bonus track edition) by Juan Giordano Puta (bonus track edition) by Aug. 23, 2016 4201 words Read a sample
Una historia de amor prosaico y malherido donde la redención no es más que una forma desesperada de escapar del sufrimiento.
Rhapsody in Blue by Jessica Barnes Rhapsody in Blue by Aug. 23, 2016 12254 words Read a sample
The third book in the Crimson Earth Series. This book follows the story of Lyric prior to meeting Sonny. His life is ordinary save for his abnormal intellect. Then a pretty girl begins talking to him from sector eight at his internship and the whole world changes.
Under the Golden Sun: Part One: Tears of Lace by Jessica Barnes Under the Golden Sun: Part One: Tears of Lace by Aug. 23, 2016 17260 words Read a sample
The fourth book in the Crimson Earth Series. This book follows the story of Sonny and Amaryllis prior to the creation of the East Court. Amaryllis is raised by an evil mother who forces her to weave silk into lace until one day when Amaryllis, the innocent devoted daughter, decided to rebel against her mother and send all the lace out the window while her mother was sleeping.
Under the Golden Sun: Part Two: Colored Ice by Jessica Barnes Under the Golden Sun: Part Two: Colored Ice by Aug. 23, 2016 15634 words Read a sample
A continuation of Under the Golden Sun: Part One: Tears of Lace and the last book in the Crimson Earth Series. This book follows the story of Mab, a young girl who was born with the condition to age rapidly. Everyone in her village assumes she’s an old maid. Even stranger is that, she becomes ill with the change of seasons and she can see things no one else does.
The Demon Conspiracy by R. L. Gemmill The Demon Conspiracy by Aug. 23, 2016 116182 words Read a sample
Orphaned siblings witness a conspiracy between big business and the demon nation that promises to rid the earth of humans. When they try to expose the plan to a disbelieving world, they becomes targets of a demon death squad. READ WITH CAUTION!
Snapchat 37 by Mitchell Jespersen Snapchat 37 by Aug. 23, 2016 1692 words Read a sample
We were in the middle of foreplay when the phone rang. My older brother Will came on the line. I’d been pushing for him to call me. There was something I wanted to talk about. He’d finally come through and I had to say, “Sorry, I’m busy now. Can I call you back later?” I would with Akemi’s aroma all over my fingers. Reading about a couple's love life, a stranger becomes part of it. Short chapters.
O Caminho para o Céu by John Ankerberg O Caminho para o Céu by Aug. 23, 2016 6076 words Read a sample
Dr. Neil Macaulay (1919-1993) foi um evangelista que viajou por todo o mundo, atrvés de grandes cruzadas. Ele foi muito usado como instrumento em incentivar John Ankerberg para ir para televisão cristã, que ele fez no final de 1970. Este livro mostra a apresentação clara do Evangelho que ele sempre fez e presenciou milhares de pessoas a conhecer o Senhor através de seus fiéis ensinamentos.
Where Love Shines by Donna Fletcher Crow Where Love Shines by Aug. 23, 2016 73550 words Read a sample
Lieutenant Richard Greyston seeks heroic glory in the Light Brigade. Jennifer Neville becomes a nurse dreaming of wiping the brows of the wounded. Richard is blinded and Jennifer spends her days carrying slops as mice fall from the walls of the hospital. Once back in London the challenges of evil and darkness are still overwhelming as Jenny and Richard fight for social justice and healing light.
Brink of Reality; 30 things you should and do before you're 30 by Muiwa Sowunmi Brink of Reality; 30 things you should and do before you're 30 by Aug. 23, 2016 3868 words Read a sample
Within these pages, you'll discover THAT TIME DOESN'T FLY, AGE IS NOT A BARRIER, LOVE IS CHOICE, PRAYER IS NOT ALWAYS THE ANSWER, PAIN ISN'T THE SAME AS SUFFERING and many more lessons learnt from growing up and not just growing old.
PSYCHEDELIC GENOME PROJECT: A Guide to Evolution for the Mentally Deranged by THE AUTHOR IS NOBODY PSYCHEDELIC GENOME PROJECT: A Guide to Evolution for the Mentally Deranged by Aug. 23, 2016 83857 words Read a sample
We do not discriminate against the mentally ill...
Hardcore Bible by Volker Schunck Hardcore Bible by Aug. 23, 2016 134491 words Read a sample
The Bible is for me the most important book in my life.We ask with Luther: Which scriptures do express the essence of the christian faith? But that doesn’t mean that only the New Testament is important for the Christians. It is important to know the scriptures of the Old Testament as well. I collected here these scriptures which generate the basics of the christian faith.
The Purple Scarf by Bunny Blu The Purple Scarf by Aug. 23, 2016 3608 words Read a sample
The Purple Scarf is the first book in The Rainbow Collection. It is a short erotic story about college roommates and contains explicit depictions of sexual activity.
Plan Terra 2036 - Español by Kär-i-Êl Plan Terra 2036 - Español by Aug. 23, 2016 24619 words Read a sample
Una historia sobre nuestro futuro como seres humanos, y cómo será nuestro mundo en los próximos años… Un futuro de Amor y Paz!
Mediterranean Diet for Vegans by supershake Mediterranean Diet for Vegans by Aug. 23, 2016 9076 words Sample 20%
Most people are apprehensive about adopting the vegan diet considering the large number of myths that surround the concept. People believe that vegans have to deal with a very restricted ingredient list and make dishes that lack flavor. However, this is just a myth and one that has absolutely no truth to it. Vegans have available food substitutes for almost every kind of available.
Peygamberleri Örnek Alalım by Küresel Üniversite Peygamberleri Örnek Alalım by Aug. 23, 2016 27000 words Read a sample
İbrahim Peygamber öz oğlunu kurban olarak sunmaya hazırlıklar yaptı. Musa Peygamber bir kâtil idi. Davut Peygamber zina yaptı. Peki, bu adamların hayatları Tanrı'nın Sözü olan Kutsal Kitap'ın takdirini nasıl kazandılar? Biz de onları nasıl örnek alabiliriz? Onları Tanrı'nın beğenisine tavsiye eden şey neydi? Bu yıl okuyacağınız en değerli kitap Peygamberleri Örnek Alalım olabilir.
Goodnight Kisses by Wilhelmina Stolen Goodnight Kisses by Aug. 23, 2016 28941 words Sample 20%
Fearing she carries her mother’s curse of marriage, nineteen-year-old Eleanor Mackenna swore never to vow herself into matrimonial bondage. Nuptials aren’t needed where true love is concerned. A concept she is sure a man like McCrea Coldiron would agree with. The town gossip has him pegged as a heart breaker, but Eleanor knows a different side to McCrea.
Compartmentalize This by Samantha Terrell Compartmentalize This by Aug. 23, 2016 2541 words Sample 7%
Compartmentalize This, is a chapbook-length collection of poetry by contemporary American poet, Samantha Terrell, which includes poems that explore social issues, inequality, emotional integrity, global awareness and philosophy.
Hardcore Bibel by Volker Schunck Hardcore Bibel by Aug. 23, 2016 139237 words Read a sample
Gäbe es die Bibel nicht, wüsste ich wohl kaum etwas von Jesus, in dem Gott den Menschen sein Herz gezeigt hat. Luthers Wahlspruch "Was Christum treibet." dient uns als Wegweiser. Hier habe ich die Bibeltexte aus AT und NT zusammengestellt, die die “Basics” des christlichen Glaubens bilden.
Dead Man by Darryl Matter Dead Man by Aug. 23, 2016 2360 words Read a sample
The year was 1903. It's near midnight, and Sam's Saloon is bustling with activity when a young stranger burst through the door. He's looking for the sheriff because he's just seen a dead man out east of town--and there's a piece of paper with writing on it clutched in the dead man's hand. The killers are in that saloon--and they want that paper before the sheriff can get it.
Max the Sensitive Robot by SA Hauntdin Max the Sensitive Robot by Aug. 23, 2016 3328 words Read a sample
Max is different from the other robots; he can feel the pain of others. The other robots say Max is not robotic enough to be one of them and the only human who understands Max is his creator, Dr. Remington. Max struggles to find a place for himself in the world while continuing to help others.