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EXISTENCE tome 1 -  Prologue by Désiré Gnani Zoro EXISTENCE tome 1 - Prologue by Oct. 01, 2016 21161 words Read a sample
« Existence » is a romantic drama chronicling a fictional story of creation and of the destiny of mankind. The story is a delicious cocktail mixing science-fiction, political intrigue, affairs of state, espionage, terrorism, wars, religions, spirituality and romance...
The Catholic Digital News 2016-10-01 by The Catholic Digital News The Catholic Digital News 2016-10-01 by Oct. 01, 2016 39689 words Read a sample
The Catholic Digital News gathers the week's most important news stories involving the Catholic Church and publishes them within a single digital volume. Each edition is beautifully formatted with full-color images and features world, national, and Vatican news, plus opinion pieces, entertainment reviews, and daily Mass readings. This issue covers the events of the week ending October 1, 2016.
В любовь не играют by Ольга Lavin В любовь не играют by Oct. 01, 2016 59306 words Read a sample
Это совсем обычная история. Девушка Лиз, поступает в университет на факультет журналистики. Ей двадцать лет, она красива, но слишком наивна, верит в любовь с первого взгляда. И вот она встречает его. Он Энди, ему двадцать пять лет, избалованный деньгами и женским вниманием, капитан волейбольной команды, да просто красавчик.
Have You Ever Looked at Water? by Victoria Williams Have You Ever Looked at Water? by Oct. 01, 2016 309 words Read a sample
"Have you ever looked at water? / Have you ever looked at glass? / Have you wondered if you ought to / stand and wait the storm to pass?" Time. Crisis. Love. Loss. Yearning. Laughter and Weeping. Cursing and Blessing. Sunshine and Rain. We have known all these things. Come and see.
The Good Girl's Return by Shelby Horne The Good Girl's Return by Oct. 01, 2016 5780 words Sample 40%
A young man comes home for Thanksgiving to find something strange: his widowed father has an 18 year old girl living with him, and she's hugely pregnant! Discovering that she's pregnant with his father's child is only the first of many surprises to unfold over this sexy holiday vacation, which will end with the mother to be getting exactly what she wants from everyone...
El llanto by Ricardo Riera El llanto by Oct. 01, 2016 5868 words Read a sample
La joven Emilia Cienfuegos ha buscado durante años a Charles Fletcher para hacerle pagar por sus crímenes. Ahora que finalmente lo ha encontrado, lo llevará ante la justicia cruzando el desierto sin importar lo que cueste.
The Healing Jesus by Tosin Adeola The Healing Jesus by Oct. 01, 2016 4831 words Read a sample
This is your opportunity to meet with the Great Physician who specializes in Healing all manner of sickness. Healing is not past, it’s for today and here is your way into it. Welcome to meet the Healing Jesus. Read and be healed.
Still Life by James Shipway Still Life by Oct. 01, 2016 3924 words Read a sample
A letter found in a second hand book reveals a window into the world of a lonely individual, but is the letter genuine or a hoax?
Welcome to Earth by Michael Thompson Welcome to Earth by Oct. 01, 2016 9984 words Sample 20%
James Wilkinson wakes up 100 years in the future to learn that the earth has been destroyed and his family gone. However nothing is as it seems.
Police Punishment by Dick Powers Police Punishment by Oct. 01, 2016 4635 words Read a sample
He did it on purpose. They never thought - not once - that he was after something like this, but in the deep South men are unsophisticated, lacking in an open mind and more than likely to make a homosexual's day if given the right kind of provocation. What happens against cell doors.
Damage by David Manoa Damage by Oct. 01, 2016 39525 words Read a sample
I lived my life through embracing pain, the deep hurt and sadness soon subsided. But it brought with it more situations that pushed my tolerance to a breaking point. It was when I met Nikki Christian, that she would be my guiding light, in healing my messed up existence. My name is Nick Bourne, and this is my story. Contains content for Mature Audiences
CISA Exam-Testing Concept-Classification of Information Assets (Domain-5) by Hemang Doshi CISA Exam-Testing Concept-Classification of Information Assets (Domain-5) by Oct. 01, 2016 1775 words Read a sample
Point to remember for CISA Exam: (1)In any given scenario, following are the logical steps for data classification: -First step is to have inventory of Information Assets. -Second step is to establish ownership. -Third step is classification of IS resources. -Fourth step is labelling of IS resources. -Fifth step is creation of access control list.
En el mundo opuesto by L. Alberto Díaz Tormo En el mundo opuesto by Oct. 01, 2016 77237 words Sample 20%
Una vieja amiga del inspector Axel Bouvier a la que no veía desde hacía unos dos años es secuestrada. Para recuperarla, Axel se verá obligado a servir a esa organización
Enslaved by Simone Leigh Enslaved by Sep. 30, 2016 5624 words Read a sample
Martha is jaded with life to the point of suicide. About to end it all, she encounters a stranger who takes her on a wild ride of passion, convincing her that she has something to live for. This is the first episode of a story of Master and Slave, BDSM erotica. Adult content. For mature readers only.
Converter Test fir Tim by Tim Dennis Converter Test fir Tim by Sep. 30, 2016 6809 words Read a sample
This is to test the file converter, which seems to be crap as far as the samples go.
External Business Environment By experts Writers by Henry Wilson, Sr External Business Environment By experts Writers by Sep. 30, 2016 5124 words Read a sample
A lot of students select their final year project on the topic External Business Environment. So we, at Instant Assignment Help Australia, provide samples of External Business Environment drafted by our expert writers. Now you can pursue your degree without stress.
Cum Cock Ice Cream by Jay Harden Cum Cock Ice Cream by Sep. 30, 2016 5197 words Read a sample
An erotica short story for couples with oral sex between consenting adults and interracial characters.
Surface Below: Dark Secrets by Leeah Taylor Surface Below: Dark Secrets by Sep. 30, 2016 63579 words Read a sample
William is thrust back into the world of vampires, conjurers and wolves when Becca is taken by an old enemy. And as family is reunited and truths revealed, William is faced with a legacy that will change everything he thought he knew about himself, his father and the world he came from.
There's A Burger King Next Door.  Let's Go! by Mario V. Farina There's A Burger King Next Door. Let's Go! by Sep. 30, 2016 846 words Read a sample
Bob and Annette were having lunch at an outdoor restaurant. Service was slow. They began a game to test compatibility. This story tells what they did when service continued to be slow.
Manifesto on Social Media Influence by Jeremy Burton Manifesto on Social Media Influence by Sep. 30, 2016 649 words Read a sample
The Manifesto on Social Media Influence sets the standard for responsible use of the social web. Jeremy C. Burton sets the stage for the importance of individual influence and outlines 12 standards that should be followed on social media. These principles in this brief and powerful read, set to rich visuals, will set the bar high and help you rise above the noise to become a social media leader.
Java by C. L. Tang Java by Sep. 30, 2016 2172 words Read a sample
This text was designed as a review book, but it can also be used as an introductory complement with another textbook. Chapter 1 (Java Basics) covers the proper use of syntax and control statements. Chapter 2 (Classes and Methods) explores the importance of writing methods and explains when and how they should be applied. Chapter 3 (Arrays) introduces arrays and establishes their necessity.
Flight of A Hell Hawk: The Autobiography of Edward J. Lopez, WWII Fighter Pilot by Edward J. Lopez Flight of A Hell Hawk: The Autobiography of Edward J. Lopez, WWII Fighter Pilot by Sep. 30, 2016 56175 words Read a sample
Edward Lopez grew up in Los Angeles in the 1920s and '30s; a Latino scamp sneaking into movies, riding bikes--like all the other kids. He spent a year with family in New Mexico, learning the cowboy life on a ranch. Then World War II came and soon he was a fighter pilot in dogfights and bombings that would help Gen. Patton's Third Army advance into Germany and fight the Battle of the Bulge.
Thinking Like God by Tosin Adeola Thinking Like God by Sep. 30, 2016 7080 words Read a sample
Man was created with a higher capacity like that of God. The Bible says, “God created man in His own image and likeness”. That means, whatever God is capable of doing, man can do same. You are not created to be less than God; you are created to be same as God.You are not a weakling, but a giant created after the likeness of the Great God. This book will surely show you the way into God.
Sinister Inventions (For Smoother Living) by Jessica Waring Sinister Inventions (For Smoother Living) by Sep. 30, 2016 11566 words Read a sample
The stupidest boy in the world sets out to persuade a genius inventor girl to fix the hole in the Ozone layer. Ages 8-12.
Before He Was Famous: Prequel by A. Anders Before He Was Famous: Prequel by Sep. 30, 2016 9108 words Read a sample
What would you do if one night your best friend told you that they were in love with you? Drue Bishop doesn’t have to wonder because, on a camping trip with the boys, Will, his best friend, confessed his love for him. Drue had never considered being with a boy before, but he had always felt tingles for his classmate. Will his best friend’s confession be the moment that changes Drue’s life?
Today, I pray... by Yves Williams Today, I pray... by Sep. 30, 2016 258 words Read a sample
Whether you desire to establish a daily routine of prayer or seeking to grow deeper in your prayer life, this journal is for you. Everyday you wake up is today. Grab a journal and begin. I pray you will be confident in this: God loves you. God is with you. God is a forgiving God. God hears our prayers. God is faithful. Jesus Christ is coming back. God is God and God alone.
Inhumanity by Topher Bradshaw Inhumanity by Sep. 30, 2016 10649 words Read a sample
Inhumanity is a short novel that explores the darkest sides of love, revenge, and life but I must warn you that this book will cause your mind to enter the darkest parts of yourself and humankind.
Snapchat 54 by Mitchell Jespersen Snapchat 54 by Sep. 30, 2016 2248 words Read a sample
Reading about a couple's love life, a stranger online becomes part of it. "The guy was balding and prosperous-looking and grinning and in his fifties- remember, she was eighteen, under twenty at least, and for want of education still just a child in her outlook. The older guy, so expensively groomed, pampered, wealthy, showed no scruples about the age difference." New episode added almost daily.
Moonlike Face by Sara Majd Moonlike Face by Sep. 30, 2016 2017 words Read a sample
Beliveing that each language has its own magic and charm, and every culture has its own beauty and grace, it is with great pleasure and delight i present to you this non- identical english version tittled " Moonlike Face" of my priviously published work in another language which was titled " Taste Of Words "
A Taste Of My Thoughts by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts by Sep. 30, 2016 283 words Read a sample
Approaching the holidays we need some spirit. Happy Turkeymas day is a poem to explain my solution to corporate greed. Please enjoy and don't forget to give me a holiday present of a review, like and a tweet so sweet.
Ragnarok by Gary Mark Lee Ragnarok by Sep. 30, 2016 3463 words Read a sample
Ragnarok A short collection of fifteen short poems about ancient lands and heroic warriors battling monsters and fair maidens, it is a sequel to my two other fantasy adventure books on Smashwords, The Golden Hall and Asgard, the two top rated poetry books, if you like mythology, heroic adventure and just plain fun I think you will like what I have to offer.
A Taste Of My Thoughts by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts by Sep. 30, 2016 425 words Read a sample
Need your reviews, likes and tweets. This poem we all can relate. Where are the kids of family past? A living poem of going from child to parent to grandparent on onward. We all live it but we all deny it. Grasp your inner child because until you are dead you are not dead!
Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy, Abridged by Emma Laybourn Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy, Abridged by Sep. 30, 2016 131018 words Read a sample
Tristram Shandy, widely regarded as one of the great works of English literature, is also one of the most difficult to read. This edition simplifies and shortens the book to two-thirds of its original length, making it accessible to the general reader while retaining its wit and style.
Illicit Desires by Lex Reddington Illicit Desires by Sep. 30, 2016 3432 words Read a sample
Megan the little tease is all grown up and her cousin won't take anymore teasing
Piper Dreams Part One (The Dreams Trilogy) by Amélie S. Duncan Piper Dreams Part One (The Dreams Trilogy) by Sep. 30, 2016 73485 words Read a sample
She needs an adventure.He's looking for an escape. Together, they just might find what they both need.Journalist hopeful, Piper Rowe is searching for a story--the perfect lead to get her a coveted spot on a prestigious global team.Running into a cross-country female biker cancer recovery group just might be the serendipitous happening she needs. If only their sexy gatekeeper Brody would let her.
Destiny: Space - Ten Innovations That Will Change How We Live, Work, and Explore in Space by Darren Beyer Destiny: Space - Ten Innovations That Will Change How We Live, Work, and Explore in Space by Sep. 30, 2016 14456 words Read a sample
Space Shuttle experiment engineer Darren Beyer shares the top ten innovations that will define humanity's future in space. From planetary rovers to manned missions to Mars, he delves into technologies that will help us conquer the solar system.
Lazy Lucy by Gina Candy Lazy Lucy by Sep. 30, 2016 1060 words Read a sample
She's too lazy to grow up. But maybe she's hot enough to not have to.
The Hubby Hole First and Final Novels by Ipam The Hubby Hole First and Final Novels by Sep. 30, 2016 247995 words Sample 20%
The intellect overcomes all obstacles. Buffo and his girl Ketona are attending the last day of the last class of the last session of the last year of school as a pair of seventeen year old schoolers. The last day of school is called Citizenship Day. To make the boring day fun, the graduating schoolers are required to answer the last set of academic questions inside the mysterious Cubby Hole.
Sepetli Vinç Kiralama by Canbey Vinç, Jr Sepetli Vinç Kiralama by Sep. 30, 2016 338 words Read a sample
Sepetli Vinç Kiralama ve Forklift Kiralama Hizmeti
Devorah's Prayer by Vincent Gray Devorah's Prayer by Sep. 30, 2016 67608 words Read a sample
In the heady 1970s Franco Sorrentino the grandson of an Italian prisoner of war and the son of a panel beater and Devorah Kirschenbaum the granddaughter of Jewish Trotskyite grandparents who fled Warsaw in 1939 and daughter of a prominent Johannesburg businessman become involved in a relationship. Together they become drawn ineluctably into radical political activism causing them to face choices.
The Amanda Appendice by Veronica Desmond The Amanda Appendice by Sep. 30, 2016 16489 words Sample 25%
Psychics tend to be know-it-alls, the cute kid sees ghosts- oh, and wait, the hot girl goes to hell. It figures.
Bachelor of Dental Surgery Polyclinic clinical logbook helps faculty in longitudinally assess students clinical experience over clinical years in various domains like knowledge, skills, professionalism and communication skills. Daily clinical assessment of students based on the key steps in dental procedures in the specialities of Oral Diagnosis and Radiology, Othodontics, Paedodontics and Oral Su
Oasis 3 by Mireia de No Honrubia Oasis 3 by Sep. 29, 2016 62337 words Sample 5%
Una playa, una aldea, una torre y el desierto. ¿Qué misterios esconden?
Plantation   A Legal Thriller by J M S Macfarlane Plantation A Legal Thriller by Sep. 29, 2016 151172 words Read a sample
A fictional but true-to-life, behind-the-scenes account of commercial espionage, criminal fraud, corporate greed and legal chicanery, set against a backdrop of billion-dollar claims, international catastrophes, the highest courts in London and New York, the largest global companies over six continents, the best lawyers and the security services : based on true events
Opealeux by Miles Rothwell Opealeux by Sep. 29, 2016 36070 words Sample 20%
Opealeux has three parts - the first is set in 1920's Paris. Two impoverished artists struggle to maintain an existence. The second part has a contemporary setting revolving around two bohemians sailing around Indonesia and the third section is set in 2162 .The stories are linked with clues and threads creating an allegorical and surrealistic commentary on the nature of existence
Pregnant by the Dragon Shifter (A Paranormal Shapeshifter Pregnancy BBW Romance) by Jasmine Wylder Pregnant by the Dragon Shifter (A Paranormal Shapeshifter Pregnancy BBW Romance) by Sep. 29, 2016 15378 words Read a sample
A world class archer and a shape shifting bodyguard butt heads only to find they need each other if they’re going to make it through their journey alive. Curvy girl Iona Fraser has spent her entire life, since childhood, on an Island off the coast of Maine. With dreams of becoming an Olympic archer she knows it is time to make her first trip away from home. But, when her father hires a hot
Streamline Anthology by Casei Magnus Streamline Anthology by Sep. 29, 2016 78870 words Read a sample
The Streamline Anthology is a collection of 8 short tales of the fantastic, written and illustrated before a live audience on the Twitch.TV streaming service. Edited by Casei Magnus. 8 authors and 5 illustrators.
Lazy Man's Guide to Investment Real Estate by Floyd Brown Lazy Man's Guide to Investment Real Estate by Sep. 29, 2016 16486 words Read a sample
This is a book for beginners and intermediate Real Estate Investors. Use this guide to walk you through the maze that is Real Estate Investment. One can not be successful without spending the time, energy, and money learning how to get through the maze. The best way to learn is through a mentor who has been there before. This mentoring book will show different ways to invest in Real Estate.
PARSNIPS in ELT: Stepping out of the comfort zone (Vol. 3) by Tyson Seburn, Kate Finegan, Stephen Greene, Rob Howard, Noreen Lam, David Petrie, & T. Veigga PARSNIPS in ELT: Stepping out of the comfort zone (Vol. 3) by ,
& Sep. 29, 2016
5248 words Read a sample
Step out of your ELT comfort zone! Like previous volumes, it contains seven sample lesson plans about traditionally sensitive classroom topics. Use them as is or consider them a starting point for exploring topics like these in your own ways. This ebook covers a modified group of PARSNIPS: Periods, Alcohol, Race, Suicide, Nudity, Integration, and Porn.
Last Gasp of the Monkey Mind: Even More Poems and Chance Discoveries by Rob O'Keefe Last Gasp of the Monkey Mind: Even More Poems and Chance Discoveries by Sep. 29, 2016 2603 words Read a sample
Last Gasp of the Monkey Mind: Even More Poems and Chance Discoveries, like most collections of poetry, addresses all of the customary topics: the nature of reality, the value of integers, and metaphorical canines. Mirroring the previous two collections, there are 24 pieces to browse, encompassing the everyday to the uncommon, the happy to the somber, and the personal to the universal. Enjoy.