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I Feel So Damn Good by Daniel J Masterson I Feel So Damn Good by July 07, 2015 1553 words
It's not going to be just another Monday for him. He feels too good for that, now that the decision has been made. Instead he turns, and walks away.
Billy Bop Boo by Charlotte Victoria Rees Billy Bop Boo by July 07, 2015 66 words Read a sample
This is Billy Bop Boo. He is from the planet Woo, but he is just like me and you! A heart warming short story full of emotion and spirit, matched by vivid and soulful illustrations that make for a delightful picture book. This book has been written especially for Kidscape, a wonderful anti-bulling charity which helps to train and education people on the topic of childhood bullying.
The Passage of Time by Daniel J Masterson The Passage of Time by July 07, 2015 1564 words
She sat across the table from me as my heart pounded in my chest. The half-eaten meal sat between us, forgotten, and the candle burned low. Our hands were joined (hers felt like fire on a cold night, like a hug in an icy wind) and she looked into my eyes. That’s when she asked me, without saying a word. That’s when she told me she wanted us to be forever.
Rest Stop Twink by Edua Erasmus Rest Stop Twink by July 07, 2015 2828 words Read a sample
A short story. Patrick's car breaks down on a deserted byway and he walks to a nearby gas station where he crosses paths with a very attractive twink who offers to help him.
Pensamientos Biblicos  Facebook 2014 by kol tov rafael Pensamientos Biblicos Facebook 2014 by July 07, 2015 17896 words Sample 10%
Reflexiones Bíblicas 2014 en Facebook es : Un compendio de reflexiones a lo largo de este año , pensamientos y pequeños estudios de la palabra desde la perceptiva hebrea, no tratamos de ofender, aunque muchos se sientan asi cuando lean , especialmente gente vinculada al mover cristiano evangélico
Wyrd by Daniel J Masterson Wyrd by July 07, 2015 1627 words
A boy on a battlefield looks upon the face of another, and sees the impossibility of his life laid out before him, the insurmountable fate that stands in his way.
Earth by Daniel J Masterson Earth by July 07, 2015 1729 words Sample 10%
Earth is dead. Gary and Ibro orbit the planet on the last space station, reflecting on everything that was ever was, counting down the hours until the world goes dark for the last time.
3x12 by Daniel J Masterson 3x12 by July 07, 2015 1569 words Sample 10%
In the near future, a worker drone receives disturbing information from an unknown source, leading it to revelations it was never meant to comprehend. But what are those sounds? What could they possibly mean? This is a very short story exploring a new, strange world.
Die Hard by Stephen Michael Die Hard by July 07, 2015 2394 words Read a sample
“Daddy… I don’t want you to die” “Die? I am not dying, I am not! Why do you say that?” “Daddy, I don’t want you to die too…” “Oh come on baby, you know I will never die. You know I love you so much” “Daddy… is it true that smokers are liable to die young?” “What? How did you know that?”
The Man from the Road by Anthony Renfro The Man from the Road by July 07, 2015 11172 words Read a sample
A man suddenly appears on a road. He's lost, confused, no clue as to how he got there. He starts to walk, and stops suddenly. There's a bonfire in a field nearby. He peers into this field, and sees people dancing around this fire. They are performing some kind of ritual. He turns to flee, but he's captured. No hope of escape. He hopes he is only dreaming, because all of this seems a bit too real.
I Become A Non-Plot - The Fray Space Team Electra Tool by prankster atom I Become A Non-Plot - The Fray Space Team Electra Tool by July 07, 2015 84344 words Read a sample
This is a book.
Stepbrother Blood Lover (Book One of Stepbrother Blood Lover) by Go Deeper Press Stepbrother Blood Lover (Book One of Stepbrother Blood Lover) by July 07, 2015 10123 words Read a sample
Once Darren has become a vampire, he gives his stepsister Helene a taste of his eroticism. She grows obsessed and begs to become his slave, but that's to be expected. When humans climax with vampires in Lavender City, the highs are extraordinary. What the siblings don't yet know is that their orgasms are so powerful that they can either save or destroy the city--or even the world.
Rest & Relaxation by Lexie Lane Rest & Relaxation by July 07, 2015 7339 words Read a sample
Damon and Matt are soldiers & friends looking forward to getting home for some R & R. They start planning the things they're going to do on their restful break. And, after being deployed for eight months, there's one thing they're eager to do first. They are welcomed by Damon's wife Cindy and he's only too happy to share her as the three of them waste no time getting reacquainted. A MMF Menage 18+
A Dangerous Temptation, Volume 1 by L.R. Olson A Dangerous Temptation, Volume 1 by July 07, 2015 33494 words Read a sample
Ruined by scandal, Julianna has hidden away in the country for the last few years hoping her indiscretion will eventually fade from the memory of society. She's content until James arrives. James is arrogant, demanding and makes her believe that anything is possible, even a second chance at love. But is James the man he pretends to be?
Welcome the Neighbor: Two Erotic Stories by Anika Santos Welcome the Neighbor: Two Erotic Stories by July 07, 2015 15881 words Sample 20%
When Nick breaks down outside Joni's building the sexual chemistry between them is so intense that it threatens to burn them both up but not before they've explored every inch of each other's tight bodies and plunged headlong into an erotic adventure which threatens to consume them both.
From the Desk of Buster Heywood by Angela D'Onofrio From the Desk of Buster Heywood by July 07, 2015 88180 words Read a sample
Buster Heywood only forgot his briefcase at the office. Now he's caught in a money laundering ring with a gun in his hand and desperate for a way out that won't kill him... or his only friend. An introvert's life was never so difficult.
The Mass-Clones of DDD by Richards Hall The Mass-Clones of DDD by July 07, 2015 1957 words Read a sample
Meet DDD, dimensional being. If you were a dimensional being, mass-less, as opposed to a time being, us, and you felt you must, how do you think you would communicate? Maybe the question is, what might make you think you might?
Trọng sinh chi đặc chủng binh ngốc manh thê by Dương Hoàng Thanh Vy, Jr Trọng sinh chi đặc chủng binh ngốc manh thê by July 07, 2015 1113018 words Read a sample
Trọng sinh 2023 , một thời đại sôi nổi bắt đầu . Ngốc manh trưởng thành , huấn luyện biến thái, truy đuổi liều mạng, máu tanh đánh đập dưới hữu nghị , không bao giờ bỏ cuộc cùng Không vứt bỏ niềm tin đúc nên huyết thứ truyền kỳ quân đoàn ! - - nàng nói , chỉ cần cùng ba ba cùng chiến hữu cùng , chính là một cái thế giới.
Jesus The Hematologist by Gabriel Dziya Jesus The Hematologist by July 07, 2015 1328 words Read a sample
This short book is a testimony about the power of Jesus in healing blood disease. My prayer is that the reader may be inspired to faith in receiving healing for in whatever illness they may be experiencing. As you read Jesus is present with you to heal all your diseases.
Should We Know? by Cheerful Carraway-Caulfield Should We Know? by July 07, 2015 14128 words Read a sample
Rebi is starting at a new boarding school, two months after the academic year has begun, for reasons unknown. His arrival coincides with the surfacing of a mysterious website which promises to reveal pupils secrets. Rebi's joins his newfound group of friends as they try and hunt down the owner of the website before their secrets surface.
THE FOREST SAVAGE by claire davis THE FOREST SAVAGE by July 07, 2015 28687 words Read a sample
Two men fall in love against a backdrop of crime, loss and tragedy.
El Kit del escritor: 50 herramientas imprescindibles by ana nieto El Kit del escritor: 50 herramientas imprescindibles by July 07, 2015 3838 words Read a sample
50 Herramientas para escritores 2.0 te muestra las herramientas digitales imprescindibles para mejorar la productividad de escritores o autores y facilitar la tareas relacionadas con la escritura, publicación, promoción y venta de libros.
Financial Melancholia: Mental Health and Indebtedness by Johnna Montgomerie Financial Melancholia: Mental Health and Indebtedness by July 07, 2015 17530 words Read a sample
The rise of mental health problems cannot be understood in narrowly medical terms, an economy driven by debt (and prone to problem debt at the level of households) will have a predisposition towards rising rates of depression. This research looks beyond the statistics to understand how individuals describe the experience of being deeply in debt and the related health and social problems.
A Night At Mike's Bar 1: Todd's Toilet Stall Public Quickie by Dick Powers A Night At Mike's Bar 1: Todd's Toilet Stall Public Quickie by July 07, 2015 2019 words Read a sample
One hell of a night is about to start with the boys. Always the lead in these things, I approach two blonds in the hopes of some quick action to start the night, but find them to be angry heterosexuals in the wrong kind of bar for their kind. Defeated, I leave only to find that one of them swings both ways and, man-oh-man, can he suck!
The Filthy Window Cleaner: His Voyeur & Public Glory Hole Experience by Sophie Sin The Filthy Window Cleaner: His Voyeur & Public Glory Hole Experience by July 07, 2015 1542 words Read a sample
Some days the surprises just keep on coming. Right now I'm 12 floors up, hung up here by a rope and harness, and I don't mind saying that the view – the one of the hot 25 year old blond in some darn sexy lingerie dancing dirtier than I've ever seen – is absolutely gorgeous. Of course, the amazing thing about windows is they open. You wouldn't believe the fun I'm gonna have.
A Day at the Park by Lucas Di Quinzio A Day at the Park by July 07, 2015 544 words Read a sample
“A Day at the Park” is a picture book for grown-up kids. Your local park will never seem quite the same after reading this twisted little debut by Lucas Di Quinzio. “If you liked ‘Go the F**k to Sleep’, you will love ‘A Day at the Park’.” – Euan Mitchell “Leaves you feeling oddly proud of your ability to keep your pants on in public.” – Tim Richards
My Roman Conquest by Hard Drive Studios My Roman Conquest by July 07, 2015 5511 words Read a sample
Surrounded by the strong fighting men of the Roman army, wild Barra's Celtic people will soon be overwhelmed and taken. But Barra is a fighter, her blood running hot with battle and lust. One, two or three Romans, it doesn't matter - she can take them all!
SKOK by Paweł Duchnik SKOK by July 07, 2015 573 words Sample 10%
Tajemnica, historia, fantastyka i dramat.
Beginnings (Crawley Creek Prequel) by Lori King Beginnings (Crawley Creek Prequel) by July 07, 2015 17990 words Read a sample
Second chances and new beginnings are a way of life at Crawley Creek. Everyone is welcome. *Note from the author: This is a short prequel to the Crawley Creek Series. It can be read as a standalone, but you will enjoy it more if you read the other books in the series as well.
Scar-street by Stephen Michael Scar-street by July 07, 2015 1391 words Read a sample
This short story is about true love that has come to a point of final test... can he still love her after the accident? Can he still love her even when "she" is gone?
Dream Lover (Interludes of Ecstasy Series, Literotic Short #4) by Narcissa Brimstone Dream Lover (Interludes of Ecstasy Series, Literotic Short #4) by July 07, 2015 1933 words Read a sample
Tempest meets a strapping pro-wrestler at a bar. Does he have what it takes to whip her yearning desires into submission? Romantic erotica. BWWM.
Interpretation of the Twenty-ninth Part of the Holy Qur’an by Mohammad Amin Sheikho Interpretation of the Twenty-ninth Part of the Holy Qur’an by July 06, 2015 95521 words Read a sample
Interpretation of the Twenty-ninth Part of the Holy Qur’an, Tabarak Part [Part 19]. "Lights of Descending & Realities of Meaning". Authored by the humane eminent scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho (His soul has been sanctified by Al’lah). Checked and introduced by the researcher and thinker Prof. A. K. John Alias Al-Dayrani.
Who your meant to be by Shane Dunn Who your meant to be by July 06, 2015 4583 words Sample 20%
A small-town preacher and his wife bringing up a family when times were simpler. But what happens when their little boy grows up? Building upon his foundation of faith but faced with the reality of real life, what will he do? Where will he turn?
Romeo and Juliet before the Mask by Nadd Wellgreen Romeo and Juliet before the Mask by July 06, 2015 1488 words Read a sample
Short vignettes that show Romeo and Juliet before they meet, and Rosaline's key role in their meeting.
Yiannis Panagiotakis - Απόλυτος Προορισμός by Yiannis Panagiotakis Yiannis Panagiotakis - Απόλυτος Προορισμός by July 06, 2015 1392 words Read a sample
Ένα μεσημέρι θυμάμαι, πριν καιρό την ρώτησα αν πράγματι πιστεύει πως η πίστη μετακινεί βουνά και μου απάντησε με έναν απόλυτα φυσικό τρόπο…μα και Βέβαια, οπωσδήποτε μετακινεί βουνά, τότε της είπα γιατί λοιπόν δεν το δοκιμάζεις και εσύ? και η Λ:. απάντησε….θα μπορούσα, όμως ο Γιαχβέ τοποθέτησε τα πάντα τόσο όμορφα που εγώ δεν χρειάζεται να μετακινήσω ούτε βότσαλο!
The Red Wolf by Olivia Barrington-Leigh The Red Wolf by July 06, 2015 73018 words Read a sample
Wallace was a lifelong bachelor and as far as he was concern he was going to stay that way. The thought of lying with the same woman, night after night, gave him hives. No one's more surprised than Wallace when he falls hard for Freya, an American who is thrust into their world when she narrowly escapes Alfred Wolfe's new and improved Wolfe Executioners.
Men: Your Marriage Matters ... to God! by Peter Bourke Men: Your Marriage Matters ... to God! by July 06, 2015 26500 words Read a sample
Traditional marriage in this country is in decline. The average marriage is mediocre at best. While this sounds demoralizing, there’s hope! I’ve shared, tested, and refined these principles with groups of 15-20 men at a time in a small group format for the past several years. Don't resign yourself to a lifetime of mediocrity. You have the God-given ability to transform your marriage and yourself.
Love Yourself - The Most Powerful Affirmations To Help You Learn To Love Yourself Everyday by Natalie Hartwright Love Yourself - The Most Powerful Affirmations To Help You Learn To Love Yourself Everyday by July 06, 2015 5467 words Read a sample
It is often said that you can't love anyone else, until you learn to love yourself. In this second edition, I walk you through how you can learn to love yourself in order to learn to become truly happy in life. Learn to overcome depression and live a life with abundance and happiness.
Depression: Overcoming Depression - Learning To Love Myself Again by Natalie Hartwright Depression: Overcoming Depression - Learning To Love Myself Again by July 06, 2015 11789 words Read a sample
A personal diary entry series, showing my own personal struggle with depression. I walk you through my own journey towards learning to love myself again, and finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Back a Winner: A Silver Universe Story by Rhiannon Held Back a Winner: A Silver Universe Story by July 06, 2015 3434 words Read a sample
Pierce must soon give his alpha an answer whether he will accept a position of Seattle pack beta, but he can’t bring himself to decide. At the track, memories haunt him, throwing his fear into sharp relief.
Temper: A Silver Universe Story by Rhiannon Held Temper: A Silver Universe Story by July 06, 2015 6794 words Read a sample
Hoping for a relaxing vacation to roam and get over a bad break-up, Tom instead finds something incredibly dangerous for all werewolves: a cemetery with Were secrets engraved on the stones for any human to see. When a couple of young werewolves from the Billings pack interfere with his plans to take care of the problem, it gets hard for him to keep his anger in check.
Écoutes, Échos, Espérances by Ana Hernández Vila Écoutes, Échos, Espérances by July 06, 2015 9863 words Read a sample
L’Inconscient, la Conscience et leur Amphitryon parlent.
The Party Favor: The Party Man (The Party Man Series Book 1) by L.C The Party Favor: The Party Man (The Party Man Series Book 1) by July 06, 2015 4610 words Read a sample
Jamel was a well known black gigolo to the wealthy white women of Ridgetown. He services came at a premium and when Mrs. Haberstram wanted to add some spice to the next get together of her book club she knew who to call. But Mrs. Haberstram had one request, she had to test the "product" before hiring Jamel for her "party".
La Corrala by Ana Hernández Vila La Corrala by July 06, 2015 44830 words Read a sample
Mientras la ciudad entera vive hoy golpeada y segregada, hay un rincón al sur, una corrala a orillas del río, donde los sueños van de lado a lado según dé el viento, y navegan como pueden, intermitentes, apasionados, depresivos, incisivos, alegres, exagerados. Los hervores son tan evidentes y sonoros como los piares de los pájaros que se tiran confiados desde lo alto del patio...
Pennsylvania Music by Dustin Porta Pennsylvania Music by July 06, 2015 9666 words Read a sample
Forty pages of poetry celebrating the people, places, and character of Northwest Pennsylvania.
Leyendas Perdidas by Juan Glower Leyendas Perdidas by July 06, 2015 1870 words Read a sample
Esta leyenda lírica nos invita a aceptar la igualdad y a ser tolerantes ante la adversidad y el desconsuelo, La belleza se deja sentir en la trama como en la rima tradicional, igual que en el pensamiento abstracto. La leyenda de la flor de nieve nos lleva nos lleva a vivir la Rusia agreste de principios del siglo XIX donde la edad y la autoridad era respetada, venerada y el amor pertenecía a todo
The Amityville Bother by Frankie Lassut The Amityville Bother by July 06, 2015 4827 words Read a sample
I have heard that when Hollywood makes a film about an event that happened somewhere, the only thing that is ‘actual’ is the fact that they used a camera to shoot it with and the rest is all made up for entertainment purposes.
Istoriografia Spiritismului by Ana Maria Ducuta Istoriografia Spiritismului by July 06, 2015 17656 words Read a sample
A historical perspective on the emergence of spiritist phenomena in XIX-th century. An analysis of spiritist literature. Spiritism analysed from a social, psychological and historical point of view. Most important mediums and spiritist works that had massively contributed to the spread of spiritism. Impact of spiritism on European values and trends.
Testamentul domnitorului by Gavriil Stiharul Testamentul domnitorului by July 06, 2015 10188 words Read a sample
Am căutat să scriu o nuvelă fantastică, alegorică, prin care să evoc figura Sfânatului martir Constantin Vodă Brâncoveanul. Pesonajul care va aduce în prezent evenimentele din acea tulbure perioadă este G.
Pages V by Mish D Sky Pages V by July 06, 2015 178 words Read a sample
Haiga collection "Pages" is the fourth book in the series "Days In The Blackberries Field"