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Jobe: A Story of Grace by Brad Duncan Jobe: A Story of Grace by Nov. 29, 2015 9088 words Read a sample
Kristian Jobe was living every man's dream. Health, wealth, and faith in God characterized his life, until tragedies of epic proportions strike him. Now he must cope with his accusing friends, and struggle to grasp why his loving God would allow a good man to suffer.
12 Shots: 2015 blog posts by Lance Shaw 12 Shots: 2015 blog posts by Nov. 29, 2015 9482 words Read a sample
In 2013, my son Brian was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. This book traces my second season of training and participation in a 100mi cycling event to help raise $37,454.13 for blood cancer research and patient assistance programs. This amount is equivalent to the average charge for a single chemotherapy injection delivered to my son. He received 12 of these shots in two-months.
Äventyrliga växlingar i mitt liv by Ben Hedenberg Äventyrliga växlingar i mitt liv by Nov. 29, 2015 3590 words Sample 15%
Aron Hedenberg var handelslärare till yrket och Skriftläsare på fritiden. Boken speglar kampen mellan goda och onda gärningar, samt frågan om Guds existens.
Dr. Zom : The Zombie Apocalypse by J. Patrick Schwarz Dr. Zom : The Zombie Apocalypse by Nov. 29, 2015 0 words Read a sample
Dr. Eric Chen a bio engineer who is studying the side effects of a highly controversial new youth serum is exposed to the pathogen. A breach in the security system allows him to leave the lab undetected. Inadvertently exposing his family and numerous others. The corporation responsible for the security breach attempts to quarantine the infected and cover it up.
Cards in the Cloak by Jeremy Bursey Cards in the Cloak by Nov. 29, 2015 45430 words Read a sample
What’s more important? Achieving personal goals within our own tiny worldview to keep work and family moving forward? Or forsaking those things to achieve a higher calling that might benefit a globe full of complete strangers? Norman Jensen embarks on a tumultuous journey that attempts to juggle both of these conflicting odds, facing adventure, regret, and death along the way.
Free Gay Porn by A.J. Moor Free Gay Porn by Nov. 29, 2015 6022 words Read a sample
Hardcore College Gay Sex Is What You’ll Find in Free Gay Porn John is a recent high school grad who just turned 18, and he knows all the moves to make the other guys want hardcore gay sex with him.
Schooling Through The Students Eyes by QCCEBooks Schooling Through The Students Eyes by Nov. 29, 2015 10364 words Sample 20%
“Schooling Through The Students Eyes” is an anthology of quality essays written by the diverse student body of Queensborough Community College. It is the result of a collaborative effort between two English composition classes. These essays discuss the merits and faults of our education system through the lens of regular students’ lives.
My Precious Item by Shannon Jackson My Precious Item by Nov. 29, 2015 51 words Sample 20%
This is a teen comic story about bullying.
MMA: MMA Champions Training - The 7 Day Bootcamp To Mastering the MMA Fundamentals by Jill Lopez MMA: MMA Champions Training - The 7 Day Bootcamp To Mastering the MMA Fundamentals by Nov. 29, 2015 5761 words Read a sample
MMA is the Most Unforgiving Sport in the World... MASTER these Fundamentals and Your Skills Will SKYROCKET!!! How to throw PROPER punches & kicks... How to have a PROPER fighting stance... How to perform a PROPER take down... How to DEFEND against take down attempts... Basic and fundamental submissions... Master the fundamentals with sparring and drills too... Get Your Copy Now!
On a Desert Island with a Supermodel by Massimo Benvegnù On a Desert Island with a Supermodel by Nov. 29, 2015 7435 words Read a sample
A simple collection of poems
The Tales of Tim Hurtletuta - New Beginnings (Tales of Tim Hurtletuta Series, Book 1) by Matthew James Wilkins The Tales of Tim Hurtletuta - New Beginnings (Tales of Tim Hurtletuta Series, Book 1) by Nov. 29, 2015 98724 words Read a sample
A spiritual story of change where the past, the present and the future all roll into one resonant and endearing tale of now and how that now came to be.
True Born by Lara Blunte True Born by Nov. 29, 2015 43513 words Read a sample
1758 At seventeen, Miss Georgiana Blake knows that John Crawford is the only man she will ever love. Never mind that John is leaving to fight in India. He will be back, and she will wait. What Georgiana does not know is how important her marriage will become for her family, or that she will have to forsake the man she adores. A man whose virtue is not forgiveness.
Getekend by Kim Richardson Getekend by Nov. 29, 2015 68902 words Read a sample
WINNAAR VAN DE ‘READERS’FAVORITE’PRIJS De zestienjarige Kara Nightingale is niet populair. Integendeel, ze is onbeholpen en vreselijk gewoon. Totdat ze op een dag door een bus wordt aangereden en doodgaat...In een flits wordt haar leven veranderd van onbetekenend tot buitengewoon als ze ontwaakt in een mysterieuze wereld, met een nieuwe carrière als beginnend engelbewaarder in het Legioen.
Queen Of Hearts (Part Four of The Wonderland Series) by Robert Hill Queen Of Hearts (Part Four of The Wonderland Series) by Nov. 29, 2015 7058 words Sample 20%
Lupita Espinoza was a forty year old, single mom who often wished of being anywhere in the world other than Corpus Christi. But when a geologist in Antarctica appears in her bathroom mirror, Lupita begins a journey that will take her to places never dreamt possible. Queen Of Hearts is Part Four of the multi-part series "The Wonderland", a science fiction romance.
A Question of Culture by Ashe Thurman A Question of Culture by Nov. 29, 2015 2541 words Read a sample
Two worldviews butt heads when a worlds-renowned anthropologist returns from a summer in the field with a few interesting new takes on the human condition...no matter that he's the furthest thing from human himself.
Gold Rush Wedding by Suzanne Lilly Gold Rush Wedding by Nov. 29, 2015 11131 words Read a sample
Lucinda Martin York and George Arnold Jr. have been through floods, fires, and freezing cold together in their pursuit of gold in California. Lucinda dreams of becoming one of the first women doctors. George dreams of building a mining empire. They are deeply in love and their friends and family are in Sacramento ready to celebrate their marriage. Only one thing can tear them apart.
Your Subconscious Mind Is Killing You! 7 BeLIEfs Controlling Your Life, Making You Sick & How To Change Them Even If NOTHING Worked Before. by FREEBEDO Your Subconscious Mind Is Killing You! 7 BeLIEfs Controlling Your Life, Making You Sick & How To Change Them Even If NOTHING Worked Before. by Nov. 29, 2015 12773 words Read a sample
Humanity has been at the "beck and call" of powerful oligarchs who have manipulated the consciousness of individuals, groups and whole countries for their own nefarious activities. Now we have the opportunity to change our own beliefs and perceptions about life to the extent that we can bring our bodies back into holistic balance and also transform this planet back to the pearl it once was.
Ice Cold Nights by Colm Hogan Ice Cold Nights by Nov. 29, 2015 13467 words Read a sample
Ice Cold Nights is an illustrated mini "Choose Your Own Adventure" style book with ruthless pirates, totally sweet ninjas and terrifying monsters.
Mevrouw Carica by Mariska Kool Mevrouw Carica by Nov. 29, 2015 2334 words Read a sample
Een bloedstollende thriller. Moord en doodslag op een verpleegafdeling.
Paddy en Padda by Johanna Lime Paddy en Padda by Nov. 29, 2015 1419 words Read a sample
Paddy is alleen over, de walkruiper heeft zijn hele familie verslonden. Hij gaat op zoek naar het geluk. Onderweg maakt hij een schilderij en weet dat hij dit voortaan vaker wil doen. Dan hoort hij muziek en weet hij dat hij zijn bestemming heeft gevonden. Hij ontmoet Padda.
Short Stories 1 by John Messingham Short Stories 1 by Nov. 29, 2015 8049 words Read a sample
This collection of short stories contains the following titles. Attack on the Clyde, The Birmingham Bullring Bombing, The Water Thieves, The New Flat, The Statement.
Owly Saves The Magic Medicine Tree by orlakelly Owly Saves The Magic Medicine Tree by Nov. 29, 2015 7608 words Read a sample
A heartwarming, uplifting and positive story where a bunch of unlikely forest friends go on the adventure of a life time, overcome the beady eyed sharp clawed Victor Vulture, meet the mysterious Spirit of the Forest and save the Magical Medicine Tree. The creatures learn so much about themselves and each other, experience a whole new world and learn how to make the magic of the forest come alive.
Dinosaur Christmas - Santa-saurus by Roy Bentley Dinosaur Christmas - Santa-saurus by Nov. 29, 2015 335 words Read a sample
A small free gift for Christmas! Santa-saurus flies round the world delivering presents to all the little dinosaurs.
The Infinity Formula by STEVEN VS The Infinity Formula by Nov. 29, 2015 58198 words Read a sample
When his sister cracks the code to the Infinity Formula and they’re invited by the world’s most renowned scientist to the Formula’s unveiling, Kyle couldn’t be happier - until an enemy from his past kidnaps her. With enemies all around, Kyle soon realizes he is stronger and faster than any boy could possibly be and, astoundingly, the Infinity Formula already has a real world application - him.
The Moon Is Always Bisexual by Bethany Ebert The Moon Is Always Bisexual by Nov. 29, 2015 6802 words
Screeching from the Midwest like a vampire bat, Bethany Ebert presents us with a book of poetry unlike any other. Obsessive crushes, serial killers, poverty, and Godzilla all find a home in this ballsy feminist collection. Non-rhyming poetry is the norm, along with a few pages of haiku.
Five Sexy Stories by Bethany Ebert Five Sexy Stories by Nov. 29, 2015 17219 words
A vivacious erotic anthology by an upcoming author, Five Sexy Stories celebrates the erotic-literature genre with likeable characters, smart dialoge, and plenty of romantic confusion. M/M pairings, M/F/M threesome, hetero, and lesbian.
Le Beebs: A journey like no other. by vengrenyuk Le Beebs: A journey like no other. by Nov. 29, 2015 2462 words Read a sample
A journey of one young man traveling through the rivers of life, and a reflection on what makes him so successful in the eyes of his peers.
To Change A Self (Owned By Her Alpha Male) by Sophie Sin To Change A Self (Owned By Her Alpha Male) by Nov. 29, 2015 7107 words Read a sample
I shouldn't have done what I did, but what my dearest husband has suggested doesn't sit right considering the gravity of the crime. Together forever and in love: That was the promise we made. But can I really live with who my man really is? Undeniably sexy erotic romance.
Deathskull Bombshell by Bethany Ebert Deathskull Bombshell by Nov. 29, 2015 36719 words
A realistic fiction novel written out of chronological order. The O'Doole parents are always out of town for work, leaving their kids Nick and Brooke to raise themselves. Nick is a gay asexual workaholic with a distaste for the vices of society. Brooke, however, embraces chaos with her punk band Deathskull Bombshell. When things get out of hand, she takes a train to the East Coast, gone forever.
Advanced Quantum Entanglement for Beginners by Dean Moriarty Advanced Quantum Entanglement for Beginners by Nov. 28, 2015 29730 words Sample 10%
This is tongue in cheek reading and explains quantum entanglement for beginners.
The Invisible Horror by Drac Von Stoller The Invisible Horror by Nov. 28, 2015 1031 words Read a sample
Dr. Raven Cane was the lead scientist at the Atomic Space Lab. Even though his colleagues had high regard for his work he always had one dream in the back of his mind and that was to develop an invisibility cloak and become the envy of every scientist abroad. Well after years and years of blood sweat and tears his dream came true but at a heavy cost because the fame and fortune went to his head...
Till Death Do Us Part by Drac Von Stoller Till Death Do Us Part by Nov. 28, 2015 686 words Read a sample
Tom and Brenda had been married for over forty-five years and all the love they once knew was gone. They fought constantly, but neither one of them had the guts to leave fearing if they divorced they would lose their beautiful mansion, and expensive cars so they both just stayed together only for the material side of the marriage.
Peek-A-Boo, You're Dead! by Drac Von Stoller Peek-A-Boo, You're Dead! by Nov. 28, 2015 1410 words Read a sample
Darren and his friends Stacy, Tom and Julie liked to hang out at the old abandoned plantation home just a mile from the town’s cemetery on Halloween night. They liked to party and tell ghost stories until dawn. Darren decided the next time they went back to the plantation to do what they've done for years is surprise his friends and bring a Ouija board in hopes of summoning up a ghost or two ...
The Hands of Blood by Drac Von Stoller The Hands of Blood by Nov. 28, 2015 857 words Read a sample
Martin Davis played piano and Claire Jackson sang at the Starlight Night Club every Saturday night. They were so in love so thought Martin until the night Martin seen Claire kissing another man outside the nightclub.
The Nazi Ghost Train by Drac Von Stoller The Nazi Ghost Train by Nov. 28, 2015 227 words Read a sample
It was 1944 and it wouldn’t be long before World War II was over and the Germans would be defeated but when the war was long forgotten some ghosts would still be hanging around not able to pass through to the other side.
Spooked by Drac Von Stoller Spooked by Nov. 28, 2015 1306 words Read a sample
Carrie Anne and her two friends Jasmine and Nicole were asked to stay at Carrie Anne’s Aunt Claire’s mansion for the week while she was out of the country on business. Carrie Anne and her two friends said they’d love to. Carrie Anne asked her two friends in advance about bringing along some ghost hunting equipment since the first night was going to be a stormy night so they wouldn’t be bored.
The Ghost of Lady Annabelle by Drac Von Stoller The Ghost of Lady Annabelle by Nov. 28, 2015 1243 words Read a sample
During the 14th Century a young beautiful blonde woman by the name of Lady Annabelle was married to the most ruthless King of England King Geston I. The king threw elaborate parties in his castle that Lady Annabelle being timid and shy didn’t approve of but the king told her to shut up and mind her own business. The king always had a woman at his side and didn’t care about having a monogamous ...
The Organ Collector by Drac Von Stoller The Organ Collector by Nov. 28, 2015 671 words Read a sample
Luther Gray was what you’d call an odd ball because of his fascination with the dead. Luther always wanted to be a doctor, but never got the opportunity because his father wanted him to inherit the family business and carry on the tradition like he did for his father when the business was passed on to him after his father died.
Stay Dead! by Drac Von Stoller Stay Dead! by Nov. 28, 2015 578 words Read a sample
Every time the month of October came around in the small town of Hellon the townspeople knew it was going to be a hell of a month and when I mean hell I mean hell for them all.
The Deadly Encounter by Drac Von Stoller The Deadly Encounter by Nov. 28, 2015 794 words Read a sample
Finally, man went a little too far in the cosmos in the year 2027 with his technological advances and our ancestors the Grey Aliens stepped in to put a stop to all of the death and destruction that man caused to a planet that was intended for beauty, love and the pursuit of happiness, but too much powers were bestowed upon man which led to downward spiral to self-destruction of the human race.
Interim by P. K. Lentz Interim by Nov. 28, 2015 86154 words Read a sample
Winner, Cinescape Genre Literary Competition. A civilian spacer crew and humanity's most wanted fugitive go on the run from a near-omnipotent, self-appointed galactic police force while a cosmic mystery unfolds concerning the nature of FTL travel.
The Mysterious Disappearance of The Sara Ann by Drac Von Stoller The Mysterious Disappearance of The Sara Ann by Nov. 28, 2015 885 words Read a sample
It was one of the happiest days of Sara Ann’s life, it was spring break and her father bought a new boat. He wanted to surprise his daughter and take her on her first trip on a boat in the ocean. Sara lost her mother a few years ago to cancer, and her father took it hard, and knew in his heart no other woman could ever fill that hole in his heart so he just focused on his only daughter
The Ghost of Old Sheb by Drac Von Stoller The Ghost of Old Sheb by Nov. 28, 2015 711 words Read a sample
Do you ever get the feeling sometimes when you’re all alone in your house or cabin in the woods especially when you’re watching a scary movie with the lights out and it’s storming outside that any moment someone or something is going to open the door and scare the hell out of you.
Baha'i Spy - The Mormons by Dean Liddell Baha'i Spy - The Mormons by Nov. 28, 2015 5784 words Read a sample
A Baha'i view of Mormonism, Take a look at what he has to say about the church
Hell Hath No Fury by Drac Von Stoller Hell Hath No Fury by Nov. 28, 2015 780 words Read a sample
Penny thought she met the man of her dreams until she came home earlier than usual on a stormy night just days before their first anniversary together. She opened the door to the bedroom they shared together with her fiancé Jack. She dropped her purse and said “What in the hell is going on here?” Her fiancé Jack said “It’s not what you think!” “Then what the hell is it?” said Penny in an angry...
Cindy's Christmas Gift by Heidi Nel Cindy's Christmas Gift by Nov. 28, 2015 1782 words Read a sample
Cindy's Christmas Gift and Snow White Christmas Pantomime are a box set of two children's stories. Cindy's Christmas Gift is about a little girl who is a born dancer. Snow White Christmas Pantomime is about Angela and her brother Julian who love to go ice -skating with their friends Leon and Gina on the lake. Their parents take them to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on ice.
Zombie War by Drac Von Stoller Zombie War by Nov. 28, 2015 188 words Read a sample
Infection was spreading rapidly throughout the entire world that all the scientists could not stop with any vaccine.
Mommy, I'm Scared by Drac Von Stoller Mommy, I'm Scared by Nov. 28, 2015 517 words Read a sample
Carol Anne would always fear the night because she knew when she laid her head down on her pillow her nightmares would suffocate her as she squeezed her doll with all her might as though it would be her last. Every night just shortly after midnight she would scream out for her mommy, but the screams would soon go unnoticed because when her mother would come in and check on her she would find no..
Off With Their Heads! by Drac Von Stoller Off With Their Heads! by Nov. 28, 2015 780 words Read a sample
Queen Victoria took being a queen to the head literally. Anyone she didn’t like would be sent to the chopping block where she became famous “Off with their heads,” and off they went, but one day that would all change when she yelled out “Off with his head.”
Town of the Dead by Drac Von Stoller Town of the Dead by Nov. 28, 2015 704 words Read a sample
Life in the small town of Castile Springs was pretty boring. The only excitement this little town ever saw was bingo day only because it was one hundred percent retirement population, but that was all about to change when Sarah being younger than the rest in the town thought this quiet little town would be a good place to work on her first novel for the summer.