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Playing Irish by Brooke Harris Playing Irish by Aug. 15, 2017 85449 words
Meet the Irish Alpha with a rule book as thick as his accent.
Deadfall (Fellfire Summer Short Story #3) by Blayre Delecour Deadfall (Fellfire Summer Short Story #3) by Aug. 15, 2017 16469 words
Short story sequel to "Argentine Winter", following Lir and Finn as they learn to navigate one another and their new relationship.
Smoothie Heaven: 50 Healthy Delicious Smoothie Recipes to Help You Lose Weight, Reduce Cravings, Boost Energy, & Increase Your Overall Health by Eric Washington, Jr Smoothie Heaven: 50 Healthy Delicious Smoothie Recipes to Help You Lose Weight, Reduce Cravings, Boost Energy, & Increase Your Overall Health by Aug. 14, 2017 4411 words
Delicious Easy-To-Make Smoothies For Weight Loss And Incredible Health! Do You Want to Lose Weight, Boost Your Energy, And Increase Your Overall Health? Do you ever feel like you have to drag yourself out of bed just to get your day started? If you’re like a lot of people out there, most days you likely feel out of energy before you ever get started for the day
Adults Say The Dumbest Sh*t!: A Collection of Humorous Quotes by Jeffrey Pickles Adults Say The Dumbest Sh*t!: A Collection of Humorous Quotes by Aug. 14, 2017 6749 words Sample 15%
Sadly, not everyone is fortunate enough to receive a proper, well balanced education growing up. Some though, are – not that it guarantees an intelligent adult forming at the other end... Showcased within are genuine quotes. Warning: may cause an urge to book a plane ticket off this planet through sheer despair. I’ll take the window seat...
The Breast Thing For Boys & Girls by Jessica Kylie Nichols-Vernon The Breast Thing For Boys & Girls by Aug. 14, 2017 7142 words Read a sample
In the first published ebook by writing sensation HawlSera (real name: Jessica Kylie Nichols-Vernon) we get the erotic tale of a black girl finding herself a magical breast expansion cream she bought off the internet. In the middle of making dreams come true she accidentally gets some on the chest of her white boyfriend. Can the bosom of a white man and a black girl create jiggling? Yes, read it!
Rockefeller & Rothschild – Global Stock Data, November 2016:  Massive Fraud by Richard Lighthouse Rockefeller & Rothschild – Global Stock Data, November 2016: Massive Fraud by Aug. 14, 2017 2915 words Read a sample
This ebook follows “Rockefeller and Rothschild Dirty Money,” which used data from December 2016. These values and numbers can be compared to the previous ebook. It should be clear that the data is not a fluke or error. Described in this prequel are additional examples of blatant and massive fraud on the global stock markets, especially the London Stock Exchange and the Mexico City Exchange..
Fresh eggs & Flying lessons by Mark Sareff Fresh eggs & Flying lessons by Aug. 14, 2017 34258 words Read a sample
This e-book is a mentoring piece - for anyone interested in Brands, Marketing & Communication. It contains 70 of the most popular articles enjoyed in over 80 countries on the FlyingSeraph blog. They’re short pieces, bite-size mental snacks really, based on real-world experience - typically no more than 3 minutes apiece. Each is ideal as the basis for a discussion in the workplace or education.
Celebrity Quiz Book Sampler by T. Buburuz Celebrity Quiz Book Sampler by Aug. 14, 2017 3053 words
This fun celebrity quiz book sampler contains over 75 questions and answers focusing on the fascinating lives and careers of global superstar Taylor Swift, rapper and fashion designer Kanye West, pop icon and gay rights activist George Michael, silver screen comedic legend Gene Wilder, transgender icon The Lady Chablis, and DC Comics’ newest Wonder Woman Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot.
Needs by Natasha Meadows Needs by Aug. 14, 2017 8969 words Read a sample
A woman's desires to be dominated have come over her entire body. It has become like a raging fire that will not burn out until it has fulfilled its sexual mission. So read how she can not take no for an answer from any man and pushes her body to the limit to feed the sexual rage that swells within.
Precarious Balance by Irene Davidson Precarious Balance by Aug. 14, 2017 5147 words Read a sample
A short inspirational story about getting back up after falling, keeping going and giving back.
The Question, The Quest by Sha'Ra On WindWalker The Question, The Quest by Aug. 14, 2017 12577 words Read a sample
These books contain a form of free verse poetry, opinions based on observation, and some humour and imagination, engaging the heart as well as the mind. A critical look at many current issues intriguing and plaguing man.
Thrillers Sampler: The Best Of WildBlue Press by WildBlue Press Thrillers Sampler: The Best Of WildBlue Press by Aug. 14, 2017 39360 words Read a sample
A collection of samplers from six the best thrillers published by WildBlue Press from the likes of John J. Nance, Richard Godwin, Peter Eichstaedt, Les Abend and Cameron Bane. This collection takes you on a sky ride of terror-filled international intrigue, through cartel killings on the Mexican border, on a noir psychological journey where women are disappearing on a remote highway and more.
Four Stages of Human Relationships by Mario V. Farina Four Stages of Human Relationships by Aug. 14, 2017 1779 words Read a sample
Ellen Waters had formulated a theory about how relationships start from ground zero. She had decided to test it on me, her employer. "Hal," she had asked, "How would you feel if I told you I like you?" The question was perplexing, but it led to further perplexing questions. She must have discussed her theory with my wife, Janet. I was told by my buddy, Jim that she had asked him a question!
One Flew Over the Care Home by Frankie Lassut One Flew Over the Care Home by Aug. 14, 2017 28336 words Read a sample
So, you’re wellbeing curious and seriously considering taking it up and maybe becoming a happier person with a better ‘functioning’ life? May I therefore ask you a couple of easy to answer questions? Thanks (I’m psychic and I know you said, “yes please!”
My Snowman, Paul by Yossi Lapid My Snowman, Paul by Aug. 14, 2017 381 words Read a sample
A charming Snowman named Paul makes a terrific friend for a fun-seeking little boy named Dan. Together, they embark in exciting adventures and make big dreams happen.
Hunt For Love by Amber Ross Hunt For Love by Aug. 14, 2017 19299 words Sample 20%
Set in Boston this story follows Jen a 2nd year surgical resident and Maddie the head of the Neurosurgery department at the hospital and the course their relationship takes. Jen has set Maddie on a course to find her. After years together and a separation following some tough times will they find their way back to each other? With the help of their 4 year old Jen hatches a plan to fix things.
The Auction by J.A. Brimingham The Auction by Aug. 14, 2017 10540 words Read a sample
In the very near future, foreign powers collect on America's outstanding debts. The plan: Auction off every man, woman, and child in the country. For Allen Latimer and his family, the terror becomes all too real.
Sex College by Eva Brown Sex College by Aug. 14, 2017 43377 words Read a sample
His hips thrust against mine, bruising my skin in his urgency. My fingers grasp the back of his neck, my knees and thighs grip him as if he were a horse I’m riding. The muscles of my inner walls clasp his penis as though this is the place I’m holding on the tightest. The only thing that matters is the moment. And this is a moment I don’t want to miss, whatever fate is waiting for me afterwards.
Ninja Werewolf by Bridget Chase Ninja Werewolf by Aug. 14, 2017 2532 words Read a sample
Wham! Action- ZOOM! Super fast narrative- KABOOM! Entertainment Summary: Officer Brett has a dangerous job. Working SWAT makes him prepared for anything. Well, maybe not for ninja werewolves, but with the help of a beautiful woman, they just might survive.
Subscription by Natasha Meadows Subscription by Aug. 14, 2017 2773 words Read a sample
A man is visited by a beautiful saleswoman. At first he does not want to buy any of the magazines. But when she offers her body as repayment for his subscription his original plan seems to change.
Back To You by Sarah Warman Back To You by Aug. 14, 2017 1251 words Read a sample
'Back To You', a book of emotional healing, is a collection of twenty poems written from the heart. It includes the thoughts of healing during a journey of sorrow and grief, while looking for the positive affirmations in life. This collection of poetry is written for the hopeless romantics, the wandering souls and the free spirits who look for the good in life.
The Baby by John Dodsworth The Baby by Aug. 14, 2017 2435 words Read a sample
In this dystopian version of Ottawa, niqabs and hijabs have been outlawed, and all mosques have been closed. One woman will attempt to rise above it all in her quest to save an injured baby lying upon the pavement, wrapped up in a red and white blanket...
Monster Jokes by LOL Funny Jokes Club Monster Jokes by Aug. 14, 2017 1500 words Read a sample
Funny and Hilarious Monster Jokes! Q: Why did Frankenstein squeeze his girlfriend to death? A: He had a crush on her! Q: What do you get if you cross a tall green monster with a pen? A: The Ink-credible Hulk! Q: How do you stop a monster from smelling? A: Cut off its nose! Q: What did one of Frankenstein's ears say to the other? A: We live on the same block!
101+ Insect Jokes by LOL Funny Jokes Club 101+ Insect Jokes by Aug. 14, 2017 1839 words Read a sample
The Funniest Insect Jokes in the World! Q: How do you take an injured bug to the hospital? A: With an antbulance! Q: Why did the bees go on strike? A: Because they wanted more honey and shorter working flowers! Q: How do fleas travel? A: By itch-hiking! Q: What do insects learn in school? A: Mothmatics!
100+ Insults by LOL Funny Jokes Club 100+ Insults by Aug. 14, 2017 1466 words Read a sample
The World's Best Insult Jokes! -100+ funny insults and jokes -Hilarious insults, comedy, and humor -Lots of funny jokes and entertainment You’re so dumb… you thought the Harlem Shake was a drink! You’re so fat… you fell out of both sides of the bed! You’re so poor… you wash your paper plates! Your feet are so big your shoes need license plates!
101+ Music Jokes by LOL Funny Jokes Club 101+ Music Jokes by Aug. 14, 2017 1931 words Read a sample
101+ Funny Music & Musician Jokes -Funny jokes for about music & musicians -Great to send as text messages to friends -Silly and hilarious jokes, comedy, and humor -Lots of funny jokes and entertainment
The Lost Kingdom, An Archer Adventure, Book 4 by Katharine Giles The Lost Kingdom, An Archer Adventure, Book 4 by Aug. 14, 2017 50942 words Sample 20%
Archer and Aradia risk their lives to locate the missing survivors of an ancient tragedy and retrieve the purple gemstone trident that was lost with them.
Gallivanting in Barbados: An Idiot's Journal by Jenna Wimshurst Gallivanting in Barbados: An Idiot's Journal by Aug. 14, 2017 4586 words Read a sample
A humorous journal of my trip to Barbados where I went to a wedding, swam with turtles, snorkelled over shipwrecks, partied on the beach, came close to death by puffer fish and realised that jumping off a trampoline in the sea is no longer my idea of fun.
Oliver Ray y las Luciérnagas del Infinito by Daniel Rivaya Oliver Ray y las Luciérnagas del Infinito by Aug. 14, 2017 46386 words Sample 20%
Desde que aquella enorme roca se estrellara contra la Luna, alejándola de su órbita, las cosas en la Tierra han sido cada vez más difíciles. Pero no para Oliver Ray, un chico de trece años que ha pasado toda su vida entre las paredes de “La Araña”. Así se llama la nave colonial que está a punto de llegar a su destino, el planeta “Xindi”.
Het by Ashlyn Selvatico Het by Aug. 14, 2017 3851 words Read a sample
No one knows aliens so well as Iridium Cerise. She's studied their art and their music, and participated in their bizarre public sex rituals. But she's about to have an encounter with the most incomprehensibly alien creature of all: the Australian nudist known as Foxy. (Het contains sexually explicit material that may offend some readers. It is not intended for minors or where prohibited by law).
Survival: Lost & Panic On The Streets by Corelibra2 Survival: Lost & Panic On The Streets by Aug. 14, 2017 23100 words Read a sample
Survival: Lost & Panic On The Streets If only we read about the Good Samaritan from the Holy Scriptures or read about countless humans who have, at one chronological dispensation saved a situation or an individual from the jaws of death, perhaps another life could have been saved on a daily basis. Perhaps another death could have been averted. Perhaps another pyre could have been saved till ...
Gisselbrecht Origins by Emma M Vardaman Gisselbrecht Origins by Aug. 14, 2017 968 words Read a sample
Brooke Delilah Gillespie, known mainly and formidably by her official monikers, Samantha Komodo and "Cheezi D"; formerly known by her past pen names of Jennifer Gisselbrecht, and Mwezi Desoto, is a female African wild dog (choosing to reincarnate into an Asiatic Lioness) and an American author/rapper/lyricist.
Manual de Gestão Desportiva by Nuno Delicado Manual de Gestão Desportiva by Aug. 14, 2017 36625 words Read a sample
Portuguese book: The “Manual de Gestão Desportiva” compiles lessons learned in the management of a sport federation. Each chapter covers a sport management topic (each with its own appendix with practical examples of statutes, minutes, strategic plans, budget, annual report, etc.): 1. Sport Organization 2. Planning 3. Administration 4. Competitions 5. Talent Development 6. Development
Dark Isle by David Longhorn Dark Isle by Aug. 14, 2017 49378 words Read a sample
Mark Stine is enjoying his year as a visiting professor at Cambridge University. But when he starts researching the long-dead English writer, Monty Summerskill, he discovers the shocking truth: that the ghost stories he wrote led to the author's shocking death. Meanwhile, the terrors awaiting Mark at Dark Isle are immense. Something horrifying has been awakened, and is terribly hungry for blood.
The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life by Hannah Whitall Smith The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life by Aug. 14, 2017 84761 words Read a sample
Christian and happy? Do these two words fit comfortably together? Is our Christian life a burden or a pleasure? Is our quiet time with the Lord a duty or a delight? How often, Hannah Smith asks, do we bring our burdens to the Lord, as He told us to, only to take them home with us again? There is a journey ahead for us, where every step we take should bring us closer to God.
The Dark Tunnel Adventure by Chris Wright The Dark Tunnel Adventure by Aug. 14, 2017 37036 words Read a sample
James and Jessica, the Two Jays, are on holiday in the Derbyshire Peak District in England, staying near Dakedale Manor, which has been completely destroyed in a fire. Did young Sam Stirling burn his family home down? Miss Parkin, the housekeeper, says he did. Sam has gone missing. James and Jessica believe the truth lies behind one of the old iron doors inside the disused railway tunnel.
Yesterday Today And Tomorrow by Chanchal Yesterday Today And Tomorrow by Aug. 13, 2017 59264 words Read a sample
It was July 2002, I came to Kolkata, as my father who was a soldier got transferred from Panipat. I still remember, our train reached Howrah station in early morning. First time in my life,
Pragnya  -  Gnani Purush Dadashri by Shuddha Anami Pragnya - Gnani Purush Dadashri by Aug. 13, 2017 23661 words Read a sample
Pragnya is the energy within that liberates. It begins in the liberating process called the Gnan Vidhi. Gnani Purush Dadashri began the Gnan Vidhi in 1968, explains all details of this liberating energy within the awaked One. The opposite of pragnya is ugnya-the energy that continues to keep a human being in bondage. Where there is the light of Knowledge there is clarity and leads to liberation.
Prestige by Pako Valor Prestige by Aug. 13, 2017 2500 words Read a sample
On a dying planet, Nova Valor, a space pirate, struggles against an alien bounty hunter as the planet gets ready to explode.
PROFHECY Transition is occurring by Eliel Roshveder PROFHECY Transition is occurring by Aug. 13, 2017 8210 words Read a sample
It's real and scary. No one will escape what will come upon the earth.
Monstrous Planet by Brett P. S. Monstrous Planet by Aug. 13, 2017 3121 words Read a sample
Gary Turner, deep space pilot extraordinaire and anything but worthless, might have crashed his ship in the middle of a run, but it totally wasn't his fault. That planet had it coming. In a search for a Xilium deposit to fix the shortage from his patched up fuel tank, Gary discovers how much size matters on this rock and how bad he wants to reach escape velocity.
Dead Archives by Brett P. S. Dead Archives by Aug. 13, 2017 1943 words Read a sample
Commander Blaine and crew touchdown on a long dead alien world in search of its history and the hope that the Galactic Union might someday colonize its lush fields and brimming greenery. His role is simple. Prove without a doubt that whatever laid this civilization to rest no longer stands to threaten the Union.
Clooney of the Universe by Bridget Chase Clooney of the Universe by Aug. 13, 2017 3594 words Read a sample
Clooney is Master of the Universe. With Man at Arms (played by Bob Saget) and She Rose (played by Rose McGowan) they will travel to faraway dimensions to take part in an epic battle against robots and huge sea monsters. Violence, explosions, fine a$$ ladies and Saget on steroids!
Colony Lines by Brett P. S. Colony Lines by Aug. 13, 2017 2903 words Read a sample
As a boy, Marco Crowley once dreamed of traveling to other worlds, but years of storage aboard a colony ship left him in a poor mood. On Ares-2, he works to defend a settlement of friends, but not family in a civil war that threatens to tear the colony, his only home, apart. His months of moping on the colony border change when a visitor comes crashing down, ripping the sky in twain.
The Doughnut Shop by Daniel Hargrove The Doughnut Shop by Aug. 13, 2017 546 words Read a sample
I'm thinking everybody will hate this book. Five poems (only five?!!?!!!) about the subject of health. Vent your anger! Write a blistering review! Thanks!
Profecia A transição está ocorrendo by Eliel Roshveder Profecia A transição está ocorrendo by Aug. 13, 2017 8122 words Read a sample
É real e assustador. Ninguém escapará do que virá sobre a terra.
Rex Gets Frisky by CJ Fox Rex Gets Frisky by Aug. 13, 2017 2576 words Read a sample
During a violent thunderstorm, professional Dogsitter Frisky Devine gets scared. Mandog Rex gets frisky.
Before We Say Goodnight by Roman Theodore Brandt Before We Say Goodnight by Aug. 13, 2017 6961 words Read a sample
Don't answer the phone at the end of the road. That's how they find you.
Advice About Gangstalking: Targeted Individuals by Richard Lighthouse Advice About Gangstalking: Targeted Individuals by Aug. 13, 2017 2141 words Read a sample
This short ebook provides information and recommendations for people affected by the illegal gangstalking program, which is run by the FBI in the United States. Internationally, it is run by the CIA. Many of the perps are paid by the FBI through an illegal program that provides "reimbursements" for fake receipts. Some of these criminals are paid up to $500,000 each year.
Terrycloth by Daniel Hargrove Terrycloth by Aug. 13, 2017 578 words Read a sample
Here I am again! Already, you ask? I'm on fire! OK, OK, so my poetry is droll. I've been accused of that before. But I'm feeling good today, so seven more poems for your reading pleasure! Review or comment!